Pacho Ramos | 25 Jul 21:28 2014

About current ppc/ppc64 status


With last gnome maintained packages stabilization round I noticed some
pending stabilizations/keywordings for really a long time waiting for
ppc* teams. For example: -> it's waiting for more
than a year and it's blocking from dropping old versions for so long -> the same case, and we
cannot drop that stable keywords because looks like ppc team still wants
to keep kde in stable

Then, I finally needed to ask Agostino for help because of that and I
wondered if there are some kind of issue in this teams, if they are
still able to keep ppc* as stable arches or... :/

I see two options:
- Move ppc* to testing only -> I guess some people will disagree as this
architecture is not so old and probably it's still used by enough people
- Clarify what packages do they really want in stable. 

The problem of all this is that, as it is shown in this concrete
example, if they want to keep, for example, KDE in stable, they will
need to also be fast enough for other dependencies. If not, we could go
with the "package-per-package" proposal that was approved one year ago
by the Council for alpha/ia64. 

But the problem of "package-per-package" proposal is shown in:

Once we start dropping stable keyword in one package, we need to do the
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Ian Stakenvicius | 25 Jul 20:49 2014

RFC: USE flags in virtuals, to allow a specific provider to be determined

Hey all..  So, putting aside for now how much of a mess this would be
to implement in the virtuals' ebuilds themselves, what do people think
of changing the virtuals so that they contain an entry in IUSE for
each provider that can satisfy it?

The idea here is that the package satisfying a virtual could be
optionally explicitly-chosen through package.use (or USE= in
make.conf, perhaps) instead of having an entry in  <at> world, that way if
nothing depends on the virtual then it and the provider can be
--depclean'ed from the system.  The idea is specifically NOT to have
rdeps depend on these flags, that would undermine the whole purpose of
the virtual; it would just be for end-users to set if they so chose.

This may also help with getting portage to peg a virtual's provider to
a specific package instead of constantly trying to switch from one to
another, ie, how systemd kept getting pulled in, in relation to the
upower virtual.  Note - I haven't done any tests to determine if this
actually helps with such issues tho (or even attempted to reproduce
them, as i was apparently one of the lucky ones that it didn't happen to).

I don't know if this would aid heavy binpkg users or not.

For completion, here's one of those rather messy examples:

--- virtual/krb5-0.ebuild       2013-06-28 09:04:47.000000000 -0400
+++ virtual/   2014-07-25 14:47:48.000000000 -0400
 <at>  <at>  -2,7 +2,7  <at>  <at> 
 # Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
 # $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/virtual/krb5/krb5-0.ebuild,v 1.2
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J. Roeleveld | 23 Jul 15:24 2014

Help needed with ebuilds for

Hi All,

I am trying to create an ebuild for Egroupware 14.1. (released this month)

To find out the dependencies, I am going through the setup check and am stuck 
with the following:
Checking PEAR (2.16.0) is installed: False
PEAR::Horde_Imap_Client is needed by: EMailAdmin. You can install it by 
running: pear channel-discover ; pear install

If I run those commands, it works, however, I prefer to use ebuilds for the 
I tried to create some based on existing ebuilds from the kolab overlay (they 
also use the "" channel), but even though the install seems to 
work, it still isn't found.

I also tried to adjust an existing PEAR ebuild to:
# Copyright 1999-2011 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# $Header: $

inherit php-pear-r1

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"Paweł Hajdan, Jr." | 23 Jul 19:48 2014

gcc-4.8 may be needed in stable for www-client/chromium-38.x

Looks like www-client/chromium is going to start using c++11 seriously
and require gcc-4.8+, see thread

This is in the dev channel for now, but given the 6 weeks release cycle
it'll go to stable in about 3 months, and every time it's a security update.

I'm trying to get Gentoo prepared now, and so what are our chances to
get gcc-4.8 to stable by that time?

Possible alternative solutions:

1. Depend on clang, and force the build to use it. Possible problem with
this is that since chromium uses very bleeding edge clang, this can put
some strain on our system clang just as well.

2. Patch chromium to make it compile with gcc-4.7. This is almost always
technically possible, but can be a maintainability burden, especially if
upstream doesn't accept some parts of the patches. Also, there are known
problem with chromium, c++11 and gcc-4.7
, although Gentoo is not affected by this one because we have newer dbus).



Samuli Suominen | 24 Jul 21:22 2014

USE="gudev introspection" removal from virtual/udev tomorrow'ish

gentoo-x86 has been converted to use virtual/libgudev.   big thanks to
_AxS_ who helped me to
get it finally done.

that means we will be removing compability USE flags "gudev
introspection" from virtual/udev
tomorrow'ish (only waiting for gnome-overlay folks)

run this in your overlay:

$ grep virtual.*udev.*gudev */*/*.ebuild

and convert them to EAPI=5 syntax virtual/libgudev:= but don't do it
without making sure you don't
need virtual/libudev:= or virtual/udev (like for udevd, udev.pc for
udevdir value) as well

the Tracker is:

hasufell | 21 Jul 21:37 2014

don't rely on dynamic deps

afaiu dynamic deps are broken and not defined in PMS

still... people seem to fix deps without revbumping, causing users who
either don't use dynamic deps (it's optional for portage through
--dynamic-deps=y, although it's on by default) or who use a different PM
to not get the fix, at worst resulting in broken dependency calculation

* stop fixing dependencies without revbumping
* add an appropriate question to the dev quiz
* remove dynamic deps from portage (afair that is already considered by
the portage team)

Manuel Rüger | 21 Jul 18:22 2014

Default HOMEPAGE for packages with unavailable website

Hi everyone,

currently there is no default link, when the website of a package
becomes unavailable or never existed at all.
I've created a wikipage, which can be used instead of filling HOMEPAGE
with "" or non-valid urls like "none".

