Erik Schilling | 26 Jul 11:12 2016

Self introduction


I am Erik Schilling, 21 years old and studying computer science in 
Germany. I do not maintain a lot of packages really... But all of my 
packages are gaming related.

I currently maintain Flare, Valyria Tear and Tiled. I do not have a lot 
of time currently (finishing my bachelor thesis at the moment), but I 
just rejoined the IRC (I am Ablu) and will hang around a bit.

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Alexandre Moine | 21 Jul 17:02 2016

Self presentation: Alexandre Moine


My name is Alexandre Moine and I'm a young french student in math and computer science.

I currently maintain Rogue, wastedge, adonthell and opencity in officials Fedora repos and I have submitted HyperRogue ( ).
I also maintain openMw in rpmfusion (I seen the question on another list, and if someone ask itself: openMw cannot be included now in Fedora because it has dependencies in rpmfusion-free)

So, I can help in all packaging things. I'm not really an experimented programmer, but I have some knowledge in python, C and C++.

I'm also an ambassador, and I will be happy to say that Fedora can be a gaming station. There is a lot of people that don't want Fedora for gaming reason.

To sum up, I can do simple things, and I will be happy to learn if someone doesn't know how to use his time :)


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Jon Ciesla | 20 Jul 15:14 2016

Self introduction

Hi!  Jon Ciesla, first time caller, long time listener.

Fedora packager since rawhide was Fedora 7.  Linux user and game player since RedHat 7.1.  I'm on FPC, and maintain a pile of stuff, including lots of games/

Useful links:

I can package, review, offer advice, etc.  I have 2 kids so I'm highly motivated to keep several games working and find new ones. :)


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in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie
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Joseph Walton-Rivers | 20 Jul 14:05 2016

Self-introduction: WebPigeon


I'm interested in helping with the group, as I mentioned on IRC.

I used to be a Fedora infrastructure apprentice (before other commitments got in the way) and have an interest in games. My `day job` is a phD student researching creating believable characters. I've created some Fedora packages in the past and happy to help where I can :).

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Rémi Verschelde | 20 Jul 07:40 2016

Self-introduction: Rémi Verschelde (Akien)

Hi there,

Seeing the recent activity on this ML, I'm joining in.
My name is Rémi Verschelde, I'm French and living in Germany, and have
been using Linux and playing libre games since 2005 with the last
Mandrake (10.2) and the Mandriva/Mageia.

I'm likely one of the black sheeps here as I am neither a Fedora
packager nor a Fedora user :-)
I am however a Mageia packager and user (another RPM-based
community-driven distro [0], for those that don't know it) and believe
in cross-distro collaboration on packaging, so I often try to reach
out to Fedora and Debian maintainers to share developments.

In Mageia, I'm likely the most active packager of games and
game-related tools (currently registered as maintaining 300+ packages
[1], though I tend to effectively maintain a few other games
registered to other less active contributors).
I'm also involed in Mageia's QA and Atelier (artwork, marketing and
communication) teams, as well as co-leader of the packaging team
(we're a small community of developers, so multitasking is needed ;)).

More recently, I also got involved in upstream development of various
games and tools:

* Godot Engine [2], where I helped build a true free software
community of co-developers using my experience contributing to and
leading libre communities. I'm now one of its main developers (though
clearly not the most technically competent, I still dabble at C++).

* OpenDungeons [3], a Dungeon Keeper-inspired libre 3D game using
OGRE/CEGUI/SFML and C++. I'm less active there now due to some loss of
momentum and Godot Engine + Mageia taking all my free time.

* Various projects from KOBUGE-Games [4], an amateur game development
"studio" focusing only on making libre games (GPLv3+ for most of them,
some MIT) using Godot Engine.

That's it for an already too long introduction, looking forward to
working with you on games packaging so that both Fedora and Mageia can
benefit from it.


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Brigham Keys, Esq. | 20 Jul 04:12 2016



    I am Brigham, or online known as bkeys. I am a developer for the DMUX project, and I do 3D graphics and physics professionally as well. I am also a GNU maintainer. I have a lot of passion for 3D graphics as long as I have been programming. I am aspiring to take a leadership role in this SIG and look forward to working with you guys, especially since we have common interests in this regard.

Brigham Keys, Esq.
Software Maintainer
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Ben Rosser | 20 Jul 03:54 2016

Self-introduction: Ben Rosser (tc01)

Hi games <at> ,

Glad to see interest in reviving the Games SIG! I put my name on the interested packagers list and signed up for this mailing list some time ago, but I never really got around to doing that much.

I introduced myself briefly on IRC, but here's a more detailed introduction:

I am, or rather soon will be, a first-year graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. I've also been using and playing games on Fedora since F13, back before Steam for Linux was a thing, so I got into several open-source games (primarily, Battle for Wesnoth). I've been a packager for about a year and a half now, and would love to help maintain or review games related packages.

One thing I am somewhat interested in, with regard to gaming in Fedora, is making the installation of open-source mods for games easier, especially for games that don't have their own tools to do this sort of thing. Wesnoth, for example, has a centralized repository for addon content and also ships with an in-game tool for installing such content. But then there are games like Minetest with lots of mods that do not have a centralized registry or any way to install them other than downloading sources from github.

