Don Marti | 2 Aug 01:11 2007

Open mic* at LWCE

Attention Linux elitists.

LinuxWorld is turning over a theater area right on
the show floor to anyone who can edit a wiki.

They're mad, I tell you, mad!  I have already invited
the dot-org booth organizers and the conference
speakers, but if you'll be there and have an at least
somewhat Linux-related topic you want to bring up
and take audience questions on, please go ahead and
sign up.
  (password: linux)

Still missing Q&A sessions on:

 - Challenge-response email: stop it right now,
   or cut it out before I black-hole you?

 - Binary-only device drivers: stability threat,
   maintenance risk, or legal minefield?

 - Virtualization for Linux: lguest, lhype,
   or Rustyvisor?

 - Look!  There's the dude whose program comes
   up highest on powertop on my laptop!  Get him!

* openness subject to Wiki and white board edits by
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jays | 12 Aug 20:27 2007

NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 14 August 2007 Lisp NYC: Perry Metzger on Otter, the new salty slick whiskered snow-bellying programming system

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement">

 From: Heow Eide-Goodman <lists <at>>
 To: LispNYC <lisp <at>>
 Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 13:19:47 -0400
 Subject: [Lisp] Reminder: Lisp Meeting: August 14th 7:00 at Trinity

 T-minus 7 days to OtterLaunch!

     CL-USER> (decode-universal-time 3396121200)

 Please join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, August 14th from 7:00
 to 9:00 at Trinity Lutheran Church.

 Perry Metzger Presents:  Otter, a new dialect of Lisp.

     Otter is strongly influenced by Scheme and Python, with some
     bits of inspiration from Common Lisp, Perl and other
     languages thrown in, as well as some strange ideas Perry
     came up up with on his own.  The results may be pleasing to
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jays | 14 Aug 00:49 2007

NYC LOCAL: Next NYLUG Meeting on Wednesday 29 August 2007, Jim Gleason will speak

  what="official NYLUG announcement">

 Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 15:29:10 -0400
 From: Ron Guerin <info <at>>
 To: NYLUG-Announcements <nylug-announce <at>>
 Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG August meetings changes / Perry Metzger
 	tomorrow at LispNYC

 We'd quickly like to let you know about the following changes:

 NYLUG August General Meeting
 Was: August 14th
 Now: August 29th
 Topic: Jim Gleason on "applying open source lessons to the greening of

 Everyone who RSVP'd for the 14th should have been notified about the
 date change over a week ago.  You can "un-RSVP" by logging in to the
 RSVP system and clicking the "unregister for this meeting" button should
 you be on the RSVP list and want not to be.

 NYLUG August 14th Python Workshop
 Was: going to be rescheduled or skipped due to the scheduling conflict
 Now: we're going to hear Perry Metzger's talk at LispNYC instead
 When: Tuesday, August 14th from 7:00 to 9:00

 Topic: Otter, a new dialect of Lisp.
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jays | 22 Aug 07:02 2007

NYC LOCAL: Thursday 23 August 2007 Joint NYCBUG NYPHP Gathering

  what="official NYC*BUG announcement">

 Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:08:43 -0400
 To: "Announcements only list for NYCBUG (announcements are not cross-posted to
 	other lists)." <announce <at>>
 From: NYC*BUG Announcements <announce <at>>
 Subject: [announce] This Thursday NYCBUG-NYPHP Social

 August 23, 2007


 We have planned a social get-together for NYCBUG and NYPHP and beyond at 
 the Delancey Lounge in the Lower East Side.

 The event will be held on Thursday, August 23rd, starting at 6:30 pm.

 The Delancey Lounge has an all wood terrace on the roof filled with 
 plants. It`s a very nice location.

 The bar is located on the north side of Delancey Street, right above the 
 Williamsburg Bridge.

 No need to RSVP, just show up. No fee for coming, but it`s a cash bar, 
 of course.
 announce mailing list
 announce <at>
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jays | 27 Aug 20:31 2007

Wednesday 29 August 2007 NYLUG and New York Greening of the Bits: Jim Gleason of NYLUG and IBM on the Green Data Center

Personal note from Jay Sulzberger:

Jim Gleason is the founder of NYLUG, and he is one of the
original team of advocates and coaches who, ten years ago, helped
Big Blue out of the closet and into the light and sun of Free

This meeting is an important meeting, and, even if you have never
thought about watts and bits, come on down and meet Jim Gleason.

Full official notice below.

Jay Sulzberger <secretary <at>>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.


 From: Jim Gleason <info <at>>
 To: NYLUG Announcements <nylug-announce <at>>
 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:45:01 -0400 (EDT)
 Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG Presents: Jim Gleason on The Green Data
 	Center & New Energy SIG

 Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
 6:30pm-8:00 PM
 76th 9th Ave., between 15th and 16th St.
 4th Floor, enter near 16th Street
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jays | 30 Aug 08:00 2007

Thursday 30 August 2007 Dinner with Andy Oram

Andy Oram and a ragtag crew of incorrigibles^W^W^W^Wremarkable
group of distinguished hackers, authors, organizers, and cranks
will sit down at 7:00 pm on Thursday 30 August 2007 in the
Mercantile Grill at 126 Pearl Street, on the Island of the

This meeting will not be informal.  Andy will lead a discussion
of Vi or Emacs^W^W^WGPL vs BSD^W^W^WLisp vs Perl^W^W^WXKCD vs
Roswell, Texas.  We intend to settle the question, under the Rule
of the Medes and the Persians.  This meeting will thus be the
first of two.

ad payment: The Mercantile Grill is a mercantile grill, and all
who enter abide by the Mercantile Grill Rule: you eat, you pay:

Andy Oram is an editor of the book Beautiful Code.  The book is
beautiful.  It is worth looking at some excerpts:

For further information about this dinner and about Andy Oram:

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James Sparenberg | 1 Sep 00:58 2007

How is it possible to have a dual licensed Linux Distro.


  I came across this today on Linux Devices.  Being less that savvy on the 
license side, I'm curious how someone thinks this can be done, as it looks 
like they are re-licensing GPL'd software.  

  The first line in this article 
-- is "A company 
maintaining a dual-licensed Linux distribution for x86-based routers ....."  
and frankly to my puny mind seems like a big no no.  However I could be 


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