Marko Weber | 8000 | 31 Mar 22:27 2015

mysql upgrade 5.5 > 5.6 mysql_upgrade needed?

hello list,
again i have to ask.
Do i need to run mysql_upgrade after upgrading mysql 5.5 > 5.6 ?
I ask because the post install text recommend this after an major 
On the Mysql Website is a major upgrade 5.5 > 6.0, not 5.5 > 5.6
So i ask you guys.
Any can help me?

thank you


Bob Wya | 31 Mar 11:17 2015

Re: Re: Easy (cough) way to build earlier gentoo-sources 3.18.x kernel?

<at> Nicolas,

I think I'm getting it now. The patchsets are cumulative and I just need the base patchset - right? I'm still a little unclear as to what kernel source I should apply the base patchset to. I want to rebuild the 3.18.8 kernel to double check it's free of the bug...

I can see some nfs suspend patches here... So that could be culprit!

On 31 March 2015 at 10:00, Bob Wya < <at>> wrote:
<at> Nicolas
This is the first place I went to. But I don't understand what all the different tar balls of gentoo kernel patch-sets actually mean. It would nice if the site had a little a bit of Wiki love to make it clearer. For example I can't figure out what steps are needed to apply the patchsets, to a vanilla kernel, to get a gentoo-sources kernel.

On 31 March 2015 at 00:16, Nicolas Sebrecht <nicolas.s-dev <at>> wrote:
On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 06:45:40PM -0400, Fernando Rodriguez wrote:

> You can use git. I believe gentoo patches are only for config options so if you
> configure it with make oldconfig it *should* be the same as using gentoo-
> sources.

Actually no, gentoo-sources aren't vanilla kernel while efforts are made
to avoid including intrusive patches.


Nicolas Sebrecht


All the best,


All the best,

symack | 31 Mar 01:07 2015

xen on new install reboots by itself

Hello Everyone,

New install, on a old server with raid 10 scsi... The normal installation works fine,
the only thing is when we try to boot with xen, it gets to the prompt and then reboots
by itself. The following message is what differs between normal gentoo and xen kernel

Mar 31 06:32:18 test kernel: [    0.138644] ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S1_] (20140724/hwxface-580)
Mar 31 06:32:18 test kernel: [    0.138961] ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S2_] (20140724/hwxface-580)
Mar 31 06:32:18 test kernel: [    0.139267] ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S3_] (20140724/hwxface-580)

I'm never sure how to debug such errors. Some googling suggested adding ACPI flags (ie, force, on, off), when I do that, the system just reboots without getting to the login prompt.

The server is an X346 with hardward servraid 7K with raid 10.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bob Wya | 31 Mar 00:22 2015

Easy (cough) way to build earlier gentoo-sources 3.18.x kernel?

I'm getting a bit bogged down trying to build an early release of the 3.18 kernel. Since I can't automatically go back before 3.18.9 now (using portage anyway)...

Basically I trying to check if a suspend/resume issue I've got was introduced after the 3.18 kernel was released (or was in the base release). I've got a reproduce-able failure to suspend-to-ram with >=3.18.x gentoo kernel sources. However this issue is not present with the gentoo kernel sources <=3.17.x. (A systemd nfs client mount problem - which blocks the suspend-to-ram process.)

I had a look at the kernel-2 eclass and my head started to hurt... Do I need to wade into the weeds or is there a "short-cut" I can take to go back to the earliest gentoo-sources 3.18 kernel build :-)



James | 30 Mar 17:49 2015

online browsable ebuilds by arch?

Hello folks,

I use this link for browsing ebuilds online[1]. It is escecially useful
when non_gentoo folks are discussion how to compile from sources;
particularly complex/compound compilations and or difficult codes
(except java). I find myself always referring to online ebuilds when
in discussions with folks  who are not "blessed" with a gentoo system
to view ebuilds. I often use ebuids as a roadmap for folks that 
are trying to compile things from soureces. Subliminally, there is the
backdrop that folks should use gentoo for source_code development 
and testing.

This fantastic repo has very old codes and often the newer codes are mulit-arch.

