Alexandre Detiste | 2 Nov 10:43 2015

port of game-data-packager to Fedora


My redhat/fedora skills were a bit rusty (1998-rusty),
so as an exercice I dediced to port to fedora 
the game-data-packager Debian native project I'm working on.

So far, so good, it's already mostly done.

That will provide Fedora recipes to automaticaly build noarch .rpm
for currently about 200 games; one of my goal is to cover 
all versions of all scummvm games.

It can also download shareware data for doom, quake, descent... games.

Of course it would be better to have real Fedora users that test this;
not only someone that run a minimal install on a container.
(chocolate-doom works over "ssh -X" !)

For example I already spotted that fedora "dynamite" package
is lacking id-shr-extract program; but "wolf4sdl" is also not packaged,
so this is not a problem.

Of course, I realize it could be against Fedora policy (it's also not in Debian proper,
but in contrib)...
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Sérgio Basto | 25 Oct 04:51 2015

list miss some games that are in Fedora and Pinball

- torcs 
- speed-dreams
- childsplay
- maniadrive
- foobillard

are not in this list [1] of wiki page, I didn't checked all.

Other reason of my email is propose update of pinball, last version is
pinball-0.3.1.tar.gz from 2003-12-10 but we got some updates on git from, I put all together: cleaned , downstream patches, updated tables
(gnu hurd and a new professor ) in [2] and also do a new release :) [3]





Sérgio M. B.

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Marcus Watts | 15 Aug 17:41 2015


I'm interested in packaging up ace-penguins for fedora.  At the
very least, I want this for myself.  But I see no reason why I
shouldn't share this with others.

ace of penguins used to have a silly license.
The current version is GPL.

					-Marcus Watts
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Dennis Payne | 30 Jul 03:03 2015

Nikki and Robots

I was looking at

It lists Nikki and Robots as available but it isn't. The page tells you
it needs work so I'm not surprised to find something like that. Is
there anyway to know when it was removed and why? The company behind
the game is apparently gone. I thought maybe it was the CC-BY-SA
license on the levels but that appears to be acceptable for content.
The source can be found on github.
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Emmanuel Seyman | 19 Jul 22:43 2015


Hello, folks.

I was at the LSM meeting last week at Beauvais in France and was introduced to
the two developers of Blackvoxel, a game that recently became open-source. The
developers are interested in getting their game packaged in the GNU/Linux

I've added Blackvoxel to the wishlist on the wiki. If anyone could find them to
make an package, I know it will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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bing | 1 Jul 15:15 2015

LordsAWar version 0.3.0 released!

Hi folks!

LordsAWar! version 0.3.0 has been released with the following changes:

 * added new scenario Duel Of The Gods.
 * added new items to burn bridges, charm monsters in ruins, call for angels, send disease to a city, banish
worms, raise defenders, and persuade neutral city.
 * added program to upgrade old versions of lordsawar saved games.
 * added program to import maps from Warlords 2.
 * audited battle probabilities in comparison with Warlords 2.
 * scenario editor can now export the map to a PNG file.
 * added fight order editor to the scenario editor.
 * updated to gtkmm version 3.
 * now using unicode everywhere. migrated from std::string to glib::ustring.
 * migrated from libtar to libarchive.

Fixed various gameplay bugs:

 * heroes were never showing up as women.
 * fixed bug where clicking the smallmap repeatedly and quickly would crash the game.
 * fixed bug in joining stacks in the scenario editor.
 * fixed many bugs in network play, thanks to Roger R.

Anyway it's definitely time for a new package.  I've compiled and tested it on Fedora 22 so it should go pretty
easy for you.  I think Bruno packaged it last time, but I'm not sure if he's still involved or not.

The tarball is located here:

Anyway, this is an exciting new version, so thanks for helping people play LordsAWar!

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Dennis Payne | 28 May 22:48 2015

Sponsor Needed: Bt Builder

I've been trying to get Bt Builder packaged for Fedora. I believe I've
fixed all the problems with the package. I just need a sponsor.

Bt Builder is an computer rpg builder in the style of the old Bard's
Tale games. It implements all the functionality from the Bard's Tale
Construction Set and several features beyond that. The sample games are
not very compelling at the moment as I've focused most of the effort on
the engine.

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Wart | 10 Jan 00:08 2015

List moderation change

Fedora gamers,

The number of spam messages that get caught and held by the games
listserve software has grown beyond what I can manage through manual
intervention.  Currently, when a non-member sends a message to the list,
the message gets placed in a hold queue until a moderator (eg me) logs
in to accept, reject, or discard the message.  I am changing this policy
so that non-member postings are to be automatically rejected, with a
message that they will need to subscribe before they can post to the
list.  There will be no more hold queue.

This should be transparent to all of you, and will make my life just a
little bit easier.

fedora-games mailing list administrator
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Raphael Groner | 10 Dec 17:30 2014

OpenRA packages

Hi there,

this is a starting point to package OpenRA in Fedora, a great clone of
once famous strategy games available for another operation system only.

Unfortunately, the developers decided to write all in Mono. So there is
the issue: Very few people care about Mono'd Fedora, as it seems.

I would be happy to find some reviewer for my package requests. The
main goal currently is to unbundle all the libraries that are shipped by
upstream in precompiled assemblies into the source tarball.

1159091 Review Request: openra - Libre/Free Real Time Strategy project
that recreates the famous Command & Conquer titles

1166916 Review Request: fuzzynet - Fuzzy Logic Library for Mono

1166897 Review Request: mono-nat - Mono library for automatic port

Let's start with fuzzynet. mono-nat is already retired and should be
reanimated to be alive in Fedora. The main requrest is on hold due to
not finished with unbundling of all the libs.

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Andrea Musuruane | 7 Dec 10:18 2014

Tecnoballz 0.93 dropsgid

Hi all,
    after about 7 years upstream has released a new version of Tecnoballz:

Unluckily the code changed a lot and I don't have the knowledge to adapt this patch to the new version.

I hope someone can help me once again.



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Олег | 26 Oct 16:27 2014

UFO: Alien Invasion

Hello. I believe it is time to add subj game to fedora. It was before in  
rpmfusion because of copyright issues which are now fixed. I already have  
.spec files and made packages for latest version 2.5. Everything seems to  
be working. What I should do next in order to get ufoai to the official  
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