Some cl-selenium improvements

Hi, I've made some improvements to cl-selenium (added "..AndWait"
functions like openAndWait clickAndWait) and would like to become
cl-selenium maintainer.
Repository with improvements is here https://github.com/html/cl-selenium
Also is there any way to make changes available via quicklisp ?
jong | 25 May 01:10 2009




Is there any reason not returning number when type is number in the convert-result function? Currently it returns string and I’m curios if there is a good reason for doing that.





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Lawrence Auster | 23 Jan 21:34 2009

Is Israel a Democracy? -- The problem with intellectually insecure whites -- Should Christians Support Israeli Terrorism in Gaza?

The Jewish State of Israel has no constitution, nor does it name its borders. Israel's hidden constitution
is Judaism. Israel's undeclared borders range from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers. Israel's desired
jurisdiction extends over the entire Earth.

It could not be more clear that the Jewish State follows a foreign policy which obeys Jewish Law as iterated
in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, Maimonedes, the Cabalah, and the many commentaries and refinements of
same. The Jews are genociding the native inhabitants of Palestine, just as their religion advises, and because
their religion teaches them to do so. They treat non-Jews as if non-humans, just as their religion requires
them to do. They make perpetual war on every nation on Earth, just as their genocidal Jewish God has instructed.

The Jews of Israel are simply being Jews. Jews are an existential threat to the human race.

Israel contains one third of the Jews of the World. It is not some aberration of the Jewish spirit, but the
condensation and concentration of the perverse Jewish mentality, which malady also pervades the
remaining two thirds of Jewry, who almost unanimously support the Jewish State, and who certainly do
unanimously support
the Jewish People and its consistent and constant crimes against the human race. Israel is Jewry and the
danger of Israel is the danger of the Jewish People to all others, as the Jews have demonstrated each and
every day of their existence.

The Jews, the entire Jewish People of 15 million, will not relent until they have wiped out all non-Jews in
"Greater Israel". They will not stop destroying all other cultures, nations, religions, ethnicities,
races, competition, etc. until they are either stopped, or succeed in their ancient quest to destroy the
human race.

What Israel is doing is not some reaction to outside forces, nor was the formation of Israel a response to the
Holocaust. Israel is simply following the plan laid out in the Jews' religious texts. The Jews have openly
planned to take Palestine and genocide the native population of Palestine for some 2,500 years before the
Holocaust. The Jews have openly complained that "anti-Semitism" is a threat that gives them the right to
genocide the Palestinians, not merely since the advent of Nazism, but for some 2,500 years.

The Jewish religion is the Constitution of the Jewish State of Israel, and, to a greater or lesser extent,
the constitution of the nature of every Jew alive. The borders of Israel are the range the Jew roams over the
entire World. The perverse Jewish mentality is inbred by a Jew's exposure to his parents and to his
community. Judaism
passes in the spit and slobber of Jewish mother telling her Jewish child that he is a "Jew", as much as Judaism
passes in the poison and pain of a Talmudic tractate. The secular Jews did not suddenly come to life after
the Enlightenment and the Jewish Reformation a body of vampires that appeared ex nihilo, in vacuo, mostly
atheistical and undetached from formally practiced Judaism. Judaism is the Jew. It is a mindset that
transcends and supercedes religion. It is a belief set, a way of life, a perception of one's self and one's
relation to the World that makes a Jew, a Jew, and a danger to all of humanity.

In fact, the religious shell of Judaism is like the stretched and infected skin of a lycanthropic pustule.
When you lance it to cure the infection, the virus only becomes more contagious and spills directly on the non-Jew.

The secular Jew is a deliberate product of the hyper-religious Jew, a monster created out of the hewed
corpses of the fanatically religious Jew, a Golem which is conjured up to enter the World of the non-Jew and
poison its blood, and boil its brain with a rabid lunacy that bites and spreads, until the infected
community feeds on
itself and fills the fields with rotting bloating bodies, where once human beings tilled the soil and
tended to their families. The religious Jew created the secular Jew as an army of Esthers who seduce with
open thighs, broad smiles, and a Siren call that lures in the non-Jew to cast his skull upon the jagged rocks
and color the seas
with his blood, sickened and blinded by the venereal disease of Judaism in secular form.