What I cannot seem to find is this sort of organization, filtered
by architecture. It's be really keen to see one just for arm and
arm64. So the next time I talking about putting gnucash (for example)
on a handheld (mips) device, it is easy to quickly find the correct ebuild
from which to be a pedantic snob (just teasing). I do collide with
egg_heads, quite often, unfortunately. Redhat and it's derivatives
seem to collect such folks; but they admit how horrible those
distros are for sourcecode efforts.

Any git* repos that have a nice, logical frontend for organizing
and visually parsing ebuilds, by arch, would be keen; particularly
for arm64. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.



Mick | 30 Mar 12:20 2015

Moving from no-multilib to (true) multilib

Given that the emul-linux-x86 package sets are now deprecated and we can now 
with USE="abi_x86_32" emerge our own 32bit libraries where needed, is it now 
easier to move from a no-multilib to a multilib environment, or will it still 
require a complete reinstall?


Yanestra | 29 Mar 11:58 2015

This nite's switch to "full multilib"


just one question: I had a working system yesterday afternoon, but after
the latest eix-sync my mask settings get ignored and the whole system is
about to be updated.

I have read the news message, and I am baffled. What can I do to keep my
working system as it is?


A Humble User<tm>


James | 28 Mar 15:27 2015
Picon and easy_view ?


Often, I need to inspect and ponder these files: and Makefile
.am for a given ebuild. Is there an easy way to look at them with 
compiling the ebuild ? If not, then when I build a given package, is there
something like elogviewer that can be customized to look at these 2 files?
I do I keeps those files around for a while in some sort of semi-automated
systematic way?

Maybe use Eclipse or some other lighter_weight gui tool?

Tips and comments are most welcome.


Sebas Pedersen | 28 Mar 14:58 2015

MCE error

Hi guys,

 From a few days ago I am experimenting an MCE error.
Sometimes I turn on the computer and at some point while booting the 
kernel (after the grub menu) just freezes and puts this:

CPU 0: Machine Check Exception: 4 Bank 4: b200000000070f0f
TSC f5acc9180
PROCESSOR 2:20fc2 TIME 1427486735 SOCKET 0 APIC 0 microcode 0

the number for TSC may vary, but the b200000000070f0f it's always the 
same (at least for now). The error message suggest to parse the above 
error with mcelog. I did that and the result was:

Hardware event. This is not a software error.
CPU 0 4 northbridge TSC f5acc9180
TIME 1427486735 Fri Mar 27 17:05:35 2015
   Northbridge Watchdog error
        bit57 = processor context corrupt
        bit61 = error uncorrected
   bus error 'generic participation, request timed out
              generic error mem transaction
              generic access, level generic'
STATUS b200000000070f0f MCGSTATUS 4
CPUID Vendor AMD Family 15 Model 44
SOCKET 0 APIC 0 microcode 0

The error suggest it's a hardware problem. I replace de RAM with no 
luck. Same error keeps happening.

Any suggestion for identifying the problem or how to procede?

Many thanks in advance!


Frank Steinmetzger | 28 Mar 12:41 2015

[OT] Purchase and setup of monitor calibration device

Hey gurus

I may soon get me a shiny (not in the sense of glossy, mind you) new
monitor. Along with it, I’m planning on purchasing a colorimeter to properly
calibrate it. Can anyone give me a recommendation for a device that runs
well with Linux?

It doesn’t have to be a super-pro device, but no el-cheapo either. I’ll need
it mostly for photo editing and the warm feeling of having an above-average
setup. *g* Oh and I want to improve my laptop experience, because those
things usually come with crappy screens in the first place. So I’m looking
at a price range of no more than 150€.

Also, I’m looking for info on how to set up KDE (or the entire system?) to
use the thusly generated colour profiles. So any food for thought?


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Meino.Cramer | 28 Mar 02:34 2015

How recent is this Gentoo documentation?


I am on the way to configure linux-3.19.3. (vanilla) and want to start
with kexec.
On the internet via google I found this (first hit):

I read a few lines and have a question:
Is this still up to date and useable?

Best regards,