Shachar Shemesh | 28 Jan 07:43 2015

Lecture about D

Hi everyone,

My employer,[1] is holding a lecture about the D programming language. D is a language designed for system programming, but also to have features one has come to expect from a modern object oriented language.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of D. My relationship with C++ is better than most, and I judge other languages in relation to what C++ has to offer to those who managed to overcome its insane complexity. With that said, D is faring much better in passing the "pissing Shachar off" test than any other modern language. For comparison's sake, I could not stand Python, and would only tolerate Java for small projects. I will not mention Javascript for fear of having a heart attack.

Anyways, the lecture takes place on Sunday, February 15 at 19:00 in Weka's offices in Tel Aviv. Formal invitation can be seen at Please RSVP if you intend to come.


1 - which is also the web address. Where have the world gone to? When I opened Lingnu, I chose the name partly because it had an available .com. Now we include the top level domain into the actual company's name. So the company's web site is Not that there is anything of substance in the sole web page that's there...[2]

2 - Criticism over the company's choice of name and web site content should, in no way, be considered as criticism of the actual company. I've been working there for a little under half a year, and have been enjoying pretty much every aspect of it. I love the people, the technology, the product and its prospects (i.e. - how usable it is to its potential customers).

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Omer Zak | 27 Jan 23:38 2015

[OFFTOPIC] Time varying FSMs

After a brief Google search:
Does anyone know about any research, theory or practice of time-varying
finite state machines?
I mean FSMs which might grow a new state, remove a state, add/subtract
transitions by means of meta-rules.

Given the research demonstrating the plasticity of the brain, such FSMs
could be nice models of neurons and neuron networks.

--- Omer


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Steve G. | 21 Jan 15:50 2015

Doing research with the big dogs

Hi Guys,

I want to study the possibility of use apps such as Google Fit or its Apple and Microsoft equivalents to improve public health.

Does anyone know who in Google (Apple, Microsoft) Israel I need to contact in order to ask for cooperation (in both funding and data collection and sharing)? If you do, please send me a message off-list.

Needless to say, this is done in conjunction with epidemiologists and public health professionals in universities and hospitals, and will have a very detailed proposal of intervention, outcome, measurements, etc.

Thanks for your help.

Zvi G., Ph. D., MPH.
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David Ronkin | 18 Jan 09:54 2015

voice recognition specialist needed

Hi all

I'm looking for a specialist in voice recognition solutions ( based Asterisk or similar, FOSS preferable of course ) for a long term freelance contract.
Only people with relevant experience please contact me off the list david at


דוד רונקין

נא בקרו בבלוג שלי:                

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Geoff Shang | 15 Jan 00:12 2015

OT: Invoice sites in English


Please forgive the offtopic post, but I figure someone here would know.

I was recently told by my new accountant that I need to provide invoices ina 
form the Israeli government will approve, and not as text files as I've been 
doing so far (hey I'm a traditionalist).

They pointed me to and  Unfortunately both of 
these sites are in Hebrew, and while GreenInvoice at least will allow me to 
produce invoices in English, the UI isn't and my Hebrew isn't good enough to 
use it.

So I wondered if anyone else knew of somewhere that fits the Israeli 
government's requirements whilst having an English UI.

Please feel free to reply off-list.


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David Harel | 9 Jan 16:24 2015

Audio streaming


I am trying to setup an audio "server" using a scrap android Teac Accord 714b tablet running android 4.1.1
I am looking for recommendation on server side app that can receive audio streams on local WiFi home network from android phones used by our family.


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Amos Shapira | 7 Jan 11:33 2015

Skimping on AWS EC2 bills


Do people here keep EC2 instances running?
Do you leave it running 24/7 or do you fire them up when you need them?

I'd like to run my own EC2 instance running $10 Jira + $10 Confluence (+$10 some extra useful add-ons) (to clarify - these are one-off $10 for each product), but can't justify running a $30/month small EC2 (and perhaps more, Jira alone requires 1.5-2GB of RAM) just to be used at most a few hours a month if not less.

