felix.winkelmann | 26 May 20:58 2015

Goettingen CHICKEN Meeting

Friends of the CHICKEN,

Some more infos on the forthcoming event on 5th to 7th of June:

As the rooms in the "KAZ" are only available on Saturday and Sunday, I invite 
everybody to come to the "APEX" on Friday, which is located here: 


I ordered a (large) table at 17:30, which is the time the place opens. 

Hope to see you there!

Nathaniel Rudavsky-Brody | 21 May 16:35 2015

whitespace in sxml


When using ssax:xml->sxml, I've been having the same problem with "lost" whitespace as is described here: http://sourceforge.net/p/ssax/mailman/message/28005086/

However, I can't get the solution given there to work:

(define ssax:reverse-collect-str-drop-ws ssax:reverse-collect-str)

Is this possible in Chicken? Or is there another way to redefine xml->sxml without taking everything apart?

Many thanks,

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Kristian Lein-Mathisen | 19 May 13:35 2015

openssl egg segfauls: ##sys#expand-home-path

Hi guys,

It's been way too long! I'm running CHICKEN and the openssl-egg segfaults at ssl-load-certificate-chain! and friends. 

I have two patches/suggestions:
- remove home path expansion
- use the pathname-expand egg

I need either of these patches to make openssl not segfault on my system. Any chance of fixing this upstream?

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Daishi Kato | 18 May 14:15 2015

Re: libsvm

Dear somebody,

I haven't been following chicken recently,
so forgive me if I misunderstand the procedure.

I updated the libsvm egg and want to share it.
How can I do it? I have a branch in my local checked-out svn repo,
but I do not have the permission to commit it, saying:

$ svn commit -m 'improved version of libsvm'
Adding         branches
svn: E195023: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: E195023: Changing directory
'/home/daishi/src/call-cc.org/chicken-eggs/release/4/libsvm/branches' is forbidden by the server
svn: E175013: Access to '/svn/chicken-eggs/!svn/ver/23920/release/4/libsvm' forbidden
svn: E175002: Additional errors:
svn: E175002: CHECKOUT of '/svn/chicken-eggs/!svn/ver/23920/release/4/libsvm': 403 Forbidden


On Sat, 18 Oct 2014 23:12:22 +0900,
Daishi Kato wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Are you still maintaining the libsvm egg?
> http://wiki.call-cc.org/eggref/4/libsvm
> Thanks.
> --daishi
felix.winkelmann | 18 May 11:50 2015

Goettingen CHICKEN Meeting (5th - 7th of June)


Here a few recommendations regarding accomodation in Goettingen:

- "Hotel Hannover", this seems to be quite nice and located
  near the centre:


- Right at the train-station there is the "Intercity Hotel":


If you are looking for a cheaper place, consider:


You won't get breakfast, but the prices are very attractive.

See you in June!

Matt Welland | 18 May 08:03 2015

ANN: new chicken-iup Windows installer with IUP gui, canvas-draw, scintilla etc. released.


The chicken-iup installer has been updated with Chicken 4.9.01, and recent versions of many eggs, the IUP gui including canvas-draw, and the iup scintilla editor support.


chicken-iup appears to work just fine on WinXP and Windows 8. To install eggs not bundled with the installer you will need to install mingw (http://www.mingw.org/).


Thanks to Matt Gushee for his help in making this happen.


I find Chicken scheme to be a pragmatic and productive development tool. The chicken-iup package makes it very easy to develop on Linux and then deploy to both Linux and Windows.

Download and run the chicken-iup installer and you can start creating scripts with an IUP gui in minutes. Add mingw and you can compile your scripts to executables. Get the very easy to use Inno setup (http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php) and generate installable packages. All with almost zero integration effort. If only it was this easy on Linux....
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Matt Gushee | 13 May 12:04 2015

Annoying compiler warning

Alright, one more email for tonight. I have noticed lately (don't know when it started, but I suppose at least since I started using Chicken, that every time I compile anything with csc, I get this warning:

    In file included from /usr/include/ctype.h:25:0,
                 from /usr/include/chicken/chicken.h:104,
                 from csass.c:11:
    /usr/include/features.h:148:3: warning: #warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are deprecated, use _DEFAULT_SOURCE" [-Wcpp]
    # warning "_BSD_SOURCE and _SVID_SOURCE are deprecated, use _DEFAULT_SOURCE"

It's rather distracting. Is there a way I can get rid of this warning without hiding all warnings?

Oh, BTW, I see that features.h is part of glibc - of which I have version 2.21.

Matt Gushee
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Matt Gushee | 13 May 11:38 2015

Minor problem with args egg


In the process of writing the command-line app that goes with the sass egg, I noticed an issue with the args egg. I don't know if this is necessarily a bug - maybe just an awkward feature.

Anyway, it seems that if you specify an option with no arguments, e.g.

   (args:make-option (v version) #:none
                              "Display compiled versions.")

... then when the user invokes the program with that option, you get:

   '((v . #f) (version . #f))

... which means that alist-ref will not tell you whether the user passed that option, or it simply isn't present. I wonder if it wouldn't be better for a no-arg option to produce a symbol, #:undefined perhaps?

Matt Gushee
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Matt Gushee | 13 May 11:05 2015

[ANN] New egg: sass (CSS preprocessor library)

Hello, chickeneers--

I am proud to announce the first release of the sass egg. This is a wrapper for libsass [http://libsass.org], which is the C/C++ library version of the Sass CSS preprocessor.

At present, this egg is very low-level - it's mostly just a straight translation of the C API into Scheme. I expect that as I become more familiar with the library I will be adding a more Scheme-idiomatic high-level layer.

There is also a test suite, adapted from sass-spec [https://github.com/sass/sass-spec]. Currently, 962 out of the 995 test cases pass; I have not yet investigated the causes of the failures, but I believe most of them are probably due to upstream bugs.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Mario, or whoever is maintaining the egg directory these days: the code is hosted at https://github.com/mgushee/chicken-sass ; the meta files, including sass.release-info, are all there, so it should be ready to go. I've also posted an egg doc at https://wiki.call-cc.org/eggref/4/sass

Best regards to all,
Matt Gushee
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Vítor De Araújo | 12 May 07:44 2015

Weird scope of variable defined inside cond


I'm seeing some weird behavior regarding scope of a variable defined
with 'define' inside a cond clause. For instance:

  (define (foo x)
    (define bar 23)
    (cond [(number? x)
           (define baz 42)
           (list baz)]
          [else 'whatever]))

  (foo 3)
  (print baz)     ; prints 42!
  (print bar)     ; unbound variable, as expected

Additionally, if I type the above definition of 'foo' directly in csi,
I get a message:

  Note: the following toplevel variables are referenced but unbound:

    baz (in foo)

Is this a bug, or I'm missing something? I'm running Chicken on
Debian GNU/Linux x86-64. I also tried it with the version from the git
repository and got the same result.

Thanks in advance!


Vítor De Araújo

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Nick Andryshak | 11 May 19:31 2015

Statically Linking Eggs

It looks like this was once possible with the `-static-extension[s]` option in csc, but I can't figure out how to do this currently.

You can deploy a static executable like this:

$ csc -static -deploy app.scm

And deploy extensions like:

$ chicken-install -p $PWD/app -deploy fmt

But can you statically link Eggs anymore? There's like 40 files in the deployment folder after deploying only one extension, I'd like a single, static executable. Is this possible?


Nick Andryshak
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