Laura Arjona Reina | 9 Oct 23:44 2015

[RFR] drafts/debconf15_attendeeimpressions.txt

Dear all
Following the experimental workflow 'a la i18n', attached you can find a
"news item" that I think it's ready for publishing, hence this RFR
(request for review). This file is also committed here:

Feel free to answer with comments/criticism about which media to
publish, when, and about the content for each media.

I've done only the DPN part, I think no other media is needed.

If it's OK for you (ACKs in the "comments" section of the file, or here
in the list, I or get no comments in one week), I would move to FROZEN
state and move the contents to the current DPN in preparation.


Laura Arjona

STATUS: [RFR](larjona)

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Laura Arjona Reina | 9 Oct 21:37 2015

[RFR] drafts/freedombox.txt

Dear all
Following the experimental workflow 'a la i18n', attached you can find a
"news item" that I think it's ready for publishing, hence this RFR
(request for review). This file is also committed here:

Feel free to answer with comments/criticism about which media to
publish, when, and about the content for each media.

Note the proposed EXPIRES date: 20151026. If we don't get DPN published
before that, I propose to trash the DPN item and publish PUMPIO+MICROBLOG.

If it's OK for you (ACKs in the "comments" section of the file, or here
in the list, I or get no comments in one week), I would move to FROZEN


Laura Arjona

Freedombox Hackathon in NYC on October 31st

STATUS: [RFR](larjona)
EXPIRES: 20151026
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Laura Arjona Reina | 9 Oct 21:04 2015

[RFR] drafts/callforhelp_translators.txt

Dear all
Following the experimental workflow 'a la i18n', attached you can find a
"news item" that I think it's ready for publishing, hence this RFR
(request for review). This file is also committed here:

Feel free to answer with comments/criticism about which media to
publish, and about the content for each media.

If it's OK for you (ACKs in the "comments" section of the file, or here
in the list, I or get no comments in one week), I would move to FROZEN
state, and then:

* move the RFR-DPN text to the dpn/en/current/index.wml file
* After the DPN is published, the RFR-PUMPIO and RFR-MICROBLOG should be
published (I would post in pump and in gnusocial, twitter and other
networks would need another person to publish).


Laura Arjona

call for help:translators (from welcome team)

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Candice at NaMaYa | 7 Oct 17:32 2015

4 Courses You Should Have Already Started

4 Courses You Should Have Already Started
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martin f krafft | 6 Oct 21:57 2015

Using i18n frameworks for a common workflow

Dear publicity team,

Donald reached out earlier and prompted me to finally write down
what has been on the top of my head for a while regarding a possible
workflow for the publicity team to get on top of

  - ensuring that we don't miss out on stories
  - identifying the appropriate output channels
  - and pushing to those.

Be warned, this is highly conceptual and I have no idea how workable
it is, but I feel motivated to jot down the principles. I am also
not really an active member of the team at this point, so you can
also just ignore me.

Let me illustrate my idea in form of a walkthrough, so that we don't
waste too much time on abstracts.

0. A story (a tidbit, an information, a news item, anything…) is
   identified, e.g. because someone mails
   submissions <at>, mentions something on IRC, or one
   of us stumbles over a webpage, microblog, or whatever other

1. Taking this story and entering it into our workflow is the first
   step. This could be done e.g. by means of creating a file in Git
   under the incoming/ directory. The file could be RFC-822-like and
   collect metadata as well as free-form text and notes.

   Some mechanism informs the team about new submissions, or even
   pings the team daily while there are any files in that folder.

   Ideally, stories get expiration dates after which they get moved
   to expired/.

2. Someone analyses the story and identifies the scope of its
   intended publication. Is this something that should go onto
   a blog? Onto bits.d.o? Just Twitter?

   Each of the available output channels (i.e. all the channels we
   are responsible for) is given one of four ratings: MUST, SHOULD,
   COULD, SKIP. I'll get back to those four ratings shortly.

   The story is then moved from incoming/ to drafting/.

