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What's Happening in Seattle this Week

Japanese: Japanese Tea Ceremony, April 7th & 8th, free to watch or $10 to play along. Serenity now. Get your slice of tranquility by partaking in the historic custom of the Japanese tea ceremony. Gain new appreciation of the ordinary while engaging in the regular routine of tea. Here's to elevating your tea to the spiritual plane. * Also, The Changing Dynamics of U.S. - Japan Relations: Stability during Turbulent Global Economic Change, April 3rd, free. Daniel K. Inouye, the third most senior member of the U.S. Senate, discusses the developing relationship between the U.S. and Japan. * Also, Koizumi Diplomacy: Actors in Japan’s National Security Policymaking, April 2nd, free, about how Japan's new Prime Minister is affecting foreign policy.

Easter Activities: Eggstravaganza by the City of Redmond, April 7th, $5. This is a bunch of family friendly activities for the good folks of Redmond, with a pancake breakfast, flashlight egg hunt, and family dance. Get your photo with Mr. Bunny and compare it to the December Mr. Santa photo. * Also, Seattle Parks has a boatload of egg hunts and Easter events, fee varies. They also have some good, non-corny Easter events for teens. * Also, the zoo has the Bunny Bounce at the zoo, April 7th, free with admission. The eggs go on a first-come, first-serve basis, so get there early. Those kids always look so cute in those bunny ears too. The animals get Easter basket treats as well. * Also, Kirkland Easter Egg Hunt, April 8th, free. The kids go after the chocolate eggs in this hunt.

Dance: Singles Black and White Ball, April 6th, $35. These balls by NW Active Singles Life are best for those who are still learning how to dance, just want to get dressed up and go out to some place nice, and perhaps meet someone new. * Also, Dance for your Health, April 4th, $5, with other April dates. Learn the swing and tango, and get that heart a-beating with either physical exertion or emotional palpitations. * Also, if you'd rather watch dance, then PNB has two packed weeks of dance events featuring some of the more progressive works of the year.

Environmental: Listening to the Birds: What Seabirds are Telling Us about Puget Sound, April 5th, $8. The way these things usually work out, they discuss how a certain animal is a marker of the overall health of the ecosystem, and if that animal is in trouble, then every other animal is probably having a rough go with it, too. * Also, Backyard Workshop Series, starting April 9th, $55. Even if you only have a little slice of land, you can still make it inviting for native plants, birds, butterflies, and creepy-crawlies. * Also, Carkeek Park Environmental Learning Center starts its spring classes, including Natural Water Management for the Home, Slow is Beautiful, and Residential Solar Power: Photovoltaic Assembly for Real People.

Wine: Taste Washington Wines, April 14th, $40+. This is always the big event of the year, when over 200 Washington wineries pour their wares. You gotta know how to pace yourself at these big wine events, because it's real easy to taste a bunch of great wines and get loopy. Go and discover some no-name winery with an undiscovered charmer for your next bash.

Art: Wing Luke Asian Museum, April 5th, free. Sometimes this museum gets overlooked on first Thursday when all of the Seattle art museums are also free, but it's not too far off the Pioneer Square tour. They also have a good Family Day event on April 21st, free, of bookmaking with Mizu Sugimura.

Fundraisers: French Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, April 3rd, $60. How can you not go and swoon at those accents?  *  Also, Food As Art, April 7th, $100. Seattle's top African-American chefs demonstrate their chops at this food feast. Best to go on an empty stomach. * Also, Rites of Change, April 7th, $15, a silent auction and Brazilian dance. Actually, it's part dance, part game, and part mock-fighting.

Crafts: Bead Fair, April 6-8th, $5. You feel like a bit of a pirate with a treasure chest looking over all the colorful beads, and the imagination will start flowing. Learn how to make something eye-catching and handmade that someone will actually wear.

Volunteer: The City of Seattle kicks off its Spring Clean program. They supply the tools, and they're looking for a little elbow grease and neighborhood pride. Get ready to erase graffiti, clean up litter, or remove invasive plants. These projects work best for corporate team-building and unruly teenagers. * If you're an Eastsider, then Kirkland has its Clean Sweep Day, April 21st. That city doesn't look quaint by itself.

