David Ranch | 25 May 19:51 2015

Linpac 0.21 (AX.25 packet radio application) posted

Hello Everyone,

This is just a heads up that I have posted Linpac 0.21: 

What is Linpac?

LinPac is an Ncurses based AX.25 packet radio terminal for use with 
Linux's native AX.25 stack.  It mimics many of the feature packed 
HOST-MODE programs that used to exist for Dos (PkGold, etc) but with any 
TNC running in KISS mode. It allows wide configuration and easy addition 
of new functions and special functions needed by the user. It's intended 
for keyboard-to-keyboard use but also supports receiving basic PBBS 
messages, local Converse-link chat rooms, basic node commands like 
mheard and making outgoing connections, etc.

The aim was to minimize the amount of 'hard coded' functions and create 
a complete set of applications that can be easily expanded and/or 
completely reconfigured via a simple macro language.  There is also a 
developing GUI version (1.x branch) that provides either a Java Swing 
GUI or the familiar Ncurses UI.

Changes since 0.20:
Memory cleanups
Fixed Debian based ncurses package dependency
Added a cron-able script that can send email and SMS notifications when 
you get a new Linpac message
Added a script to start linpac via screen for being able to detach and 
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Richard Stearn | 20 May 16:31 2015

[PATCH net-next 1/1] - ROSE device usage count

Whilst investigating couple of issues in AX25 I discovered that
whilst the NETROM driver had been updated to manage the device
usage count the ROSE drive had not.  The result being that the
ROSE driver post kernel 2.4.x would not unload cleanly and
required a reboot to clean up.

As both NETROM and ROSE drivers are broadly similar in design
and implementation I have updated the socket locking and device
usage count management in the ROSE driver to match the NETROM

git diff against net-next
diff --git a/net/rose/af_rose.c b/net/rose/af_rose.c
index 36dbc2d..3b90a2d 100644
--- a/net/rose/af_rose.c
+++ b/net/rose/af_rose.c
 <at>  <at>  -662,23 +662,31  <at>  <at>  static int rose_bind(struct socket *sock, struct sockaddr *uaddr, int addr_len)
 	ax25_uid_assoc *user;
 	int n;

-	if (!sock_flag(sk, SOCK_ZAPPED))
+	lock_sock(sk);
+	if (!sock_flag(sk, SOCK_ZAPPED)) {
+		release_sock(sk);
 		return -EINVAL;
-	if (addr_len != sizeof(struct sockaddr_rose) && addr_len != sizeof(struct full_sockaddr_rose))
+	}
+	if (addr_len != sizeof(struct sockaddr_rose) && addr_len != sizeof(struct full_sockaddr_rose)) {
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Richard Stearn | 17 May 22:28 2015

Re: Packet duplication in kernels 2.6 onwards

David Ranch wrote:
>   Hello Richard,
> Can you give us some more details?  Are the duplicates on every packet?  Is this 
> RX or TX duplicates  Only some?  Is this unproto or connected?  Are you using a 
> HW TNC or a SW TNC?
> I'm using the 3.17.5 kernel w/o issues.

Refined the conditions a little.

	1) Only occurs on ax25 packets containing IP payloads
	2) Occurs in both UI and VC packets
	3) Only occurs on packets being sent
	4) Does not appear to be sent "to air" by mkiss module,
	   i.e. the duplicate packet does not appear on the serial line.
	5) Is visible in "listen" output

I discovered this as I am documenting the amateur radio protocols in
wireshark.  It was also reported to Ubuntu (thank you Patrick) by
Ugo Poddine.  In the discussion on the Ubuntu bug report it would appear
that this is known about, hence my posting here to see what was known.
Apparently nothing.

Other things raised by this, in the process of rebuilding my test system
I discovered that the ROSE kernel module did not unload correctly (actually
not at all).  I traced this to the device usage counts not being maintained
correctly.  I have a patch for this if anybody wants it.