Israel is not a secular democracy. It is a religious mockery. It is a rabid bat flying to the ends of the Earth,
to end the Earth. No one will be free nor safe until the disease is quarantined and dies out.

Source: http://www.ziopedia.org/articles/israel/how_can_israel_claim_to_be_a_%27democracy%27_when_it_has_no_constitution_nor_borders?/`


The problem with intellectually insecure whites
By Kevin MacDonald
January 19, 2009

America will soon have a white minority. This is a much desired state of affairs for the hostile elites who
hold political power and shape public opinion. But it certainly creates some management issues  at least
in the long run. After all, its difficult to come up with an historical example of a nation with a solid
ethnic majority (90%
white in 1950) that has voluntarily decided to cede political and cultural power. Such transformations
are typically accomplished by military invasions, great battles, and untold suffering.

And its not as if everyone is doing it. Only Western nations view their own demographic and cultural
eclipse as a moral imperative. Indeed, as I have noted previously, it is striking that racial nationalism
has triumphed in Israel at the same time that the Jewish intellectual and political movements and the
organized Jewish
community have been the most active and effective force for a non-white America. Indeed, a poll in 2008
found that Avigdor Lieberman was the second most popular politician in Israel. Lieberman has advocated
expulsion of Arabs from Israel and has declared himself a follower of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the leading
pioneer of racial
Zionism. The most popular politician in the poll was Benjamin Netanyahu  another admirer of Jabotinsky.
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are also Jabotinskyists.

The racial Zionists are now carrying out yet another orgy of mass murder after a starvation-inducing
blockade and the usual triggering assault designed to provoke Palestinian retaliation  which then
becomes the cover for claims that Israel is merely defending itself against terrorism. This monstrosity
was approved by
overwhelming majorities of both Houses of Congress. The craven Bush administration did its part by
abstaining from a UN resolution designed by the US Secretary of State as a result of a personal appeal by the
Israeli Prime Minister. This is yet another accomplishment of the Israel Lobby, but one they would rather
not have
discussed in public. People might get the impression that the Lobby really does dictate US foreign policy
in the Mideast. Obviously, such thoughts are only entertained by anti-Semites.

But I digress.

In managing the eclipse of white America, one strategy of the mainstream media is to simply ignore the
issue. Christopher Donovan  (For the media, the less whites think about their coming minority status,
the better) has noted that the media, and in particular, the New York Times, are quite uninterested in
doing stories that
discuss what white people think about this state of affairs.

Its not surprising that the New York Times  the Jewish-owned flagship of anti-white, pro-multicultural
media  ignores the issue. The issue is also missing from so-called conservative media even though one
would think that conservatives would find the eclipse of white America to be an important issue.
Certainly, their audiences
would find it interesting.

Now we have an article The End of White America written by Hua Hsu, an Assistant Professor of English at
Vassar College. The article is a rather depressing display of what passes for intellectual discourse on
the most important question confronting white people in America.

Hsu begins by quoting a passage in F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby in which a character, Tom
Buchanan, states: Have you read The Rise of the Colored Empires by this man Goddard?  Well, its a fine
book, and everybody ought to read it. The idea is if we dont look out the white race will bewill be utterly submerged.
Its all scientific stuff; its been proved.

Buchanans comment is a thinly veiled reference to Lothrop Stoddards The Rising Tide of Color which Hsu
describes as rationalized hatred presented in a scholarly, gentlemanly, and scientific tone. (This
wording that will certainly help him when he comes up for tenure.) As Hsu notes, Stoddard had a doctorate
from Harvard
and was a member of many academic associations. His book was published by a major publisher. It was
therefore precisely the kind of book that a 1920s man of Buchanans profile  wealthy, Ivy
Leagueeducated, at once pretentious and intellectually insecure  might have been expected to bring up
in casual conversation.

