Johann SAUNIER | 8 Apr 11:45 2010

questions about chrooted environments in general


I am new to LFS and I just finished my first build, it boots, everything is OK but I have a few general question to complete my understanding (I didn't find the answers with Google or in the mailing lists)

I built LFS 6.6 on Ubuntu 9.10 an I plan to switch to 10.10 wen it will be released. The problem is that 10.10 GCC's version is greater than the maximum stated in host system requirements for 6.6. Can I use my tools compiled with 9.10 with my 10.10 Ubuntu distro ? I assume YES because I will be in a chrooted environment.

This is leading to my second question : what remains from the host system in a chrooted environment ?
I assume the host system's Kernel of course, but what about the dynamic libraries already loaded in RAM and all that dark stuff running on the host system ? I don't have a good vision of what is really going on.

hope this was not a bad place to post :)

Thanks in advance



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