Patrick Lauer | 8 Feb 10:08 2016

Changing order of default virtual/udev provider


I've opened a bug at:

The idea here is to change the order of the providers of virtual/udev.
For existing installs this has zero impact.
For stage3 this would mean that eudev is pulled in instead of udev.

The rationale behind this is:

* eudev is an in-house fork, and there's more than a dozen distros
already using it by default that are not us. Which is a little bit weird ...

* Both udev and eudev have pretty much feature parity, so there won't be
any user-visible changes

* udev upstream strongly discourages standalone udev (without systemd)
since at least 2012

(see for example:

So it'd be (1) following upstreams recommendations and (2) dogfooding
our own tools. I don't see any downsides to this :)

Patrice Clement | 8 Feb 09:59 2016

Last rites: net-libs/iojs

# Patrice Clement <monsieurp <at>> (08 Feb 2016)
# iojs and nodejs merged and formed the new major version nodejs 4.0. iojs will
# not be maintained after 3.3.x and all users are suggested to move to nodejs 4
# (or newer) as quick as possible to avoid any security-related issues.
# Masked for removal in 30 days. See bug 573870.


Patrice Clement
Gentoo Linux developer
Robin H. Johnson | 8 Feb 01:05 2016

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2016-02-07 23:59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2016-02-07 23:59 UTC.

app-admin/ec2-api-tools         20160207-10:56 monsieurp     9d429eb
dev-java/istack-commons-tools   20160206-15:41 mrueg         aa8a916
dev-java/jaxb-tools             20160206-15:37 mrueg         15c0abf
dev-java/jax-ws-tools           20160206-15:40 mrueg         33356ae
dev-java/struts                 20160207-11:00 monsieurp     10c2a08
dev-java/struts-core            20160207-11:00 monsieurp     10c2a08
dev-java/struts-plugins         20160207-11:00 monsieurp     10c2a08
dev-java/struts-xwork           20160207-11:00 monsieurp     10c2a08
dev-perl/YAML-Parser-Syck       20160207-10:09 pacho         cbe05e3
dev-php/pecl-zendopcache        20160207-10:09 pacho         cbe05e3
games-puzzle/krystaldrop        20160204-22:15 mr_bones_     554a5e8
x11-misc/matchbox-panel-manager 20160206-17:13 mrueg         bc6d210

app-antivirus/skyldav           20160201-08:03 wschlich      6ea3e65
app-benchmarks/stress-ng        20160204-06:02 idella4       2b3957b
app-emacs/with-editor           20160202-06:24 graaff        38cb458
app-emulation/grub-xen-host     20160103-20:16 cardoe        3387c0a
dev-go/beego                    20160207-16:57 zmedico       e9618c1
dev-go/go-sqlite3               20160207-09:04 zmedico       2a49cfa
dev-haskell/arithmoi            20160206-14:35 slyfox        bcaeae8
dev-libs/libucl                 20160204-03:36 bugs          e56d2b3
dev-ml/bson                     20160206-15:56 aballier      3fc68d2
dev-ml/mongo                    20160206-16:04 aballier      9cce317
dev-ml/ocaml-cairo              20160206-16:32 aballier      f7c9abd
dev-ml/ppx_assert               20160205-16:30 aballier      621e3cc
(Continue reading)

James Le Cuirot | 7 Feb 23:51 2016

Last rites: sci-biology/{biojava,mauve,mauvealigner}

# James Le Cuirot <chewi <at>> (07 Feb 2016)
# BioJava depends on commons-dbcp:0, which requires Java 6. Even the
# latest "legacy" version 1.9.1 does so and no one wants to do the
# difficult bump to 4.1.0. Mauve depends on BioJava but being a very
# outdated live SVN ebuild, it probably doesn't work anyway. This goes
# for Mauve Aligner too. Removal in 30 days. See bug #556470.


James Le Cuirot (chewi)
Gentoo Linux Developer
Alex Alexander | 7 Feb 23:00 2016

[warning] the bug queue has 93 bugs

Our bug queue has 93 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


M.B. | 7 Feb 11:38 2016

games.eclass policy

Hello folks.

While hacking away on a new ebuild I came across the issue that
games.eclass apparently got banned from future use. The only references
I was able to dig up (apart from helpful people on IRC), were (games.eclass: use of
games group needs to be removed wrt 20151011 Council meeting)
(A mere deprecation notice).

In contrast, a simple "grep deprec /usr/portage/eclass/" gives numerous
deprecation warnings; just games.eclass is not among them.

Please provide some guidance how (community-)developers are supposed to
handle games (in particular wrt games.eclass) in the future. This also
includes usage of /usr/games/{bin/lib/share} etc.


Alex Alexander | 6 Feb 23:00 2016

[warning] the bug queue has 82 bugs

Our bug queue has 82 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


Alex Brandt | 6 Feb 16:48 2016

Packages Up For Grabs


I spoke with steveeJ the maintainer of app-emulation/rkt and that 
package is also without a maintainer.  Please, feel free to take 
app-emulation/rkt, and if we're still the maintainers in two 
weeks, I'll mark it as maintainer-needed.


app-emulation/rkt will be marked maintainer-needed in two weeks if 
not claimed.



Alex Brandt
Software Developer for Rackspace and Developer for Gentoo
Davide Pesavento | 6 Feb 03:18 2016

Last rites: dev-python/PyQtMobility

# Davide Pesavento <pesa <at>> (06 Feb 2016)
# Masked for removal in 30 days. Doesn't build against recent PyQt4
# versions, bug 527572, not trivial to fix. Upstream doesn't seem to
# care anymore, last release was in 2012. Zero reverse deps.

Alex Brandt | 30 Jan 18:45 2016

Automatic Bug Assignment

Hey Guys,

I've oft wondered why we don't automatically assign bugs to the 
ebuild maintainer (if a CPV is in the subject).  Would there be an 
issue with adding a bug modification hook to bugzilla or a daily 
job to re-assign bugs to ebuild owners (if a CPV is in the 

Just curious not trying to incite anything.



Alex Brandt
Software Developer for Rackspace and Developer for Gentoo
Alexis Ballier | 4 Feb 15:05 2016

New virtual: virtual/jack for jack protocol implementations


We've been supporting jack sound server [1] for a long time.
Currently, we're supporting jack1 as
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit. However, jack2 has been out for
quite some time.

As its name does not imply, jack2 is not really the successor of jack1
but rather another implementation of the same protocol [2]. As such, I
don't think it is wise to add jack2 as an update to jack1 in
media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit but rather to add a new package
(media-sound/jack2) along with a virtual that packages can depend onto.

Proposed ebuild for the virtual is here:

Best regards,