Michał Górny | 30 Aug 13:46 2014

maintainer-needed <at> packages need you!


Right now, we have 1262 packages assigned to maintainer-needed <at> . Only
a few of them have a large number of bugs, many have just version bump
requests. 953 packages have no bug open.

Please consider adopting some of the packages, or at least fixing some
of the relevant bugs. For package - bug count list, take a look at [1].
Please note that this list is not autogenerated, so it will soon be
outdated, I hope :).

We should also consider removing some of the packages listed there.



Best regards,
Michał Górny
Jauhien Piatlicki | 30 Aug 01:09 2014

systemd profiles

Hi all,

I have a simple question: why do we have systemd subprofiles only in gnome and kde profiles?

Could we add systemd subprofiles also to default/linux/$arch/13.0/ and desktop (and any other profiles
where it makes sense)?

Thanks for answers,

Michał Górny | 29 Aug 20:37 2014

Guidelines for forward bash-completion compatibility

Hello, developers.

Here are a few short notes on how to properly install bash-completions
so that they will work fine with autoloading support that will be
enabled in bash-completion-2.1-r100.

I will also place the following instructions on the wiki once I figure
out where. Suggestions are welcome :).

1. Completion files are to be installed to the directory specified by
$(get_bashcompdir) from bash-completion-r1 (dobashcomp and newbashcomp
respect that).

1a. Allowed exception: if the build system has hardcoded
/usr/share/bash-completion/completions path, it is acceptable to leave
it as-is and not use the eclass.

1b. Allowed exception: if the build system uses pkg-config to determine
completionsdir and doesn't allow override, it is acceptable to leave
it as-is. However, you need to DEPEND on app-shells/ebash-completion
then -- so it's better to actually make the path configurable.

2. Completion files must be named after *all* commands they're
completing. For example, completion for pulseaudio has to be named
'pulseaudio' and not 'pulseaudio-bash-completion.sh'.

2a. If a completion file provides completions for multiple commands,
it should be installed for one of the commands, and symlinked for
the others. For example, 'pacat', 'paplay', 'parecord' etc. should be
all symlinked to 'pulseaudio'. Extra aliases can be created using
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Sven Vermeulen | 29 Aug 17:30 2014

Removing 'selinux? ( sec-policy/selinux-*)' from DEPEND

tldr; I want to remove USE="selinux" deps from DEPEND in
non-libselinux-linking packages in a sane manner and use a bug tracker with
6 months timeframe.

Hi all

In the past, to enable proper SELinux support in our tree, we had to have
the appropriate SELinux policy modules installed and loaded before the
package/application for which the policy was designed is merged to the
system. The reason is that otherwise the files installed on the system will
have the wrong labels assigned, making the applications unable to function

We implemented this by having the USE="selinux" triggered dependency in both
DEPEND (needed before merge) and RDEPEND (policy needs to be available
during runtime), like so:

DEPEND="selinux? ( sec-policy/selinux-somepolicy )"
RDEPEND="selinux? ( sec-policy/selinux-somepolicy )"

Recently, we updated the SELinux eclass so that after installation of a
policy package, the reverse dependencies of that package are looked up and
those reverse dependencies are relabeled (i.e. proper SELinux labels are
assigned to the files of that package).

With this change, we implement the same end result (correctly labeled files
after installation) while removing the need for the DEPEND dependency. After
all, this was not a build-time dependency but a "merge-time" one, which we
abused a bit to make things work.

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Michael Palimaka | 28 Aug 17:14 2014

News item: semantic-desktop USE flag changes

Title: semantic-desktop USE flag changes
Author: Michael Palimaka <kensington <at> gentoo.org>
Content-Type: text/plain
Posted: 2014-08-29
Revision: 1
News-Item-Format: 1.0
Display-If-Installed: kde-base/kdelibs[semantic-desktop]

KDE 4.13 introduces Baloo, the next generation semantic search
infrastructure. It replaces Nepomuk, although Nepomuk is still
supported as a number of applications have not yet been ported.

In order to reflect these upstream changes, a change in USE flag
behaviour is necessary. The existing 'semantic-desktop' USE flag now
controls Baloo support, and a new 'nepomuk' USE flag has been

The new 'nepomuk' USE flag is not enabled by default. You will need to
enable it if you are using any applications that still require Nepomuk
support. Otherwise, no action is required.


New LINGUAS USE_EXPAND for Catalan/Valencian RACV: ca_XR? ca <at> valencia-racv?