But logging in to the console to fire it up (or through aws cli, or using an Android based app) every time I want to access it also would be inconvenient.

So is there another way?



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Erez D | 7 Jan 09:16 2015



I have an iptables question

i have the following

ext_ip -> NAT1 -> linux firewall-> network -> computer1:eth0 .. computer99

i have no control over NAT1.
computer1 also can reach the internet via eth1.

linux firewall redirects incoming port 7777 from ext_ip to computer1
however i need coputer2 .. computer99 to connect to ext_ip:7777 and also reach computer1

so first i did a NAT rule in linux firewall to redirect all packets from internal to ext_ip:7777  to computer1. and did an 'ifconfig eth0:1 $ext_ip up' on computer1.
this works. however it causes computer1 not to be able to access real ext_ip via eth1 which is connected to the internet as well

so i though of both doing DNAT and MASQ, which will do the same but will not require assiging ext_ip to computer1.
howerver i do not know how to do that

anyone ?
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Yedidyah Bar David | 6 Jan 14:27 2015

[JOB OFFER] Community Impact and Action Lead for Fedora

Hi all,

I was asked to forward this:

Red Hat is looking for a Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead to join
the Fedora Council and lead initiatives to grow the Fedora user and
developer communities, as well as make Red Hat and Fedora interactions
even more transparent and positive. The Council is responsible for
stewardship of the Fedora Project as a whole, and supports the health
and growth of the Fedora community. In this role, you'll facilitate
decision making on how to best focus the Fedora community budget to meet
our collective objectives, work with other council members to identify
the short, medium, and long-term goals of the Fedora community, and
organize and enable the project. You will also participate in decision
making about use of trademarks, project structure, community disputes or
complaints, and other issues. In this position, you'll hold a full
council membership, and not an auxiliary or advisory role.


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Dan Shimshoni | 5 Jan 19:56 2015

Question about Linux installation and selecting a language

Hi, Linux-IL,

I had installed Fedora 21 on x86_64 (server, and with kde). When installation started, I selected the language as "british english" and not "American English".

Now when I log in and press some keys, I get unwanted results.
For example, when pressing <at> I get the " character. 

Now with the same PC and this same keyboard, with F20 and the default
american english everything is fine, no such problem (I did not try with 
british english though).

Any ideas how this problem can be resolved ? 


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Alan Yaniger | 5 Jan 13:09 2015

Hebrew subject text in mutt

Hi Linux-IL members,

I'm using bidiv to read Hebrew in mutt.

It works ok with reading Hebrew messages, but not when reading the
subject headers, which still show the Hebrew backwards.

So I wrote the following script caled "bidi_index" to enable reading of Hebrew in the subjects:

echo $ <at>  > /tmp/index.out && bidiv /tmp/index.out

and I added to .muttrc the following:

set index_format = "/home/alan/.mutt/bidi_index %D %-15.15L   %s (%Z) |"

(I tried piping the text directly to bidiv, but I got an error, so I write to a temp file, and I have my script
read the temp file.)

Mutt shows the Hebrew properly, but it creates a new problem. The minimum length for the sender's name no
longer works. My setting is for a minimum length of 15 chars, as in the index_format setting I quoted above,
but if the name is less than 15 chars, mutt does not pad the rest of the 15 chars with blanks.

This problem doesn't exist if I don't pipe to my script.

Does anyone know how to fix with this problem, or does anyone have an alternative way of displaying Hebrew in
mutt (which you've checked gets around this problem)?  

I'm using Mutt 1.5.21 (2010-09-15) on a gnome-terminal in Ubuntu 12.04,
with LC_ALL="en_US.utf8".



Alan Yaniger
Tk Open Systems, Ltd
Telephone: 0546-841-481
Skype: alanyaniger

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