3. Now comes the i18n-hack. The file created in (1.) above is
   regarded as the source file, en_SOURCE, and we leverage standard
   i18n-tools to create "translations" of the data in the file for
   each output medium. So e.g. en_BLOG would become a blog post,
   en_TWITTER a 140 character abbreviation of the story, and es_BITS
   a Spanish bits entry (just as an example).

   … en_BLOG translations could auto-generate en_TWITTER and
   en_PUMPIO translations, and en_PUMPIO could default to en_TWITTER
   to save time. I am sure we could come up with plenty of
   optimisations here.

4. Once all channels identified as MUST for a story have
   translations (and those translations have been proof-read and
   signed off (could be defined as a requirement for each channel)),
   the story can be moved from draft/ to frozen/, manually or
   automatically, or (e.g. if not all SHOULD translations exist
   yet), then on the planned publication date, dragging any COULD
   stories along, if these exist. Don't worry if this sounds
   complex. It's all just brainstorming.

   This move triggers automatic pushes of each translation to the
   destined output channel, or reminders of people to do the manual

5. A translation is moved to published/ once it's pushed to the
   public, and it should be trivial to also retire the source file
   and all associated translations when all MUST/SHOULD translations
   have been pushed.

This workflow gives a couple of benefits, while not being overly
complicated, IMHO:

a) It's easy to keep track of stories that have just come in and
   which need to be targetted at output channels;

b) Metadata along with stories allow for all kinds of automation and
   informational queries.

c) It's easy for the team to see what needs to be done, apart from
   targetting new stories, as the i18n-tools can be used to quickly

   - missing translations
   - out-of-date translations, i.e. when the source story has been

   using the mechanisms translators use for their work.

d) Publication of articles can be automated, individually for each
   medium, but nothing depends on any single channel, or whether
   publication here already happens automatically or manually.

What do you think?


 .''`.   martin f. krafft <madduck <at> d.o>  <at> martinkrafft
: :'  :  proud Debian developer
`. `'`
  `-  Debian - when you have better things to do than fixing systems

"the unexamined life is not worth living"
                                                             -- platon
Candice at Namaya | 6 Oct 16:33 2015

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Neil McGovern | 5 Oct 16:08 2015

Re: Updating delegation - Press/Publicity/Bits

On Sun, Oct 04, 2015 at 12:05:18PM -0400, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> English is not my native language, but I believe "moderate" should
> read "moderates".

Moderate as a singular is used when it's being used as a verb, at least
in en_GB :)

> >- The team is also responsible for the maintenance of the News
> >   part of the English version of the Debian website (i.e. the content
> >   currently located under webwml/english/News/).
> >
> >- The team is in charge of deciding the most suitable publication venue
> >   or venues for announcements and when they are published.
> >
> >- Team members must word articles in a way that reflects the Debian
> >   project's stance on issues rather than their own personal opinion.
> This is not an actual task. I do not think delegations should try
> telling teams how to do their job, and I do not think neutrality
> should only be requested from the publicity team... if there is such a
> thing as neutrality.

Delegations are not only about tasks, and this doesn't tell them how to
fulfil the role. It's a limiting on the scope of the delegation though.

I should point out that this text was the one proposed by the team

> That being said, I really think such a cut would be detrimental. I
> have been focused on project news, but ever since Joey left, "the
> team" (we did not talk about a team back then) has been understaffed.
> Removing most members will certainly push quality and timeliness even
> lower.

This isn't to stop anyone doing any work - I believe that the only
actual people who I expect to be 'removed' are Joey, and myself.


Pakistan | 26 Sep 09:30 2015

4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research

4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research

28-29 November, 2015,
Nippon Hotel, İstanbul-Turkey
ISBN: 978-969-9952-02-9
URL : 

Abstract Submission Date: 15th October, 2015
Decision of Acceptance/Rejection: Within 15 days of submission 
Full Paper Submission Date: 1st November, 2015
Early Bird Discount Date: 1st November, 2015
Conference Date: 28-29 November, 2015

The Pak Research & Development Wing proudly announce the  4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Scientific Research, 28-29 November, 2015, İstanbul-Turkey. The conference organizing committee invites you to submit your papersThe conference will cover important issues in Scientific Research under various sub-themes. The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers from around the globe in order to present and discuss new trends in the fields of Scientific Research. 

