Laura Arjona Reina | 27 Mar 21:08 2015
Picon Please provide "date" field for each item of DPN RSS feed (feedparser complains about that)

Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

Dear all
I'm having trouble when using Spigot[1] to publish the DPN feed[2] in Debian's account:


Spigot is a Python script using Feedparser. Spigot "needs" a "date" field for
each RSS item, in order to handle publication of only the "new" RSS items each

The Perl script[3] that generates the DPN feed stores the date in the "channel"
section but not in each item.


Feedparser throws an exception when it does not find the requested field in the
RSS feed, and then, Spigot crashes (I'm attaching the trace).

I've contacted the developer of Spigot in order to get this exception
controlled, but maybe it's convenient to add the date field to each item

I'm attaching a patch to the Perl script that generates the RDF feed. My Perl
skills are very very limited so I kindly ask for review, if you consider it's a
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Francois Marier | 25 Mar 11:03 2015

DWN: New and noteworthy packages

Hi there,

Some of the Debian Weekly News readers may be interested in this recently
added package:

<li><a href="">\
	planetfilter &mdash; filter for blog aggregators</a></li>

I've just blogged about it on Planet Debian:




Minh Le | 24 Mar 12:02 2015

Re: Translate the Debian MIPS announcement

Dear Paul,

Im sorry for my delay since it's really something technical for me who have no IT background.

Please find the attachment for the Vietnamese version. I would be happy to get any comments or advices from the team.

Thank you and kind regards,

2015-03-19 10:57 GMT+07:00 Paul Wise <pabs <at>>:
On Thu, 2015-03-19 at 09:22 +0700, Minh Le wrote:

> I am happy to have something to translate :)

Glad to help :)

> I will send you the Vietnamese version later today.

Please CC your mail to the Vietnamese translation list and to the Debian
publicity team mailing list, here are the addresses for those:

debian-l10n-vietnamese <at>
debian-publicity <at>

> Btw, I have received a feedback from Hung Tran. His blog spot is
> really nice for me to learn more about Debian and some helpful
> instruction on translation.

Excellent! I can't read it but it looks like an informative blog post.

Best Regards.
Minh Le (Ms.)
Cell: +84 (0) 90 520 1061
Skype: minh.ttvh
*Life is a climb but the view is great*

Attachment (Imagination maintains momentum for Debian MIPS ports.docx): application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document, 22 KiB
Paul Wise | 17 Mar 11:48 2015

Please review and translate the Debian MIPS announcement

Hi all,

We (DSA, MIPS porters, hardware sponsors) have finally finalised an
announcement about the MIPS hardware that was donated to Debian
semi-recently. The hardware has been in place for a while, various
things delayed the preparation of the announcement though.
Please review and translate the announcement, available here:



Paul Wise | 17 Mar 11:36 2015

welcome to the publicity team Minh Le Thi (minhle-guest)!

On Tue, 2015-03-17 at 09:36 +0000, Minh Le Thi wrote:

> My name is Minh Le, from Hoi An (Vietnam).
> I would like to join the publicity team.
> My majority is translating. I can translate English documents,... into
> Vietnamese. I will be very happy if I can do something helpful that
> promoting Debian to my Vietnamese community. Please advice.

I've just added you, welcome to the publicity team!

I understand you aren't able to access the mailing list website to
signup to the mailing list. Please join the IRC channel via the web chat
service, perhaps we can help in chat to get you on the mailing list.

You can find more information about the team and ways to get involved on
our web pages, here are some of the more important ones:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them on either the chat
or by sending an email to the mailing list (be sure to ask for a CC).

debian-publicity <debian-publicity <at>>



Laura Arjona Reina | 13 Mar 10:34 2015

Draft for blogpost in about HP and the other sponsors

Hi DebConf and Publicity team:

I'm writing a blogpost to thank our new sponsors of DebConf15.
Below you can find the text of the current status, but the
always-updated version is in the git repo:;a=blob_plain;f=content/2015/;hb=HEAD

(feel free to commit your reviews yourselves, or ping me to do it).

