Michał Górny | 30 Oct 12:20 2014

GLEP draft review: 'Post-install QA checks'

Hello, developers and almost-developers :).

I have finished the first draft of 'post-install QA checks' GLEP [1],
and I would like to get some reviews of it :).

The whole effort started with me splitting the original QA check
function in Portage into install-qa-check.d. Now I'd like to have
a well-defined spec for the checks that can be stored in repositories
and installed by packages. Kensington has extended it with machine-
logging facilities so that tinderbox would be able to easily parse QA
check results.

Abstract (pasted for reference)

This GLEP provides a mechanism for running QA checks on installation
image after src_install phase exits. The checks can be provided by
the Package Manager, repositories, packages (installed system-wide)
and the system administrator. The QA checks can inspect the installation
image, output and store both user- and machine-oriented QA warning logs,
manipulate the files and abort the install, as necessary.



Best regards,
Michał Górny
Toralf Förster | 29 Oct 19:03 2014

how to use spare server resources

I own a dedicated server (i-3770, 4 real + 4 HT cores w/ 3.4 GHz) with 16 GB RAM and 2 x 3 TB hard disk, 1 GBit/s network.

Currently 7.6 cpus do run idle at 1.6 GHz (cpu governor ondemand), 10 GB RAM are unused and 4.5 TB disk are not
even allocated. It might be that I oversized it for the current purpose.

I'm wondering how to use the spare CPU cycles. Compile-test of the kernel ("make randconfig") made sense in
the past, but during the last few years it became fruitless. Currently I do polish my BOINC rank for
Einstein <at> Home and World Community Grid.

What came into my mind; what's about chroot's test scenarios and so on. Any ideas and/or links ?


pgp key: 0076 E94E

Samuli Suominen | 29 Oct 12:28 2014

[RFC] >=udev-217 or >=eudev-2.1 upgrade news item

request for review before committing, suggestions welcome since it's
rather short what
i got to say

Title: Upgrade to udev >= 217 or eudev >= 2.1
Author: Samuli Suominen <ssuominen <at> gentoo.org>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2014-10-29
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 1.0
Display-If-Installed: <sys-fs/udev-217
Display-If-Installed: <sys-fs/eudev-2.1

If you need firmware loading support, you need to run at least Linux >= 3.7
kernel with CONFIG_FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER=n config option set, because
>=sys-fs/udev-217 and >=sys-fs/eudev-2.1 no longer has userspace firmware

[1] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Udev/upgrade#udev_216_to_217
Andreas K. Huettel | 27 Oct 23:27 2014

last rites: mail-filter/spamassassin-fuzzyocr

# Andreas K. Huettel <dilfridge <at> gentoo.org> (27 Oct 2014)
# Multiple QA issues (#344187, #319433, #317575, #174466) 
# no upstream releases for a long time. 
# Masked for removal in 30 days

(ack'ed by chutzpah)



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge <at> gentoo.org

Robin H. Johnson | 27 Oct 22:58 2014

Re: [gentoo-commits] gentoo-x86 commit in net-nds/openldap/files: openldap-2.4.40-db-6.patch

On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 09:04:19PM +0000, Howard Chu wrote:
> Robin H. Johnson (robbat2) wrote:
> > robbat2     14/10/27 19:15:09
> >
> >    Removed:              openldap-2.4.40-db-6.patch
> >    Log:
> >    Upstream OpenLDAP nixes bdb6 functionality.
> Not entirely accurate. We didn't nix all of BDB 6 - you can still use BDB 
> 6.0.19, which was the last release before the license change.
6.0.19 isn't in our tree. It didn't pass it's own testsuite when I tried
it, so I didn't ship it.


Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux: Developer, Infrastructure Lead
E-Mail     : robbat2 <at> gentoo.org
GnuPG FP   : 11ACBA4F 4778E3F6 E4EDF38E B27B944E 34884E85

Manuel Rüger | 25 Oct 18:10 2014

Last rites: net-print/foomatic-filters-ppds

# Deprecated by upstream, Debian removed it in 2010.
# Contents of this package moved to foomatic-db{,-engine,-ppds}
# and cups-filters.
# Masking for removal in 30 days.

Tim Harder | 25 Oct 10:33 2014

last rites: dev-util/cmockery

# Tim Harder <radhermit <at> gentoo.org> (25 Oct 2014)                                                                                                                        
# Deprecated project, devwlopment continues in dev-util/cmocka.                                                                                                          
# Masked for removal in 30 days.                                                                                                                                         
Tim Harder | 25 Oct 10:14 2014

last rites: dev-python/pry

# Tim Harder <radhermit <at> gentoo.org> (25 Oct 2014)                                                                                                                        
# Upstream migrated to nose for testing instead of their own framework.                                                                                                  
# Masked for removal in 30 days.                                                                                                                                         
Andreas K. Huettel | 24 Oct 21:57 2014

last rites: dev-perl/DateTime-Format-DateManip

# Andreas K. Huettel <dilfridge <at> gentoo.org> (24 Oct 2014)
# Fails tests (bug 421797), no reverse deps in tree, VERY dead
# upstream, last release 10 years ago. Masked for removal in 30 days.



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge <at> gentoo.org

Andreas K. Huettel | 24 Oct 21:32 2014

last rites: dev-perl/SVN-Mirror

# Andreas K. Huettel <dilfridge <at> gentoo.org> (24 Oct 2014)
# Fails tests (bug 277407), no reverse deps in tree, no releases
# since many years, unlikely to work with uptodate subversion
# Masked for removal in 30 days



Andreas K. Huettel
Gentoo Linux developer 
dilfridge <at> gentoo.org

Anthony G. Basile | 24 Oct 19:12 2014

status of bugs blocking gcc-4.8.3

Hi everyone,

Regarding blockers against bug  #461954 "(gcc-4.8) GCC 4.8 porting" and  
bug #516152 "(gcc-4.8-stable) sys-devel/gcc-4.8.? stabilization" here is 
the current situation:

bug #516548 - (PR61538) broken atomic on MIPS R10000
-> As far as I can tell, this only effects R10000.  It does not effect 
the fulong or longson (lemote netbooks), nor some other router boards i 

bug #503838 - (PR60465) sys-libs/glibc: building w/gcc-4.8 crashes early 
on ia64
-> This effects only ia64.

bug #500064 - app-emulation/virtualbox-4.3.6 fails to build with gcc 
4.8.x in bundled iPXE
-> Poly-C wants to stabilize these along side gcc-4.8.

bug #465268 - dev-embedded/msp430-gcc-4.6.3_p20120406 with gcc-4.8.0
-> This is working with gcc-4.9 and doesn't need to hold up 4.8.

bug 458706 - PaX: Max. per-task virtual memory too small for llvm asan 
and gcc-4.8 asan
-> AddressSanitizer doesn't work with a PaX hardened kernel. Nor does it 
work on several arches nor on musl.  vapier has done some masking here.

bug 513386 - net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.4.3 - ./.libs/libwebkitgtk-3.0.so: 
undefined reference to `_ZNSt6chrono12steady_clock3nowEv <at> GLIBCXX_3.4.17'
-> This is a problem.  It relates to abi mismatching with libstdc++.  
(Continue reading)