Conference Main Tracks

  • Biomedical & Life Sciences
  • Business & Economics
  • Chemistry & Materials Science
  • Computer Science & Communications
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Physics & Mathematics
  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Foundations of Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Applications of Science, Engineering and Technology
Online Submission :
Registration Details :
Journal Publication:

Our Other Conferences

1. 3rd International Conference on Business Strategy and Social Sciences
    3-4 October, 2015, Langkawi, Malaysia

2. 4th International Conference on Economics, Finance and Management Outlooks
    29-30 December, 2015, Dubai
    URL :

3.  2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Agricultural Sciences
    29-30 December, 2015, Dubai

4. 4th International Conference on Business Strategy and Social Sciences
     26-27 January, 2016, Singapore

List of Previous Proceedings Book

Unsubscribe | To contact us please email conference <at>

Pak Research & Development Wing
Pak Publishing Group
Singapore Office : 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969
UK Office : Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH
Pakistan Office : Amin Garh Road, Near Hafiz Abad Colony, Rahim Yar Khan - 64200, Punjab, Pakistan

Laura Arjona Reina | 23 Sep 17:48 2015

Minutes of Publicity Team Meeting 2015-09-21

Dear all
I have updated the page:

Including links to meeting summary and log.

Thanks everybody attending/caring/reading the logs.
Some discussions were derived to the mailing list, please engage in current/future threads.

I'd call for next meeting in mid-November, ping me or call yourselves if you feel it's needed before.

Happy hacking!
Laura Arjona

Donald Norwood | 22 Sep 21:36 2015

Publicity team revamp of the DPN

Hello Everyone,

We've been talking recently about a new format for the DPN newsletter,
streamlining the process, and a shift of some items from the newsletter
and onto the blog.

The DPN is not published weekly or bi-weekly but instead more on a
monthly basis, we do need some changes to address this for a faster
turn-around and to address where the information we share is presented.

We find that by the time the new issue is presented it is already out of
date with the information that our readers can gather by reading the
mail-lists or idling in one of the many Debian IRC channels. While this
does not distract from the DPN as an archive of project news and events,
it does remove its ability to report and share information in a timely

Below are two versions of the DPN newsletter, the first is the current
format that we have been using for quite some time with the second as a
new proposed version of the newsletter.

The proposed version should allow a faster publication time for the
newsletter as we will have shifted some of the more dynamic items
directly to other sources of media like and our blog so that
we are able to avoid the publication time delays which make the news
items post-reported or no longer relevant events.


Our current format loosely adheres to the following layout. (Items with
a * are not consistent between issues.)

Current DPN

	Debian internal project updates on anything inside the project.
	LTS reports.
	Interviews with Debian Developers. These seem to be externally sourced
and linked to.
*What Do You Do?:
	Recently added section which asks another team what they do and what
they work on.
Tips and Tricks:
	Recently added section which gives tips and tricks to users from
various members within Debian.
*Bits from foo.d.o:
	Bits from a team or the DPL.
Other News:
	Items that are not placed into a report. Consider these to be miniature
announcements/ or internal news items.
	Bug Squashing Parties, miniDebConf, Debian events of interest to the
New Contributors:
	List and links to new members of the project.
Security Advisories
	DSA security advisories for packages which have security concerns.
New and Noteworthy packages:
	List of 10-20 packages that are new in unstable.
Work Needing Packages:
	Packages that are abandoned or that need help. This is an easy access
point into Debian for new contributors.
Want to continue reading?
	Publicity team information and request for users to help and get involved.


Proposed DPN

	General news and internal reports.
	Path To (goal) Reports:  LTS and Reproducible Build status/updates.
	*Closing for release (list of X items on the path to next release).