I have some doubts, advice is very welcome:

* Not sure if it's better to mention in this post only the 9 new
non-platinum sponsors, (and publish today, maybe?) and write another
blogpost for the platinum sponsor to be published later (on Monday? I
can draft the other blog post too).

* The info about the platinum sponsors is taken from w.d.o/partners/.
If we decide to write a separate blog post, any other info is welcome
(some quote of the contact person in HP?)

* I'll complete the missing links ASAP, and write words about silver
sponsors inline (same style as the first blog post about sponsors).

* Agree to mention the names (and URLs) of infrastructure sponsors,
organisational partners and media partners? or just link to the
DebConf15 website? (or maybe a separate blog post some months later)?

* Please review the sentences about Google and PWC (I have no info about
details of their sponsorship, just infered from website and lurking the
list, so maybe I'm wrong).

Thank you everybody
Laura Arjona Reina

Title: More sponsors for DebConf15
Slug: more-sponsors-debconf15
Author: Laura Arjona Reina
Tags: debconf15, debconf, sponsors
Status: draft

The organization of DebConf15 (from 15th to 22nd of August, 2015, in
Heidelberg, Germany) is going smoothly, we just blogged about the call
for proposals and today we want to provide updates about our sponsors.

Ten more companies have joined to [our nine first sponsors]() in
supporting DebConf15. Thank you to all of them!

We want to give special thanks to our first **Platinum sponsor**,
[**Hewlett-Packard (HP)**](

HP is one of the largest computer companies in the world, providing
 a wide range of products and services, such as all kinds of
PCs, calculators, printers, scanners, plotters, various storage
products, network servers and equipment, software etc.

Hewlett-Packard is also a long term development partner of Debian. HP
has provided several
high-end HPPA, IA-64 and IA-32 servers and workstations to Debian,
and HP employs several developers to work on Debian HPPA and IA-64  ports.

Thank you very much HP for committing support to DebConf15!

Our third Gold sponsor (in addition to former ones, Credativ and SipGate),
is the [**Matanel Foundation**](,

[IBM]( has also joined the DebConf15 sponsorchip at a
Gold level.

[**Google**](, the search engine and advertising company,
has increased the sponsorship level from Silver to Gold.

[**1&1**]( (which is also
service partner of Debian) and
[***MySQL**]( have committed sponsorship at Silver

And last but not least, six more sponsors have agreed to support us at
Bronze level:
[****](, the
[**University of Zurich**](,
[**Docker**](, [**DG-i**](
(also service partner of Debian),
and [**Price-WaterHouse-Cooper**]( (which also
provides consultancy support for DebConf15).

The DebConf15 team is very thankful to all DebConf sponsors for their
support. We also would like to thank our infrastructure sponsors, our
media partners () and our organisational ().

## Become a sponsor too!

DebConf15 is still accepting sponsors. Interested companies and
organizations may contact the DebConf team through
[sponsors <at>](mailto:sponsors <at>, and
visit the DebConf15 website at

Laura Arjona Reina | 19 Feb 08:32 2015

Planet Debian RSS in

Hi everybody

Since yesterday, I'm using "spigot" ( ) in my home server (Debian Jessie)
to automatically (cron job, each 10 min aprox) post the atom feed of
Planet Debian in my <> test account:

It works well and it can be configured for posting several feeds with as
frequent as you wish. The note can include any field of the atom/RSS feed.

Spigot is not packaged for Debian, and it relies on pypump for which an
old version is packaged (Bug#740990). So, spigot will not be usable in
DSA machines soon, I think.

I wonder, however, if it's ok or not that I configure the spigot
installed in my server to post with debian <at> credentials, so we
have the planet feed (and others!) officially posted meanwhile a better
solution is available.

