Convert image to fp_print_data


I have fingerprint images in pgm format. I want to change it fp_print_data. There is this function int fpi_img_to_print_data(struct fp_img_dev *imgdev, struct fp_img *img,    struct fp_print_data **ret). But it needs the fingerprint scanner. Is there any other way use to convert stored image to fp_print_data?
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Linos | 26 Sep 18:10 2011

question about biometric verify

   i am using libfprint with an usb upek eikon to enroll and verify fingerprints
at the beginning and the end of the work hours in our office.

I store the binary data generated after the enroll of every user in a blob in
our database, when i want to verify the user type his username and later push
verify button, i get his finger data blob from the database and use
fp_verify_finger function, all works ok.

What i would like to do, with this reader or other where this works, it is to do
the reverse operation, get the finger data from the fingerprint reader and
identify who it is the user the read data belongs, the finger data changes at
every enroll and i need to read the finger in a try, not have to pass all the
stages of the enroll.

For what i understand i could do something like this with a fingerprint reader
that gives me the image because the process it is external with NBIS, but a time
of 0.15 seconds for every check would be a long time test in the worst case for
the 150 workers, any way to do this with the upek eikon or other reader at a
reasonable time?


Miguel Angel.
Linos | 27 Sep 17:52 2011

Re: question about biometric verify

El 26/09/11 19:46, Rafael Toledo escribió:
> Hello, Linos!
> I was made on a project some months ago, a identify system. Maybe the concept
> can help you.
> I used the fp_identify_finger() function. I maintain the finger data in the
> database, after converting them to unsigned char*.
> I create a vector with user names, and a vector with the data of the
> fingerprints in the same order. As the function returns
> the index of the finger identified, I catch the same index on the vector of
> users to know who is the user.
> Maybe this idea can suggest any solution to you (maybe this isn't the best
> answer, but works)
> Best regards,
> Rafael Toledo

I am a bit lost reading the code because i have little to none experience with
c, i am using python in the project with a wrapper for the library i have
created with cython, but the function fp_dev_supports_identification returns
False for me with the Upek Eikon, i have read the code and it seems that the
needed function identify_start it is only set for imaging devices.

Could anyone please confirm this? i have checked and the SDK from Upek have an
identify function but it seems that libfprint don't supports that.

Miguel Angel.