Dennis Payne | 28 May 22:48 2015

Sponsor Needed: Bt Builder

I've been trying to get Bt Builder packaged for Fedora. I believe I've
fixed all the problems with the package. I just need a sponsor.

Bt Builder is an computer rpg builder in the style of the old Bard's
Tale games. It implements all the functionality from the Bard's Tale
Construction Set and several features beyond that. The sample games are
not very compelling at the moment as I've focused most of the effort on
the engine.

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Wart | 10 Jan 00:08 2015

List moderation change

Fedora gamers,

The number of spam messages that get caught and held by the games
listserve software has grown beyond what I can manage through manual
intervention.  Currently, when a non-member sends a message to the list,
the message gets placed in a hold queue until a moderator (eg me) logs
in to accept, reject, or discard the message.  I am changing this policy
so that non-member postings are to be automatically rejected, with a
message that they will need to subscribe before they can post to the
list.  There will be no more hold queue.

This should be transparent to all of you, and will make my life just a
little bit easier.

fedora-games mailing list administrator
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Raphael Groner | 10 Dec 17:30 2014

OpenRA packages

Hi there,

this is a starting point to package OpenRA in Fedora, a great clone of
once famous strategy games available for another operation system only.

Unfortunately, the developers decided to write all in Mono. So there is
the issue: Very few people care about Mono'd Fedora, as it seems.

I would be happy to find some reviewer for my package requests. The
main goal currently is to unbundle all the libraries that are shipped by
upstream in precompiled assemblies into the source tarball.

1159091 Review Request: openra - Libre/Free Real Time Strategy project
that recreates the famous Command & Conquer titles

1166916 Review Request: fuzzynet - Fuzzy Logic Library for Mono

1166897 Review Request: mono-nat - Mono library for automatic port

Let's start with fuzzynet. mono-nat is already retired and should be
reanimated to be alive in Fedora. The main requrest is on hold due to
not finished with unbundling of all the libs.

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Andrea Musuruane | 7 Dec 10:18 2014

Tecnoballz 0.93 dropsgid

Hi all,
    after about 7 years upstream has released a new version of Tecnoballz:

Unluckily the code changed a lot and I don't have the knowledge to adapt this patch to the new version.

I hope someone can help me once again.



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Олег | 26 Oct 16:27 2014

UFO: Alien Invasion

Hello. I believe it is time to add subj game to fedora. It was before in  
rpmfusion because of copyright issues which are now fixed. I already have  
.spec files and made packages for latest version 2.5. Everything seems to  
be working. What I should do next in order to get ufoai to the official  
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Alexandre Moine | 25 Oct 18:56 2014

Review Request: Hyperrogue


I just packaged a little rogue like, if anyone have time to spend for review it [1]... Thank you :)


P.S. It's my first "official" package for fedora, so I don't guarantee anything, but it seems to me not very difficult.
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Raphael Groner | 9 Oct 11:41 2014


Hi there,

is this games SIG still alive? I see that on this list and in the wiki,
there is very little activity.

Please let me shortly introduce myself. I use XFCE and Fedora since some
years, and now I am starting to provide packages by myself, to give back
something into the community.

My gaming packages so far:
dreamchess - already in the repo
gnurobbo - already in the repo (waits for some karma)
tuxfootball - waits for review
paintown - waits for review

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Bruno Wolff III | 12 Jun 17:42 2014

Re: gbrain in Fedora Games spin

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 17:31:40 +0200,
  Jordi Mas <jmas <at>> wrote:
>I'm the author of gbrainy[1], a brain teaser game for GTK. It has been 
>around for over 5 years, its translated to 40 languages and it is 
>pretty mature.
>gbrainy has been available as package for Fedora for a long time[2]. 
>Actually recently has been upgrade it to the latest version.
>I would like to request that you consider to include gbrainy in Fedora 
>Games spin.
>Let me know if you need any additional information or next step from my side

It's small and seems like a reasonable sample game, so I'll try adding it. 
If you don't see it change by the middle of next week, remind me.
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Jordi Mas | 12 Jun 17:35 2014

gbrainy in Fedora Games spin


I'm the author of gbrainy[1], a brain teaser game for GTK. It has been 
around for over 5 years, its translated to 40 languages and it is pretty 

gbrainy has been available as package for Fedora for a long time[2]. 
Actually recently has been upgrade it to the latest version.

I would like to request that you consider to include gbrainy in Fedora 
Games spin.

Let me know if you need any additional information or next step from my side





Jordi Mas i Hernàndez -Bloc:
Planet Softcatalà ->
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Marcin Zajączkowski | 8 Dec 23:15 2013

UFO: Alien Invasion 2.5-dev RPMs for Fedora available

Hi. UFO:AI ( is an X-COM clone based on a Quake
engine. A stable version 2.4 is available from RPM Fusion and I updated
packages to 2.5-dev to make it easier to test before a release on
Fedora. Maybe some of you will be interested.

RPMs can be downloaded from SourceForge:

The SPEC file is available from GitHub:

The packages are heavily based on the RPM packages from RPM Fusion
created by Karel Volny and Nicolas Chauvet and my changes will hopefully
be backported into the RPM Fusion repository when 2.5-final is released.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Kip Warner | 25 Nov 05:37 2013

Avaneya Libre Game Project Releases Lost NASA Archive for Crowdfunding


It was maybe a year or two, I can't recall, but someone here asked me
to keep the list informed of Avaneya, a cerebral science fiction game
set on Mars currently under active development (GPLv3).

Avaneya combines the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder
social simulation, real time strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. It
explores mature themes in social justice, politics, ecology, economics,
and more.

    Home: <>

We are pleased to announce the successful digital recovery of the first
images ever returned from the surface of Mars. Our studio recovered a
substantial amount of NASA's previously inaccessible Viking mission
data. The historic billion–dollar mission was the most ambitious in
history. Launched in 1975, it was the first to successfully reach and
photograph the surface.

    More: <!/content/news/releases.html>

This ground breaking software (GPLv3), originally intended as an
internal research tool, is now available on DVD for only $15. We ship

    Order: <!/store>

Your support is essential to help make libre gaming for GNU a reality.
We need additional full time staff, including professional creative and
technical directors, musicians, artists, and engineers to supplement
the tens of thousands of hours already invested.

We will have a lot more to showcase with you over the coming weeks,
including already complete beautiful concept artwork.



Kip Warner -- Software Engineer
OpenPGP encrypted/signed mail preferred
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