Kundenservice | 25 Jun 21:40 2016

Exklusive Info f¸r containers <at> lists.linux-foundation.org

Exklusive Info f¸r ##email## body{
            width: 100%; 
            background-color: #FFFFFF; 
            mso-margin-top-alt:0px; mso-margin-bottom-alt:0px; mso-padding-alt: 0px 0px 0px 0px;
            width: 100%; 
        /* ----------- responsivity ----------- */
         <at> media only screen and (max-width: 590px){
			/*----- main image -------*/
			#logo {width: 100% !important; height: auto !important;}

			/*-------- container --------*/			
			table{width:90% !important}
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lxc-users | 25 Jun 09:01 2016

a question


I've got a question regarding that stuff we discussed recently, please read it here <http://sheltebave.fmsrep.com/aerhfce>

Warmest, lxc-users
Eric W. Biederman | 22 Jun 20:47 2016

[GIT PULL] userns related changes for 4.7-rc5


Please pull the for-linus branch from the git tree:

   git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ebiederm/user-namespace.git for-linus

   HEAD: 695e9df010e40f407f4830dc11d53dce957710ba mnt: Account for MS_RDONLY in fs_fully_visible

This contains just a single small patch that fixes a tiny hole in the
logic of allowing unprivileged mounting of proc and sysfs.  In practice
I don't think anyone is affected because having MNT_RDONLY clear in
mnt->mnt_flags but MS_RDONLY set in sb->s_flags is very weird for a
filesystem, and weirder for proc and sysfs.  However if it happens let's
handle it correctly and then no one has to to worry about this crazy


From: "Eric W. Biederman" <ebiederm@...>
Subject: [PATCH] mnt: Account for MS_RDONLY in fs_fully_visible

In rare cases it is possible for s_flags & MS_RDONLY to be set but
MNT_READONLY to be clear.  This starting combination can cause
fs_fully_visible to fail to ensure that the new mount is readonly.
Therefore force MNT_LOCK_READONLY in the new mount if MS_RDONLY
is set on the source filesystem of the mount.

In general both MS_RDONLY and MNT_READONLY are set at the same for
mounts so I don't expect any programs to care.  Nor do I expect
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Kundenservice | 21 Jun 18:11 2016

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Eric W. Biederman | 20 Jun 19:09 2016

[PATCH review 0/13] Adding a userns owner to struct super_block

Available from git at:

    git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ebiederm/user-namespace.git for-testing

This changeset is part of ongoing work by Seth Forshee and myself to
update the VFS to allow ordinary users to mount filesystems with a
backing store.  The primary target is the fuse filesystem but there
are other filesystems such as shiftfs that will benefit.

The high level idea is to:

- Assign filesystems a owning user namespace (s_user_ns).

- Update permission checks (such as the one in remount) to use s_user_ns.

- Interpret uids/gids from outside the kernels control as coming
  from inside s_user_ns.

- Handle vfs uid and gid fields containing INVALID_UID and INVALID_GID
  indicating there is no mapping from the filesystem uids and gids into
  the kernel representation.

This changeset addresses the first step in this process mounting
filesystems, and adding a s_user_ns field to struct super_block and
populating it appropriately.

The goal is to keep everything that is not filesystem specific at the
VFS layer and to ensure the VFS and security module issues are properly
handled before updating adding support for filesystems with backing
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maciassa | 19 Jun 14:29 2016

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Eric W. Biederman | 10 Jun 21:32 2016

Re: New namespace design and clone(2) flags exhaustion

Adding the containers list as this is essentially a public question
and I figure having conversations as much as possible in public helps at
least in principle to reduce repeating oneself.

Albert Lee <trisk@...> writes:

> Hello!
> We are building a platform that uses namespaces and cgroups for
> process group isolation and resource control and ZFS (a pooled
> storage, CoW, filesystem) for storage. [1]
> We wish to delegate administration for subsets of ZFS datasets to
> groups of processes on Linux, based on existing support in OpenZFS for
> illumos zones. Our initial approach introduces a new namespace, which
> allows arbitrary modules to be notified about new instances of this
> namespace. [2]

ZFS being licensed under the CDDL which is GPL incompatible isn't my
favorite subject to talk about.  But I think we are talking a general

Last I looked Solaris/Illumos zones are a rather different concept from
namespaces.   Being a top down big switch rather than a bottom up a
component at a kind concept.

I don't think cgroups are at all interesting here, from what little I
can understand of what you are doing cgroups are not a particularly
good fit.

I actually don't think you need a new namespace either.
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Zoe Ruby | 10 Jun 16:31 2016

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