Kai Wilke | 22 Feb 09:35 2006

Re: Request for contribution: SW-RAID

High, high ...
* Michael Prokop <mika <at> grml.org> schrieb am [17.02.06 14:31]:
> Hoi!
> We are working on improving software (SW) RAID support within grml
> and would appreciate your help and opion about it. Please contribute!

Ich antworte mal in deutsch da dieses Thema fuer mein englisch zu
kompliziert ist.

> As you maybe know, partitions of type 0xfd (Linux raid autodetect)
> are scanned and automatically assembled into RAID arrays by the
> kernel.  We noticed a strange behaviour on automatic assembling
> (nothing serious but a little bit confusing) and try to figure out
> what's the reason for it.
> First of all some questions to the ones of you using SW-RAID:
> * If you boot grml on a box using SW-RAID: do you expect to get a
>   running SW-RAID setup (using the /dev/md? devices) or do you
>   prefer to set it up and start on your own (so neither grml nor
>   kernel touches it)?

SW-RAID setup ist zwar sehr schoen, aber auch gefaehrlich, wenn man
nicht weiss wie dieses RAID vorher aussah. Mehr weiter unten
> * Say you have /dev/hda1 and /dev/hdb1 as part of SW-RAID /dev/md0.
>   Do you expect to get entries for /dev/hda1, /dev/hdb1 and /dev/md0
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