Uwe Sander | 2 May 23:44 2010

Re: mimic a printer for capturing to file


Am Freitag, den 30.04.2010, 14:33 +0200 schrieb Uwe Sander:
> Have a strange problem when reading from the parallel port in a
> poll()-ioctl(fd, PPRDATA, &data)-loop: ...

nobody an idea? Do need more information?

Thanks, Uwe.
sneha prakash | 17 May 08:08 2010

Arm parallel port configuration

Hi ,

I have written a parport driver, parport_arm which is mapped to GPIO pins in arm9 controller.I am able to load and unload this driver as a module with the kernel in the mx25board.I want help to configure lp module to make use of my driver and send the data to parallel port pins.I am new to linux and device driver development.


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