Frederick Noronha (FN | 18 Mar 21:14 2005

[GNU/LinuxInIndia] Some new news items on LIG's pages

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 	* Respected Sir... appeal to the VC (open letter to VTU-Ktaka))
 	* CHECK IT OUT: IMB announces LinuxPPC64 contest
 	* We'll miss you Mandal Hembrom (Santhali localisation)
 	* When sharing moves beyond software (Ahmedabad)
 	*, reflected in a blog, Slashdot, etc
 	* Installing Indic
 	* Languages, local computing, and Tapan
 	* One day, one command
 	* Surprised... at Burdwan
 	* The Times of India higlights the software patents threat
 	* India's newest LUG? AT SREC
 	* I4d, and a study on FLOSS for health
 	* From Mangalore... FLOSS news with love

Check it out. You can also visit via pages

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Frederick Noronha (FN | 25 Mar 18:28 2005

[GNU/LinuxInIndia] Some very interesting arguments up here... favouring FLOSS (long)

FSUG-Bangalore | RecentChanges
VTU-FLOSS Campaign
Please Sign This Petition

If you have any relevant points that could be added, and useful details, please 
include it at the bottom of the appeal. Don't forget to sign your name! Please 
pass this text around, urging your friends and fellow-students (other welcome 
too!) to sign-up. We need as many voices as possible.
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Respected Sir, an appeal from the world of Free Software

The Vice Chancellor Visvesvaraya Technological University Belgaum - 590 014 
Karnataka State, India

Respected Sir,

Re: Opening wider software avenues for your students through Free Software.

There are thousands of engineering and polytechnic colleges in India. Each 
year, a few hundred thousands of graduates and diploma holders earn their 
degree. They pay thousands of rupees as fees to get the best facilities. A part 
of this goes to buying the softwares which they use either in college lab or 
for doing their assignments at home.

For every software which India's engineering students use; there is an 
alternate Free Software program available. Free 
Software( offers freedom, accelerated 
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