Solar Designer | 3 Jun 15:47 2009

new ISOs, new kernel, package updates


We've recently made public new Owl-current ISOs for x86 and x86-64.  The
files are:

-rw-r--r--    1 ftp      ftp      437798120 May 29 15:45 Owl-current-20090529-i586.iso.gz
-rw-r--r--    1 ftp      ftp      441368108 May 29 16:52 Owl-current-20090529-x86_64.iso.gz

and they're available under /pub/Owl/current/iso (or equivalent) from
all of our official mirrors listed at:

The i586 ISO fits on a standard (or should I say ancient?) 650 MB disc
(with around 20 MB left "free"), the x86_64 ISO needs 700 MB media (with
around 50 MB left "free").

Both of these ISOs use Linux as the kernel - this is the
"official" kernel for Owl-current and Owl 2.0-stable right now.
Compared to older 2.4 kernels, this version includes security fixes
(in upstream code, not in the -ow1 patch) and support for some
newer hardware.  Upgrading of existing installs is recommended.

A lot of packages have been significantly updated since the last ISO
snapshot announced in here.  As usual, significant changes are
documented in the Owl-current change log:

One new package has been added - cdrkit, a suite of programs for
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Solar Designer | 5 Jun 15:19 2009

Re: Success report using Owl 64-bit + VirtualBox 2.2.0

Hi Willy,

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 07:51:35AM +0200, Willy Tarreau wrote:
> Hmmm I did not think about QEMU. From your description, it seems that
> it can run 64-bit code on a 32-bit CPU, which is even more interesting
> for me, as I have an unused Atom-based machine...

That's correct.  For testing a 64-bit Owl ISO on a 32-bit x86 CPU, the
command is as simple as:

qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom Owl-current-20090529-x86_64.iso

...and it just works for me (FWIW, in my case the "host system" is
running Owl too, but indeed it doesn't have to).

> With Virtualbox, you need a 64-bit CPU. It makes use of the hardware
> virtualisation to run the code in native 64-bit mode while the rest
> of the system runs in 32-bit mode. That's what I find interesting. My
> system is 32-bit, but the hardware supports 64-bit and I can use both
> simultaneously.

Yes, this is interesting.  Until you mentioned this, I would have
expected that it'd require a 64-bit kernel, not just a 64-bit CPU, in
order to run the guest system's code natively.

> > > Your 64-bit live CD is just the *only* live distro around offering
> > > a C compiler in a 64-bit environment. I'm now using it to ensure
> > > that haproxy cleanly builds both in 32 and 64bit environments, and
> > > this is by far the most convenient solution I have found. And as an
> > > added bonus, it boots very quickly ;-)
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Solar Designer | 5 Jun 15:33 2009

screenshots of Owl live/install CDs


We've just published some screenshots of our live/install CDs:

Maybe this will help those who have not yet determined if Owl is right
for them or not.  Basically, right now the screenshots show how very
conservative Owl is, which is an advantage for some of our prospective
users, but a drawback for some others.

To remind, Owl-current ISOs are available under /pub/Owl/current/iso (or
equivalent) from all of our official mirrors listed at:

The download sizes are under 450 MB.



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