Christian Thiele | 23 Jul 10:05 2014

Bug#557: x2godbadmin --createdb - error "tekidata_port" does not exist

Package: x2goserver

When I try to convert the database to Postgres comes in the execution of x2godbadmin --createdb  the
following error message:

root <at> ml-rz-sv-x2go1:/var/lib/postgresql# x2godbadmin --createdb
DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR:  column "tekidata_port" does not exist
LINE 5: ...d_port, last_time, uname, fs_port, tekictrl_port, tekidata_p...
                                                             ^ at /usr/sbin/x2godbadmin line 528.
Died at /usr/sbin/x2godbadmin line 528.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and Repository nightly 
Michael DePaulo | 23 Jul 04:14 2014

Bug#547: Alex's fix in x2goserver

I can confirm that Alex's commit to x2goserver (rather than
x2goclient) fixes this bug.

Clean user SSHD process if connection between server and client lost.
This should fix error "Global request tcpip-forward failed".;a=commit;h=bf318affee905cf7cdeaa5a248dfd07bc46a8a96

Should I retitle and reassign this bug (#547) to x2goserver? And
should we cherry-pick it for x2goserver release/4.0.0.x &
release/4.0.1.x? We should probably release updated versions of
4.0.0.x (baikal) and 4.0.1.x at least a month before we release
x2goclient Otherwise, people will run into this bug if they
update their clients to but do not update their servers.

erik.devriendt | 22 Jul 18:48 2014

Bug#556: hp-toolbox segfaults when started in x2go MATE session

Package: nx-libs 

Distribution: Linux Mint 17 64-bit. 

hp-toolbox segfaults when started in a x2go MATE session. 

hp-toolbox is a python script, part of the hplip-gui package in Linux Mint 17. 

After unsetting the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, hp-toolbox starts without segfaulting.
(hp-toolbox started in a shell in a terminal window). 

This could be related to : 

gdb post mortem stack backtrace: 

gdb /usr/bin/python core 
GNU gdb (Ubuntu 7.7-0ubuntu3.1) 7.7 
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License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <> 
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. 
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type "show copying" 
and "show warranty" for details. 
This GDB was configured as "x86_64-linux-gnu". 
Type "show configuration" for configuration details. 
For bug reporting instructions, please see: 
Find the GDB manual and other documentation resources online at: 
(Continue reading)

Nito Martinez | 21 Jul 19:04 2014

Question about VERSION file in NXCOMP

Hi al,

I have a question about the VERSION file that you use in the nxcomp directory, it seems to be fixed at 3.5.0.
Is there any reason not to update this? Have you found any issues?

I know there is negotiation about the minor and major versions in between the client, but the patch version doesn´t seem to be affected.

This is basically to be able to track errors and be able to match them up with the commits,

Please let me know if this makes sense,



x2go-dev mailing list
x2go-dev <at>
Michael DePaulo | 20 Jul 17:36 2014

Bug#555: E17 (Enlightenment): Windows cannot be moved by dragging

Package: nx-libs
Severity: Normal

Under E17 (Enlightenment), when I hold left click on a window title
bar and move the mouse, the window is not moved. I think this is
called "dragging" the window.

In contrast, when I interact with the VM's local display, window
dragging works fine.

Also, in published app mode, window dragging works. (However, the
windows have the Windows OS title bar instead of the E17 title bars.)

Server setup & Steps to reproduce:

Bodhi Linux 2.4.0 64-bit VM with all the latest updates
(Based on Ubuntu 12.04)
Host: Fedora 20 64-bit KVM/virt-manager with the latest updates
"enlightenment" package version: 20130818-1
Enlightenment set to "Bare" desktop. I set this locally, logged out,
and then connected via X2Go.

X2Go Server Installed from from ppa:x2go/stable :
nxagent: 2:

X2Go Client:
Running on Windows 8.1 64-bit with update 1 nightly (2014-07-13)
Custom Command: /usr/bin/enlightenment_start
(The same command as in /usr/share/xsessions/enlightenment.desktop)

Things I tried toggling on and off, but had no affect on this bug:
1. In x2goclient, Xinerama extension
2. in x2goagent.options, XFIXES extension
3. In x2goagent.options, GLX extension
Reinhard Tartler | 20 Jul 16:56 2014

Bug#554: Disable local screensaver when x2go session is in fullscreen mode

Package: nxproxy
Severity: serious

I noticed that the when nxproxy is in fullscreen mode, it (by design)
captures all keyboard strokes. This is in general great because this
way all keyboard shortcuts on the remote work.

However, the local screen saver might still kick in and require a
password. Because the nxproxy captures all input, a less carefull user
might enter his local password into the current application that is
running in the x2go session. When the remote application happens to be
a chat application, entering your password might have serious security

I think a fullscreen nxproxy is a good reason to inhibit the local screensaver.


Niklaus Giger | 20 Jul 11:38 2014

Introduction. x2go currently broken jessie


I am the release manager of Elexis ( An Eclipse RCP 
program for all aspects of a (Swiss) medical practice. My pet project is which should be part of an easy 
Puppet based setup for the whole infrastructure of typical (small) medical 
cabinets in Switzerland.

