Risto Pajula | 18 Apr 00:45 2015

EPG Problem on vdr 2.2.0


After rebuilding my HTPC I have run into a problem in the EPG data 
retrieval. The vdr is not able to retrieve any EPG data from DVB-T 

My system consist of.
Opensuse 13.2 x64 based system
Linux kernel 3.16.7-7-desktop
Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-500 using dvb-usb-dib0700-1.20.fw firmware.
vdr built from source...
And I'm located in Finland (Vaasa).

I have tracked this bug down to the changes between the vdr 2.0.5 and 
the 2.0.6, and are it still existing in the vdr 2.2.0...

This exactly same issue was described in may 2014 by another user.

Any help would be appreciated to find the bug...


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Patrick Boettcher | 17 Apr 09:25 2015

xineliboutput and streamdev at the same time

Hi list,

I'm planning to update my infrastructure according to the follow scheme:


The red texts are things where I'm unsure about. Especially the usage
of vdr-sxfe on the RPI. I made this chart before finding out that there
is rpihddevice and a recommended streamdev-usage.

This shows that I have a need for streamdev and xineliboutput (as
others on this list). 

Is there problem with running the xineliboutput and streamdev-server
plugins at the same time on a vdr-host?

When will we start facing problems using the xineliboutput-plugin with
VDR? What is most likely to break first in this case?

Thanks for any comments,

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Tarik CHOUGUA | 16 Apr 23:31 2015

Softhddevice help

I just switched to softhddevice, it works great on SD channels but I can't watch HD ones.
On HD channels, I'm hearing the sound but the picture is buggy and only shows the last SD channel's frame.
I start softhddevice with : -P'softhddevice -d :0.0 -v vdpau'
The syslog shows the following error 'video/vdpau: decoder rendering failed: An invalid handle value was provided.'
How can I fix that pls ?
Another thing, there is too much options in softhddevice OSD plugin configuration. Is there a good
beginner tutorial I can read for these options pls ?
Thank you.
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Matthias Wächter | 14 Apr 08:59 2015

from xineliboutput to ... perhaps softhdddevice?


I am currently using xineliboutput, and I'm using it with "--local=none" 
everywhere so I can attach and detach from anywhere in the LAN, even 
from the PC VDR is running on. It's working quite nicely this way.

Upside: No local configuration on any PC, no concurrency issues with 
timers, channel updates etc.. just call "vdr-sxfe <host>" and you're in 
the game.
Downside: Multiple connected clients at the same time get the same 
programme, OSD, etc. [skippy/hanging video for adapting to the different 
client speeds, OSD sizing issues for different client resolutions]

Is there an equivalent solution which I read to be a more recent/better 
supported alternative? AFAIK softhddevice is similar to xineliboutput 
but lacks  remote features, behaves like xineliboutput with 
"--local=sxfe --noremote", but I could be wrong. This doesn't look like 
a viable alternative to my current network architecture.

While streamdev and VNSI/XVDR solve some of the issues, most notably the 
multi-client dependency, they create new ones. No native OSD with 
VNSI/XVDR, VDR configuration synchronization hassle with streamdev.

Is there any other thin-client streaming solution with native VDR OSD 

Any other suggestions?

- Matthias
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Oliver Endriss | 12 Apr 06:02 2015

[ANNOUNCE] Remote Control Plugin 0.6.0


there is an new release of the remote control plugin.

2015-04-12: Version 0.6.0
- Use Repeat Delay/Repeat Delta settings (VDR->Setup->Miscellaneous).
- Support event type 2 (mouse wheel, rotary-encoder) as a remote control
  (thanks to Thomas Reufer).
- Improved OSD emulation:
  o Reworked tabulator processing.
  o Optimal use of limited screen width.
  o Avoid display errors with VDR 2.2.0.
  o Fixed misaligned output caused by multi-byte characters.
  o Some speed improvements.

It can be downloaded from 

See README for details.

Short description:
This plugin extends the remote control capabilities of vdr.
The following remote control devices are supported:

(a) linux input device driver ('/dev/input/eventX', X=0,1,2,...)
    - Built-in remote control port of the TT DVB-S2 6400
      (HD full-featured card).
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Tarik CHOUGUA | 11 Apr 15:56 2015

vdr-sxfe or xine-ui ?

Hi, I'm using vdr with xineliboutput plugin.
When using vdr-sxfe as a frontend, sometimes it reset 'engine_video_frame_buffer' to 250 in the
config_xineliboutput file. How can I fix that ?
I heard that vdr-sxfe is no more supported, and it is better to use xine-ui with libxine2-xvdr. Is that true ?
Thank you
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Jouni Karvo | 31 Mar 13:04 2015

vdr + rpihddevice + skinnopacity


I have the following problem:

when pressing "menu" with my Raspberry pi Lirc, VDR crashes:

Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2456] rpihddevice: [OpenVG] cannot allocate 
pixmap of 2804px x 781px, clipped to 2048px x 781px!
Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2469] rpihddevice: [EGL] failed to create 
pixel buffer surface: bad alloc!
Mar 31 13:51:09 vdrfe vdr: [2456] rpihddevice: [OpenVG] failed to create 
pixmap! (allocation failed)

- vdr 2.2.0
- raspberry pi current git
- skinnopacity 1.1.3 + the second version of skinnopacity remotetimers patch
- remotetimers v 1.0.1

I have set gpu_mem to 256M

With rpihddevice from git Mar 8th, no crashes, but I could not use 
accelerated OSD (the subtitles did not work).

I pulled the repository again about a week ago, and got accelerated osd 
working.  Yesterday the problem I described started, and I re-pulled the 
git, because it seemed there was a fix.  Not working.

When not using accelerated OSD, it works fine, but rendering subtitles 
takes so long that there is hardly time to read them.
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Hans Petter Selasky | 26 Mar 14:45 2015

select() problem seen with vdr-plugin-streamdev 0.6.1


I'm seeing this strange problem that a select statement in the streamdev 
server is returning EBADF and then the streamdev server exits and refuse 
to accept more connections. This typically happens when trying to stream 
a specific channel. Trying to stream other channels does not exhibit 
this problem.

I can recompile code and try patches.

I've made simple and crude patch to make the streamdev server plugin a 
bit more fault tolerant. See attachment.

OS: FreeBSD-11-current
Driver: Wecamd (Same as what is in Linux 3.18)

BTW: Thank you for keeping VDR up to date!

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Damien Bally | 22 Mar 00:06 2015

raspberry pi media player with VDR


It doesn't seem that the rpihddevice plugin integrates a media player 
(as the xine plugin does). Is there a simple way to play video files 
using omxplayer or other within VDR ?



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Jouni Karvo | 10 Mar 12:29 2015

Fwd: Re: raspbian apt repo with up to date vdr packages?

On 09.03.2015 16:31, VDR User wrote:
 > Have you tried compiling the sources yourself? It'll probably take a
 > while but as long as no voodoo/magic is required, I don't see why not.

I am in the process.  Using the instructions from

It seems that concerning streamdev patches: not needed for streamdev.
And one hunk needs to be manually applied for remotetimers for 2.2.0

For some reason; skinnopacity + remotetimers seems to cause the menus
flash in and out.  Tried the latest tarball.  Now trying the git.  I
hope it works; I prefer the default skinnopacity over lcars.


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Klaus Schmidinger | 9 Mar 12:34 2015

Improved privacy on the VDR User Counter!

The VDR User Counter no longer requires you to enter an actual name, so you can register totally anonymously now.
Go to http://www.tvdr.de/counter.htm if you're using VDR and help us in finding out how popular VDR really is.


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