upnp-sdk-announce-admin | 6 Mar 08:43 2006

libupnp 1.3.1 released

libupnp 1.3.1 has been released.

Version 1.3.1 fixes 2 bugs detected after 1.3.0 release.

Version 1.3.0 brings:

1) replace the previous makefiles with autoconf/automake, which should make 
the build system more robust and portable

2) incorporate fix to various bugs detected since 1.2.1a release

3) minor enhancements

See release notes for full changes since 1.2.1a :

Best regards,
	RĂ©mi Turboult

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upnp-sdk-announce-admin | 12 Jan 01:18 2006

libupnp 1.2.1a way to Debugging



Im a Korean student.

 I have a question about the debugging information in the UPnP SDK. I"m sorry if

 this is a too simple question, but I hope somebody finds

 time to give hints on that. I"m using v.1.2.1a on a redhat 9.0 linux and the sample

 code that is included into the SDK.


 In the source code, there are many functions where the function UpnpPrintf gives

 debugging information. Though I"ve compiled the library with make DEBUG=1

 install, this information is not given on the screen or in a file. In the

 documentation, two variables, DEBUG_LEVEL, and DEBUG_TARGET, are given. The

 documentation unfortunately does not tell much, only that I could redirect the

 screen output to a file, also. Should I set those variables (or other) in the

 config.h to different values as the defaults? Or should I give other options at

 compile time?


 I"d appreciate any help on that a lot,


 Thanks in advance,

upnp-sdk-announce-admin | 15 Nov 04:40 2005

cross compilation question

I use the Motorola MCF5249C3 board, so I  compile the UPnP SDK using the
"make TARGET=m68k-elf" command in Linux shell, but it becomes something wrong.

When I compile uclinux-dist , in the menuconfig step, I select the libupnp item, it will
 be the same wrong message coming out.

It can't make out the libixml.a(or libixml.so) ,libupnp.a, etc.

Please give me some help.

Thanks so much.

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upnp-sdk-announce-admin | 24 Jun 15:16 2003

UPnP - Thread

All ,
I was compiling UPnP SDK on my MIPS platform under uclinux.
I am getting following error while compiling threadutil directory .
/usr/local/mips-linux/mips-linux/bin/ld.real: cannot open crti.o: No such file or direc
Can any one help me in this ?
Thanks in advance !
upnp-sdk-announce-admin | 14 Feb 07:08 2003

Linux SDK for UPnP Devices v1.2.1 now available!

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Linux SDK for UPnP Devices version 1.2.1 (formally known as the UPnP SDK for Linux) for download!  It represents all the improvements, optimizations, and fixes since the original 1.0 release in 2000.  Specially, the new features are:


-        Integrates an entirely new XML parser that features DOM2 API support and a much smaller code size.

-        Integrates a new threading utility library that manages all threads in the library.

-        Elimination of C++ and other code optimizations have reduced the binary size by over 60%.

-        The web server now supports application-level callbacks to handle dynamically generated data.

-        The web server now correctly handles chunked encoding.

-        A new client HTTP API has been added that allows downloading of items of unlimited size.

-        The SDK supports much better cross-compilation support.

-        Numerous memory leaks and bugs have been fixed.


With the new XML parser, the API is not 100% backwards compatible.  It contains a new API that does not require freeing many intermediate objects, thus eliminating many memory leaks.  Consult the XML API documentation for more details.


As you might have noticed above, the name of the SDK has changed.  This is to avoid trademark issues with the UPnP Implementers Corporation (UIC).  The new name is Linux SDK for UPnP Devices, libupnp for short. 


You can download the new SDK at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7189.  The RPMs will be posted soon.  New to this release, the libupnp-doc package contains a Programming Guide that walks through creating a device and control point using the SDK.


Finally, a new mailing list has been created for discussion on development of the SDK.  This list is reserved for developers only.  General discussion and usage of the SDK should remain on the upnp-sdk-discuss list.  If you are interested in actively working on the SDK, please sign up for the list at http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=7189 and I will contact you.


Happy Coding!


  - Dan -

  dbaumber <at> users.sourceforge.net