Dear all,

OpenOffice recently introduced language support for Valencian RACV
grammar, using the nonstandard ca_XR language tag. This is presumably
different from the AVL grammar (OpenOffice uses ca_XV) which also exists
and already has two global LINGUAS: "ca_XV" that was at some point used
by LibreOffice, but is now unused and replaced by the local flag
"ca_valencia", and "ca <at> valencia" used by Calligra and others.

If I understand correctly, POSIX locales use
language[_territory][ <at> modifier] format, and the X in the "territory" is
used to denote a non-standard extension. I am however unsure whether
ca_XR is a correct use of "territory".

Debian for example uses ca-ES <at> valencia for Valencian AVL, which appears
to be based on the IETF BCP-47 (basically language[-region][-variant])
language tag ca-ES-valencia.

Is it ok to add a ca_XR or ca <at> valencia-racv USE_EXPAND to LINGUAS or is
there a better solution? Should LINGUAS try to imitate POSIX or BCP-47?

Best regards,
Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn

Michał Górny | 28 Aug 00:37 2014

The future of dohtml

Fellow developers,

I would like you to answer three questions, without looking at some

a. what does dohtml do, exactly?

b. what are the default file suffixes installed by dohtml?

c. what are the options accepted by dohtml? what do they do?

I doubt that most of the developers can answer those questions. Long
story short, dohtml is a terribly overcomplex, confusing function that
shouldn't really live in its current form.

Bug #520546 gives some insight and numbers on the issues with dohtml
and the scope of it. Most importantly:

1. Many ebuilds use it as some kind of 'docinto html; dodoc -r ...'
without even knowing that it does filtering by suffix. Some ebuilds
fail to install some of the files because of that...

2. The default suffix list will never fit everyone. Most people don't
have an idea what's there, bugs asking to change it will keep
happening, and requests for even more features [2,3].

3. The number of options exceeds any other PM command. Some of them are
not used even once, some of them are used scarcely. Having so many
options only increases confusion and makes reading ebuilds harder.

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Robin H. Johnson | 27 Aug 18:34 2014

Bugzilla maintenance, for a few hours


I'm taking Bugzilla down for migration and maintenance.

Expected completion by Aug 28 00:00 UTC.


Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux: Developer, Infrastructure Lead
E-Mail     : robbat2 <at> gentoo.org
GnuPG FP   : 11ACBA4F 4778E3F6 E4EDF38E B27B944E 34884E85

Michał Górny | 27 Aug 17:06 2014

[PATCH] bash-completion-r1: support for aliasing completions for commands


One of the requirements of the completion autoloading is that there is
a file or symlink in ${completionsdir} for every completed command. For
example, if 'bakefile' completion provides completions for both
bakefile and bakefile_gen, there should be an extra symlink
from bakefile_gen to bakefile.

To make it easy to accommodate this requirements for Gentoo-originating
completions and to fix issues with upstream completions, I would like
to add a new bashcomp_alias() function.

It is to be used like:

  newbashcomp bash_completion bakefile
  bashcomp_alias bakefile bakefile_gen


  bashcomp_alias emerge ebuild revdep-rebuild metagen ...

Please review.

diff -u -B -r1.13 bash-completion-r1.eclass
--- bash-completion-r1.eclass	27 Aug 2014 08:15:27 -0000	1.13
+++ bash-completion-r1.eclass	27 Aug 2014 14:47:01 -0000
 <at>  <at>  -116,3 +116,19  <at>  <at> 
 		newins "${ <at> }"
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Kristian Fiskerstrand | 26 Aug 21:02 2014

Lastrite: media-sound/cowbell

# Kristian Fiskerstrand <k_f <at> gentoo.org> (26 Aug 2014)
# Open security bug #386221 (CVE-2010-3353)
# Does not seem actively maintained
# Masked for removal in 30 days


Kristian Fiskerstrand
Public PGP key 0xE3EDFAE3 at hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net
fpr:94CB AFDD 3034 5109 5618 35AA 0B7F 8B60 E3ED FAE3
Anthony G. Basile | 26 Aug 20:27 2014

Update to the pax-utils.eclass

Hi everyone,

I plan to update the pax-utils.eclass because of bug #520198.  Can 
people please review that bug and the latest suggestion for the eclass.  
Since I'm inverting some if and for blocks, a diff isn't as useful as 
just looking at the entire class.


Anthony G. Basile, Ph.D.
Gentoo Linux Developer [Hardened]
E-Mail    : blueness <at> gentoo.org
GnuPG FP  : 1FED FAD9 D82C 52A5 3BAB  DC79 9384 FA6E F52D 4BBA
GnuPG ID  : F52D4BBA