Marcin Zajączkowski | 8 Dec 23:15 2013

UFO: Alien Invasion 2.5-dev RPMs for Fedora available

Hi. UFO:AI ( is an X-COM clone based on a Quake
engine. A stable version 2.4 is available from RPM Fusion and I updated
packages to 2.5-dev to make it easier to test before a release on
Fedora. Maybe some of you will be interested.

RPMs can be downloaded from SourceForge:

The SPEC file is available from GitHub:

The packages are heavily based on the RPM packages from RPM Fusion
created by Karel Volny and Nicolas Chauvet and my changes will hopefully
be backported into the RPM Fusion repository when 2.5-final is released.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Kip Warner | 25 Nov 05:37 2013

Avaneya Libre Game Project Releases Lost NASA Archive for Crowdfunding


It was maybe a year or two, I can't recall, but someone here asked me
to keep the list informed of Avaneya, a cerebral science fiction game
set on Mars currently under active development (GPLv3).

Avaneya combines the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder
social simulation, real time strategy, and cooperative multiplayer. It
explores mature themes in social justice, politics, ecology, economics,
and more.

    Home: <>

We are pleased to announce the successful digital recovery of the first
images ever returned from the surface of Mars. Our studio recovered a
substantial amount of NASA's previously inaccessible Viking mission
data. The historic billion–dollar mission was the most ambitious in
history. Launched in 1975, it was the first to successfully reach and
photograph the surface.

    More: <!/content/news/releases.html>

This ground breaking software (GPLv3), originally intended as an
internal research tool, is now available on DVD for only $15. We ship

    Order: <!/store>

Your support is essential to help make libre gaming for GNU a reality.
We need additional full time staff, including professional creative and
(Continue reading)

bebo_sudo | 2 Nov 16:08 2013

GtkRadiant new package

Hi all!
After a week of scripting I finally released a new gtkradiant package.

Here is the link to the gtkradiant main package:
and here to the gtkradiant-data package:

I know this is not the final version, but I think is a good place to start.

Hope interest someone,

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Hugo Leonardo | 27 Oct 19:21 2013

Dota 2 for Fedora 19

Hello friends

Dota 2 in fedora 19 this to faulty initialization. This generates a red screen. I would like to help. Thank you.


Hugo Leonardo.

Graduando em Sistemas de Informação Bacharelado.
Centro Universitário do RN (UNI-RN).

GNU/Linux User. #563164

Fone: (84) 8129-6564.

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Alexandre Moine | 24 Aug 23:46 2013

What is there to do

Hi all,

Well, all it's in the object. What is there to do to promote the game in Fedora? Make package, update wiki page, translate... Probably a lot of things ;). But, a wiki page of the priority would be nice.
If you have any idea...


Alexandre, Fedora User and Ambassador

Ps: I almost finished to adapt rogue to the translation ;)
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Alexandre Moine | 12 Aug 23:23 2013

OpenMw x86_64

Hi all,

I work currently to make a rpm package to the OpenMw game. I've been created my fedorapeople repo and I've push the src and i686 package. But I work on a i686, and I need a x86_64 computer to make the x86_64 package. I tried to use koji, but OpenMw need a rpmfusion package (Cg and an other) to work, so koji reject my package. I tried to use the buildsys of the rpmfusion project, but I have not been able...
If anyone can make the x86_64 or explain to me the rpmfusion buildsys,
I'd be grateful ;)

Alexandre, Fedora User and Ambassador

Ps: My repo:
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Hans de Goede | 4 Aug 16:59 2013

Upgrading Fedora cegui to 0.8.x


I just noticed that Fedora cegui is still at 0.7.9, are there any plans for moving to
0.8.x (0.8.2 is the latest atm).


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Kévin Raymond | 12 Jul 13:44 2013

Games Spin, website update

Same as for Cdogs, 

There were many dead URLs. Please checkout the commit and tell me what
games are not in the Game spin any more, and if you have any more updates.



Kévin Raymond
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Kévin Raymond | 12 Jul 10:50 2013

Cdogs website down

Hi guys,

Do you know if Cdogs has moved or is stopped?

The spec told us:
URL                 :

But this is a 404. I am updating the website to
check all URLs. Therefore I just dropped this one. Please tell me if you
know the right one.

I haven't told jwrdegoede about the wrong url on the spec.


Kévin Raymond
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Paul Dufresne | 15 Jun 14:19 2013

What is the state of Fedora 19 game spin ?

I am kind of waking up, realizing we are at about 48h of "Final Change
Deadline" for F19 ( ).
Because of what happened with F18, I thought I should go to read the
mailing-list for games.
But I see that there is not much activity here.
Someone looked at the build log lately?
Someone did tried that nightly iso? I did not.
And I won't have time until the end of this day I think.
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Bruno Wolff III | 2 Jun 17:06 2013

Hedgewars status

There is a new hedgewars available, but something odd is going on with 
the source archive. The original pointed to in the release notes is 
hedgewars-src-, but hedgewars-src-0.9.19.tar.bz2 was built 
a day later and includes some new changes and hasn't been advertised. (Note 
the version number did decrease.)

A few of the patches need to be tweaked (including the Lua 5.2 one), so 
it might take a bit before I get a new build in Fedora.

Also related to Lua, is that they are talking about switching to Lua 5.2 
in another release or two. 
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