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H.J. Lu | 15 Jan 20:44 2010

The Linux binutils is released

This is the beta release of binutils for Linux, which is
based on binutils 2010 0115 in CVS on plus various
changes. It is purely for Linux.

All relevant patches in patches have been applied to the source tree.
You can take a look at patches/README to see what have been applied and
in what order they have been applied.

Starting from the release, no diffs against the previous
release will be provided.

You can enable both gold and bfd ld with --enable-gold=both.  Gold will
be installed as and bfd ld will be installed as ld.bfd.  By
default, will be installed as ld.  You can use the configure
option, --enable-gold=both/bfd to choose bfd ld as the default linker,
ld.  IA-32 binary and X64_64 binary tar balls are configured with
--enable-gold=both/bfd --enable-plugins --enable-threads.

Starting from the release, the x86 assembler no longer

	fnstsw %eax

fnstsw stores 16bit into %ax and the upper 16bit of %eax is unchanged.
Please use

	fnstsw %ax

Starting from the release, the default output section LMA
(load memory address) has changed for allocatable sections from being
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