Gijs Hillenius | 18 Jul 09:21 2014

European Parliament wants to build ties to Debian...


ulia Reda and Max Andersson, two newly elected Members of the European
Parliament (MEPs), want the Parliament to build links with well-known
free software communities - naming Debian specifically.

On Wednesday 9 July, the Greens/European Free Alliance MEPS submitted
two proposals for so-called preliminary pilot projects or preparatory
actions (PP-PAs), to be decided on by the European Parliament in

A vivid and creative mind characterizes you.

Adam D. Barratt | 16 Jul 23:40 2014

Re: Draft draft announcement for 6.0.10

On Tue, 2014-07-15 at 19:43 +0100, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> I've attached the current draft announcement for Saturday's EOL squeeze
> point release.
> Comments / corrections / cluebats etc. welcome. I'll likely add a
> version to publicity SVN tomorrow evening (unless everyone says it's
> fine sooner :-) )

No-one yelled, so I've committed 20140719.wml.



Neville Frazier | 16 Jul 17:06 2014

Please remove me from your emailing list: neville.frazier <at> Thanks.

Geert Stappers | 15 Jul 22:04 2014

Debian's birthday saturday 16th august


Could the next Debian Project News 
tell about Debian birthday as a reason for a get together?

Debian birthday is on 16th of august,
this year it is a saturday.

Geert Stappers

Leven en laten leven

Joseph Bisch | 15 Jul 21:02 2014



I would like to announce that metrics.d.n is live. It hosts an initial
version of debmetrics, which is a Google Summer of Code project. You
can include a sentence like the following with other updates from
other GSoC students in the next weekly news.

Joseph Bisch announced that an initial version of debmetrics, his GSoC
project, is available at metrics.d.n.


Silvia Frank | 14 Jul 13:16 2014

Making Debian users more visible

Hello Debian website team,

on the Debian publicity list we discussed how we can make Debian deployments more visible. What do you think about following suggestions concerning ?:
Oh great, I never notice this page on the Debian website until now. Maybe we could make a link from the frontpage to the "user site"? Is it possible to highlight the freshest or outstanding deployments, e.g. in a box at the right side beside the list? The list of deployments is very long and some of the entries seem very old, and I think visitors are more motivated to click, if they can see, which are the latest.
Highlighting the user testimonials on the front page sounds like an interesting idea. Unfortunately there is no machine-readable date information in users section of the webwml CVS repository, so the highlighting would need to be manual and we can't automatically sort by date until that is fixed. Probably the highlighting would need to be manual anyway? Could you make a mockup of how it might look? This topic should be discussed on the debian-www list anyways.
Ah ok, this makes even small changes intricate. So maybe for the first it is the easiest to put at the start site a link "Debian deployments" or "Debian users" which goes to: . The link could be in the first column of links: About Social Contract Code of Conduct Free Software Partners Users Donations Contact Us And on we integrate at the right side a simple box, where we put in newest and outstanding deployments. Attached you find a very simple (pdf/ libre office-)draft, how it could look. The background colour of the box should be the same blue as on top of the side behind the Debian logo. I also shorten a bit the intro (also because the entries are not listed alphabetically  :-) - what do you think?

I know a lot of time has been spent on the website over the years. But anyway, I think in a longterm perspective it would make a lot of things much easier and faster (and "up-to-date-looking" ;-)), if the Debian website would be based on a CMS like Typo3 or Drupal. Maybe we should give this a thought ;-)?

Attachment (debian_users_v0.odp): application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation, 38 KiB
Attachment (debian_users_v0.pdf): application/pdf, 37 KiB
Philipp Huebner | 10 Jul 19:36 2014

new ejabberd package


today I uploaded a new version of ejabberd into experimental, where a
lot has changed since the last upload. I had to create ~15 new packages
of necessary dependencies.

If you look at ejabberd's current rc bugs (#746029, #746073, #747673)
this was quite an important step.