Internal News/Happenings:
	New Contributors:
		List and links to new members of the project.
	*Upcoming Events:
		Bug Squashing Parties, miniDebConfs, events of interest to the community.
	This day in Debian:
		Link to something from the Time-line (sneak in a request to help with
the time-line).
	How to contribute:
		Links to our own how to contribute page.
		Work needing packages.
		Projects that need help.
More than just code: (the fun section?)
	Tips and tricks:
		Section which gives tips and tricks to users from various members
within Debian.
	Interesting software:
		The NNWP section. We now would list a smaller amount of the packages
5-10? and expand/blurb 1 of them.
	Debian in the news:
		Outside news that we did not report, or favorable news from outside
about the project.
	Debian in the field [Credit to Bernelle Verseter]
		Pieces about Debian in use in the world. This may be moved to bits.d.o

	Things that will effect the community or are on the horizon in Linux.


The intention of the changes/Changes being made:

Our workflow for content import has been a TODO file which is a
collection of links used for the newsletter. Editors browse the TODO
file, follow one of the links, and summarize the linked page or
information into the issue. This method works well for a group however
it does have its faults in that links may just be placed there to fill
the newsletter, or we may over-report a topic, or the links become dated
by the time someone is able to author a summary. To address those issues
we are changing the name of the TODO file to IDEAS. The concept is the
same but now allows editors to pick a few items from the list, summarize
them,  and allow the issue itself to be published quickly as we no
longer have to wait for the entire TODO file to be be completed.

We will shift some of the more dynamic content to other avenues of media
that we have access to such as and the Debian blog such as the
recent What Do You Do (WDYD) section and once it comes to fruition from
the planning stages the new 'Debian in the Field' (DTF) section.

The removal of the Security Advisories which are felt at this time to be
somewhat redundant considering that most administrators either subscribe
to the security list and/or patch and update their forward facing
systems on a daily basis.

The newer format of the proposed Report section allows us to report on
long term or immediate working goals in a dedicated section rather than
having pieces of those updates and information split throughout a single
newsletter issue. We could also move this section down considering that
while the information is newer, it is actually an updated progress report.

'Internal News' replaces the 'Other News' which focused on internal news
items and tidbits that were not reports. This name change is a subtle
shift to report actual news in this section rather than items that
simply were not in the reports section.

The 'How to Contribute' section offers a few easy pathways for
prospective contributors to enter the project. Inside of it the
'Projects that need help' section, if adopted, could put help requests
in a public setting rather than the normal requests for help buried at
the bottom of an email or hidden inside a Bits report. We would need to
inform the other teams that they can ask/place requests here.

The Linux section could link to or blurb about a Debian derivative,
Software or Policy adoption in another Distribution that is visible in
Linux and may come to Debian or the adoption of something Debian does in
another Distribution. This section would allow us to fill out the
newsletter by way of our own request for information in the what you
should send section of the How To Contribute page[1].


And now, let us discuss!

Best Regards,


Laura Arjona Reina | 19 Sep 11:26 2015

About DebConf Publicity

Dear all

* The Debian Publicity Team has a meeting next Monday
* DebConf16 preparation has already started
* I've been involved in DebConf15 publicity tasks
* I'm planning to be involved in DebConf16 publicity tasks
* Even counting the accumulated experience (or maybe because of that),
I'd encourage other people to get involved too (because it's easy and
fun, and because I cannot cover the whole task).

I've written up a summary of the tasks and aspects I find important,
that may help other people to jump in DebConf16 publicity with me, or
help me to do better this year:

The doc is not finished (I need to review the DebConf wiki and last
years publicity outputs to finish my write-up and then maybe move the
document to some Debian place), but I'm sharing with you for the case
you want to discuss something in next Publicity or DebConf meetings, or
find the task interesting and would like to accomplish it in team with
me (I'd appreciate very much to have a teammate for DebConf publicity),
or have some other ideas.


Laura Arjona