Salvatore Bonaccorso | 21 Nov 15:22 2014

user debian-bsd <at>, usertagging 770464

user debian-bsd <at>
usertags 770464 + kfreebsd

Steven Chamberlain | 15 Nov 03:20 2014

Bug#769616: tasksel: fails to preseed desktop on kfreebsd, hurd

Package: src:tasksel
Version: 3.29
Severity: important


(this bug may also affect linux release architectures other than
i386|amd64|powerpc*, and their CD media, so severity may be higher)

It was seen on kfreebsd and hurd that preseeding with:
  tasksel tasksel/first multiselect standard, desktop
  tasksel tasksel/desktop multiselect xfce
no longer works, a regressions since wheezy;  no desktop gets installed:

The logic gets ridiculously complex, but I gather that:

  * tasksel/first item "desktop", used to be the only thing listed;
    selecting or preseeding it would previously install task-desktop
    as well as task-xfce-desktop (whatever was default, or preseeded as

  * now, preseeding tasksel/desktop seems to work *only* if
    /usr/lib/tasksel/tests/desktop decides it should install a desktop;
    irrespective of whether tasksel/first includes "desktop"

  * as such, on kfreebsd, hurd and some other arches, selecting or
    preseeding tasksel/first with "desktop" only leads to task-desktop
    being installed (the parent item), but not the individual task for
    desktop, despite setting tasksel/desktop
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Christoph Egger | 14 Nov 13:48 2014

[TODO] Bits from kfreebsd Maintainers


  I'll send a email to debian-devel-announce on monday about kFreeBSD
still being alive. I hope we got some of the responses from the teams
untill thn so we have a better idea how kFreeBSD/jessie will look
like. If someone has some points I want to mention please add them to


Steven Chamberlain | 14 Nov 13:13 2014

Re: Bug#769493: mod-gnutls: FTBFS on non-Linux arches

Eirik Schwenke wrote:

Thanks, that's worth mentioning in this bug report.

Whereas SO_PEERCRED is only defined+available on Linux:

There are other ways of doing this on other platforms, if MSVA
wanted to be portable.  The page mentioned by Eirik suggests

my ($pid, $uid, $gid) = IO::Handle::Record::peercred($client);


Steven Chamberlain
steven <at>

Steven Chamberlain | 14 Nov 03:20 2014

Bug#769493: mod-gnutls: FTBFS on non-Linux arches

Package: mod-gnutls
Version: 0.6-1.2
Severity: important


mod-gnutls 0.6 added support for a monkeysphere validation agent (MSVA)
which depends on Linux-specific feature SO_PEERCRED.

Whereas mod-gnutls previously built on kfreebsd it now fails with:

| TESTING: initial MSVA verification
| Your vendor has not defined Socket macro SO_PEERCRED, used at
/usr/share/perl5/Crypt/Monkeysphere/ line 197
| 500 Server closed connection without sending any data back
| make: *** [all] Error 100

197     my $peercred = $sock->sockopt(SO_PEERCRED) or die "could not get SO_PEERCRED info";

Perhaps this test and/or this feature are easily disabled when


-- System Information:
Debian Release: jessie/sid
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Steven Chamberlain | 14 Nov 03:00 2014

Please give back clamav, ffmpeg to fayrfax


Please give back packages clamav and ffmpeg to rebuild only on fayrfax.

Both failures are due to faketime not working (in the ffmpeg case there
were no clues to this in the build log, but I debugged this with a local

faketime does not work as a non-privileged user if it can't write in
/dev/shm/ - there is a pattern of this working on fayrfax but not fano,
so something must be different about their schroot setup.


Steven Chamberlain
steven <at>

Martinx - ジェームズ | 12 Nov 17:11 2014

HowTo Fork Debian? At first, just for fun... Plus a new home for kFreeBSD!


I think that is time to start working on a `Debian Fork`.

Just for the record, I'm using `Debian` since `Potato` and I am very
unhappy with this `systemd-fiasco`. `Debian` with `systemd` is NOT
`Debian` anymore, it is another thing, completely different.

It is time to take it back, to make `Debian` fun again!

This new fork will:

1- `systemd-free` (not even its sources will be included, maybe
only `systemd-udev`, _at first_);

2- ...have some level of `systemd-compatibility` (with `uselessd`),
so, it will be easier to sync from Debian and keep it up to date,
without requiring to maintain `sysvinit-core` too;

3- ...have a metapackage called `udev`, and packages like `eudev`,
`mdev` will be available (just like meta-`init` and `sysvinit-core`,

4- the new home for `Debian kFreeBSD`, probably integrated `uselessd`;

5- ...kick `Debian Constitution`.

So, how to do it? Where to start? At first, just the initial fork,
recompilation and new ISO CDs, `as-is`. Just like `Canonical` does
when they start working on a new version of `Ubuntu` (i.e, its "Debian
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Christoph Egger | 12 Nov 00:42 2014

possibility of jessie-kfreebsd suite

Hi FTP Masters!

