Matthias Hanft | 1 Feb 19:44 2015

Cannot reinstall ffmpeg since new cpu flags


I have installed the new CPU_FLAGS_X86, as "cpuinfo2cpuflags-x86"
told me: CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx mmxext sse sse2 sse3"

When I did "emerge -NDuv  <at> world" afterwards, there were some re-installs.
Everything was fine, except ffmpeg. emerge displays:

[ebuild   R    ] media-video/ffmpeg-1.2.6-r1  USE="bzip2 encode examples fontconfig gnutls
hardcoded-tables iconv libcaca mp3 network truetype vorbis x264 xvid zlib -X -aac -aacplus -alsa (-altivec)
-amr -bindist -bluray -cdio (-celt) -cpudetection -debug -doc -faac -fdk -flite -frei0r -gsm -iec61883
-ieee1394 -jack -jpeg2k -libass -libsoxr -libv4l -modplug (-neon) -openal -openssl -opus -oss
-pic -pulseaudio -rtmp -schroedinger -sdl -speex -static-libs {-test} -theora -threads -twolame -v4l
-vaapi -vdpau (-vis) -vpx (-3dnow%) (-3dnowext%) (-avx%) (-mmx%) (-mmxext%) (-ssse3%)"
CPU_FLAGS_X86="mmx%* mmxext%* -3dnow% -3dnowext% -avx% -ssse3%" FFTOOLS="aviocat cws2fws ffescape
ffeval fourcc2pixfmt graph2dot ismindex pktdumper qt-faststart trasher" 0 KiB

and running emerge, after many lines, I

warning: 'mpeg_decode_update_thread_context' defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
 static int mpeg_decode_update_thread_context(AVCodecContext *avctx, const AVCodecContext *avctx_from)
/var/tmp/portage/media-video/ffmpeg-1.2.6-r1/work/ffmpeg-1.2.6/common.mak:48: recipe for
target 'libavcodec/motion_est.o' failed
make: *** [libavcodec/motion_est.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
 * ERROR: media-video/ffmpeg-1.2.6-r1::gentoo failed (compile phase):
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Jarry | 1 Feb 18:36 2015

USE-flags description?

Hi Gentoo-users,

where can I find description of *all* USE flags? I checked
/usr/portage/profiles/use.desc and use.local.desc but still
I can not find some...

cpuinfo2cpuflags-x86 suggested my CPU_FLAGS_X86 should be:
"aes avx mmx mmxext popcnt sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3"

But I'd like to know what they means, but I could not find
any description for "aes" and "popcnt"...



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Grant | 1 Feb 16:05 2015

Smart 'eclean packages'?

Do we have an eclean option that will consider how long ago a package
was uninstalled?  Last I checked this didn't exist yet.

- Grant

Dan Johansson | 1 Feb 12:16 2015

[OT] ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z MB

I just got me a new MB, a ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z, after my old MB
fried due to a fan failure.

Is anyone else (on this list) using this MB, with Gentoo of cause?
If you are, have you got all the sensors working?
I can not get information from all the sensors on this MB (compared with
what the BIOS shows) and some of the values that do show are wrong ,
some temp-sensor shows as negative (and my room is not THAT cold).


Dan Johansson, <>
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Stefan G. Weichinger | 1 Feb 00:33 2015

IPAM: phpipam ?

What do you gentoo-users prefer for doing IPAM ... ?

Learned about today ... no gentoo ebuild yet.

opinions? recommendations?


Joseph | 31 Jan 23:29 2015

meld - GConf Error: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS

When I run "meld" as root I get a strange errors:

GConf Error: Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon:
Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message
bus security policy blocked the reply, the 
reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.



Joseph | 31 Jan 18:23 2015

Computer does not boot

After recent upgrade my computer doesn't want to boot.  I did not do anything with grub or kernel.
I get a bios flash and next is message:

Loading operating system ...
GRUB loading stage2

and computer goes back reboot cycle, flash bios and the same massage is displayed.
What went wrong during update?



James | 31 Jan 05:57 2015

KernelShark is almost ready?

So, I've been looking to get kernel shark onto gentoo,
for a long time....[1] Look at this link to wet your

KernelShark(gui) is a very, very functional way to look at just about
every aspect of kernel performance. It needs trace-cmd to run.
Guess what just made it into the portage tree? 
(dev-util/trace-cmd) THANKS to  Patrick McLean <chutzpah <at>>!

You'll have to make some adjustments to your kernel settings (maybe)
to activate ftrace.

I wrote extensively about KernelShark/trace-cmd/ftrace in this bug, 
which is still looking for a gentoo dev to complete (please?).
BGO 517428.

Now to wet those appetites, look here [2,3] at section 3.7 and 3.8.
It seems our 'pals' at RedHat offer there most optimized servers
that are extremely tweaked in the kernel (real-time) by using these
tools; particularly for their cluster offerings that cost big_bucks.




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symack | 30 Jan 18:49 2015

Updating Gentoo

Hello Everyone,

Last time I did this we experience 3 hour downtime, and it was not fun. I was blue in the face:

[1]   N  2010-08-01  (2010-08-01-as-needed-default - removed?)
  [2]   N  2012-03-16  (2012-03-16-udev-181-unmasking - removed?)
  [3]   N  2012-05-21  Portage config-protect-if-modified default
  [4]   N  2012-09-09  (2012-09-09-make.conf-and-make.profile-move - removed?)
  [5]   N  2012-11-06  PYTHON_TARGETS deployment
  [6]      2013-03-29  Upgrading udev to version >=200
  [7]      2013-06-07  Portage preserve-libs default
  [8]   N  2013-06-30  Printer browsing in net-print/cups-1.6
  [9]   N  2013-08-23  Language of messages in emerge logs and output
  [10]  N  2013-09-27  Separate /usr on Linux requires initramfs
  [11]  N  2013-10-14  GRUB2 migration
  [12]  N  2013-11-07  python-exec package move
  [13]  N  2014-02-25  Upgrade to >=sys-fs/udev-210
  [14]  N  2014-03-02  Profile EAPI 5 requirement
  [15]  N  2014-03-16  Ruby 1.8 removal; Ruby 1.9/2.0 default
  [16]  N  2014-11-07  Upgrade to udev >= 217 or eudev >= 2.1
  [17]  N  2015-01-28  CPU_FLAGS_X86 introduction

Grub2: Will this bring us down for days? Is it a hard transition
Udev: Oh what a spider web you weave..... We are using udev 204 right now.

Please gents, is there a safe and easy way of doing this? I need to update
the system but want to limit downtime as much as possible. Please help.

Francisco Ares | 30 Jan 18:05 2015

android development with Qt in a Gentoo box


I am new to android development. I know a bit of C++ and Qt, but almost nothing about Java.

Which would be the needed packages, besides the ones listed on 

Any hints, please?

Oleg | 30 Jan 10:26 2015

netifrc & system init actions

  Hi all.

I need to have some ip policy rules at system startup which isn't depend on
any interface. In debian i do this through /etc/network/interfaces - i add
needed rules as post-up actions to lo interface.

In gentoo i've made postup() in /etc/conf.d/net:

        if [ "${IFACE}" = "lo" ]; then
                ip rule add priority 32000 table main
                ip rule add priority 32001 from lookup vsd_linknet
                ip rule add priority 32050 from all lookup customers
                ip rule add priority 32100 table peering
                ip rule add priority 32101 iif eth0 lookup up1
                ip rule add priority 32101 iif eth0 lookup default
                ip rule add priority 32200 table ix
                ip rule del priority 32766
        return 0;

and done:

rc-update add net.lo default

Is this the right way to do this?


Nemanov Oleg