Sandro Henrique | 25 Apr 13:07 2009

Re: Hsfmodem and extra RAM making Linux frreze....

Hi John,

      Some extra info about it:

     1) When hsfengine and all other hsf drivers are not loaded at
boot time, but after that, they are loaded correctly, although, in
this case, the modem doesn't work;
     2) When snd-hda-intel is loaded during the boot or after that the
kernel the same error occurs. In the boot task,
it freezes kernel, after that, the sound driver just doesn't load.

     Hope it helps.


2009/4/24 Sandro Henrique <sandronhenrique <at>>:
> Hi guys,
>    Thanks, but bad news. Any of this worked at all. So i installed a
> brand new FC10 in a new small partition, updated
> kernel, downloaded latest version of Linuxant RPMs for FC10 (for the
> same kernel version) and got the same results...Oops Kernel at
> hsfengine load....and this just happens with extra mem (> 1 Gb),
> altough i use 1 or 2 RAM seems the drivers
> has some problems at high mem...I atached lspci, dmesg and hsfdiag
> (partial as it freezes also). If there is anything else i can help, if
> you couldn't reproduce
> this, please tell me about.
> Regards
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