Laura Arjona Reina | 22 May 13:56 2015

Meeting for discussing the talk for DebConf15, and next team-meeting

Dear all

As we agreed in our last meeting ( ), Cédric,
Ana and me (at least) will try to meet next week to agree in a proposal
for talk/BoF for DebConf15 about the publicity team.

Initial draft (based on the DebConf talk submission fields) is here:

A dudle to make easy to decide the day and time to meet is here:

Everybody is welcome to attend and give ideas.

I have created meeting wiki pages for this meeting and next meetings (we
agreed to meet in July, and probably in DebConf):



Laura Arjona

Silvia Frank | 13 May 20:21 2015

press at DebConf15

Hi publicity-/ DebConf press team,

Since I am in touch with some of the German IT journalists anyway, I 
talked with some press contacts about DebConf15 and if they would like 
to attend. I got the following feedback:

* Hans-Joachim Baader (co-founder and editor of prolinux): he wants to 
come, just has to check the dates, if it will be possible

* Jan Kleinert (chief editor or Linux Magazin): Unfortunatly nobody from 
Linux Mag will come (because they are understaffed due to summer 
holidays during DebConf)

* Oliver Diedrich (chief editor of Heise open/ c't): Heise is also quite 
thinly-staffed during the summer holidays, but potentially Micro Dölle 
from c't will come for one day to Heidelberg and maybe also someone from 
iX - they're scheduling the summer tasks of the editorial staff at the 
moment. Oliver Diedrich will let me know, as soon as they know if 
somebody can attend.

In addition to our phone calls, I send all of them an email with the 
press contact details for DebConf15 as written here:

* Jörg Thoma, golem: I just wrote an email

Let me know, if there are other IT media in Germany (like for example 
Computerwoche or tecchannel....) which you think would be a good idea to 
invite to DebConf - maybe I'm already in touch with them and can make a 
quick call :-)
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Antonio Terceiro | 10 May 17:25 2015
Picon post about the Ruby sprint last month

Cédric suggested I write a post about the Ruby sprint, and here it is:

Should apply cleanly against the current master branch of the bits.d.o
git repository. I did check the markdown rendering, but did not try
building the site (stuff not in the archive etc). Please feel free to
edit as you see fit.


Antonio Terceiro <terceiro <at>>
Unknown | 10 May 17:04 2015

Unidentified subject!

Donald Norwood | 10 May 02:05 2015

DPN 2015/04 frozen. Please review and translate

[ Please reply on -publicity list ]

Hi all,

We just finished the last bits of the
new issue of DPN to be released on Tuesday, May 12, around 19:45 UTC.
We would very much appreciate reviews and translations.

Instructions are available on the wiki:

The last updated version is available on the publicity
Subversion repository, even via HTTP:

If you're willing to contribute to the redaction of the next issue,
don't hesitate, and join #debian-publicity IRC channel or send a message
to debian-publicity <at>

Best regards,

Donald Norwood

Martin Zobel-Helas | 6 May 18:35 2015

Design help needed: Debian Roll-up Banners


during yesterdays Debian publicity team IRC meeting one of the items
discussed was about promoting Debian at open source events. One of the
ideas that came up were Roll-up banners.

I literly work next door to a company producing those and the DPL agreed
that we will produce some of them.

What we need now is a design for them.

Technical details:

printed size:  85cm x 210cm
viewable size: 85cm x 200cm
the last 10cm will not be viewable, so put no text there, but in case
you put color there or a gradient, pull it until 210cm.

needs to be in CMYK, 300DPI.

My idea is that we put the 'Debian Open Use Logo' with 'Debian' at the
top and have some general information about Debian below that. Font size
should be not too small, as those roll-up banners are intended to be
used at open source event booths.

So design proposals welcome!


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Laura Arjona Reina | 30 Apr 11:44 2015

Publicity team meeting: 2015/05/05, 18h UTC, at IRC #debian-publicity channel

Hi everybody

After all the kind words and efforts from everybody (thanks!) I'm
calling for a meeting next Tuesday 05 May 2015, at 18h UTC in
#debian-publicity on

Right now, 5 people seem available to meet.

Following Paul's suggestion and Games team's expertise, I have created
the wiki infrastructure for the meetings:  (general page)

Page for next meeting:

My proposal is to have an 1-hour meeting, with a quick round among all
the topics. Hopefully there will be next meetings to get in-depth :)

I'd prefer somebody else chairs the meeting (it would be my first time
dealing with meetbot and the chronometer). Silence means I'll chair -
wish me luck, then :)



Laura Arjona

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Mark Caglienzi | 26 Apr 13:48 2015

Typo in Jessie release news

I found what seems a typo in

"completely rewritten and more reponsive"

instead of, I think:

"completely rewritten and more responsive".

Kind regards,


Debian Release 8 - Press Text frozen - Please translate --OK

Please find attached the Greek version of Jessie's release notes. Hope
that's sufficient. (And not too late)

Best Regards,

# Status: frozen # $Id$ # $Rev$ Debian 8 Jessie released2015-04-25 #use wml::debian::news ## ## Translators should uncomment the following line and add their name ## Leaving translation at 1.1 is okay; that's the first version which will ## be added to Debian's webwml repository ## #use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.1" maintainer="pankgeorg"

Έπειτα από σχεδόν 24 μήνες συνεχούς ανάπτυξης, εμείς στο Debian είμαστε περήφανοι να σας παρουσιάσουμε τη νέα ευσταθή έκδοση 8 (με κωδικό όνομα Jessie ), η οποία θα τυγχάνει επίσημης υποστήρηξης για 5 χρόνια, χάρη στις συνδιασμένες προσθάθειες της (Continue reading)

Jordi Mallach | 25 Apr 16:05 2015

Catalan translation of Jessie news item

Hi, attached is a Catalan translation of the announcement.



Jordi Mallach Pérez  --  Debian developer
jordi <at>     jordi <at>
GnuPG public key information available at
Attachment (jessy-ann.txt.gz): application/gzip, 4989 bytes
Arief S Fitrianto | 25 Apr 14:21 2015

Debian Rilis Note

Please see Indonesian Translataion below
Arief S Fitrianto
Departemen Fisika Universitas Indonesia

# Status: frozen # $Id$ # $Rev$ Debian 8 Jessie Telah Dirilis2015-04-25 #use wml::debian::news ## ## Translators should uncomment the following line and add their name ## Leaving translation at 1.1 is okay; that's the first version which will ## be added to Debian's webwml repository ## #use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.1" maintainer="Arief S Fitrianto"

Setelah hampir selama 24 bulan pengembangan yang terus menerus, proyek Debian dengan bangga mempersembahkan versi stabil terbaru, versi 8 (kode: Jessie), yang akan didukung penuh selama 5 tahun ke depan. Terima kasih atas kerja sama yang baik antara Tim Debian Security dan Tim Debian Long Term Support.

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