Mark Purcell | 16 Nov 00:35 2008

Fwd: kpowersave_0.7.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED

Hi powersave-devel,

Just thought I would let you know that we have updated kpowersave 0.7.3 in 

There are a number of patches which Debian ships on top of your standard 
release, which maybe suitable for inclusion upstream:

A few other resources you may want to be aware of:; this page is a portal to all kind 
of information. You can subscribe to Package Tracking System (PTS) to be 
mailed when there is a new release or when a user report a new bug.; this page will list all bugs that have 
been reported by Debian users. Feel free to help to solve them, propose patch 
or fix them upstream. 

Note that subscription to PTS is recommended but optional. The maintainer will 
forward you bugs that need your help or your interest.


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Subject: [Pkg-kde-extras] kpowersave_0.7.3-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED
Date: Sunday 26 October 2008
From: Debian Installer <installer <at>>
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