x11-libs/libXaw3dXft up for grabs

x11-libs/libXaw3dXft is up for grabs, as the x11 team is not interested 
in maintaining this package.

The only reverse dependency of this package is media-gfx/xpaint.

Sebastian Pipping | 26 Mar 17:56 2015

Review: Apache AddHandler news item


In context of


mjo and agreed that a portage news item would be a good idea.
Please review my proposal below.  Thank you!



Title: Apache AddHandler vulnerability protection
Author: Sebastian Pipping <sping <at> gentoo.org>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2015-03-26
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 1.0
Display-If-Installed: www-servers/apache

Apache's directive AddHandler [1] can be used to map
certain file name extensions (e.g. .php) to a handler
(e.g. application/x-httpd-php).  While a line like

  AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .php5 .phtml

matches index.php, it also matches index.php.png.

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William Hubbs | 26 Mar 17:51 2015

rfc: zsh completions -- optional or mandatory?


I'm seeing at least two ways of handling zsh completion files in the

The first is in a package I maintain and several others in the tree --
using the zsh-completion use flag along with an rdepend on
app-shells/zsh behind the use flag. The package I maintain that does
this is www-client/pybugz, but you will find several other packages
doing the same thing.

The other method is shown by dev-vcs/hub at least, and maybe several
other packages -- e.g. unconditionally installing the completions
according to our small files installation practice and not reflecting
the rdepend on app-shells/zsh.

I think we should be consistent with how we handle this, and personally
I would vote for the first way since zsh is not all that common.
However, if the feeling is that we should nuke the zsh-completion use
flag, I'll be the first to do it, and I'll start opening bugs against
other packages.

Comments/discussion are welcome.


Bernard Cafarelli | 26 Mar 17:11 2015

Last rites: app-admin/eselect-nxserver, net-misc/{neatx,nxcl,nxclient,nxnode,nxsadmin,nxserver-freeedition,nxserver-freenx,qtnx}

# Bernard Cafarelli <voyageur <at> gentoo.org> (26 Mar 2015)
# Dead upstreams, not working in some use cases,
# compatibility with current net-misc/nx not guaranteed,
# some bundle old binary Xorg code that may be vulnerable,
# modern alternative exist:
# net-misc/x2go{client,server} and proprietary NX 4 (bug #488334)
# These packages are now available in the NX overlay
# Removal in a month (bug #537774)


Bernard Cafarelli (Voyageur)
Gentoo developer (NX, GNUstep, net-misc, llvm/clang, ...)

Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov | 26 Mar 13:29 2015

Thoughts about LUA_TARGETS

As you can be noticed, Lua packages, just like Python, PHP or Ruby ones, 
supports "slotted" behaviour (with some side notes).
As far as we have nice *_TARGETS for languages above (without standardised 
naming syntax, although), we still do not have such for Lua.

Rafael's main argument is about that fact, that Lua releases between 
themselves has incompatible bytecode, sometimes syntax (just as all 
interpreters above), and that LuaJIT has incompatible bytecode even with 
version it is built to be as (i.e. libluajit-5.1 bytecode is incompatible with 
liblua-5.1, and so on for 5.2 and 5.3).

But as far as I know, it is same issues between CPython and PyPy, and between 
MRI and Rubinius.

So, I'd like to escalate that problem, finally make some decision and finally 
introduce LUA_TARGETS on packages ;).


Best regards,
Alex Alexander | 25 Mar 22:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 108 bugs

Our bug queue has 108 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here: http://bit.ly/m8PQS5


Tim Harder | 23 Mar 18:22 2015

collab herd for cooperative pkg maintenance

Hey all,

Having been around for a few years I've inherited or added quite a few
pkgs to the tree that I wouldn't mind other people fixing/bumping/etc
that don't fall into any current herds.

With that in mind, I think it would be an interesting experiment if we
had a collaborative herd (probably named "collab") that signals the
status that anyone is generally free to fix, bump, or do sane things to
the pkgs with the caveat that you fix what you break.

Anyone else interested in such a setup?

