Markos Chandras | 6 Oct 18:32 2015

Make 'audit' a global useflag?


The following packages currently use the 'audit' local useflag

~$ qgrep -N -s -l -e "^IUSE.*audit" | sed "s <at> -[0-9].* <at>  <at> " | sort -n | uniq


(+ lightdm which I just committed)

How about making it global with the following description?

"Enable support for <pkg>sys-process/audit</pkg>"

which is similar to what most packages use?


Markos Chandras
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William Hubbs | 6 Oct 15:33 2015

unnecessary revbump

I don't think the revbump of net-misc/openconnect-7.06-r1 to -r2 was
necessary. When the change purely affects use flags, that is picked up
by the pm and there is no need to force everyone to rebuild the package.



Jason A. Donenfeld | 5 Oct 17:28 2015

LibreSSL switch-over progress

Hi guys,

I've seen we now have a libressl USE flag, per the discussion in the
other thread. Horrah!

Last night I tried to enable that flag globally, and then reemerge
everything relevant. Unfortunately, I got some unresolvable blockers.
Presumably the reason is that some packages have the libressl USE
flag, while others don't have it. I assume there are developers hard
at work adding the flag to each and every package.

The reason for this post is: how do I know when to try switching over
again? Can the folks involved with the flagging operation agree to
make a blog post or a mailing list post when it's all done? This would
probably be quite nice for users too. In fact, I wouldn't mind a
portage news item about this.



Jason A. Donenfeld
Gentoo Linux Security & Infrastructure
zx2c4 <at>

Robin H. Johnson | 5 Oct 02:05 2015

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2015-10-04 23:59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2015-10-04 23:59 UTC.

net-misc/guidedog                       20150929-18:30 kensington    d22cab8

dev-embedded/sunxi-tools                20151002-22:08 chainsaw      2787244
dev-java/commons-email                  20150930-17:53 monsieurp     25d5ff0
dev-python/pyldap                       20151001-07:02 jlec          5d7f0a4
dev-python/pytest-catchlog              20150930-14:32 jlec          78b64f9
dev-ros/amcl                            20150930-09:46 aballier      87fd847
dev-ros/audio_capture                   20150928-13:02 aballier      54a0d6a
dev-ros/audio_common_msgs               20150928-13:00 aballier      cd8a308
dev-ros/audio_play                      20150928-13:01 aballier      500c036
dev-ros/base_local_planner              20150930-11:24 aballier      ef8cbd7
dev-ros/carrot_planner                  20150930-11:25 aballier      f50af99
dev-ros/clear_costmap_recovery          20150930-11:47 aballier      8f4f4cd
dev-ros/costmap_2d                      20150930-10:26 aballier      8d5cc0a
dev-ros/dwa_local_planner               20150930-12:02 aballier      7155c58
dev-ros/fake_localization               20150930-11:58 aballier      3377e6c
dev-ros/global_planner                  20150930-11:59 aballier      4ea24d7
dev-ros/gmapping                        20150930-09:17 aballier      73f0e9d
dev-ros/hector_compressed_map_transport 20150928-12:51 aballier      fe095fb
dev-ros/hector_geotiff                  20150928-12:50 aballier      5b5fa76
dev-ros/hector_geotiff_plugins          20150928-12:52 aballier      7b39a99
dev-ros/hector_imu_attitude_to_tf       20150928-12:53 aballier      b4b38e6
dev-ros/hector_imu_tools                20150928-12:52 aballier      c0d15ad
dev-ros/hector_mapping                  20150928-12:56 aballier      5aac6f5
dev-ros/hector_map_server               20150928-12:55 aballier      00bf347
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Alex Alexander | 4 Oct 23:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 93 bugs

Our bug queue has 93 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


Mike Gilbert | 4 Oct 16:11 2015

Python 3.5 is in, Python 3.3 deprecation

Hi all,

Python 3.5 has been added to ~arch this morning. Please feel free to
test and add python3_5 to PYTHON_COMPAT as appropriate.

Also, to keep the number of supported implementations manageable, I
would like to deprecate Python 3.3. This means that it should not be
added to PYTHON_COMPAT in new packages. Does anyone object to this, or
have some reason we should keep it as "supported"?

See the wiki for the current status of python implementations.

Patrice Clement | 3 Oct 10:25 2015

Last rites: dev-java/xmlc + dev-db/derby

# Patrice Clement <monsieurp <at>> (1 Oct 2015)
# Project is over 10 years old and seems to have stalled.
# Masked for removal in 30 days. See bug 561954.

# Patrice Clement <monsieurp <at>> (24 Sep 2015)
# This package was never marked stable 
# and is relying on an old version of JavaCC.
# Masked for removal in 30 days. See bug 561410.
William Hubbs | 2 Oct 23:59 2015

rfc: removing mount-ro from OpenRC


it has come up in discussion of how to handle aufs file systems (or
maybe how not to) that /etc/init.d/mount-ro may be able to be removed from
OpenRC [1].

Does anyone know why we need this init script (it is Linux only), or why
we can't remove it?


hasufell | 2 Oct 18:45 2015

getting openssl SLOT right

While adding libressl support I encountered a lot of ebuilds that do
stuff like:
    ssl? ( dev-libs/openssl )

There are very few cases where this is actually correct.

# cave contents dev-libs/openssl:0.9.8

There are no headers whatsoever. This slot is for binary compatibility
and the only consumer seems to be app-text/acroread. If you build
against openssl, you most certainly need dev-libs/openssl:0.
"dev-libs/openssl:*" or "dev-libs/openssl:=" are not correct either
(yes, there are ebuilds that do that).

If you fix that, also consider adding libressl support [0].


Mike Gilbert | 2 Oct 16:49 2015

repoman and useless dependency.badmasked warnings


I am getting the output below when I run repoman full for sys-apps/systemd.

It is basically telling me that systemd (which is masked in the
selinux profiles) cannot depend on sys-apps/dbus[systemd], because the
systemd use flag is also masked.

That's perfectly fine and I suppose it is valid, but there is nothing
I can do to resolve it and I don't need to be reminded of it every
time I run repoman.

Does anyone find dependency.badmasked useful? Can we remove it, or at
least disable it by default?

RepoMan scours the neighborhood...
  KEYWORDS.dropped              1
   sys-apps/systemd/systemd-224-r1.ebuild: alpha ppc ppc64 sparc
  dependency.badmasked          24
   sys-apps/systemd/systemd-218-r3.ebuild: PDEPEND:
   sys-apps/systemd/systemd-218-r3.ebuild: PDEPEND:
   sys-apps/systemd/systemd-218-r3.ebuild: PDEPEND:
   sys-apps/systemd/systemd-218-r4.ebuild: PDEPEND:
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William Hubbs | 2 Oct 01:06 2015

OpenRC and BusyBox


I would like to call attention, in a separate thread, to the
incompatibility issues between OpenRC and BusyBox [1].

What is the status of getting these issues checked out? they have been
open for some time with no responses.