Matthias Maier | 27 May 01:12 2015

Packages up for grabs

Just a bunch of packages I'm no longer interested in (and that are
hardly useful to begin with...):


Thomas Kahle | 26 May 09:59 2015

Bugzilla config wrt games


I maintain a game (games-strategy/freeotion) aside from the games herd.
 When users report bugs, they choose the "Games" component and then bugs
get auto-assigned to the games alias.  This is also the recommended

Given our games maintenance rules this seems wrong.  Shouldn't games
bugs be wrangled based on metadata like other bugs?

I understand that changing this behaviour would create a lot of useless
bugwrangling work... so maybe there is a different solution?



Thomas Kahle

Hans de Graaff | 25 May 10:56 2015

Last rites: www-servers/gorg

# Hans de Graaff <graaff <at>> (25 May 2015)
# With the wwwold services going offline gorg no longer plays a role
# in Gentoo's web environment. The wwwold services went offline due to
# issues with gorg and instead of trying to fix them it was decided to
# move the offline date forward. Consequently gorg will now also be
# masked for removal in 30 days.
Robin H. Johnson | 25 May 02:05 2015

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2015-05-24 23:59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2015-05-24 23:59 UTC.

dev-java/scala-bin                        	2015-05-18 21:08:51	monsieurp
dev-java/classworlds                      	2015-05-19 20:22:32	chewi
dev-java/diablo-jdk                       	2015-05-19 20:25:46	chewi
dev-java/diablo-jre-bin                   	2015-05-19 20:25:46	chewi
games-strategy/freecnc                    	2015-05-21 05:40:52	mr_bones_
games-util/searchtool                     	2015-05-21 05:47:29	mr_bones_
dev-ruby/json_pure                        	2015-05-23 06:34:04	graaff

dev-go/go-text                            	2015-05-18 07:48:30	zmedico
dev-go/go-net                             	2015-05-18 07:53:59	zmedico
dev-go/go-tools                           	2015-05-18 07:58:45	zmedico
dev-lang/scala-bin                        	2015-05-18 21:07:03	monsieurp
dev-go/go-crypto                          	2015-05-19 05:21:21	zmedico
dev-go/go-sys                             	2015-05-19 07:24:08	zmedico
app-crypt/simple-tpm-pk11                 	2015-05-19 20:49:24	perfinion
dev-perl/Test-Mock-LWP-Dispatch           	2015-05-19 22:48:12	dilfridge
dev-perl/LWP-UserAgent-Cached             	2015-05-19 22:50:35	dilfridge
sys-apps/intel-performance-counter-monitor	2015-05-20 06:10:32	dlan
dev-python/protorpc                       	2015-05-20 10:38:10	vapier
dev-python/google-apitools                	2015-05-20 10:46:48	vapier
net-p2p/i2p                               	2015-05-22 05:44:58	zlg
net-p2p/imule                             	2015-05-22 06:00:49	zlg
app-office/hamster-time-tracker           	2015-05-23 16:12:32	nicolasbock
app-office/wps-office                     	2015-05-23 19:48:41	pacho
app-admin/consul                          	2015-05-24 07:59:56	zmedico
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Patrice Clement | 25 May 00:43 2015

[gentoo-dev-announce] Last rites: dev-java/excalibur-logger

# Patrice Clement <monsieurp <at>> (25 May 2015)
# Upstream dead. Project no longer supported by the ASF 
# who moved it into the Attic in 2010.
# See #550326. Masked for removal in 30 days.
Alex Alexander | 24 May 23:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 98 bugs

Our bug queue has 98 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


Alex Alexander | 23 May 23:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 98 bugs

Our bug queue has 98 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


Alex Alexander | 22 May 23:00 2015

[warning] the bug queue has 91 bugs

Our bug queue has 91 bugs!

If you have some spare time, please help assign/sort a few bugs.

To view the bug queue, click here:


Ulrich Mueller | 20 May 16:11 2015

RFC: subprojects of Emacs project

There are two new subprojects of the Emacs project. As required by
GLEP 39, I am sending this RFC e-mail for them:

  The GNU Emacs project (emacs <at> will maintain
  app-editors/emacs, app-emacs/*, and other related packages.

  The XEmacs project (xemacs <at> will maintain
  app-editors/xemacs, app-xemacs/*, and other related packages.

Everything else (e.g. app-editors/mg, app-editors/zile) will stay with
the existing parent project
(, emacs <at>

As it is proposed that herds should be abandoned, we are not going to
update the existing emacs and xemacs herds now, but will wait for a
general solution.

Chema Alonso | 19 May 13:02 2015

Package up for grabs

Hi all,

Due to lack of time I can't no longer maintain the following

* net-irc/inspircd

Feel free to take it. I'll assign it to maintainer-needed in the
following days.

Last version (2.0.20) was released a week ago, so it would need a
version bump if grabbed.

Thanks in advance.


Tim Harder | 18 May 23:13 2015

more packages up for grabs

Here are some packages that I've dropped (or will drop) myself as
primary maintainer from. Many of them (e.g. protobuf*) could really use
some more collaborative non-maintainer update method but no one has
gotten around to finalizing, documenting, and implementing the required
metadata.xml changes yet as far as I know.

Anyway, here's the package list (somewhat incomplete because some were
dropped months ago and might also have new maintainers already but I
doubt they'd mind extra help):

* app-admin/lsyncd
* app-arch/tardy
* app-misc/lfm
* app-misc/nut
* app-misc/solaar
* app-office/ledger
* app-text/apvlv
* dev-libs/fstrm
* dev-libs/protobuf
* dev-libs/protobuf-c
* dev-python/skype4py
* dev-util/gengetopt
* dev-util/scanmem
* net-dns/ldns
* net-dns/ldns-utils
* net-dns/unbound (has proxy maintainer who's mostly absent atm)
* net-misc/sipcalc
* sys-auth/pam-script
* sys-fs/ldapfuse
* sys-fs/s3backer
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