Alexander Reichle-Schmehl | 8 Apr 14:20 2010

First Debian Mini Conference to be held in Germany

The Debian Project                      
First Debian Mini Conference to be held in Germany      press <at>
April 8th, 2010       

First Debian Mini Conference to be held in Germany

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian operating system,
is pleased to announce that the first Debian Mini Conference in Germany
will take place on the 10th and 11th of June in Berlin as a
subconference of this year's LinuxTag. LinuxTag is one of the most
important Open Source Events in Europe and takes place from June 9th to
12th on the Berlin Fairgrounds.

The program of the two day Conference will offer talks, workshops and
panel discussion for an audience ranging from Debian Developers and
Maintainers to contributors, users and otherwise interested persons.
In parallel to the conference, in a neighbouring 'hacking area' a Bug
Squashing Party will be held, where time will be spent on fixing
remaining release critical bugs, running upgrade tests and working on
the release notes for the upcoming release, Debian 6.0 "Squeeze".

No registration is necessary to attend the Debian Mini Conference, but
a ticket for the LinuxTag (available upon request) is needed.  The
Conference is planed via the DebConf Wiki [1].


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Alexander Reichle-Schmehl | 12 Apr 12:55 2010

Debian Project News - April 12th, 2010

The Debian Project                      
Debian Project News                    debian-publicity <at>
April 12th, 2010       

Welcome to this year's first issue of DPN, the newsletter for the
Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

  * Debian Project Leader Election
  * Bits from the Release Team
  * Estimates of the number of Debian users
  * ... and much more.

Upcoming elections for the Debian Project Leader

Four Debian Developers are nominated in the currently running election
for the Debian Project Leader: Stefano "Zack" Zacchiroli [1], Wouter
"Yoe" Verhelst [2], Charles Plessy [3] and Margarita "marga" Manterola
[4] - the first woman ever nominated for this position. The voting
period ends on Thursday, April 15th.

   1 :
   2 :
   3 :
   4 :

Some of the questions asked and topics discussed in the campaigning
period were:
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