Lets ponder that a bit. The simple reality is that in the year 2009 an Ivy League-educated person, "at once
pretentious and intellectually insecure,"  would just as glibly assert the same sort of nonsense as Hsu.
To wit:

The coming white minority does not mean that the racial hierarchy of American culture will suddenly become
inverted, as in 1995s White Mans Burden, an awful thought experiment of a film, starring John Travolta,
that envisions an upside-down world in which whites are subjugated to their high-class black
oppressors. There will
be dislocations and resentments along the way, but the demographic shifts of the next 40 years are likely to
reduce the power of racial hierarchies over everyones lives, producing a culture thats more likely
than any before to treat its inhabitants as individuals, rather than members of a caste or identity group.

The fact is that no one can say for certain what multicultural America without a white majority will be like.
There is no scientific or historical basis for claims like the demographic shifts of the next 40 years are
likely to reduce the power of racial hierarchies over everyones lives, producing a culture thats more
likely than any before
to treat its inhabitants as individuals, rather than members of a caste or identity group.

Indeed, there is no evidence at all that we are proceeding to a color blind future. The election results
continue to show that white people are coalescing in the Republican Party, while the Democrats are
increasingly the party of a non-white soon-to-be majority.

Is it so hard to believe that when this coalition achieves a majority that it will further compromise the
interests of whites far beyond contemporary concerns such as immigration policy and affirmative
action? Hsu anticipates a colorblind world, but affirmative action means that blacks and other
minorities are certainly not treated as
individuals. And it means that whites  especially white males  are losing out on opportunities they would
have had without these policies and without the massive non-white immigration of the last few decades.

Given the intractability of changing intelligence and other traits required for success in the
contemporary economy, it is unlikely that 40 more years of affirmative action will attain the outcomes
desired by the minority lobbies. Indeed, in Obama's America, blacks are rioting in Oakland over
perceived racial injustices, and from 2002
2007, black juvenile homicide victims increased 31%, while black juvenile homicide perpetrators
increased 43%. Hence,  the reasonable outlook is for a continuing need for affirmative action and for
racial activism in these groups, even after whites become a minority.

Whites will also lose out because of large-scale importation of relatively talented immigrants from East
Asia. Indeed, as I noted over a decade ago, "The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an
Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite."

Hsu shows that there already is considerable anxiety among whites about the future. An advertizing
executive says, I think white people feel like theyre under siege right now  like its not okay to be
white right now, especially if youre a white male. ... People are stressed out about it. We used to be in
control! Were losing
control Another says, "Theres a lot of fear and a lot of resentment."

It's hard to see why these feelings won't increase in the future.

A huge problem for white people is lack of intellectual and cultural confidence. Hsu quotes Christian
(Stuff White People Like) Lander saying, "I get it: as a straight white male, Im the worst thing on Earth."
A professor comments that for his students "to be white is to be culturally broke. The classic thing white
students say when
you ask them to talk about who they are is, I dont have a culture. They might be privileged, they might be
loaded socioeconomically, but they feel bankrupt when it comes to culture  They feel disadvantaged, and
they feel marginalized."

This lack of cultural confidence is no accident. For nearly 100 years whites have been subjected to a
culture of critique emanating from the most prestigious academic and media institutions. And, as Hsu
points out, the most vibrant and influential aspect of American popular culture is hip-hopa product of
the African American
urban culture.

The only significant group of white people with any cultural confidence centers itself around country
music, NASCAR, and the small town values of traditional white America. For this group of whites  and only
this group  there is  "a racial pride that dares not speak its name, and that defines itself through
cultural cues insteada
suspicion of intellectual elites and city dwellers, a preference for folksiness and plainness of speech
(whether real or feigned), and the association of a working-class white minority with 'the real America.'

This is what I term implicit whiteness  implicit because explicit assertions of white identity have been
banned by the anti-white elites that dominate our politics and culture. It is a culture that, as Hsu notes,
"cannot speak its name."