Please tell me any objections you find, or, if it's ok for you, point
out the feeds it would be interesting. IMO, at least:


Laura Arjona

hvs.structure | 15 Feb 23:41 2015

HVS et les DEEE

HVS informatique et les DEEE
Mon but est simplement de vous informer et non de vous agresser; Nous vous proposons un service GRATUIT sur les D3E à caractère informatique.
En effet depuis le 27 janvier 2003 une directive relative aux D3E (Déchets d'Equipements Electriques et Electroniques) organise cette filière.
L'enlèvement , le tri, l'effacement des données, le reconditionnement, les déchets valorisables et ultimes, sont autant de termes qui ont un sens précis dans cette filière.
face à chacun des termes on retrouve un justificatif....ainsi:
Enlèvemnet et transport ...............Agrément préfectoral
Effacement des données .......... Certificat d'effacement
Stockage et destruction des déchets ....BSD (bordereau de suivi de déchets)
Destruction ou valorisation des déchets......BSD plus Certificat de destruction

si vous voulez profiter de cet ensemble de services, voici nos coordonnées.

HVS informatique 79, rue des Chantiers 78000 Versailles.
tel: 01 69 29 99 69, fax: 01 69 29 99 12, portable: 06 80 05 94 13, e-mail hvs.structure <at>
Afin de connaitre les contours de l'activité, et le champ précis de laprestation nous vous proposons un envoi de diaporama sur demande.

Si cette information ne vous concerne pas, informez-en les services intéressés (informatique, logistique, sevices généraux....) sinon veuillez nous excuser et desabonnez-vous.>>

Paul Wise | 8 Feb 02:12 2015

adopting debian-timeline

Hi all,

Chris Lamb, the current maintainer of and
debian-timeline has requested adoption of these. I proposed that the
publicity team might be the best team for that and some folks have
already expressed interest in helping out.

We have moved the debian-timeline git repository to alioth already:

The debian-timeline package needs adopting. I propose to put the
publicity team in maintainer and I can do uploads for the publicity team
folks who are mostly not Debian members.

I have been adding events to debian-timeline monthly and plan to
continue that once I've committed my local backlog.

The hosting will move to Debian's static site
hosting service, as a Debian sysadmin I will work on that.

I hope others will be willing to help work on the backlog of TODO items
and the bugs reported to the BTS. I hope others will be willing to add
events more often than monthly.

The timeline wiki pages will need to be adjusted to reflect the status.




International Business Forum “SUBF 2015”

Ladies and gentlemen!

We invite You to participate in the International Business Forum "SUBF 2015" and accompanying events that will take place in Kosice (Eastern Slovakia), April 20-25, 2015. Plenary part, negotiations in Be2Be format, expositions of the participating companies, thematic and presentation conferences, business lunches. There are no restrictions on the industry sector of the delegates.

Preliminary brief program:

Conditions of participation:

Additional program:

To become a PARTNER SUBF 2015 (does not require financial expenses):

Organizers: expo <at>,, tel. +3 8 (044) 2090711, +3 8 (067) 5539901.

Warning! E-mail address subf15 <at> is only for sending mail and incoming emails are checked not systemically. Responses should be addressed to expo <at> or your supervising manager.

If you no longer wish to receive our messages, send an email with the subject DEL to nata <at>


spare parts for port equipments - Business contact

We are pleased to introduce our company, HIT Srl, as supplier of spare parts for crane, reachstacker and forklift.

We are specialist in  OEM spare parts for brands like CVS Ferrari,  Fantuzzi Reggiane (today Terex), Belotti, Kalmar, Konecranes, Sany, Linde.

Please visit our website and send your inquire to info <at>  

We wait your inquires.

Distinti Saluti / Best Regards

HIT team

HIT Spare parts for Port Equipments and Material Handling Equipments
HIT S.r.l
. Via Domenico Tosi 6   - 42124 - Reggio Emilia -  ITALY -  Piva/Vat IT 0298408036

Tel  +39 0522 1756017 (2 lines)   Tel  +39 0522 506100   (2 lines) Fax +39 0522 271015

If you don't like receive our info just reply us with NOEMAIL in subject. Sorry to have bothered you.