Christophe Rhodes | 28 Mar 11:15 2010

sbcl-1.0.37 released


I've just tagged and uploaded sbcl-1.0.37.  There's a known but
apparently long-standing bug in core saving, which should be fixed early
in the next development series; if you haven't been affected by it
before, it's unlikely you will be in the near future, but just in case,
the symptom manifests as an assertion failure from the runtime.



changes in sbcl-1.0.37 relative to sbcl-1.0.36:
  * enhancement: Backtrace from THROW to uncaught tag on x86oids now shows
    stack frame thrown from.
  * enhancement: WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT :POLICY allows restricting changes to
    compiler optimization qualities inside dynamic extent of its body.
  * enhancement: LOAD-LOGICAL-PATHNAME-TRANSLATIONS can be used to load
    translations from SYS:SITE;<HOST>.TRANSLATIONS.NEWEST (thanks to Michael
  * optimization: SLOT-VALUE and (SETF SLOT-VALUE) take advantage of
    constraint propgation, allowing better compilation eg. when used to
    access structures with WITH-SLOTS. (lp#520366)
  * optimization: the compiler is now more aware of the type of the underlying
    storage vector for multidimensional simple arrays resulting in better code
    for accessing such arrays.
  * optimization: passing NIL as the environment argument to TYPEP no longer
    inhibits optimizing it. (lp#309788)
  * optimization: more efficient register usage when handling single-float
    arguments on x86-64. (thanks to Lutz Euler)
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