Bertram Scharpf | 27 Jul 17:33 2016

LC_COLLATE overridden by LC_ALL?


  bsch <at> host ~ % mkdir showsort
  user <at> host ~ % cd showsort 
  user <at> host ~/showsort % touch .A .Z .a .z A Z a z
  user <at> host ~/showsort % set | grep -a '^\(LANG\|LC_\)'
  user <at> host ~/showsort % ls -A | cat
  user <at> host ~/showsort % export LC_ALL=
  user <at> host ~/showsort % ls -A | cat   
  user <at> host ~/showsort % 

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Andrew Lowe | 26 Jul 18:01 2016

Machine running before modem turned on - Network weirdness

Hi all,
	I can remember in the distant past that I had to have my modem turned 
on before the computer otherwise, I wouldn't get an IP address. Then 
something changed. One day I forgot to turn on the modem first. I turned 
the machine on then realised the modem wasn't on, I turned it, the 
modem, on and prepared to reboot the machine only to see an IP address 

	It appeared that dhcp was now periodically attempting to get an address 
whereas in the past, if on boot it didn't find one, that was it, it just 
gave up. It appears that my machine has now, for some reason reverted to 
"the olden days" of IP address allocation. No modem at boot, no IP 
address. Reboot the machine, with the modem continuing to run, and I get 
an IP address. When I have no IP address, I can run "dhcpcd restart" and 
I'll get one.

	Anyone got any idea as to what has changed? What should I be looking 
for to fiddle to get my preferred behaviour, modem/machine startup in 
any order and I'll get an IP address. Is there a dchp "polling time" or 
something similar that I need to set to get this running nicely again?

	Thoughts greatly appreciated,

akram | 26 Jul 02:12 2016

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akram | 26 Jul 01:52 2016

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Peter Humphrey | 25 Jul 11:29 2016

Nasty visual effect in plasma-5

Hello list,

Every time I press <ALT><TAB> to switch windows, a great white box springs 
out of the left edge of the screen to show me what windows are available. 
But I can already see them by tabbing through them.

I could do without this visual slap in the face. Is there a way to switch it 
off? I haven't found any way so far - I don't even know what to call it.



James | 22 Jul 18:05 2016

MBR & GPT dual compliant format


I thought I'd post a new thread on this issue. My goals is to have a single
default partition scheme on a sata disk that allows me to use either
Bios(mbr) or EFI(gpt) systems on these drives. Also  the goal is to keep the
partition scheme unchanged (boot;root;swap;'usr/local') but be able to set
up different file systems  and distributed file systems on these drives to
facilitate testing a wide variety of cluster architectures. I'd sure
appreciate some 'thinking outside the box' ideas for these mostly 2T sata
drives. I intend to only use one bootloader (grub legacy) but that is 
not a fixed limitation. /usr/local will be the only storage if one of these
drives is used for secondary or additional capacity, thus preserving the
partition scheme.

Here is the essences of what Neil posted before::

You can use gdisk and a GPT whetheryou are using BIO or EFI. The 
difference is in your first partition. For EFI it must be type EF00 and 
formatted with FAT. For BIOS booting you need to start the disk with 
a small BIOS compatibility partition of type EF02. This is 1M here and you
don't format or use it, it just has to be there. And.

I'm not sure it can be done. BIOS needs an EF00 partition at the start.
EFI calls for an EF00 partition, which is recommended at the start but I
don't think it's compulsory that it is there. I have heard of people
using sda2 as the ESP where sda1 is a Windows rescue partition. So you
may get away with

p1 EF02 partition
p2 EF00 partition, formatted as FAT and mounted at /boot
root and swap partitions as you see fit.

You could try it and see, but I'm not sure it could be guaranteed to work
on all EFI hardware, although it should work on all BIOS hardware........

I'd use gdisk to set the partition type to get the partition table listing
to include :: (EF02, EF00)?

