Stéphane Blondon | 30 Dec 13:19 2010

split devotee in two part?


I wonder if it would be useful to split the devotee system in two
parts and reuse an existing solver for the vote.

The OpenSTV package provides a way to vote and find the winner for
several election methods, including the condorcet vote with schwartz
( OpenSTV provides his own
interface to vote (a GUI client). I think that the users will prefer
to use the email voting method so I think a design like:
- the receiver code from devotee, saving all the choices in a file, database,...
- the solver code based on openSTV. OpenSTV provides python modules to
solve the election so it needs 'only' glue to read the data and pass
it properly to openstv's solver.

- splitted code should become easier to maintain
- openSTV is used by other organisations so I think it has a lower
probability to be buggy.

- I read at that the debian version is a
modified version of schwartz so it could lead the idea directly to
- I didn't find the source code of devotee (seems that it was never
included in main) so I don't know if it's easy to split it.
- If devotee is in Perl, the global solution will b written in two
languages: first part in Perl, seconde one in Python.

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