Sugar Labs Activities | 30 Mar 06:28 2015

[ASLO] Release Pippy-66

Activity Homepage:

Sugar Platform:
0.96 - 0.104

Download Now:

Release notes:

* Cleaner implementation of Vte version fix.

Sugar Labs Activities
Sugar Labs Activities | 30 Mar 06:26 2015

[ASLO] Release Turtle Blocks-210

Activity Homepage:

Sugar Platform:
0.82 - 0.104

Download Now:

Release notes:

* FIxed bug that prevented exported Python code from executing in Sugar Build system.

Sugar Labs Activities
Walter Bender | 30 Mar 06:14 2015

sugar-web activity weirdness

Not sure if it is me, but I cannot get either sugar-web example
activity to work. Did they ever work?

MyActivity has an error in the toolkit:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/build/out/install/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sugar3/activity/",
line 161, in _app_scheme_cb
gi._glib.GError: Error opening file: No such file or directory

WebTest fails with:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/build/out/install/bin/sugar-activity",
line 169, in <module>
  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/build/out/install/bin/sugar-activity",
line 164, in main
    instance = create_activity_instance(activity_constructor, activity_handle)
  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/build/out/install/bin/sugar-activity",
line 42, in     activity = constructor(handle)
  File "/home/broot/sugar-build/build/out/install/share/sugar/activities/WebTest.activity/",
line 22, in __init__
TypeError: Argument 1 does not allow None as a value

Maybe we should not be building/installing WebTest (sugar-web-template)?

Also, it probably makes sense to add the HelloWorld activity to the
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Sebastian Silva | 28 Mar 04:59 2015

This list in need YOUR help

Hello members of IAEP and Sugar-devel :

It looks like both of these lists have been without an active mantainer
for some time. I noticed this, as one email I wrote got stuck in moderation.

I consulted with Bernie, our Infrastructure Team leader, and, in
accordance to his suggestion, proceeded to take action.

For the time being I've assumed administrative control of both lists.

It looks like the traffic is not much anymore so moderating shouldn't be
much of a hassle. Still, I think it would be healthy if I could team up
with at least a couple of more people who would be willing to process
the moderation queue, or even better, if somebody could assume
responsibility of it.

Anybody says aye?

Your friendly infrastructure team systems administrator
Sebastian Silva | 26 Mar 22:58 2015

who mantains sugar-build?

I miss Daniel Narvaez's contributions. Like a comet, he shone some light
on us, and flew by. I don't know where he went, and I wish him well
wherever he is.

I tried reaching him directly but got no answer some days ago.

Has anyone taken over mantainership of sugar-build?

It used to be the case that sugar-build had some support built in for
non-fedora distros but currently it defaults to making a "broot" fedora

I would like to help revert this situation, hopefully with the help of
the sugar-build mantainer if there is one.

I also find very interesting that there is some code in there for doing
some automated testing using the accesiblity framework. I find this to
be very interesting work as well, but I don't know it's current status.

Does anybody know?

Thomas Gilliard | 27 Mar 14:19 2015

sugar-terminal in f22 Soas TC5 live x86_64 is not working properly

Please look at sugar-terminal

> <satellit>   sugar 
> terminal seems to freeze liveinst in f22 soas x86_64 TC5  but ctrl alt 
> f2 install works as liveuser?
> <satellit> 
> <satellit> also screen shot of terminal is odd...will add to bug as 
> attachment in a moment
> <satellit>

Tom Gilliard
satellit on
Sugar Labs Activities | 26 Mar 00:36 2015

[ASLO] Release Pippy-65

Activity Homepage:

Sugar Platform:
0.96 - 0.102

Download Now:

Release notes:


* Work around deprecated method on F21 (Martin Abente)

Sugar Labs Activities
GAURAV MISHRA | 24 Mar 07:43 2015



I was trying to make wiki page for my proposal (GSOC). After the draft submission I was prompted for the captcha. But even after entering the correct captcha the page was redirected to an unknown link (blank page).

PS: I was logged in.

Kindly look into it.


Sugar-devel mailing list
Sugar-devel <at>
Shrey Anand | 23 Mar 19:10 2015

ImageViewerJS GSOC 2015

Hello, I'm Shrey. I've applied for image viewerJS  project. I've put my proposal on wiki
 Please take out time to view it and any feedback is more than welcome.
IRC nickname - shrey_yay
Email-id:  shrey.anand <at>

Sugar-devel mailing list
Sugar-devel <at>
Sugar Labs Activities | 23 Mar 17:48 2015

[ASLO] Release Story-15

Activity Homepage:

Sugar Platform:
0.96 - 0.102

Download Now:

Release notes:

* Use place_cursor_on_screen to ensure cursor is always visible
  (Gonzalo Odiard)

Sugar Labs Activities
Mandeep Singh | 23 Mar 17:22 2015

Web Confusion Project

Hi everyone,

Till now after reading the description about the project and
discussion at #sugar irc, I understood about the project is that we
have to make a set of void JavaScript(no javascript use) that will
help the children to learn HTML and CSS.
I was advised to take a look at turtle blocks game. I am having
session exams now and need your help.
There are a few questions that I want to ask you that will help me
write better quality proposal:
Is it supposed to be like turtle blocks game?
Can you provide me some demo page or some old mock-up (if already there)?
or anything else you want me to go through.
Any help will be highly appreciable :)


Mandeep Singh
"Life is too short, to waste time hating anyone."