Under you find a puppet module which 
* setup of a x2goclient
* setup of a x2goserver
* setup of a x2go thin client environment
which allows me to have a reproducable installation

I see that you are running many Jenkins-CI jobs under, but as far as I see there is non with hardware 
in the loop. Are there any scripts/ideas laying around on how to test 
automatically a x2go tce build, eg. checking whether login, mouse and keyboard

We are testing a setup with x2go thinclients, which works fine when I install 
Debian Wheezy. Installing using Debian jessie failed with a lot of error 
messages like 
> Jul 18 19:22:43 prxserver rpc.mountd[31578]: authenticated unmount request
> from for /opt/x2gothinclient.schoebu/chroot
After a quit long wait I was in the root prompt. On other essays (which I 
cannot reproduce now I did see, that it complaint that the thin client could 
not mout /var/lib/alsa (the corresponding alsa-utils package was not installed 
on the server).

Also when I tried to install the non-free firmware I got the following error
> Setting up dirmngr (1.1.1-1.2) ...
> [....] Starting DirMngr: dirmngrchmod: cannot access
> '/var/run/dirmngr/socket': No such file or directory> 
>  failed!
Shall I open a bug report for one or both of it?

As my client would love to use ubuntu 14.04 I would like to see a comment on whether there are any hopes that a future 
version of x2go will support x2gosession with an ubuntu 14.04 server?

Best regards



Niklaus Giger
Josh Lukens | 18 Jul 03:52 2014

Bug#553: Session resume doesn't take profile's host list into account

Package: x2gobroker
Severity: normal

When a broker has multiple profiles with mutually exclusive host lists but a shared database session state
is appropriately sent to the client when listing sessions but if a user attempts to select a non-suspended
profile the suspended (different) profile will be resumed instead.

Draft patch attached which filters both load balancing decisions and resume decisions based on
server_list for selected profile.  Patch is really only a handful of lines but indentation of other lines
bloats diff. 

Attachment (resume.patch): application/octet-stream, 5626 bytes
x2go-dev mailing list
x2go-dev <at>
Anton Mostovoy | 17 Jul 16:33 2014

mac os x client timeout

I use x2go to connect to Centos VM running in Virtual Box.
When i put the Mac to sleep over night and open it in the morning, ssh session stay connected, but x2go disconnects with a timeout error. Incidentally, the x2go client also freezes and I have to force kill it.
Is it possible to configure the timeout to prevent it from disconnecting?


x2go-dev mailing list
x2go-dev <at>
Ilia Shakitko | 17 Jul 16:11 2014

Re: Can't get my X2GO running on the screen I want

Michael, Stefan,

I use Unity in my machine where I connect to via X2GO.

And about X settings:

2014-07-17 14:41 GMT+02:00 Michael DePaulo <mikedep333 <at>>:
Also, you wouldn't happen to have an external (custom) X server
specified under Options -> Settings -> X-Server settings, would you?

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 8:37 AM, Michael DePaulo <mikedep333 <at>> wrote:
> Hi Ilia,
> Sorry to hear that you are running into this issue.
> You wouldn't happen to have either of the following installed and
> enabled, would you?
> AMD Hydravision/Hydragrid
> Nvidia nView
> I am under the impression that they are the Windows equivalent of X11
> "window managers", and can therefore interfere.
> Also, what version of Windows are you running? For example, "Windows 7
> 32-bit SP1".
> I was unable to produce this bug on my desktop (Windows 8.1 64-bit
> with update 1. Nvidia graphics, but no nView).
> Also,
> I was able to produce a 1 or 2 different bugs on my desktop, which I
> will now write up as 2 bug reports.
> 1. Sometimes when I selected Display 2, which is 2560x1440, X was
> limited to 2048x1152 (the size of Display 1) and appeared in the
> top-left corner of Display 2. This only seemed to happen with Xinerama
> was enabled. (Display 2 is set as my primary monitor in Windows. It is
> on the right.)
> 2. When I select fullscreen, it is centered in display 2, but still
> limited to 2048x1152.) This happens all the time, whether Xinerama is
> enabled or not.
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:38 AM, Ilia Shakitko <shakitko <at>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> yes it is checked and I tried all the options here - anyway it opens X on
>> main screen :(
>> 2014-07-17 13:15 GMT+02:00 Stefan Baur <newsgroups.mail2 <at>>:
>>> Am 17.07.2014 13:02, schrieb Ilia Shakitko:
>>> > Hi,
>>> >
>>> > I have the latest x2go version And I have two screens.
>>> > Whatever I choose in the session options: fullscreen, screen1 or 2,
>>> > whatever - it runs in my primary screen.
>>> "Works for me" - Just ran a session on screen #2.
>>> Did you check the Xinerama option?  I've set that in my config, but
>>> didn't try what happens if I leave it unchecked.
>>> Also, what kind of session are you trying to start? Published
>>> Applications, a single application, or a full desktop environment like
>>> KDE or GNOME?  For my test, I used KDE3 (Trinity).
>>> -Stefan
>>> _______________________________________________
>>> x2go-dev mailing list
>>> x2go-dev <at>
>> --
>> Best regards
>> Ilia Shakitko
>> primary     tel. +31-6-86423406
>> skype: svscorp
>> LinkedIn:
>> Facebook:
>> _______________________________________________
>> x2go-dev mailing list
>> x2go-dev <at>

Best regards
Ilia Shakitko
primary     tel. +31-6-86423406
skype: svscorp
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