Sendhilraj T | 1 Mar 11:36 2007

mount time for JFFS and JFFS2

Hi all,

I wonder if any one could let me know the normal mount time for JFFS and JFFS2.
Which one takes more time to get mounted?
Why JFFS2 takes more time to mount ,eventhough it has Log Structured File system?

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Stefan Monnier | 10 Mar 00:13 2007

Re: [PATCH/RFC] Delete JFFS (version 1)

> I argue that you can count the users (who aren't on 2.4) on one hand, and
> developers don't seem to have cared for it in ages.

Rather than ask on mailing-lists, it's probably easier to just make the jffs
compilation fail (with a #error).  This way, if someone uses it, he'll bump
into it, no matter how much he wants to ignore messages posted on