Petter Reinholdtsen | 27 Oct 20:28 2014

First Jessie based Debian Edu released (alpha0)

The Debian Edu Team is pleased to announce the release of Debian Edu
Jessie 8.0+edu0~alpha0

Debian Edu is a complete operating system for schools. Through its
various installation profiles you can install servers, workstations
and laptops which will work together on the school network. With
Debian Edu, the teachers themselves or their technical support can
roll out a complete multi-user multi-machine study environment within
hours or a few days. Debian Edu comes with hundreds of applications
pre-installed, but you can always add more packages from Debian.

For those who want to give Debian Edu Jessie a try, download and
installation instructions are available, including detailed
instructions in the manual[1] explaining the first steps, such as
setting up a network or adding users. Please note that the password
for the user your prompted for during installation must have a length
of at least 5 characters!

 [1] <URL: >

Would you like to give your school's computer a longer life? Are you
tired of sneaker administration, running from computer to computer
reinstalling the operating system? Would you like to administrate all
the computers in your school using only a couple of hours every week?
Check out Debian Edu Jessie!

Skolelinux is used by at least two hundred schools all over the world,
mostly in Germany and Norway.

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Donald Norwood | 27 Oct 14:30 2014

Who's Using Debian 2014 Audit

As a follow up to the Making Debian users more visible thread[1], a sub-team consisting of Laura Arjona, Donald Norwood, and Kåre Thor Olsen, are going to undertake the effort of auditing the current Who's Using Debian[2] pages.

The initial draft[3] introduced the formation of the team, a call for help, and a brief outline of the undertaking. We have opened bug #766923[4] which has been tagged as a gift and have updated a defunct entry on the wiki's WhoUsesDebian[5] page which outlines the proposed workflow, concerns, notes for discussion, and the draft email to be sent to users as part of the audit.

There is still work to be done and a few questions that need to be addressed, particularly if we use this opportunity to request more information from submitters towards use in other areas of Debian Outreach, or if the information being asked needs to ask for other kinds of information, or less information.

We welcome all comments, discussion, and of course, help.

Best regards,

Donald Norwood

[5] <!-- <at> page { margin: 0.79in } p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120% } -->
Tom Marble | 15 Oct 16:07 2014

Re: [Lucas Nussbaum] Re: Debian OPW media campaign?

Dear Publicity Team:

Please see the request buried below :)

Thanks Maulkin!


Neil McGovern <neil <at>> writes:
> Hi Tom,
> Are you sure you want the press team, rather than the publicity team? :)
> If you do, it's basically just me behind the alias, and I don't have
> access to the twitter account. I can shove them on, but
> is probably a better place.
> Neil
> On Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 08:07:36AM -0500, Tom Marble wrote:
>> Dear Debian Press team:
>> Did you know that Debian is participating in this round
>> of the GNOME Outreach Program?
>> Did you know we have 5 Debian Developer volunteer
>> mentors -- but as of right now only 2 sponsored
>> internship slots?
>> For each intern we need sponsorship of $6,250.
>> We have an anonymous donor whom has agreed to match
>> donations up to $3125... So if we can raise at
>> least $3125 we can get that match and sponsor a third intern!
>> And, of course, if we could get all 5 internship
>> slots funded that would be ideal!
>> DPL has authorized the press team promoting
>> our participation in OPW (see attachment).
>> I'm thinking that a couple tweets from  <at> Debian might do it.
>> Allow me to suggest:
>> -------
>> We need matching donations of $3125 by Wed Nov 22 to empower one more
>>  <at> fossopw intern for  <at> Debian ♥ Contact opw <at>
>> -------
>> Maybe it would be better if we send them DIRECTLY to the donations
>> page (but I have no idea how we'll track new donations????)
>> -------
>> We need matching donations of $3125 by Wed Nov 22 to empower one more
>>  <at> fossopw intern for  <at> Debian ♥ Donate today!
>> -------
>> Let me know if I can answer any questions!!!
>> --Tom
>>   tmarble on IRC
>> Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 17:47:41 +0200
>> From: Lucas Nussbaum <leader <at>>
>> To: Tom Marble <tmarble <at>>
>> Cc: Keith Packard <keithp <at>>, Nicolas Dandrimont
>>  <olasd <at>>, Brian Gupta <brian.gupta <at>>
>> Subject: Re: Debian OPW media campaign? [was Re: OPW Invoice]
>> On 14/10/14 at 08:57 -0500, Tom Marble wrote:
>> > Lucas Nussbaum <leader <at>> writes:
>> > > \o/
>> > 
>> > This is nice and kudos to Keith and Sarah for
>> > getting us to 2 full slots!
>> > 
>> > Here's the new challenge:
>> > 
>> > Brian has an (anonymous) company willing to match $3125 (1/2 a slot).
>> > 
>> > GNOME cannot make up the difference from their general funds.
>> > 
>> > So the opportunity we have is to go back to potential sponsors
>> > (e.g. Brick Alloy) that might be willing to make less than a full
>> > slot contribution. All such contributions need to be made to 
>> > Debian directly.
>> > 
>> > My questions to everyone are:
>> > - Does everyone agree we should aggressively try to get $3125
>> >   contributed to Debian in the next week?
>> > - Who controls  <at> Debian on Twitter (on 
>> > - Can we do a "coordinated" PR campaign?
>> Sure! Get in touch with the Debian publicity team (either by mail or on
>> IRC).
>> Lucas
Neil McGovern | 15 Oct 15:33 2014