This doc seems to suggest there is a way to configure such disks [1], as do
other docs I have read, but do not give explicit examples just how to do this.

So is at [1]:

Now, I should use GPT (gdisk) and label and setup the disk complete with a
gpt labeled table, but preserve the MBR for legacy booting of most bios
based systems? If that is correct, then here is what the partition scheme
could look like, for a 2T drive::

Number  Start (sector)    End (sector)  Size       Code  Name
   1            2048          411647   200.0 MiB   EFO2  FAT
   2          411648       270747647   128.9 GiB   8200  Linux swap
   3       270747648      1859022847   757.3 GiB   8300  Linux filesystem
   4      1859022848      3907022847   976.6 GiB   8300  Linux filesystem

Maybe someone can edit this table and show me an example (no worries on
boundaries or sizes) and include a few sentences to explain and guide me
on this effort?


Helmut Jarausch | 21 Jul 19:36 2016

GPT newbee needs some help


having formatted dozens of hard disks with fdisk, I'm lost with GPT  

My new drive was preformatted for Windows, so I first deleted the two  
partitions which were present.
Unfortunately I've used fdisk.
Then I tried to use gdisk. I have created 4 partitions, the first of  
which started at sector 2048.
I wrote the partition table back to disk, synced and remove the  
(portable USB-) disk from my system.
Then I connected it again.
Now my problem is, that my system only shows  /dev/sde and /dev/sde1  
whereas I expected to see
/dev/sde1 ,.../dev/sde4 .

So, what did I miss?

Many thanks for your help,

Francisco Ares | 20 Jul 20:59 2016

qt-creator (and others) too slow

Hi, all, 

Just upgraded to KDE 5, Qt 5 (as full as possible) and now QtCreator frequently uses almost full CPU, a quad-core i5-4430. Any change on the IDE, even just passing the mouse cursor over elements of an opened source code file, makes the CPU consuption to the high tops.

It also happened when I tried some widgets using plasmashell, like the analog clock and the Desktop widget. The process "plasmashell" eat up all available CPU cicles.

Could it be something related to more deep details inside Qt basis?

Turns out to find funny QtCreator's description on KDE menu: "Lightweight IDE for C++ ...".

Any hints to find out what is happening will be highly appreciated.

Best regards,
Neil Bothwick | 20 Jul 19:50 2016

Missing CPU options in make menuconfig

I'm trying to do something with a vanilla kernel from Under
Processor type and features/Processor family, there are only a handful of
choices, whereas my portage-installed gentoo-sources lists many more.

The help page on the vanilla sources shows the full list, but they are
not available to pick and the help does not mentions an option to enable
to show these.

What do I need to enable?


Neil Bothwick

For security reasons, all text in this mail
  is double-rot13 encrypted.
Jarry | 20 Jul 18:13 2016

Xen with Gentoo as dom0: sw or hw raid?

Hi Gentoo-users,

I'm going to build a small server with Xen-hypervisor with
Gentoo as dom0 (if it is possible). Comming from ESXi-world,
there is no choice (only true hw-raid is supported).

But what about Linux? What's preffered way to go? Software-raid
(mdadm), or true hardware raid-controller? I have a few spares
(LSI-9271), these worked quite well with ESXi but I'm not sure
they are supported by Linux at all, and if there is actually
some way of monitoring controller-health...

Concerning sw-raid, I have used it for quite some time, but
never with Xen (is it actually possible?). Moreover, grub-config
for Xen itself is somehow more complicated and sw-raid could add
extra complexity...

So the question is simple. For Xen-server with Gentoo as dom0,
what do you recommend: sofware- or hardware-raid?

Any other general tips concerning Xen (particularly with Gentoo
as dom0)?



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Fernando Rodriguez | 19 Jul 20:58 2016

KF5 icons/styles settings UI. Which package?


Can anyone tell me what package I need to get the KF5 kcmshell modules for
icons and styles?