David Suna | 30 Aug 13:33 2015

HP All-in-one scanner problem

I recently purchased a new HP All-in-one machine model 3835. I checked on http://hplipopensource.com/ and the model is listed as having full Linux support. I am running Debian 8.1. I am able to print. However, when I run scanimage -L it does not find the scanner at all. I tried adding the IP address of the device to the net.conf file in /etc/sane.d and when I run scanimage -L with debug messages I get the following:
SANE_DEBUG_NET=255 scanimage -L
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of net to 255.
[net] sane_init: authorize != null, version_code != null
[net] sane_init: SANE net backend version 1.0.14 (AF-indep+IPv6) from sane-backends 1.0.24
[net] sane_init: Client has little endian byte order
[net] sane_init: searching for config file
[net] sane_init: trying to add
[net] add_device: adding backend
[net] net_avahi_browse_callback: CACHE_EXHAUSTED
[net] add_device: backend added
[net] sane_init: done reading config
[net] sane_init: evaluating environment variable SANE_NET_HOSTS
[net] sane_init: evaluating environment variable SANE_NET_TIMEOUT
[net] sane_init: done
[net] sane_get_devices: local_only = 0
[net] connect_dev: trying to connect to
[net] connect_dev: [0] failed to connect (Connection refused)
[net] connect_dev: couldn't connect to host (see messages above)
[net] sane_get_devices: ignoring failure to connect to
[net] sane_get_devices: finished (0 devices)
[net] net_avahi_browse_callback: ALL_FOR_NOW

I tried to search for solutions but haven't found anything. Anyone have any solutions or suggestions of where to look?

-- David Suna david-lbDOmM3XA9gS/o5rz7uIBZqQE7yCjDx5@public.gmane.org
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Erez D | 30 Aug 13:05 2015

ot: multiple wifi AP for covarage


I'm facing with the following problem:
one wifi router does not cover the area i need
if I put multiple access points. the laptops / smartphones does not switch access points automatically, and i find myself with terrible data rate because the laptop is still connected to a remote AP, while a closer is a meter from me

i tried to put all APs with same ESSID, but that no help
using a repeater if i understand correctly will not help either (and i get worse throughput)

any idea ?
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Elazar Leibovich | 29 Aug 21:13 2015

HW breakpoint on physical address w/ VM

Does anyone have a creative idea how to set a hardware breakpoint on physical address with a VM. In x86-64 architecture.

The best idea I've had, is patching KVM, and let him pretend some non-canonical vaddress is actually a physical address (e.g., hbr *0xf00d0A-BCDE-FGHI is equiv to a breakpoint on physical address ABCDEFGHI), but I'll be happy to hear a better approach.

(background, someone is messing with my page table, and I can't find out who's messing with my page table, while counting on the page table to report on page table modifications. The guest OS is not exactly linux).
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Omer Zak | 25 Aug 10:10 2015

A gentle introduction to OpenGL, anyone?

Does anyone know a book, E-book or Website which contains a gentle
introduction to OpenGL - a series of examples with explanations, which
go gradually from the easy to sophisticated, eventually covering a large
part of the OpenGL API?

Preferably using the Qt5.x platform.

--- Omer


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They do not represent the official policy of any organization with which
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Amichai Rotman | 23 Aug 22:07 2015

[OT] Deleting Thousends of Messages in Gmail

I know it's kinda off-topic, but I am really at a loss...

I m trying to free spcace on my Google free storage, so i am sifting through very old messages to delete in my Gmail box (as far as 2005 and beyond!)

I have this one label containing 12,000(!) messages. I'd like to delete all messages dated  before the current year.

I can't find any way to tell it to filter all messages with a certain label where the date **does not** equal current year.

I hope I explained myself clearly enough.


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Dov Grobgeld | 22 Aug 21:53 2015

Major rendering bug affecting Hebrew in pango has been fixed

This might be interesting to someone on the list.

A major bug affecting rendering of Hebrew with justification in pango has been fixed after more than 8 years.

See the following animated gif showing the rendering before and after the latest pango updates.


Though the animated gif shows Hebrew with nikud, the problem exists just the same without nikud.

My only contribution was reporting the bug and giving feedback to Behdad who fixed it.


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Daniel Shahaf | 21 Aug 03:24 2015

[OT] driver's license exam app?

I've got here a desktop app that quizzes the user with questions from
מבחן התיאוריה (the one people take when they learn driving).  It's
basically a self-test/study app, using the questionset from the
Ministry's web site.  (They publish questionsets in six languages,
I only tried the Hebrew set.)

By "app" I mean a python script that prints questions to stdout, reads
answers from stdin, and displays images by invoking display(1) [a
minimal image viewer from imagemagick].  It doesn't have a GUI (beyond
the image displayer) since my target audience didn't need one.

