Marc Joliet | 5 Mar 10:46 2015

Strange network behaviour: NIC goes down, DHCP lease renewal fails

Hi all,

at work I'm (well, *we* are) facing an interesting problem.  Since we are sort
of stabbing in the dark here, I thought I'd ask here.  Also, since this is from
work, I will not be able to diverge very many details (not to mention that as a
student worker I simply don't *know* many details).  However, I do have
permission from my boss to ask about this in an anonymised fashion.

The symptom we're seeing is that the NIC goes down and DHCP packets stop getting
through after a certain amount of time.  What happens is:

1.) The NIC is brought up (some built-in Intel model).

2.) A DHCP client configures it.

3.) The network connection is lost at some point (the amount of time this takes
    varies, but it can be as little as 20 minutes).

4.) Eventually the lease runs out and the DHCP client tries to renew it, but
    gets no response.  Sometimes, after many hours (at least 6), it will get a
    DHCPACK, but that's it.  One of our sysadmins says that not only does
    the DHCP server never see the packets, but the managed switch that the PC
    is directly attached to *also* never does (again, except for when the
    occasional DHCPACK comes).

4.) Restart the network device.  A reboot is not required, but it is necessary
    to terminate the DHCP client.  After that everything works again.

5.) GOTO 3.

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German | 5 Mar 09:09 2015

Warning: /lib64/rc/cache is not writable

How to fix this? Thanks


German <gentgerman <at>>

German | 5 Mar 03:58 2015

See bootup/poweroff screen?

I have a SSD in my laptop and the system boots really fast so I can't see the details of the warnings it
displays. Are there any way to scroll the screen or see some system boot's logs? Thanks


German <gentgerman <at>>

Grant | 4 Mar 21:13 2015

{OT} reliable USB extender?

I need to connect a Zebra LP2844 USB label printer at about 35 feet
from a Gentoo machine.  I got this:

but it is proving to be unreliable.  The printer stops responding many
times per day and needs to be power cycled.  Is there a reliable way
to make this connection?

- Grant

James | 4 Mar 16:10 2015

new linux router


It's time to build a new router. Surely, I would just like to
purchase hardware and run a minimized or embedded gentoo on it
along with iptables and a few other packages. But, I got to reading
and well it seems much has changed. Dansguardian is deprecated?
If I add protection above layer 3, what is the best route (pun intended)
to protect some winblows systems? And I need the ability to dynamically
block some gaming sites (kids playing too many hours of video).....

Then I read about NFtables....... [1]
And there is more. So, being a bit busy what would folks recommend
for purchase (I really do not need another project at this time)?
I've used routers with ebtables in the past too.

I'd like to be  able to download some open source linux to the router
hardware if updates and pathces are not maintained by the vendor?
That way I do not purchase something that is to be abandoned in
a few years by the vendor.

It's just a small home/office so 3x100Mb E would be fine, but GigE
ports would be better. I'm flexible on the CPU/arch of the hardware,
so all discussion and suggestions are welcome. In an idealized world
I'd pay extra for a gentoo_derivative based router; but all I find
is the WRT, devil_linux and such, nothing really cool and interesting.

Anyone used lilblue or pentoo as the basis for a firewalled_router?

A purchase is what I really want, but some hacking, if absolutely
necessary, would be ok too. Ideas?
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German | 4 Mar 08:01 2015

No network

So I rebuilt my kernel with r8169 for network NIC and rtl8723be for Wi-fi NIC, however I can't connect to
internet. I think the problem here with interfaces, but could be something else, have no clue. I remember
when I installed openSuse, it listed my interfaces like "SP0_something" instead of eth0. But I followed
gentoo install doc and configured it with eth0.
Can it be that problem lays somewhere here? And how to get the list of interfaces on my machine? Thanks


German <gentgerman <at>>

James | 3 Mar 18:02 2015


For those interested in testing the newest versions of ceph(fs).
it has received some updates. Last Night I installed it with 4 new
flags a repo: [1] "xmw" /var/lib/layman/xmw.

There is talk of version 0.93 (dev version) making it's way into an
ebuild very soon. From the chatter of various locations, ceph is
reasonable stable and starting to attract crowds of interest,
for those folks interested in a Distributed File System.

For me, the DFS has been the most challenging area of putting together
a gentoo cluster, that support multiple frameworks simultaneously
both fine grain and coarse grains types of problems.

layman -s xmw
sys-cluster/ceph/ceph-0.87.1.ebuild  (a major release)


Grant | 3 Mar 16:51 2015

{OT} offline backups

I have several encrypted backup repositories online and I'd like to
somehow mirror that offline.  I currently have about 20G of data to
back up.  Any ideas?  Rewritable Blu-Ray?

- Grant

Helmut Jarausch | 3 Mar 10:21 2015

How to find all packages which need Python2_7


I'd like to install all packages which need Python, only for Python3 except those which cannot be installed
for Python3.
How can I find out which of the packages installed on my machine have PYTHON_TARGETS=python2_7" (only).
I could loop over `qlist -IC` do an emerge -vp each grepping for this string.
But is there an easier way. 

Many thanks for a hint,

German | 3 Mar 05:48 2015

RTL8723BE and RTL8111/8168/8411

Now when my system is finally booted, I would like someone walk me through the kernel config menu ( I couldn't
locate the modules during install). Aformentioned modules are in the subject line.

Is syntax in /etc/conf.d/modules valid? Just want to make sure.


And finally, I'd like ( if possible) that my system on console displays gentoo logo instead of default three
logos ( why are three of them anyway ) and compile in smaller fonts to use on my console. If someone walk me
through how this can be done, this would be also great. Thanks so much!


German <gentgerman <at>>

James | 2 Mar 19:46 2015

Gentoo archives are alive again!

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!