But that implies that the submerged white identity of the white working class and the lack of cultural
confidence exhibited by the rest of white America are imposed from outside. Although there may well be
characteristics of whites that facilitate this process, this suppression of white identity and
interests is certainly not the natural
outcome of modernization or any other force internal to whites as a people. In my opinion, it is the result of
the successful erection of a culture of critique in the West dominated by Jewish intellectual and
political movements.

The result is that educated, intellectually insecure white people these days are far more likely to
believe in the utopian future described by Hsu than in hard and cautious thinking about what the future
might have in store for them.

It's worth dwelling a bit on the intellectual insecurity of the whites who mindlessly utter the mantras of
multiculturalism that they have soaked up from the school system and from the media. Most people do not
have much confidence in their intellectual ability and look to elite opinion to shape their beliefs. As I
noted elsewhere,

A critical component of the success of the culture of critique is that it achieved control of the most
prestigious and influential institutions of the West, and it became a consensus among the elites, Jewish
and non-Jewish alike. Once this happened, it is not surprising that this culture became widely accepted
among people of very
different levels of education and among people of different social classes.

Most people are quite insecure about their intellectual ability. But they know that the professors at
Harvard, and the editorial page of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and even conservative
commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are all on page when it comes to racial and ethnic issues.
This is a
formidable array, to the point that you almost have to be a crank to dissent from this consensus.

I think one of the greatest triumphs of the left has been to get people to believe that people who assert white
identity and interests or who make unflattering portrayals of organized Jewish movements are morally
degenerate, stupid, and perhaps psychiatrically disturbed. Obviously, all of these adjectives
designate low status.

The reality is that the multicultural emperor has no clothes and, because of its support for racial Zionism
and the racialism of ethnic minorities in America, it is massively hypocritical to boot. The New York
Times, the academic left, and the faux conservatives that dominate elite discourse on race and ethnicity
are intellectually
bankrupt and can only remain in power by ruthlessly suppressing or ignoring the scientific findings.

This is particularly a problem for college-educated whites. Like Fitzgerald's Tom Buchanan, such people
have a strong need to feel that their ideas are respectable and part of the mainstream. But the respectable
mainstream gives them absolutely nothing with which to validate themselves except perhaps the idea that
the world
will be a better place when people like them no longer have power. Hsu quotes the pathetic Christian Lander:
"Like, Im aware of all the horrible crimes that my demographic has done in the world. ... And theres a
bunch of white people who are desperate  desperate  to say, You know what? My skins white, but Im not one
of the white people whos destroying the world.

As a zombie leftist during the 1960s and 1970s, I know what that feeling of desperation is like  what it's
like to be a self-hating white. We must get to the point where college-educated whites proudly and
confidently say they are white and that they do not want to become a minority in America.

This reminds me of the recent docudrama Milk, which depicts the life of gay activist Harvey Milk. Milk is
sure be nominated for an Oscar as Best Picture because it lovingly illustrates a triumph of the cultural
left. But is has an important message that should resonate with the millions of whites who have been
deprived of their
confidence and their culture: Be explicit. Just as Harvey Milk advocated being openly gay even in the face
of dire consequences, whites need to tell their family and their friends that they have an identity as a
white person and believe that whites have legitimate interests as white people. They must accept the consequences
when they are harassed, fired from their jobs, or put in prison for such beliefs. They must run for political
office as openly pro-white.

Milk shows that homosexuals were fired from their jobs and arrested for congregating in public. Now it's
the Southern Poverty Law Center and the rest of the leftist intellectual and political establishment
that harasses and attempts to get people fired. But it's the same situation with the roles reversed. No
revolution was ever
accomplished without some martyrs. The revolution that restores the legitimacy of white identity and the
legitimacy of white interests will be no exception.

But it is a revolution that is absolutely necessary. The white majority is foolish indeed to entrust its
future to a utopian hope that racial and ethnic identifications will disappear and that they wont
continue to influence public policy in ways that compromise the interests of whites.

