Jesse Palser | 22 Oct 02:01 2014

[14.04 64Bit]-Convert NTFS HDD To ext4 & Encrypt?

[14.04 64Bit]-Convert NTFS HDD To ext4 & Encrypt?


I need to safely convert a hard disk drive from Microsoft NTFS to Linux 
ext4 & encrypt.
The hard disk drive is 1TB and is about 75% full.
Is there some simple and safe method on Xubuntu 14.04 to do the above?



Jesse Palser | 21 Oct 16:37 2014

[14.04 64Bit]-FileZilla FTP Client Slow On 1.2GHz Thin Client?

[14.04 64Bit]-FileZilla FTP Client Slow On 1.2GHz Thin Client?


I am using Xubuntu 14.04 L.T.S. 64Bit fully updated
on an Intel Celeron 1.2GHz dual-core CPU with 4GB RAM thin client.

When I use current FileZilla FTP client
uploading and downloading seem to be very slow?

When uploading or downloading in FileZilla
it does a few files full speed but then CPU utilization goes to 100%
and FileZilla stops for a few seconds?

I've never had problems with FileZilla before.
Anyone know how to fix this problem?


Jesse Palser | 20 Oct 21:13 2014

[14.04 64Bit]-New Install:Monitor Keeps Turning Off?

[14.04 64Bit]-New Install:Monitor Keeps Turning Off?


I am new to Xubuntu 14.04 L.T.S. 64Bit.
My LCD monitor keeps turning off after some set time of inactivity.
How do I tell the O.S. to not turn off my LCD monitor?



Jesse Palser | 19 Oct 22:01 2014

Is There An Official Xubuntu Forum On The Internet?


I am a new Xubuntu user.
Is there an official Xubuntu forum on the Internet?
Thanks, I have questions...


Anthony Papillion | 16 Oct 02:44 2014

Can't set permissions on a folder on an external drive on 14.04

Hello everyone,

I have a USB thumb drive that has a folder who's permission I need to
set to 744. Let's say the folder is named folder1. I issued the
following command from the terminal:

sudo chmod 744 folder1

This has NO EFFECT on the folder permissions.

I've also tried

sudo chmod -R 744 folder1

THAT has no effect either.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



Anthony Papillion

Phone:   1.918.631.7331
SIP:     17772471988103@...
iNum:    +883510001190960
PGP Key: 0x53B04B15

MR ZenWiz | 14 Oct 19:48 2014

Secondary login doesn't work in 14.04

Last night I wanted to let my son log in on my computer in the "other"
login window (console 8 - <ctl><alt><F8>), but nothing was there.

I thought (foolishly) that maybe <ctl><alt><del> would work, but that
rebooted he machine.

Is this a known problem in 14.04 or has anyone else seen it?



Dolev Farhi | 13 Oct 21:26 2014

Xubuntu 14.10 auto remounts a safely removed drive


I am experiencing a problem where an external drive (1TB Transcend) 
which was safely removed gets automatically remounted again by the system.

I noticed there is a bug about this issue, but was wondering if anyone 
can think of a workaround to this problem until this gets eventually 
fixed, perhaps disabling auto mounting drivers.

The bug link:


Peter Flynn | 10 Oct 00:06 2014

A3 printer is printing page cropped to A4

This error sprang on me (and apparently others) some  months ago.

I have two HP A3 printers (K7100 at home, K8600 in office) both on
Ubuntu systems. Both have been working fine for several years printing
both A4 and A3.

I have two print queues defined in CUPS, one with a default A4 page size
and one with a default A3 page size, because if you only define one, it
will print the default image area only, no matter what paper size you
specify in the print dialog.

[Aside: this seems to be a major bug in CUPS which has always been
there: you have to establish a separate print queue for each paper size
you want to print on the same printer: you cannot use the print dialog
to change paper size UP, only DOWN. Strangely, no-one seems to be aware
of this except users migrating from Windows and Macs, who think it very
odd that you have to have a separate queue for each paper size.]

I went several months earlier this year without any A3 jobs, but when I
tried to print one in August, it printed the page image clipped to A4,
exactly as if I had tried to print an A3 PDF on the A4 printer. This
happens regardless of the driver (hpcups vs hpijs), and regardless of
whether you have hplip installed or not.

I have checked and re-checked, and nothing has changed in my own
settings, and I *was* using the A3 print queue. The K7100 is shared on
my home network, and exhibits the error from systems running Precise,
Saucy, and Trusty, and from an iMac (which of course also runs CUPS).
The K8600 in the office is not shared, and is cabled to a machine
running Saucy.
(Continue reading)

GothSpark Imvu | 9 Oct 21:28 2014

random screen blanks hp6910p

Hi all,
I installed Xubuntu a month ago on my hp compaq 6910p everything
worked fine until a recent update ( I cannot pinpoint the one causing
this) what happends is that when I go to youtube play a  2 video in a
row, one after an other, on the third link even if i keep the laptop
on the main and active, my screen goes blank as if the laptop goes
into sleep mode but , the sound of the video start and i seam to not
be able to wake the screen back up, i can shutdown by going blindly
into tty1 and still in tty when this happend the screen does not come
alive as if the graphic chipset actualy died.
I had the same problem on Ubuntu Gnome when i had more then 3 broswer
tab opened.

I cannot reboot , the bios hang with a speaker tone that sounds like
the fan but a bit louder.

the laptop is refurbished so I guess it is still under warenty for the
work done on it.

can it be a driver issue or the graphic chipset dying ?

 ~ Spark

Rob Ward | 9 Oct 07:21 2014

Colour Printing

Hi folks,
I am not making any progress trying to print colour "snaps".
Even though I have used cameras and printed family photos for a while in 
XP, I am really struggling in XUbuntu.
I have used GIMP and GutenPrint with my Canon Pixma iP4200 with limited 
The GIMP manual says the rendering done by the Printer Drivers.
They appear to have comprehensive controls to modify the characteristics 
of the driver, yet I am no where close to photographic quality (and I am 
not an expert, hence not really fussy, but they are awful).
Would this be useful (necessary?)

Just pointing me a beginners area for this stuff would be good.


Hartmut Haase | 5 Oct 10:07 2014

Web Browser

if in "Preferred Applications" I selected a special Web Browser the 
information will be stored in ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc, e.g.
Nevertheless, Opera will always be used if I click on an URL.
Viele Grüße,


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