Michael Acker | 10 Jun 14:47 2016

button scale and font

When I try to set the font on a button, which is specified as a valid keyword arg in the docs, I get the following error:

Invalid initialization argument:

I don't necessarily need to do anything fancy with the font in said button, but it's default size and font are very small even on a regular monitor, and my monitor is high-res, making it quite tiny. For every other component i can just scale with fonts, but it doesn't seem to work with buttons.

While searching for solutions, I found this: https://mailman.common-lisp.net/pipermail/ltk-user/2011-August/000477.html

It makes reference to setting an older version of wish in order to scale components? If this functionality was truly just broken by an update back in  2011 and never fixed, I'd like to be able to help address the bug, but if I am just missing something, or there is a better way of making widgets big enough to read, please let me know!

Frank | 15 Nov 06:03 2015

ltk how to expand widgets with grid?


I'm toying around with ltk and trying a simple example. I want the
entry widget to expand horizontally when you resize the window. Somehow
I seem not to get it.

(defun test ()
  (with-ltk ()
    (let* ((f (make-instance 'frame :padding 10))
       (e (make-instance 'entry :master f :width 20)))
      (grid f 0 0 :sticky "nsew")
      (grid-columnconfigure f 0 "weight" 1)
      (grid e 0 0 :sticky "nsew"))))


Frank | 17 Nov 05:26 2015

How to use validatecommand?


I'm trying to use the validatecommand of entry. The following code
throws an error. How do I use it correctly?


(defun foo ()
  (with-ltk ()
    (let ((e (make-instance 'entry :text "hello world!"
				   :validate "focusin"
				   :validatecommand (lambda ()
						      (format t
      (pack e))))

invalid command name "1"
invalid command name "1"
    while executing
	(in -validatecommand validation command executed by .wc)

Nate Chodosh | 3 Oct 02:55 2015

Set-coords arc floating precision


My name is Nate. I have never participated in one of these lists before so I don't know the protocol so I apologize if this isn't the appropriate channel.

I am working on an application where I need arrows on the end of arcs, which I am accomplishing by adding very small lines to the end points. However I think I have discovered that set-coords when used with an arc won't update the position unless the coordinates are integers which makes my approach impossible. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Thank you,
David Wong | 13 Sep 07:51 2015

how to change button height? - from beginner


New to LTK, I just want to change the button height, but couldn’t.
Doing it in (make-instance …), I got “Invalid initialization argument: :HEIGHT in call for class
Doing it in (configure b :height 10), then I got “Tcl/Tk error: unknown option “-height””.
What’s the proper way to do it?

Sample code:
(defun display-image-button (filename)
  (with-ltk ()
    (format-wish "package require Img")
    (let* ((img (make-image))
           (b (make-instance
              :text "Hello World!"
              :image img
              :width 10
              :command (lambda ()
                         (do-msg "Bye! \"Hello World!\"")
                         (setf *exit-mainloop* t)))))
      ;; Pack the canvas
      (pack b)
     ;(scrollregion c 0 0 800 800)
      ;; Load the image from the file
      (image-load img filename)
      ;; Draw the image on the canvas
                                        ;(create-image c 0 0 :image img)
      (configure b :height 10)
      )) )


Peter Herth | 14 Jul 10:40 2015

Fwd: ltktest fails on CCL64 on MAC OSX Mavericks

copying the list.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Peter Herth <herth <at> peter-herth.de>
Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Re: ltktest fails on CCL64 on MAC OSX Mavericks
To: Munawar Cheema <munawar.a.cheema <at> gmail.com>

Hi Munawar,

thanks for your report, could you please send the exact platform and error messages produced, so I could have a chance to check this out?
And please join the mailing list, as I have to manually approve any single mail sent from non subscribers.

Best regards,

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 12:41 PM, Munawar Cheema <munawar.a.cheema <at> gmail.com> wrote:
I tried quickloading ltk and then running ltk:ltktest on both sbcl and
ccl64 (current release of clozure 64 bit) and it works fine on sbcl
but fails in clozure.

Kind Regards

Munawar Cheema | 11 Jul 12:41 2015

ltktest fails on CCL64 on MAC OSX Mavericks

I tried quickloading ltk and then running ltk:ltktest on both sbcl and
ccl64 (current release of clozure 64 bit) and it works fine on sbcl
but fails in clozure.


Kind Regards

Andrew Dabrowski | 4 Jul 03:11 2015

ttk themes

You mentioned a while ago that from Tk5 on, ttk doesn't allow changes in 
background color of buttons.  This breaks a program of mine.  Is it 
possible to work around this by choosing a different widget set, either 
within Ltk or in Tk config files?

Jason Miller | 27 Jun 22:19 2014


Hi All,

I submitted a few patches to the list a while back; any comments on


Joshua Kordani | 16 Dec 20:16 2013

Cross platform distribution?

Greetings all,

I've been very interested in locating an easy to distribute, cross platform gui library that will allow for gui development in common lisp.  After finding out about tclkits and seeing how small they are, I get the impression that this goal is reachable via distribution of the platform specific tclkit along with a common lisp image (with ltk configured to locate the supplied tclkit).  I didn't find an archive of this list, and from what I've read in ltk docs, it seems like this concept is easily supported, but I am rather new to common lisp and tcl/tk.  Given that I am new to common lisp, I don't necessarily know what part of the ltk code I need to read in order to figure out how to invoke a local instance of tcl/tk (let alone make a connection to a remote-tcl).

I am open to anything, if someone has walked this path before and knows of some documentation that might be illuminating, I'm all ears.  In addition, if anyone has any suggestions about how I might go about this whole cross platform gui common lisp development effort more easily, I'm also all ears.

My short term goal is to produce enough material to run the ltkdemo (or at least, my own hello world code) from a lisp image that references a supplied tclkit on at least osx and windows.

-- Joshua Kordani LSA Autonomy
Josef Wolf | 14 Dec 20:58 2013

No dialog-box in ltk?


I can't find the dialog widget in ltk. I can find message-box, ask-yesno,
ask-okcancel and do-msg. But I can't find a dialog box where I can put e.g an
entry to ask the user for additional information.

Am I missing something? Any hints?


Josef Wolf
jw <at> raven.inka.de