It does not take an overactive imagination to see that coalitions of minority groups could compromise the
interests of formerly dominant whites. We already see numerous examples in which coalitions of minority
groups attempt to influence public policy, including immigration policy, against the interests of the
whites. Placing
ourselves in a position of vulnerability would be extremely risky, given the deep sense of historical
grievance fostered by many ethnic activists and organized ethnic lobbies.

This is especially the case with Jews. Jewish organisations have been unanimous in condemning Western
societies, Western traditions, and Christianity, for past crimes against Jews. Similar sentiments are
typical of a great many African Americans and Latinos, and especially among the ethnic activists from
these groups. The
God damn America sermon by President Obama's pastor comes to mind as a recent notorious example.

The precedent of the early decades of the Soviet Union should give pause to anyone who believes that
surrendering ethnic hegemony does not carry risks. The Bolshevik revolution had a pronounced ethnic
angle: To a very great extent, Jews and other non-Russians ruled over the Russian people, with disastrous
consequences for the Russians and other ethnic groups that were not able to become part of the power
structure. Jews formed a hostile elite within this power structure  as they will in the future
white-minority America; Jews were Stalins willing executioners.

Two passages from my review of Yuri Slezkine's The Jewish Century seem particularly appropriate here. The
first passage reminds me of the many American Jews who adopt a veneer of support for leftist versions of
social justice and racial tolerance while nevertheless managing to support racial Zionism and the mass murder,
torture, and incarceration of the Palestinian people in one of the largest prison systems the world has
ever seen. Such people may be very different when they become a hostile elite in a white-minority America.

Many of the commentators on Jewish Bolsheviks noted the transformation of Jews [after the Bolshevik
Revolution]. In the words of [a] Jewish commentator, G. A. Landau, cruelty, sadism, and violence had
seemed alien to a nation so far removed from physical activity. And another Jewish commentator, Ia. A.
Bromberg, noted

the formerly oppressed lover of liberty had turned into a tyrant of  unheard-of-despotic
arbitrariness. The convinced and unconditional opponent of the death penalty not just for political
crimes but for the most heinous offenses, who could not, as it were, watch a chicken being killed, has been
transformed outwardly into a
leather-clad person with a revolver and, in fact, lost all human likeness. ...

After the Revolution, ... there was active suppression of any remnants of the older order and their
descendants. ... The mass murder of peasants and nationalists was combined with the systematic
exclusion of the previously existing non-Jewish middle class. The wife of a Leningrad University
professor noted, in all the
institutions, only workers and Israelites are admitted; the life of the intelligentsia is very hard (p.
243). Even at the end of the 1930s, prior to the Russification that accompanied World War II, the Russian
Federationwas still doing penance for its imperial past while also serving as an example of an
ethnicity-free society (p. 276).
While all other nationalities, including Jews, were allowed and encouraged to keep their ethnic
identities, the revolution remained an anti-majoritarian movement.

The difference from the Soviet Union may well be that in white-minority America it will not be workers and
Israelites who are favored, but non-whites and Israelites. Whites may dream that they are entering the
post-racial utopia imagined by their erstwhile intellectual superiors. But it is quite possible that
they are entering into a
racial dystopia of unimaginable cruelty in which whites will be systematically excluded in favor of the
new elites recruited from the soon-to-be majority. It's happened before.

Kevin MacDonald is a professor of psychology at California State UniversityLong Beach.

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Should Christians Support Israeli Terrorism in Gaza?