I am not sure if the solution is drafting packaging guidelines for game mods, although maybe it would be something worth looking into-- at least for specific games? But I think it'd be nice to somehow promote the modding of FOSS games.

Ben Rosser
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Igor Gnatenko | 20 Jul 01:59 2016

Self-Introduction: Igor Gnatenko

Hey there,

happy to know that it is still alive.

Currently I maintain complete SDL2 stack and some number of packages
related to games somehow:
* rpms/SDL2 -- A cross-platform multimedia library ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/SDL2_image -- Image loading library for SDL ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/SDL2_mixer -- Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library (
master f24 f23 )
* rpms/angelscript -- Flexible cross-platform scripting library (
master f24 f23 )
* rpms/0ad -- Cross-Platform RTS Game of Ancient Warfare ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/0ad-data -- The Data Files for 0 AD ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/SDL2_gfx -- SDL2 graphics drawing primitives and other support
functions ( master f24 f23 epel7 el6 )
* rpms/SDL2_net -- SDL portable network library ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/SDL2_ttf -- TrueType font rendering library for SDL2 ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/minetest -- Multiplayer infinite-world block sandbox with
survival mode ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/ogre -- Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/ogre-pagedgeometry -- Ogre addon for realtime rendering of
dense forests ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/teeworlds -- Online multi-player platform 2D shooter ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/xonotic -- Multiplayer, deathmatch oriented first person
shooter ( master f24 f23 )
* rpms/xonotic-data -- Game data for the Xonotic first person shooter
( master f24 f23 )

Well, no mesa -> no games: rpms/mesa -- Mesa graphics libraries (
master f24 f23 )

Happy to see that games SIG is getting alive, so doing this
introduction and ready to help ;)

P.S. I'm lazy to write something more

-Igor Gnatenko
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Justin W. Flory | 20 Jul 01:41 2016

Self-Introduction: Justin W. Flory (jflory7)

Hello everyone,

Here's a short introduction of myself to the rest of the SIG or 
interested members.

== Background ==

I've been a Fedora user since Fedora 20, near the end of 2013. I 
originally came to use Fedora to help improve my own skills managing 
CentOS machines that I was using for running Minecraft game servers. 
Fedora was my first Linux operating system and it helped introduce me to 
several other topics and areas throughout my time using it. Ultimately, 
the entire reason I began using Linux was both directly and indirectly 
related to gaming. As a result, it's always been a high passion of mine 
and something I've wanted to see develop and grow in Fedora.

== Experience as contributor ==

I've been actively contributing to Fedora since October 2015. I am 
currently the lead for the Community Operations (CommOps) team…

…and also the Marketing team for the time being.

In addition to these areas, I am also a Fedora Ambassador, helping 
represent Fedora at events and conferences across the US East Coast. I 
am involved with the Join SIG to help on-board new contributors, a 
member of the Diversity team, and a Fedora Infrastructure apprentice. I 
am also currently running for a seat on the Fedora Council.

== How I can help ==

My interest in the SIG is mostly as a non-technical contributor. I have 
experience managing game servers and some game development for other 
software (like the SpigotMC project for Minecraft). I hope to be able to 
offer my skills as a Community Operations and Marketing team member to 
help illuminate the work happening in this SIG, promote Fedora as an 
ideal environment for gaming and also creating games, and help showcase 
the games in Fedora to others. And maybe a little bit of world 
domination mixed in too...

I'm looking forward to hearing from and seeing others interested in the 
SIG and what their interests in contributing may be. :) Thanks all!


Justin W. Flory

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Justin W. Flory | 20 Jul 01:33 2016

Reviving the Games SIG

Hello all!

I know this mailing list has been mostly inactive for quite some time 
and a lot of the initial inertia for the tasks that this SIG was 
responsible have fallen by the wayside over the years.

== Bringing back the SIG ==

Today, some extended discussion happened across #fedora-games / 
#fedora-join on IRC for how to bring back some life to this SIG. bkeys 
and I had discussed ideas about bringing information and tools in the 
open source gaming world into Fedora and communicate that with users.

== Roll call ==

To help get things rolling here once again, I'd like to propose a 
"sound-off" or roll call of everyone in this mailing list who is still 
interested in contributing or participating to efforts to help this SIG 
begin to move again. This will help us get an idea of who is around, 
what your skill sets are, and how you would be able to contribute.

== Resources ==

To help get any interested members onto the same page, there are some 
resources available to us now to help organize plans, thoughts, and 
communication. Obviously, this mailing list is a resource, but here are 
some more:

* IRC: #fedora-games on
* FAS: 
(apply after (re-)sending an introduction to the list)
* Wiki page:

It would be great to see some more people hang out in the IRC channel as 

Thanks everyone! Hoping to see where things go from here. :) My own 
introduction will be coming shortly...


Justin W. Flory

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Hans de Goede | 3 Jul 23:45 2016

Looking for new maniadrive maintainer / orphaning maniadrive

Hi All,

With the landing of php7 in rawhide maniadrive needs work
porting to php7 and I do not have the time to do this,
so I'm orphaning it.

So if you want to keep maniadrive alive for F-25 and later,
please pick up it, I'm going to orphan it in pkgdb right
after this email.


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