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Nate Bargmann | 17 May 14:38 2015

Xdx 2.5.0 released

After plenty of time in incubation, I am pleased to announce the release
of Xdx 2.5.0.  Xdx is a lightweight X Window System DX Cluster client
for POSIX systems (Linux tested).  Originally written by Joop
Stakenborg, PG4I, maintenance was picked up by Nate Bargmann, N0NB, in
early 2014.  2.5.0 completes implementation of some UI features started
by Joop.

The ChangeLog summarizes the changes of the 2.5.0 release:

Changelog for version Xdx (2.5)
  * Complete function key command entry support.
  * Add close dialog when Ctl-Q is used to exit.
  * Update manual page to current conventions.
  * Update GPL boiler plate for current FSF mailing address.
    Thanks, Walter Fey, DL8FCL.
  * Spanish translation update from Baltasar, EA8BVP.
  * German translation update from Tom, DL1JBE.
  * Polish translation update from Bogusław, SQ5TB.
  * Update to CTY-2505 – 20 April 2015.
  * Add Keywords entry to desktop file.

The source tarball can be downloaded from:


Development is hosted at:


Support can be requested via the Xdx mailing list:
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Paul Lewis | 15 May 10:14 2015

Netromd ssid-0 broadcasts being ignored

Hi All

Since I moved to the latest netromd code in 2013-2015
I have notice that there have been changes to the ssid-0 of


1) issuing a C GB7BA  fails.  GB7BA-0 works
             C GB7CIP fails   GB7CIP-0 works

Never us to behave this way on my old Slackware system (1994-2014)

2) Setting a locked Route
   nrparms -routes axu1 MB7NUQ-0 + 70
   nrparms -routes axu1 G3LDI-0 + 75

the node broadcast received from MB7NUQ-0
gets ignored

Callsign  Device Packets  Date & Time     Frame Type(s)
--------- ------ -------- --------------- -------------
MB7NUQ    axu1   17593    May 15 08:47:54 NetRom
G3LDI     axu1   691      May 13 11:04:48 NetRom

Just a couple of examples
Have tested with the ax25 app/tools/ax25  0.0.# and 1.0.# series of
Binaries complied from source code.

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Richard Stearn | 4 May 20:30 2015

Packet duplication in kernels 2.6 onwards

Just put togther a packet system to test wireshark on and
discovered that packets are being duplicated at the ax0 interface.

My tests so far show that the issue is not present in kernels
2.4.29 & and is present in kernel
I also have reports of the issue being in kernel 3.x.x.x

Is this a known issue?

If so is there any idea as to when it appeared? My guess is during
the 2.5 kernel series.

Has anybody on the list attempted to trace the cause?



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Kalosi, S. | 20 Apr 05:30 2015

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Richard Stearn | 9 Apr 14:58 2015

Request for comments regarding Amateur Radio protocols in Wireshark

Hi All

This is a request for comments regarding the Amateur Radio protocol
dissectors in Wireshark, which I am aware is used by some on this list.

In 2012 the suite of dissectors accepted and add to Wireshark.  These
appeared in 2013 in Wireshark 1.10.0.

Over the last 2 years I have collected more information regarding some
of the protocols that currently not fully/correctly dissected.  Also I
have had requests to complete/extend some of the dissectors.

I light of the above I am currently reviewing all the dissectors with a
view to updating them in Wireshark.

I would appreciate comments, bugs, missing bits, detailed protocol
documents, new protocols that I can use in my review and rework.

The relevent dissectors are:
	KISS	- coded from KA9Q/K3MC kiss spec
	AXIP	- coded from Linux driver
	AXUDP	- coded from Linux driver
	BPQ	- coded from Linux driver
	AX.25	- coded from V2.2
	APRS	- coded from V1.0.1 and 2 addenda
	NETROM	- coded from a postscript doc and "listen" code
	Flexnet	- coded from flexnet.[ch] from wampes
	ROSE	- uses existing X.25 dissector

I have:
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Jinghao Printing - CHINA | 1 Apr 10:48 2015

Please let me know if you need to print color box, display box and labels

Hi, this is David Wu from Shanghai, China.
Please let me know if you need color box, display box, corrugated box,
label, hang tag etc.

I will send you the website.

Best regards,
David Wu
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