Patrice Clement | 30 Jul 23:30 2015

Last rites: dev-java/jjtraveler

# Patrice Clement <monsieurp <at>> (30 Jul 2015)
# Broken and upstream dead isn't always a good mix.
# Removal in 30 days. See bug #368049.

William Hubbs | 30 Jul 17:57 2015

vcs-snapshot.eclass: add a way to specify the extraction path


I'm finding in working on Go ebuilds, that we are propegating a
src_unpack function that is very similar to the one in vcs-snapshot.

This patch adds an EXTRACT_PATH variable to the vcs-snapshot eclass
which, if set, puts the extracted archives in the specified directory under ${S}.

If it is not set, nothing should happen.

This could be used by other types of ebuilds later, but for now it would
be used by Go ebuilds.



James Le Cuirot | 30 Jul 11:26 2015

Last rites: dev-java/cocoon

# James Le Cuirot <chewi <at>> (30 Jul 2015)
# Holding back the removal of Java 6 and upstream is on life
# support. Removal in 30 days. See bug #423761.


James Le Cuirot (chewi)
Gentoo Linux Developer

Alex Alexander | 29 Jul 23:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 83 bugs

Our bug queue has 83 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


William Hubbs | 29 Jul 22:20 2015

rfc: openrc mount service prototype


so that there is a better idea out there of what I'm talking about, the
OpenRC github repository now has a mount-service branch.

This is not on master for a very good reason; it is prototype material,
definitely pre-alpha at this point.

If you don't know how to mess with github branches, or you are not
comfortable doing so, you don't want to mess with this.

If you are, feel free to take a look at the mount service in that
branch. I am interested in thoughts on it.



James Le Cuirot | 29 Jul 20:48 2015

Last rites: dev-java/{jldap,openspml,openspml2,soap}

# James Le Cuirot <chewi <at>> (29 Jul 2015)
# dev-java/soap is fixable but it and its related packages are all
# dead upstream. Removal in 30 days. See bug #556250.


James Le Cuirot (chewi)
Gentoo Linux Developer
Matthew Thode | 28 Jul 05:32 2015

openstack talks

If any of you can I'd appreciate it if you voted for a talk I submitted
for the Tokyo Openstack summit.  In it I use Gentoo as an example of
packaging done right.

Thanks :D


Matthew Thode (prometheanfire)

William Hubbs | 28 Jul 00:26 2015

rfc: improve file system mounting and unmounting in OpenRC


I have been looking over this bug for some time attempting to find a
good solution [1].

The original proposal is to add a "want" dependency which would work
like "need" but would not fail if the services wanted did not start [2].

I agree that the "want" dependency is a valid feature request. However, I
believe there is a better way to handle the issue in the original bug.
Basically, I want to follow the suggestion in this bug instead [3].

My concern about the original proposal is that it will make netmount try
to start all daemons that handle file systems, whether or not they are
actually necessary.

The proposal in [3], on the other hand, is to create a mount script that
works like netifrc. It would mount a single file system, which would be
determined by the link it was called from, much like how netifrc
determines which interface to work on.

Some of the advantages of this approach are listed in the bug. Here are
a few more I can think of.

- it will eliminate some of our incompatibilities with busybox [4] [5].

- It will give us honest reports of success or failure with regard to
  mounting file systems (netmount and localmount can't do that).

- Currently, we have to skip over certain file systems that we can't
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Robin H. Johnson | 27 Jul 02:05 2015

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2015-07-26 23:59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2015-07-26 23:59 UTC.

dev-util/ext4_utils                	2015-07-20 17:25:30	jauhien
dev-util/libsparse                 	2015-07-20 17:26:29	jauhien
dev-python/gevent-zeromq           	2015-07-21 07:57:23	idella4
dev-java/mockmaker                 	2015-07-21 09:26:32	monsieurp
app-backup/cyphertite              	2015-07-21 18:35:18	grknight
dev-python/suds-jurko              	2015-07-24 06:12:40	prometheanfire
app-portage/kportagetray           	2015-07-26 10:44:14	johu

dev-python/monotonic               	2015-07-20 00:07:47	alunduil
app-emulation/runc                 	2015-07-20 02:37:38	cardoe
dev-haskell/cmark                  	2015-07-20 18:10:21	slyfox
dev-haskell/haskell-lexer          	2015-07-20 18:16:40	slyfox
dev-haskell/pretty-show            	2015-07-20 18:17:24	slyfox
dev-perl/JSON-MaybeXS              	2015-07-21 22:16:22	dilfridge
dev-python/rencode                 	2015-07-21 23:30:32	xmw
dev-python/suds-jurko              	2015-07-23 03:26:03	prometheanfire
app-admin/calamares                	2015-07-23 19:32:04	johu
dev-lua/lanes                      	2015-07-24 23:59:32	williamh
media-libs/lvtk                    	2015-07-25 08:17:03	yngwin
media-plugins/ams-lv2              	2015-07-25 08:21:14	yngwin
media-plugins/calf                 	2015-07-25 08:47:39	yngwin
dev-perl/Module-Install-AuthorTests	2015-07-25 18:03:05	dilfridge
dev-perl/Devel-OverloadInfo        	2015-07-25 20:15:05	dilfridge
dev-perl/Module-Runtime-Conflicts  	2015-07-25 20:19:07	dilfridge
dev-perl/Test-CleanNamespaces      	2015-07-25 20:34:55	dilfridge
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Andrew Savchenko | 26 Jul 11:48 2015

cmake-utils.eclass: two improvements

Hello all,

I propose two improvements to cmake-utils eclass:

1. Set default documentation directory

cmake allows to specify default docs installation directory
(analogue of --docdir for configure script), but cmake-utils.eclass
does nothing in this regard and many ebuilds in tree contain the
same duplicated code:


I propose to add this to the eclass, thus ebuilds can be
simplified. See attached patch.

2. Disable rpath for non-prefix builds

cmake allows to disable RPATH linking (enabled by default), this
leads to insecure rpath warning during install phase checks, logs
show that build directory (-Wl,-rpath /var/tmp/portage/...) is
added to linker options.

Many ebuilds fix this by adding one of the following or similar

I propose to add this functionality to the eclass, thus ebuilds can
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Michał Górny | 25 Jul 12:37 2015

[PATCHSET python-utils-r1] python & python-config wrapper cleanup


A small batch of patches intended to improve & fix
python_wrapper_setup(), pretty much thanks to perfinion.

Long story short, he noticed two issues:

1. we are missing pythonN-config, both in wrappers and in eselect-python
(addressed by patch 2),

2. since python3.4, some symlink reading magic is applied that causes
python to use wrong prefixes if python-config is symlinked somewhere
(addressed by patch 1).

While at it, I also added some 'unsupported' wrappers to ban trying to
use pythonY (accidental fallback to system python) when pythonX is
selected via wrapper, and changed the exit code for unsupp-scripts.

Patches 1 & 4 should be harmless.

Patch 2 should not cause issues either. Some scripts may start using
pythonN-config when they used to fallback to python-config. However,
fixing eselect-python side of this may actually cause issues if this
causes configure scripts to prefer python3-config over wrapped
python2-config. Patch 3 addresses this.

Patch 3 is going to cause issues if configure scripts look for
pythonN-config before python-config. For example, in python2.7 they are
going to find python3-config and try (and fail) to use that, while right
now they falled back to python-config. However, the worse would happen
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