Jens Mueller | 15 Jun 23:58 2014

Grml via ipxe's sanboot

Dear list,

I'm trying to boot GRML over ipxe's sanboot. It fails when mounting
Begin: Mounting root file system ...
(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system

This is probably no surprise because sanboot is similar to booting using
memdisk but without a download delay.
mika wrote in "Booting ISO images from within GRUB2"
"The good news is that Grml supports the memdiskfind/phram/mtdblock
approach out-of-the-box."
Meaning you do something like

modprobe phram phram=memdisk,$(memdiskfind)
modprobe mtdblock

as mentioned here
But memdiskfind returns nothing.

My ipxe config contains

sanboot ${url}/iso/grml32-small_2014.03.iso || goto failed

Any hints to boot Grml over sanboot?

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Dan D. | 15 Mar 01:49 2014


We previously had these same mirrors up under but then changed our domain to The
mirror links then dropped off. We apologize deeply for this, and assure you that this is a one-time event.
Going forward, the mirrors will stay up for a very long time to come, and are being served from very reliable
and fast servers, and being monitored and maintained by a very competent server admin team.






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ha | 3 Mar 12:09 2014

Typo or missing feature and a basic question

I'm new to grml so please excuse me if this on wrong list or similar.

Recently I've tried to install debian using grml and I found something 
that could be a typo:
Line 136 of config file:
# Run scripts from /etc/debootstrap/pre-scripts/ after setting up chroot.
Shouldn't it state "/etc/debootstrap/scripts/" ?

In config file I've found extrapackages, but on the man page of 
grml-debootstrap there is no option extrapackages. Is this 
intentionally? This option is not implemented or simply not documented?

Additionally , I would be grateful for a help on how to use scripts from 
"scripts" direcotry. My plan was to add a script to compile a program 
(for instance dwm), however I was unable to achieve this. I'm unsure if 
this is feasible at all, and whether I'm positioned at the right 
directory (or how to check that). I invoked command with the -d flag:
grml-debootstrap -d FILE

Finally, I have troubles at debugging debootstrap stages. If someone 
would show me how to do that, perhaps I could solve the previous problem 
by myself. I've read somewhere about install_notes file that could be 
used for this, but I haven't found much on it - assuming that I 
understood that correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Moore | 28 Jan 17:54 2014

/etc/exports not being created when using grml-terminalserver package

Hi guys,
I have ran the grml-terminalserver-config and grml-terminalserver
scripts to get the environment going for pxebooting machines on my
What should my /etc/exports look like to access the grml live cd at:
adrelanos | 11 Jan 18:57 2014

grml-debootstrap VM creation broken due to bug in kpartx?


My grml-debootstrap configuration is here:

(I think it's quite useful to have a single script/configuration around
for producing minimal instructions on how to produce that bug.)

grml-debootstrap keeps failing for me.
umount: /mnt/debootstrap.23035: device is busy

I guess it could be because this bug in kpartx:

John G. Heim | 3 Jan 03:22 2014

grml virtual machine

I want to create a custom grml ISO that has a kernel patched for 
hardware speech synthesiers. There's a bug in the kernel code so most 
hardware speech synths don't work. If I can put ma custom compiled 
kernel on a grml disk, I can use it with my hardware speech synth.

The man page for grml-live recommends running it on a virtual machine 
running grml.  That sounds like a good idea. I have a VMWare player 
virtual machine booted into grml from the latest 32-bit iso file. But I 
am uncertain as to what to do next. Should I use grml2usb or 
grml-debbootstrap or something else?

What's the best way to set up a virtual machine to run grml?
John | 22 Nov 15:25 2013

Cannot find code to color by file extensions on an ls

I just opened a new bug report ( wherein I ask to have some file
extensions added to the list to color red on an `ls` but find myself clueless where exactly this "color
these extensions red on an ls" resides.  The only thing I can find in /etc/zsh/zshrc begins on line #3116
but I do not understand it.  Can someone point me to where this list is defined?  My request should be as
easy as adding the new extensions to some array I would think.

chris21.roux | 5 Nov 23:19 2013

Re: J'ai l'inux nom de code Canterbury

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John G. Heim | 18 Oct 19:29 2013

using persistence

I can't find any documentation on what persistence can do for me. What 
can I do with it? What I need to do is create a flash drive that runs a 
script upon boot. Can I do that?

I created a flash drive with persistence but now I'm not sure how to use it.

John G. Heim, 608-263-4189, jheim <at>
adrelanos | 15 Oct 06:47 2013

LANG variable, locales


Would you agree, that a system created by grml-debootstrap should be
as close to stock Debian as possible?

- In a default Wheezy installation, the LANG variable is set to
- In system created by grml-debootstrap. the LANG variable is empty.

Also the output of `locale` differs. [1]

Am I missing an option in grml-debootstrap?

Should this be added to grml-debootstrap?

What is the recommended way (from a Debian derivative perspective)
changing the default of `locale`?


Default Wheezy:
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adrelanos | 2 Oct 00:44 2013

(grml-)debootstrap network timeout / retry settings?


is it possible to add apt-like options to (grml-)debootstrap to get
higher timeouts / more retries when network is slow / flaky?

Options comparable to "--option Acquire::http::Timeout=180" or "--option