Publicity/press bits mail

Hi all,

We should do one of these, as we haven't in forever. Can we start adding
some ideas/text to ?

Ideally, I'd like to get it sent out by the end of the month.


Paul Wise | 15 Oct 15:22 2014

Help needed with the Debian timeline!

Hi all,

I usually go through the Debian timeline (created by Chris Lamb) data
once a month and spend an hour making sure that each one of the data
files is up to date. Unfortunately I didn't yet manage to do that this
month, so, this is a call for help with the Debian timeline!

To help out you can run these simple commands in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install git git-gui
git clone
cd debian-timeline/
sensible-editor $(find data -type f)
git gui
<commit your changes, one logical change at a time>
<exit git gui>
git format-patch origin/master

Now send an email to the maintainer (Chris Lamb <lamby <at>>) and
attach the patch files from the debian-timeline directory. 



Paul Wise | 15 Oct 04:21 2014

Debian & Stuff podcast blurb?

Hi all,

Asheesh and Sam started a new podcast. I would like to mention this in
the next Debian Project News. Asheesh, could you provide a blurb?

[Asheesh, sorry for not CCing Sam but I forgot his mail, please bounce it to him]



Adam D. Barratt | 14 Oct 22:33 2014

Draft announcement for 7.7


I've added an initial announcement for the upcoming wheezy point release
(7.7) to the publicity repository.



Peter Kremer | 10 Oct 16:57 2014

Investment Proposal [Waiting Your Response]

 10/10/2014 | 3:57:42 PM

Good day,

I like to propose a legitimate business that would be of financial benefit to you. Are you interested?

Peter Kremer	 

Laura Arjona Reina | 27 Sep 11:55 2014

Note about the DC15 presentations at DC14, for DPN

Hi everybody
I'm part of the DebConf15 publicity team, we're working on a blog post
that it will be published today, about the DebConf15 presentations that
were held during DebConf14, and a call for help.

We would like to include some lines on DPN too, here's my proposal:

---- DPN ----

DebConf15 dates are set: the conference will take place from 15 to 22
August 2015 in Heidelberg. DebCamp will be the week of  08 - 14 August,
and an Opening Weekend will be held on 15 and 16 August.

Next year's DebConf15 team presented
their conference plans in a full session in Debconf14
and an executive summary in the closing ceremony ([slides
All this documentation is linked in the [DebConf blog](), where updates
on the conference preparation will published too.

 People wanting to join the
team or contribute to the organization of DebConf15 are encouraged to
watch the video, have a look at their [wiki
page](, and join the
#debconf-team and #debconf15-germany IRC channels.


Could this be included in next DPN? I'll provide the URL to the blog
post as soon as it's published (today).



Laura Arjona
Attachment (0x7E4AF4A3.asc): application/pgp-keys, 8 KiB
Paul Wise | 16 Sep 13:16 2014

DebConf14 wrap-up blog post

Hi all,

The Debian publicity team prepared a wrap-up DPN entry about DebConf14.
We would like to publish it on the DebConf blog (Martin Krafft
volunteered to do so) but would like some input from DebConf14 folks
before doing so. Hopefully you are still subscribed to the list :)



Paul Wise | 15 Sep 02:36 2014

welcome to the publicity team Christophe DUMONTE!

Hi Christophe,

I've just added you to the alioth publicity project, welcome to the
team! Please use this opportunity to introduce yourself to the team;
what you are interested in, what you will work on within the team etc.

Please join the IRC channel and mailing lists. You can find more
information about the team and ways to get involved on our wiki pages: