Ryan Hill | 21 Apr 05:14 2014

LTO use in the tree

Hey all,

As more and more packages are starting to add LTO flags automatically through
their build systems, I thought I'd point out a couple things:

- LTO utterly destroys debug info.  Flags like -g are incompatible with LTO.

- LTO causes .GCC.command.line sections to be discarded, which means your
  package will always be QA flagged as ignoring CFLAGS.

- LTO takes a _lot_ of memory.  That memory is required on the host arch.
  Distcc doesn't help things here, because linking happens locally.  Consider
  all the archs your package is built on, and if they all routinely have
  multiple GBs of memory installed.

- LTO in 4.7 is still fairly buggy.  There are no plans to fix it.  4.8 is
  better, but 4.9 moves to a different model, so bugs in 4.8 probably won't be
  fixed, especially regarding memory usage.

- I'm happy to backport patches to fix LTO problems if they're available, but
  you'll generally have to do the legwork.  And like I said, most aren't going
  to be backportable.

Please take these things into consideration when deciding whether or not this
feature is worth it.



Ryan Hill                        psn: dirtyepic_sk
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Robin H. Johnson | 21 Apr 02:25 2014

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2014-04-20 23h59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2014-04-20 23h59 UTC.

net-ftp/pftpfxp                         	2014-04-14 06:03:12	ulm
kde-misc/youtube-servicemenu            	2014-04-15 08:30:09	johu
sys-infiniband/libsdp                   	2014-04-16 09:06:01	alexxy
dev-ruby/oniguruma                      	2014-04-18 17:09:05	mrueg
dev-ruby/sary-ruby                      	2014-04-18 17:11:34	mrueg
dev-ruby/rand                           	2014-04-18 17:12:01	mrueg
dev-ruby/system_timer                   	2014-04-18 17:12:31	mrueg
dev-ruby/fastercsv                      	2014-04-18 17:12:58	mrueg
dev-ruby/ruby-taglib                    	2014-04-19 02:55:47	mrueg
dev-ruby/rubytorrent                    	2014-04-19 02:56:27	mrueg
dev-ruby/revolution                     	2014-04-19 02:56:52	mrueg
app-misc/alexandria                     	2014-04-19 02:57:49	mrueg
app-misc/bins                           	2014-04-19 15:10:02	zlogene
dev-python/certifi                      	2014-04-20 15:42:24	floppym
dev-python/mozfile                      	2014-04-20 15:42:24	floppym
dev-python/mozinfo                      	2014-04-20 15:42:24	floppym
dev-python/mozprocess                   	2014-04-20 15:42:25	floppym
dev-python/mozprofile                   	2014-04-20 15:42:25	floppym
dev-python/mozrunner                    	2014-04-20 15:42:26	floppym

dev-python/sparqlwrapper                	2014-04-14 07:59:45	idella4
media-video/movit                       	2014-04-15 03:59:29	patrick
dev-python/cangjie                      	2014-04-16 01:59:41	naota
sys-infiniband/libmlx5                  	2014-04-16 08:22:25	alexxy
sys-infiniband/qperf                    	2014-04-16 08:22:26	alexxy
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Michał Górny | 20 Apr 17:43 2014

Python 2.6 to be masked on 2014-04-28

Developers and users,

On behalf of Python team, I would like to announce that we are planning
on starting the process of removing Python 2.6. The process will start
with masking the python2_6 target USE flags and relevant packages. If
nobody strongly disagrees with this, we will commit the masks one week
from now, on 2014-04-28.

Afterwards, Python 2.7 (with experimental support for PyPy and Jython
2.7) will be the only version of Python 2 supported in Gentoo. Python
2.7 is mostly backwards compatible with 2.6 and all of the packages
in Gentoo supporting Python 2.6 support 2.7 as well. Therefore,
switching to 2.7 should be painless to most of our users.

If you have any doubts about this change, please do not hesitate to
reply to this mail, to the gentoo-dev <at>  mailing list. In case you have
more general migration problems, you can contact us through
the gentoo-python mailing list [1] or #gentoo-python IRC channel
on Freenode [2].


The last version of Python 2.6 was released on 2013-10-29 and was
announced as the last official release [3]. Therefore, Python 2.6
is no longer maintained upstream and security fixes are no longer

Moreover, a growing number of Python projects are removing support
for Python 2.6. If their reverse dependencies are still installed with
Python 2.6 support, this prevents the package manager from upgrading
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Ben de Groot | 20 Apr 11:09 2014

Packages up for grabs / looking for new primary maintainers

As my time is limited, and certain issues also drain my motivation, I
am stepping down as primary maintainer for the following packages.
They are also assigned to a herd, but since these are relatively high
maintenance they need a dedicated maintainer. (And fonts herd has been
basically inactive for the last couple of years...)


I would also like to completely hand over maintenance of the following
low-maintenance packages:


Feel free to remove me as maintainer for these last three packages, if
anyone is willing to take over.



Ben | yngwin
Gentoo developer

Michał Górny | 19 Apr 12:53 2014

[PATCH multilib-build.eclass] Add multilib_native_use* functions to make ebuild writing easier.

People are either inlining this or creating local functions for this
purpose, so it'd be better to have them in the eclass.

RFC: what about '!use'? Should we invert the multilib_build_binaries
test as well?
 eclass/multilib-build.eclass | 48 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 48 insertions(+)

diff --git a/eclass/multilib-build.eclass b/eclass/multilib-build.eclass
index 77e7573..6adfc76 100644
--- a/eclass/multilib-build.eclass
+++ b/eclass/multilib-build.eclass
 <at>  <at>  -462,5 +462,53  <at>  <at>  multilib_build_binaries() {
 	[[ ${COMPLETE_MULTILIB} == yes ]] || multilib_is_native_abi

+#  <at> FUNCTION: multilib_native_use_with
+#  <at> USAGE: <flag> [<opt-name> [<opt-value>]]
+# Output --with configure option alike use_with if USE <flag> is enabled
+# and executables are being built (multilib_build_binaries is true).
+# Otherwise, outputs --without configure option. Arguments are the same
+# as for use_with in the EAPI.
+multilib_native_use_with() {
+	if multilib_build_binaries; then
+		use_with "${ <at> }"
+	else
+		echo "--without-${2:-${1}}"
+	fi
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Johannes Huber | 14 Apr 14:23 2014

Last rites: kde-misc/networkmanagement

# Johannes Huber <johu <at> gentoo.org> (14 Apr 2014)
# Masked for removal in 30 days. Superseeded by kde-misc/plasma-nm.
# Acknowledged and marked as deprecated by upstream.
# Does not build with >=net-misc/openconnect-5.99, bug #503898.


Johannes Huber (johu)
Gentoo Linux Developer / KDE Team
Alexey Shvetsov | 14 Apr 09:08 2014

Packages up for grabs

Hi all!

There are a list of packages up for grabs. I cannnot test anymore some of 
them, or i stopped use them.



Best Regards,
Alexey 'Alexxy' Shvetsov
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, NRC Kurchatov Institute, Gatchina, 
Department of Molecular and Radiation Biophysics
Gentoo Team Ru
Gentoo Linux Developer
mailto:alexxyum <at> gmail.com
mailto:alexxy <at> gentoo.org
mailto:alexxy <at> omrb.pnpi.spb.ru
Robin H. Johnson | 14 Apr 02:25 2014

Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2014-04-13 23h59 UTC

The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2014-04-13 23h59 UTC.

x11-themes/gdm-themes-livecd	2014-04-12 06:12:11	ulm

app-admin/clog              	2014-04-07 12:07:00	tomwij
dev-ruby/pygments_rb        	2014-04-07 13:10:26	mrueg
app-i18n/libcangjie         	2014-04-08 00:21:15	naota
sys-apps/netloc             	2014-04-08 09:04:15	alexxy
mate-base/caja              	2014-04-10 12:23:00	tomwij
dev-ruby/rkelly-remix       	2014-04-11 02:31:21	zerochaos
app-emulation/rex-client    	2014-04-11 05:16:54	mduft
xfce-extra/multiload-nandhp 	2014-04-11 15:20:26	ssuominen
app-backup/duply            	2014-04-13 10:19:51	hwoarang

Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux Developer
E-Mail     : robbat2 <at> gentoo.org
GnuPG FP   : 11AC BA4F 4778 E3F6 E4ED  F38E B27B 944E 3488 4E85
Removed Packages:
x11-themes/gdm-themes-livecd,removed,ulm,2014-04-12 06:12:11
Added Packages:
app-admin/clog,added,tomwij,2014-04-07 12:07:00
dev-ruby/pygments_rb,added,mrueg,2014-04-07 13:10:26
app-i18n/libcangjie,added,naota,2014-04-08 00:21:15
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Joshua Kinard | 13 Apr 22:42 2014

Akamai secure memory allocator for OpenSSL?

So one of the side-discussions happening after Heartbleed was the fact that
OpenSSL has its own memory allocator code that effectively mitigates any C
library-provided exploit mitigations (as discussed on the openbsd-misc ML at
[1] and Ted Unangst's blogs at [2] and [3]).  This is partially why there's
so much "interesting" data to be sniffed from a server's memory via the
heartbleed response packets -- that memory wasn't really initialized to
random data or zero'd upon malloc(), nor garbage-collected upon free().

Taking place over on the openssl-users ML, someone from Akamai posted a new
secure memory allocator patch[4][5] that they have been using in production
for about a decade.  That patch was cleaned up, diff'ed against
openssl-1.0.1g, and posted to openssl-dev here:

It basically provides a secure memory area protected by guard pages for
sensitive data, like RSA private keys, so that if another Heartbleed-like
event occurs, things won't be as bad.  Hopefully...

Is this something we want to look at adding to our openssl copy via an
optional USE flag (default off)?

1. http://marc.info/?l=openbsd-misc&m=139698608410938&w=2
2. http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/heartbleed-vs-mallocconf
3. http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/analysis-of-openssl-freelist-reuse
4. http://marc.info/?l=openssl-users&m=139723710923076&w=2
5. http://marc.info/?l=openssl-users&m=139723972124003&w=2


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naota | 13 Apr 02:18 2014

[PATCH] fcaps.eclass: Group name portability

fcaps.eclass is using group name 'root' which is not available on BSD
system. Instead you can use "0", or $(id -g -n 0) if you'd prefer "group

Index: fcaps.eclass
RCS file: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/eclass/fcaps.eclass,v
retrieving revision 1.8
diff -u -r1.8 fcaps.eclass
--- fcaps.eclass	27 Jun 2013 01:18:57 -0000	1.8
+++ fcaps.eclass	13 Apr 2014 00:16:44 -0000
 <at>  <at>  -80,7 +80,7  <at>  <at> 

 	# Process the user options first.
 	local owner='root'
-	local group='root'
+	local group=$(id -g -n 0)
 	local mode='4711'
 	local caps_mode='711'

Ulrich Mueller | 12 Apr 17:24 2014

Last rites: dev-java/randomguid

# Ulrich Müller <ulm <at> gentoo.org> (12 Apr 2014)
# No license, SRC_URI dead, unresponsive upstream.
# Last release in 2002. No reverse dependencies.
# Masked for removal in 30 days, bug 446162.