Please check your packages and update them to this link:

Feel free to add further useful information to the wikipage.


Samuli Suominen | 21 Jul 17:52 2014

We should lastrite splashutils in it's current form and not allow it in tree before it's fixed.

media-gfx/splashutils fails to build, and it fails everytime one of it's
reverse dependency changes dependencies because it fails to use
pkg-config to query "Libs: "

it's supposed to have proxy-maint, but nobody is pushing fixes for the
supposed proxy-maint

it's in no shape to be in tree as-is, and since spock <at> g.o has retired
and was also the upstream of it, well, there is no upstream for it

no upstream, no downstream, fails to build, bugs with patches but nobody
to push them -> lastriting the package in 2 weeks, this
is the first heads up mail

17 bugs found:

326759     Gentoo S     Vulnerab     security <at>     IN_P   
 ---     <media-gfx/splashutils- internal copy of vuln.
libpng (CVE-2010-1205)     2013-10-13
307525     Gentoo S     Auditing     security <at>     IN_P   
 ---     <media-gfx/splashutils- statically links to
vulnerable jpeg and freetype     2013-06-16
354157     Gentoo L     Core sys     asaf.gery <at>     CONF   
 ---     media-gfx/splashutils- does not copy the
initrd.splash into the initrd     2013-06-16
354639     Gentoo L     Applicat     asaf.gery <at>     CONF   
 ---     media-gfx/splashutils- does not go into verbose mode
with 'nox' boot option     2013-06-16
233267     Gentoo L     Unspecif     asaf.gery <at>     CONF   
 ---     media-gfx/splashutils: fsck vs bootsplash     2013-06-16
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Thomas Kahle | 21 Jul 06:23 2014



the OCR software tesseract has many different plugins for
language packs used for OCR for different languages.  The ebuild
uses the LINGUAS variable to pass the choice of which packages to
install to the user.

A reverse dependency is app-text/pdfsandwich which roughly puts
OCR'ed text in a scanned pdf.  Since it uses tesseract it
supports exactly those languages that tesseract supports.

Should its ebuild have LINGUAS use flags and then depend on
tesseract with at least those flags set?

While it seems consistent to put the LINGUAS choice in the most
user facing package, in this case I would actually not put it in
here.  It would introduces a point of failure and maintenance
work for the each tesseract upgrade (since the language set
slightly changes from time to time).  A typical user would set
LINGUAS in her make.conf anyway.  In this case the same choice
applies to both packages anyway.  Maybe an einfo is sufficient to
inform the user it?



Thomas Kahle

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Robin H. Johnson | 21 Jul 02:25 2014

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2014-07-20 23h59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2014-07-20 23h59 UTC.

net-misc/curl            	2014-07-15 09:29:56	blueness
net-libs/cyassl          	2014-07-15 10:09:41	blueness
dev-ruby/text-format     	2014-07-18 07:45:59	graaff
dev-ruby/jruby-debug-base	2014-07-18 07:46:58	graaff
games-util/rubygfe       	2014-07-18 07:47:43	graaff
perl-core/PodParser      	2014-07-20 13:57:17	dilfridge

sys-block/megactl        	2014-07-14 00:52:23	robbat2
dev-python/fexpect       	2014-07-14 20:27:20	jlec
mail-filter/postfwd      	2014-07-15 00:19:41	mschiff
net-misc/curl            	2014-07-15 09:40:13	blueness
dev-python/wheel         	2014-07-15 17:19:38	djc
dev-ruby/celluloid-io    	2014-07-15 18:18:23	mrueg
sys-process/tiptop       	2014-07-16 07:18:11	patrick
dev-ruby/meterpreter_bins	2014-07-17 19:08:53	zerochaos
sys-power/thermald       	2014-07-17 22:16:03	dlan
net-analyzer/check_mk    	2014-07-17 23:10:12	dlan
app-admin/fleet          	2014-07-19 19:43:53	alunduil
perl-core/Pod-Parser     	2014-07-20 13:50:44	dilfridge

Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux Developer
E-Mail     : robbat2 <at>
GnuPG FP   : 11AC BA4F 4778 E3F6 E4ED  F38E B27B 944E 3488 4E85
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Agostino Sarubbo | 20 Jul 21:28 2014

Enable format-security in the dev profiles



I'd like to enable by default format-security at least in the dev profiles.







Agostino Sarubbo

Gentoo Linux Developer