A timely discussion between Rev. Ted Pike and Dr. David Duke, one especially important for the Christians
in our audience


In this vital discussion, Rev. Pike and Dr. Duke explore the Pro-Israel attitude of some Christian
evangelical organizations, and why their position not only goes directly against Christian morality
and decency,  but actually is directly opposite of that expressed by Christian Scriptures. Today, Many
Christians are instructed that Jews
and todays Israel has a special covenant with God. In fact, the New Testament in the clearest of language
states that the Jews continued not in my covenant, and I considered them not, saith the Lord. Heres the
quote that Christians arent supposed to notice.:

8:10 Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers, in the day when I took them by the hand out of
the land of Egypt; because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith the Lord.
(Hebrews 8:10)

They also dont seem to notice that a 2000 year old Judaic war against Christianity that has been waged since
time of Jesus Christ and still goes on today with the most powerful Jewish organizations attempting to
destroy European and American traditions, that has even become a war on our Christmas traditions.

Dr. Duke and Ted Pike also speak about how over a hundred thousand Christian Palestinians have suffered
with their families from anti-Christian Israel! Christian support of Israel has resulted in the very
birthplace of Jesus Christ, go from 90 percent Palestinian Christians to 35 percent today because of
Israeli terror and
occupation. They ask, How could any Christian in good conscience support the anti-Christian state of
Israel, bombing the homes, killing and maiming, torturing and oppressing fellow Christian men, women
and children?

This is a vital show for every Christian reader and listener of DavidDuke.com. Next time, you hear someone
say, God tells us that we must support Israel you will have the clear Christian answer that just the
opposite is true!

For documentation on this be sure to read some of the well-footnoted, sample chapters of Jewish
Supremacism and My Awakening.

Source :


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cl-selenium-devel mailing list
Robin Lee Powell | 15 Oct 04:10 2008

Optional execution errors.

I find it vastly annoying for execution errors to, well, throw
errors, because then my test framework doesn't get to tell me
*where* the error occured.

Arguably a bug in my test framework, but I fixed it in Selenium
anyways, by making an overrideable error routine:

diff -C3 -w -r cl-selenium-0.4-orig/iedoc.lisp cl-selenium-0.4/iedoc.lisp
*** cl-selenium-0.4-orig/iedoc.lisp     2008-10-14 17:27:36.000000000 -0700
--- cl-selenium-0.4/iedoc.lisp  2008-10-14 19:02:47.000000000 -0700
*** 160,166 ****
         (convert-result (subseq reply (min 3 (length reply))) return-type))
        ((starts-with reply "ERROR:")
         (let ((err (second (split-sequence:split-sequence #\: reply))))
!          (error 'execution-error :description err))))))

  (defun convert-function (iedoc-function)
    (let ((function-name (convert-function-name (iedoc-function-name iedoc-function)))
--- 160,167 ----
         (convert-result (subseq reply (min 3 (length reply))) return-type))
        ((starts-with reply "ERROR:")
         (let ((err (second (split-sequence:split-sequence #\: reply))))
!          (funcall *selenium-execution-error-func* :description err)
!        )))))

  (defun convert-function (iedoc-function)
    (let ((function-name (convert-function-name (iedoc-function-name iedoc-function)))
*** 184,186 ****
--- 185,194 ----
    defaults to this special variable.  You can bind a selenium session
    to this variable and use those functions without providing an
    explicit session each time.")
+ (defvar *selenium-execution-error-func*
+   (lambda (desc err)
+     (error 'execution-error :description err))
+   "This is the function that is run to create Selenium execution errors.
+   Replace it to get different error handling.")



They say:  "The first AIs will be built by the military as weapons."
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Robin Lee Powell | 2 Oct 22:27 2008

Better error handling, please.

cl-selenium's response to me having forgotten to start
selenium-server is:

debugger invoked on a SIMPLE-ERROR in thread #<THREAD "initial thread" RUNNING {100266AE01}>:
  Error during processing of --eval option (LOAD #P"sert-spec.cl"):

  end of file on #<FLEXI-STREAMS:FLEXI-IO-STREAM {1004DE1851}>

Could that maybe be a little less opaque?  :)



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Matthew Kennedy | 2 Jul 05:58 2008

New release 0.4

In 0.4, I updated the driver URL to be the RC default, so there's less
thinking involved when getting started.  Also added macro
with-selenium-session which wraps up a session like with-open-file
does with files. eg.