Organization: Washington Attention Deficit Disorders, with resources for both children and parents. How do you know if it's just a short attention span vs. an actual disorder? Anyway, learn how to deal with this issue, if natural remedies are best or R-Balls could be the way to go.

Before You Die...
It's a little passé, but here are three things every Northwesterner should do before going mort.

Climb Mount Rainier: This mountain is as iconic of our region as the Space Needle. You don't need to actually climb to the top to gain the spiritual benefits, but you should at least set foot on the soil and spend a sunny day hiking around. Two other things—bring a camera, and know how to be safe; that mountain is wickedly beautiful.

Dine at the Herb Farm: When foodies fly into Seattle, this is their number one spot. This has become a national dining destination where every dish in the nine-course meal can be rated a '10'. Some seem to shy away because of the cost, since it’s not the sort of place you go to on a whim. Yet, the Herb Farm is worth the special occasion splurge and making the trip at least once, if for no other reason than to brag to your friends afterwards.

Spend the weekend on the San Juan Islands. Every Seattle refugee goes there to escape from the local rat-race for a bit. These islands have more real estate businesses than gas stations because everyone falls in love with the place and fantasizes about buying a little vacation cottage.

Cool YouTube Video: Fireworks at the Space Needle, 2006 New Year's Eve.

(If you can't see the video, here's the video link.)






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Contribution towards a wealthy course

Hello friend,

I am Pablo Dan Lartey, a 27 year old gentleman who have completed the 
university here in Ghana but there aren't much jobs avenues and as such one 
must survive on his own. I have always wanted to work in an organisation 
which seeks to promote individual development and also creates wealth and at 
this juncture I think I will have  to come out with such an organisation.

Since completing the university a year ago, I as well as some friends of 
mine have tirelessly been seeking for jobs but all efforts have proven 
futile. It was at that time that we decided to do something on our own and 
nothing came to mind except helping the young, energetic yet unguided ones 
in the community.

These young ones have a future but they are just wasting it and we wouldn't 
blame them because they either come from a single parent family or an 
outright broken family. Such families can hardly care for their children and 
as such they resort to the streets engaging in all sorts of crimes even at a 
very tender age.

There is too much crime on the streets these days and my friends and I 
thought we could do something about it. In November last year, we therefore 
started grouping these young ones together; giving them our love, feeding, 
clothing, sheltering and imparting some of the knowledge we have acquired 
from the university to them free of charge and this we did with the help of 
the loan we took back when we were on campus.

We happen to be the fortunate ones because at least we've been educated 
formally and it brings so much joy to our hearts to see these little ones 
calm and ready to learn and also having the feeling that we are at least 
contributing our quota to the community. Unfortunately, things haven't been 
this good for the past two months and this is because we have exhausted all 
the money we had.

The children will soon go back to the streets and that will be very bad. We 
therefore tried to solicit for funds internally but no one will really 
listen to our plight. It has therefore beckon on us to come to you for an 
appeal of any amount being it monthly or quartly just to keep the children 
under our care and we even have plans of establishing an NGO (with your 
permission) using your name and also as the sole benefactor.

We are therefore at this juncture  appealing to you on behalf of the 
children  that  you  help us in this wealthy course and the good Lord will 
richly bless you. We will be more than delighted to hear from you and you 
can come down to Ghana and oversee the formation of the NGO or authorise us 
as to what steps to take and at what time. We will very much appreciate 

I donot want to make this first letter a lengthy one so I will let go here 
and we will appreciate it if you let us here from you soon because the 
children are getting out of control as a result of our inability to cater 
for them and it breaks our hearts that such  young and ambitious ones will 
have their energy misguided.

No matter what it is, this is our world and it is the only one we've got. 
Your financial support, no matter how small it may be, will go along way to 
transform the lives of thousands here. We believe in collective activity and 
with your little financial help fused with our selfless attitude, we know we 
can make this world a better place to live in.

Thank you for your time and we will be awaiting your reply patiently.
Yours faithfully,
Pablo Dan Lartey.

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