I can't release it as-is because $LEGAL_REASONS, but I could clean it up
to make it releaseable.  Before I spend too much time on that, is that
something anybody would be interested in?

[feel free to reply offlist]



P.S. It wasn't fun to get Hebrew to print correctly on all terminals:
there are differently-behaving terminals that use the same value of
$TERM (undermining terminfo-based solutions).  I ended up using
$WINDOWID to get the terminal emulator's argv[0], and hardcoding
exceptions based on that.  That's so 1990...

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Linux-il <at> cs.huji.ac.il
Shlomi Fish | 12 Aug 20:22 2015

New Page on My Site about Computer Graphics Applications

Hi all!

I created a new web page listing some prominent Computer Graphics Applications


The licence is CC-by. Suggestions are welcome.


    Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish http://www.shlomifish.org/

Chuck Norris helps the gods that help themselves.

Please reply to list if it's a mailing list post - http://shlom.in/reply .
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Shachar Shemesh | 8 Aug 19:31 2015

Matrix inversion tool

Hi all,

I'm looking for a tool/code to invert a matrix. So far, this sounds trivial. I have one special requirement. I did not think it was too special, except I could not find anywhere that supplied it.

I want the matrix to be over a different field (i.e. - not the real numbers). In my particular case, I want it to be over Z2 (zero and one).

So far, I have failed to find such a tool. If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know, as the alternative is writing one myself, which is something I REALLY don't want to do without a good reason.

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Muli Ben-Yehuda | 4 Aug 10:50 2015

Fwd: compiler/tools/architecture conference

Might interest some of you. Apologies if you receive multiple copies.


Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference (CATC) 
Intel Development Center, Haifa, Israel 
November 23rd, 2015


Endorsed by the HiPEAC Network of Excellence


* Paper Submission deadline: August 6th, 2015

* Author Notification: September 10th, 2015

* Conference date: November 23rd, 2015



The interaction among advanced compilation techniques, modern
processor and computing architectures, and associated tools continues
to face new challenges and opportunities. Traditional demands to
increase performance, reduce power consumption, and reduce time to
market now apply to heterogeneous, virtualized and diverse
user-experience environments.

Extensive data and task parallelism are being exposed by new
programming environments such as Halide, Swift, and OpenMP version
4.0, relying on innovative architectures, compilers, binary
translation and runtime tools.

This conference will focus on these exciting new directions and how
they are influencing the architecture and compilation domain. The
conference will be held in a format similar to that held last year
leaving time for networking and presentations.


The main focus of this conference is the interaction of compiler
technologies, processor and computing architectures and tools to
address the latest programming environments and demands. The topics of
interest for this conference include, but are not limited to:

* Compilers, runtime and tools for modern server, client, mobile and
  embedded systems

* Compiler/hardware support for hiding memory and I/O latencies

* Compilation to hardware

* Dynamic translation and optimization

* Heterogeneous parallel architectures and computational models

* GPU, accelerator and coprocessor architectures

* Power/Performance/Monitoring tools for application behavior

* Parallel programming languages, algorithms and applications

* Internet of Things


We are delighted to have Dr. Youfeng Wu, Principal Research Scientist
at Intel and Prof. Mooly (Shmuel) Sagiv from Tel-Aviv University as
our keynote speakers.


The conference will take place at Intel Development Center
(bldg. IDC9) in Matam Industrial Park, Haifa, Israel. Lunch and light
refreshments will be served. Participation in the conference is free
of charge, but registration is required. The official language of the
conference is English.


Authors should submit an abstract of their contributions by email to
Gadi Haber (gadi.haber@...). Submissions must include an
abstract of 100-300 words and contact information. The authors are
encouraged to provide related documents with additional details on
their research work, such as an extended abstract, paper, and/or
links. Abstracts and eventually presentations will be provided online
at the conference webpage. The conference does not include
proceedings, however, with author approval, papers may appear online
and extended versions of the best papers may be included in a special
issue of IJPP.

In addition, authors may submit papers recently presented in (or
accepted to) top-tier conferences in the areas of interest.


Ayal Zaks, Dorit Nuzman, Gadi Haber, Leeor Peled, Michal Nir; Intel
Development Center, Haifa (first.last at intel.com) Erez Petrank;
Computer Science Dept., Technion, Haifa (first at cs.technion.ac.il)
Yosi Ben-Asher; Computer Science Dept., University of Haifa (first at



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Steve Litt | 30 Jul 03:37 2015

xargs guide

Hi all,

xargs is a gender-changer type program that adapts one program's stdout
to the next program's command line arguments. It's extremely handy for
shell scripting, but it can be tricky. I've written a short guide for
xargs that shows how to get around the usual xargs landmines:


Hope you like it.


Steve Litt 
July 2015 featured book: Rapid Learning for the 21st Century

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