  I was told you would be supportive of an unofficial kfreebsd jessie
release and willing to add a suite for that. Guess I write here what I
think would be best from our point of view and you tell me if I'm crazy
or not:

 + There would be a jessie-kfreebsd thing next to the "normal" jessie
   with kfreebsd folks responsible for
 + Ideally that jessie-kfreebsd thing would exist as soon as possible so
   we can do our release preparations there
 + Ideally -release <at>  would accept us in testing as long as possible
   (without any blocking characteristics there) and we copy everything
   that is not superseeded in jessie-kfreebsd there rather late

The last point of course depends on what release thinks of it and the
implications for them. And I have no idea if it's reasonably easy for
you to do a copy everything apart from the things we already uploaded




9FED 5C6C E206 B70A 5857  70CA 9655 22B9 D49A E731
Debian Developer | Lisp Hacker | CaCert Assurer
Gianluca Bonetti | 10 Nov 17:12 2014

greetings kfreebsd list!

Hello everyone

I am new to the list and to kFreeBSD, but I am long time Debian user,
Debian sysadm for various private and cloud servers, and sincere
Debian lover.
I know kFreeBSD since many years, but I only tried the Ging live cd years ago.
In the last days I gained more and more interest in kFreeBSD, since
someone says that it is in bad shape and the risk is that it will be
On the other hand, Linux they say is in good shape... I don't think so.
Given the current state of Linux ecosystem, I feel that a kFreeBSD
based Debian is a plan-b for everything.

I tried kFreeBSD x86_64, both Wheezy and Jessie (weekly iso) on
virtual machines and on real hardware.
I have to say that kFreeBSD seems to me in very good shape, fully
working, installed smoothly on real hardware like on VMs.
Jessie is really in better shape, since has Iceweasel, LibreOffice,
JDK and much more software.
I put it as first and only OS on my work desktop (where I do all my
daytime office routines, but not development)

On IRC channel, Christopher told that current bugs are listed here <at>
Is this the list of all the bugs that kFreeBSD has right now?
I will start to make some troubleshooting with non building packages.
I have some experience in installing from alien sources and packaging
in debian way, so I'd like to try.

If you have some advice, I'll be glad to read on list or private email.
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Steven Chamberlain | 10 Nov 00:15 2014

Plan B for kfreebsd

Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:
> We discussed kfreebsd at length, but are not satisfied that a
> release with Jessie will be of sufficient quality. We are dropping
> it as an official release architecture,

I hope we can come up with a suitable plan in response to this.

Here are some rather disorganised initial thoughts or ideas from me,
sorry about the ranting in places:

We managed to support kfreebsd-9 in wheezy with security updates,
which are fairly infrequent, even after the upstream support ended.
I think we could support the kfreebsd core packages for an unofficial
stable release, but we'd presumably need to build and distribute,
security and stable updates for the rest of the archive.  It's not
clear yet how much infrastructure we can keep or must replace.

AFAIK we had no concerns from DSA, or security team, and no serious
issues with our toolchains.  I believe d-i to be in good shape.

kfreebsd had zero RC bugs (or close to it) affecting jessie at the time
of freeze.  I'd say probably our core system is releasable already.

Glancing through the UDD bugs display, _most_ are not kernel or arch-
specific;  OTOH there are some bugs that probably _are_ Linux-specific;
looking at relevant packaging teams' dashboards I see:
  * 9+ RC bugs in Linux kernel packages (mostly initramfs-tools,
    mostly relating to use of systemd)
  * 3 RC bugs in systemd packages
  * 6+ RC bugs in GNOME packages (which we don't have any more on
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Debian FTP Masters | 7 Nov 19:49 2014

kfreebsd-9_9.0-10+deb70.8_kfreebsd-amd64.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates-≥stable-new

Mapping stable-security to proposed-updates.


Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2014 01:17:16 +0000
Source: kfreebsd-9
Binary: kfreebsd-source-9.0 kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2 kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-686-smp
kfreebsd-image-9-686-smp kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2-686-smp kfreebsd-headers-9-686-smp
kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-amd64 kfreebsd-image-9-amd64 kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2-amd64
kfreebsd-headers-9-amd64 kernel-image-9.0-2-amd64-di nic-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
nic-wireless-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di nic-shared-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
serial-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di ppp-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di cdrom-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
scsi-core-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di scsi-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
scsi-extra-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di plip-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di floppy-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
loop-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di ipv6-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di nls-core-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
ext2-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di isofs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di ntfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
reiserfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di xfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di fat-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
zfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di nfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di nullfs-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
 md-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di parport-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di sata-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
acpi-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di i2c-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di crypto-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
crypto-dm-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di mmc-core-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di mmc-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di
sound-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di zlib-modules-9.0-2-amd64-di kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-486
kfreebsd-image-9-486 kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2-486 kfreebsd-headers-9-486
kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-686 kfreebsd-image-9-686 kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2-686
kfreebsd-headers-9-686 kfreebsd-image-9.0-2-xen kfreebsd-image-9-xen
kfreebsd-headers-9.0-2-xen kfreebsd-headers-9-xen kernel-image-9.0-2-486-di
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