Now we need testers, feedback (and possibly patches) and I kindly ask
you to mention this in the next DPN.


 .''`.   Philipp Huebner <debalance <at>>
: :'  :  pgp fp: 6719 25C5 B8CD E74A 5225  3DF9 E5CA 8C49 25E4 205F
`. `'`

Adam D. Barratt | 10 Jul 00:44 2014

Draft announcement for 7.6


I've committed a draft announcement for Saturday's wheezy point release
(7.6) to the publicity SVN repo.



Lydia | 9 Jul 20:18 2014

Technology Business Leads 2014


would you be interested in owning an OPT-IN email list of below mentioned Industries from USA, UK, Europe, Canada and other countries across the globe?

Title Specific Lists:

1. All C-level executives List - CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CISO, CSO, COO, CNO etc.
2. All Key decision makers List - All C-level, VP level, Director level executives etc.
3. All HR Executives List - VP of HR, HR Director & HR Manager Etc.
4. All Marketing Executives List - CMO, VP of Marketing, Director of Marketing, Marketing Manager, Marketing officer, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator etc.
5. All IT Executives List - CIO, CTO, CISO, IT-VP, IT-Director, IT Manager, MIS Manager Etc.
6. All Finance Executives List - CFO, VP of Finance, Director of Finance, Finance Manager, Controller, Treasurer Etc.
7. All Healthcare Executives List - C/V/D/Manager contacts & Physicians/Doctors/Nurses etc.
8. All Customer Service Executives List - VP of Customer service/Support/Relation, Direct of Customer service/Support/Relation, Manager of Customer service/Support/Relation etc.
9. Planners, Environment, benefit, accounts, merchandise or any other titles and all other titles.

Technology users and decision makers contact information Lists: SAP, Oracle Database, Oracle e-Business Suit, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Siebel, Hyperion, Microsoft Dynamic, Share Point, .Net, Biz Talk, IBM Lotus Notes, File Net, Mainframe, Tivoli, Web Sphere, Congas, Sage, MAS 90/200, QuickBooks,, Peachtree, Net Suite, Remedy, Baan, Medics Application users and MANY MORE.

Just let us know your exact target audience (Any Industry / Job Titles) and we'll give you updated counts, pricing, few samples & other related information.

Thanks & Regards,

Lydia Anderson

Business Development

PH: 760 870 1281


If you do not wish to receive further emails kindly reply with "Leave Out" or “Unsubscribe”

jean-pierre giraud | 1 Jul 23:37 2014

DPN 2014/11 frozen. Please review and translate.

[ Please reply on -publicity list ]

Hi all,

We just finished the last bits of the new issue of DPN to
be released wednesday evening. We would appreciate
reviews and translations.

Instructions are available on the wiki:

The last updated version is available on the publicity
Subversion repository, even via HTTP:

If you're willing to contribute to the redaction of the next issue,
don't hesitate, and join #debian-publicity IRC channel or send a message
to debian-publicity <at>


Attachment (index.wml): text/vnd.wap.wml, 12 KiB
Richard Hartmann | 23 Jun 14:37 2014

Planning the announcement of DC15's sponsorship drive

Dear all,

we already talked about this within the DC15 team, but just to make
sure that we are all on the same page:

I think we should spam DPN, the -announces, reddit, friendly press
publications, etc once we have:

* non-profit status
* basic sponsorship info
* website with reasonably appealing design and sponsorship section

The reason being that larger companies will most likely finish their
budgets for 2015 in Q3 of 2014.

Given that the first point will hopefully be done within the next two
weeks (see my mail to dc15 list), is there a somewhat reliable ETA for
the other two? Does anyone need help? Does anyone have free time and
is able to offer help?

I know both sponsorship and website are being worked on and have/will
send status reports to the dc15 list today, but we should try to add
deadlines for "good enough" for all vital parts, as well. Based on
that, we should plan for maximum exposure of the sponsorship drive.

Thanks for the hard work of all involved,