Robin H. Johnson | 23 Mar 01:05 2015

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2015-03-22 23:59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2015-03-22 23:59 UTC.

net-analyzer/mausezahn      	2015-03-16 05:18:14	jer
dev-tex/pdftex              	2015-03-17 11:14:15	aballier
games-rpg/morrowind-data    	2015-03-19 13:21:28	pacho
app-office/openerp-client   	2015-03-19 13:23:22	pacho
app-office/openerp-server   	2015-03-19 13:23:22	pacho
app-office/openerp-web      	2015-03-19 13:23:22	pacho
virtual/ruby-threads        	2015-03-19 21:39:15	mrueg
games-board/kaya            	2015-03-20 16:58:03	johu
games-engines/freesci       	2015-03-20 17:00:45	mr_bones_
games-puzzle/candycrisis    	2015-03-20 17:05:56	mr_bones_
games-rpg/aklabeth          	2015-03-20 17:11:14	mr_bones_
games-sports/foosball       	2015-03-20 17:11:58	mr_bones_
games-strategy/dark-oberon  	2015-03-20 17:12:42	mr_bones_
media-plugins/vdr-setup     	2015-03-21 11:25:57	hd_brummy

app-admin/dio               	2015-03-16 04:47:07	dlan
dev-python/raven            	2015-03-16 07:33:59	bman
dev-ml/ocaml-ctypes         	2015-03-16 16:41:01	aballier
dev-libs/ocl-icd            	2015-03-17 02:16:41	patrick
dev-lang/pocl               	2015-03-17 03:41:56	patrick
dev-libs/mongo-cxx-driver   	2015-03-17 10:43:27	ultrabug
app-admin/mms-agent         	2015-03-17 13:42:16	ultrabug
app-admin/mongo-tools       	2015-03-17 13:42:55	ultrabug
dev-perl/Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA  	2015-03-17 14:53:15	dilfridge
dev-perl/Net-DNS-SEC        	2015-03-17 14:54:53	dilfridge
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Mike Frysinger | 23 Mar 00:50 2015

glibc-2.21 going into ~arch

with 2.20 going stable, and really no reports at all about 2.21, i'll be moving 
it into unstable soon
Pacho Ramos | 22 Mar 14:21 2015

Lastrites: www-servers/publicfile, www-apache/mod_roaming, gnome-base/gnome-js-common, dev-libs/seed, net-irc/xchat-gnome, app-backup/rdiff-backup, app-backup/pybackpack, sys-fs/rdiff-backup-fs, app-crypt/cfs, app-editors/gphpedit, media-libs/libgnome-media-profiles, net-libs/libsocialweb, app-admin/ulog-acctd, app-crypt/gringotts, gnome-extra/drwright, sys-apps/blktool,net-news/canto, app-laptop/fnfx, dev-libs/gdome2, dev-libs/gmetadom,sys-apps/kudzu, dev-libs/libassetml, sys-libs/libsafe, dev-lang/mosml, sys-power/nvclock, dev-util/pstack,net-im/gnomeicu, dev-util/gazpacho,x11-misc/gdevilspie,app-backup/pybackpack, dev-python/rhpl,media-plugins/rhythmbox-equalizer, media-sound/rubyripper,www-apps/trac-git

# Pacho Ramos <pacho <at> gentoo.org> (22 Mar 2015)
# Cannot be fetched, also has licensing issues (#531270).
# Removal in a month.

# Pacho Ramos <pacho <at> gentoo.org> (22 Mar 2015)
# Not compatible with apache-2.4, Netscape Communicator is obsolete
# for ages (#532862). Removal in a month.

# Pacho Ramos <pacho <at> gentoo.org> (22 Mar 2015)
# Upstream dead, nothing needs them anymore (#533326). Removal in a

# Pacho Ramos <pacho <at> gentoo.org> (22 Mar 2015)
# Upstream dead for ages, many unresolved bugs (#533542).
# Removal in a month.

# Pacho Ramos <pacho <at> gentoo.org> (22 Mar 2015)
# Hardmasked for a long time and still broken (#533626).
# Removal in a month.
# Patrick Lauer <patrick <at> gentoo.org> (09 Apr 2014)
# Dead upstream, has known dataloss bugs.
# Please use something more sane: rsnapshot, backuppc, obnam, ...
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Joshua Kinard | 21 Mar 19:01 2015

Restoring from the Attic?

What's the procedure for restoring ebuilds from the CVS Attic?  I need to
temporarily restore an ebuild from the Attic while hunting down a solution for
Bug #543978.  The CVS Tutorial doesn't have anything on this specific operation.



Joshua Kinard
kumba <at> gentoo.org
4096R/D25D95E3 2011-03-28

"The past tempts us, the present confuses us, the future frightens us.  And our
lives slip away, moment by moment, lost in that vast, terrible in-between."

--Emperor Turhan, Centauri Republic