(with-selenium-session (*selenium-session* "*opera" "http://www.google.com")
  (do-open "http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en")
  (do-type "q" "hello world")
  (do-click "btnG")
  (do-wait-for-page-to-load "5000")
  (string= (do-get-title) "hello world - Google Search"))

There's no API changes.

Robin Lee Powell | 1 Jul 07:21 2008

Problems with cl-selenium, Drakma, and nasty JavaScript

I just moved over from Scheme, and am trying to get my project,
which is TDD-via-Selenium based, ported over.  Mostly going well;
thank you for saving me the trouble of creating a Selenium port.

The problem I'm having is with a function I wrote to retrieve CSS
properties of page elements; I like to be able to check that things
are being rendered properly.  As far as I know, there's nothing for
this in the Selenium API.

Here's the function.  It's horrible; I apologize.

- ------------------

; Takes an element locator and a CSS property name, and returns the
; value for that property on that locator.
; Example:
; (expect-string= "And: the ephemeral bit is bolded."
;                 "bold"
;                 (element-attribute hpv "Num Ratings Text Ephemera" "font-weight"))
; The Javascript here is a bit scary.
(defun element-css-raw (elem prop)
  (let* (
         ; Some browsers want font-family; some want fontFamily.
         ; *sigh*
         (prop-lis (cl-ppcre:split "[-]" prop))
         (camel-prop (apply #'concatenate 'string
                            (cons (car prop-lis) (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (string-capitalize x)) (cdr prop-lis)))))
         ; The actual javascript
             (concatenate 'string
               "element = this.page().findElement(\"~A\"); "
               "if( element.currentStyle ) "
               "{ element.currentStyle.~A } "
               "else { this.browserbot.getCurrentWindow()."
               "getComputedStyle( element, null )."
               "getPropertyValue('~A') }")
         ; Running the javascript
         (js-out (do-get-eval js))
         ; Some browers think colours look like rgb( rrr, ggg, bbb )
         ; (where all are decimal numbers), but we prefer #rrggbb,
         ; so we make it that way
             ((cl-ppcre:scan "^\\s*rgb\\(" js-out)
              (apply format nil "#~2,'0X~2,'0X~2,'0X"
                       (lambda (num-str) (parse-integer num-str))
                         ", *"
                           (cl-ppcre:regex-replace "^\\s*rgb\\(" js-out "")
             (t js-out)))
    ;(format #t "element-css: ~A, ~A, ~A, ~A, ~A\n" elem prop camel-prop js color-normalized-js-out)

- ------------------

The problem is with "element = this.page().findElement(\"~A\"); "

Specifically, the embedded ".

Drakma simply won't accept them:

  Parse error:URI
contains illegal character #\" at position 100.

The obvious solution of replacing them with ' doesn't work, because
some of my xpaths have ' in them, so that fails entirely.  I can't
just replace the ' in the xpaths with " to make up for *that*,
because if I do, the " still end up in the Drakma request, and again
Drakma refuses.

I haven't started hacking source for cl-selenium for Drakma yet; any
help would be appreciated.



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Chaitanya Gupta | 18 May 01:33 2008

Returned values not handled correctly


I just checked out cl-selenium and I must say I am very happy to see 
such a library for CL. However, there is a problem with cl-selenium in 
the way it handles values returned by the Selenium server in respone to 
"Actions" or "Accessors". Specifically,

1. Return types aren't really taken care of. e.g. DO-GET-ALL-FIELDS 
should return a list (or an array) of strings, as is returned by 
getAllFields (from the Selenium API); however, it returns only one 
string. iedoc.xml specifies the return types of all the functions.
2. DO-GET-HTML-SOURCE fails to return the complete source if the page 
source contains any commas. This is because EXECUTE splits the the HTTP 
response on the comma (using split-sequence), and returns only the 
second value of this list.

Is there any patch on the way for these bugs? If not, I'll be happy to 


Sohail Somani | 27 Jan 19:59 2008

Testing gmane interface



Sohail Somani