Martin Zobel-Helas | 5 Feb 14:45 2010

Scheduled downtime off all machines in Fort Collins


HP, who is hosting several machines on behalf of the Debian Project will
do a scheduled site wide power shutdown starting at Feburary 6th, 12:00

The site wide power shutdown is scheduled to last for at least 24h.

This will affect the following machines:
 * alkman
 * merkel
 * merulo
 * mundy
 * paer
 * penalosa
 * peri
 * raff
 * samosa
 * spohr

For more information about services running on those machines, please

There should be no interruption to services to end users, however
certain developer targeted services will be affected.


 Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@...>  | Debian System Administrator
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Martin Zobel-Helas | 4 Mar 00:18 2010

downtime of, relocation

Hi, hosting


will be relocated at 15:00 UTC March 4th and therefore be shut down at 
14:45 UTC. Cron-jobs will be disabled at 13:00 UTC

I have no exact timeframe yet when it will be back online, but rumours 
say about 30 minutes later.

In the mean time we pointed _ftp.upload.debian.org_ to a different host. 
If you haven't done yet, please fix your {dput,dupload} config to upload
to that alias or make sure you have the newest version of those tools



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