Malcolm Blaney | 8 Oct 06:17 2007

[PATCH] fix ecp reads

Hi all,

This is a patch to use the parport_pc_ecp_read_block_pio function, 
based on a 2.4.6 kernel patch that can be found here:

The two new functions parport_pc_fifo_read_block_dma, and 
parport_pc_fifo_read_block_pio are set up in a similar way to their 
corresponding write functions.

I am using the driver with a custom device, so it could do with some 
testing with more standard parallel port devices. If anyone is 
interested in working on this please let me know. The patch is against a kernel.

Malcolm Blaney.
Attachment (parport_pc.c.patch): text/x-patch, 13 KiB
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jaguargordon | 28 Oct 18:53 2007

Standard "legacy" printer protocol


After googling around for the "compatibility mode" or printer protocol
and finding contradictory chronograms, I'll try to ask here.

What is the _standard_ protocol for printers ? For now it looks like :
1- assert DATA lines
2- if not BUSY, short /STROBE for 1µs
3- device short /ACK for 5µs
and round it goes

Nothing about INIT, SELECT and other control/status lines.

For information, I'm trying to feed some SRAM over the parallel port
using the shell :
cat foo.bin > /dev/lp

Is parport handling the same as Windows or even MS-DOS ?
type foo.bin > LPT1

Thanks for your time.

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