Thomas Lange | 24 Nov 13:54 2015

FAI 5.0 released

After several months of hard work, the FAI team is very happy to
announce the new major release 5.0. These are the most notable changes
in this release:

  * major update and rewrite of the FAI guide
  * new autodiscover function, the client is scanning the network
    for a FAI server
  * FAI profiles extend the FAI class concept
  * FAI shows a curses based menu for selecting a profile on demand
  * ready-to-go setup of the FAI server using the FAI CD or USB stick
  * ready-to-go FAI profile for CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04
  * Cloning machines using an image (hook debconf.IMAGE)
  * new command fai-kvm for starting a virtual machine
  * new command fai-mk-network for setting up different test networks
  * action sysinfo now also mounts lvm and RAID devices
  * use as default
  * fai-cd now uses dracut instead of live-boot,
    use of squashfs creates smaller CD images,
    fai-cd replaces fai-nfsroot2image
  * files *.source are renamed to .sh
  * dnf support for rpm based distributions
  * improved btrfs support
  * fai-cd: no networking for the rescue boot entry by default

The new FAI ISO image now supports the installation of Debian 8 with
XFCE or GNOME desktop, Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7, all using the same
ISO image. When installing XFCE or GNOME, all packages are already
available on the installation media and no network access is
needed. When installing Ubuntu and CentOS, the software packages will
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Adrià | 22 Nov 22:47 2015

Translating bits.d.o


Recently I started to translate some bits.d.o's posts into Spanish
(after some revisions by the community will become published).
Although I don't have much free time, I would like to start with
Catalan as well (thanks for make a procedure and upload it on the
wiki, btw).

I aim for people can find new content translated into their languages
in a way of demonstrate that i10n teams are alive and new hands are

Finally, I'm subscribed so if I find another way to help I will do so.


Adrià García-Alzórriz
La moda es la última piel de la civilización.
		-- Paco Rabanne. 
Gordon Haverland | 18 Nov 14:51 2015

Has wheezy been deprecated?

I have been having problems with wheezy on 2 different computers for a
month now.  I am getting nowhere in researching an answer.  Among other
things, I posted this:

This mailing list seems to just be a blackhole for spam, and neither
this message or my previous one have had any replies.


Laura Arjona Reina | 8 Nov 17:46 2015

About the publishing workflows (for today's IRC meeting)

Dear all
The topic is long and complex, so maybe even being late it can be
useful that I post here my notes about what has been tried/discussed
in the last weeks, instead of walltexting in the IRC meeting.

This is how I summarize the last weeks about the publishing workflow
in mailing list and IRC (AFAIK); correct me if I am wrong, and add
more ideas here or in the meeting.

Martin proposed an idea for a new workflow and
subsequent thread

Basically, as I understood it, consist on having a unique "incoming"
area where ideas are posted (by people of the team or others), and
then triage them, to generate a "general post" about the topic, which
includes a decision about the different channels where this info is
going to be posted (or not). Then, different people (or *scripts*, if
somebody writes the code) can adapt (or "translate") the general info
to the "language" of the corresponding channel (for example, if it's
going to be microblogged: add hashtags, etc), and post it (maybe
automatically, in a certain date, for example...).

I've been playing with the idea during October, manually creating
"drafts" for several ideas that were in the IDEAS file, and sending
[ITT] when I was intended to work on something, [RFR] when requesting
for reviews...
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Gaudenz Steinlin | 5 Nov 16:36 2015

Debian derivative "Lernstick" Winning Swiss Open Source Education Award

Hi Publicity Team

Last week the Swiss Debian deriviative "Lernstick" won the Open Source
Education Award. This award is awarded by the Swiss Open Systems User
Group in cooperation with IBM.

It would be nice if Debian could advertize this award given to one of
it's non-profit derivatives a bit. Maybe by tweeting about it or
issueing a short press release. Or add it to the next issue of the
developer news. What do you think?

See for more information and a press release.
See for a tweet that could be retweeted:

If you need help drafting some text I'm happy to assist. But I'm not
really aware of all the options you have to do publicity and on how to
best proceed. So I need your help.


Laura Arjona Reina | 31 Oct 10:07 2015

Publicity team meeting: Sunday 2015/11/08 20:00 UTC, at IRC #debian-publicity channel

Dear all

After setting our preferences in the corresponding framadate ( ) I'm calling for a meeting next Sunday 8
November 2015, at 20:00 UTC in #debian-publicity on

Right now, 6 people seem available to meet.

The info related to the meeting, including initial agenda, is here:

(please add/edit the topics you want to discuss).

My proposal is to have an 1-hour meeting. If anybody wants to chair,
just say. Silence means I'll chair.


Laura Arjona Reina
Debian FTP Masters | 28 Oct 10:34 2015

debian-timeline_37_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable


Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015 08:53:35 +0000
Source: debian-timeline
Binary: debian-timeline
Architecture: source all
Version: 37
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian publicity team <debian-publicity <at>>
Changed-By: Chris Lamb <lamby <at>>
 debian-timeline - Web-based timeline of the Debian Project
Closes: 778522
 debian-timeline (37) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added from Ben Hutchings:
     - Adrian von Bidder passed away in 2011.
   * wrap-and-sort.
   * Update Vcs-{Git,Browser}. (Closes: #778522)
   * Bump Debhelper compatibility level to 9.
   * Add libjs-simile-timeline to Build-Depends now that we symlink it.
   * Import glob as a top-level.
   * Don't clobber builtin dir.
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Debian FTP Masters | 28 Oct 09:55 2015

Processing of debian-timeline_37_amd64.changes

debian-timeline_37_amd64.changes uploaded successfully to localhost
along with the files:


	Your Debian queue daemon (running on host

David Zundel | 25 Oct 23:04 2015

Debian Project News - October 22nd, 2015

Very well done.

Thank you.

Giovani Ferreira | 25 Oct 21:53 2015

Report to next DPN


In last October 15, there was a Mini DebConf at Latinoware in Brazil. We
would like the report below was published next DPN. Below, the suggested

Mini DebConf at Latinoware

Occurred on October 15, during Latinoware[1], another Mini DebConf[2] in
Brazil. The following were present Debian Developers: Antonio Terceiro,
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel, João Eriberto Mota Filho and Thadeu Lima de
Souza Cascardo. They presented a number of talks on the Debian Project
and ways to contribute. At the end of the program, a discussion was made
with new contributors and also with the speakers about how to
collaborate with Debian, specifically in Brazil. In addition to the
presentations was made available a stand in the exposition for the
project receive stakeholders and made merchandising.


Kind regards.


Giovani Ferreira
GNU/Linux user: 337388  GPG ID: 2375A66C

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Jérémy Lal | 24 Oct 00:00 2015

nodejs 4.2.1 in testing runs on all official ports


i thought it was worth mentionning that thanks to v8z ibm's port
to s390x, nodejs 4.2.1 is now available on all official debian ports,
plus some others.
It's all green !