H.J. Lu | 8 Mar 00:44 2011

The Linux binutils is released

This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2011 0306 in CVS on sourceware.org plus various
changes. It is purely for Linux.

All relevant patches in patches have been applied to the source tree.
You can take a look at patches/README to see what have been applied and
in what order they have been applied.

Starting from the release, you must remove .ctors/.dtors
section sentinels when building glibc or other C run-time libraries.
Otherwise, you will run into:


Starting from the release, BFD linker has the working LTO
plugin support. It can be used with GCC 4.5 and above. For GCC 4.5, you
need to configure GCC with --enable-gold to enable LTO plugin support.

Starting from the release, binutils fully supports compressed
debug sections.  However, compressed debug section isn't turned on by
default in assembler. I am planning to turn it on for x86 assembler in
the future release, which may lead to the Linux kernel bug messages like

WARNING: lib/ts_kmp.o (.zdebug_aranges): unexpected non-allocatable section.

But the resulting kernel works fine.

Starting from the release, no diffs against the previous
release will be provided.

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Lee Chang | 30 Mar 13:29 2011

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