Alice | 25 Apr 11:44 2015

Professional factory of school furniture in China

   Dear Purchasing Manager,

   How are you? Wish you have got a nice day!

   I would like to introduce myself. I am Alice,and I represent oversea
   department of KABLAB school furniture factory in China,

   KABLAB factory specializing in the manufacture and export of school
   furniture for more than ten years.

   We have our own professional designs with series quality grade,and
   expressly,our price is very competitive.

   We are a leading factory with many years' experience in school
   furniture export business.

   Our export products including:
   Student double desk chairs
   Student single desk chairs
   Student writting chairs
   Ladder chairs
   Teacher desk chairs
   Kindergarten desk chairs
   Adjustable student furniture
   Painting tables
   File cabinet
   Steel beds

   For more information  Please visit our website.

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postmaster | 18 Apr 13:37 2015

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Richard Guy Briggs | 17 Apr 09:35 2015

[PATCH V6 00/10] namespaces: log namespaces per task

The purpose is to track namespace instances in use by logged processes from the
perspective of init_*_ns by logging the namespace IDs (device ID and namespace
inode - offset).

1/10 exposes proc's ns entries structure which lists a number of useful
operations per namespace type for other subsystems to use.

2/10  proc_ns: define PROC_*_INIT_INO in terms of PROC_DYNAMIC_FIRST

3/10 provides an example of usage for audit_log_task_info() which is used by
syscall audits, among others.  audit_log_task() and audit_common_recv_message()
would be other potential use cases.

Proposed output format:
This differs slightly from Aristeu's patch because of the label conflict with
"pid=" due to including it in existing records rather than it being a seperate
record.  It has now returned to being a seperate record.  The proc device
major/minor are listed in hexadecimal and namespace IDs are the proc inode
minus the base offset.
	type=NS_INFO msg=audit(1408577535.306:82): dev=00:03 netns=3 utsns=-3 ipcns=-4 pidns=-1
userns=-2 mntns=0

4/10 change audit startup from __initcall to subsys_initcall to get it started
earlier to be able to receive initial namespace log messages.

5/10 tracks the creation and deletion of namespaces, listing the type of
namespace instance, proc device ID, related namespace id if there is one and
the newly minted namespace ID.

Proposed output format for initial namespace creation:
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Alger | 16 Apr 17:59 2015

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Paypal_ID | 5 Apr 16:02 2015

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Adam Richter | 4 Mar 02:29 2015

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Canadian-Pills | 2 Apr 00:12 2015

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Subject: Fwd: Informazioni 151089
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Desole pour le delais, je suis actuellement sur de nouveaux projet <at>

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