Bernelle Verster | 28 Jun 20:29 2016

One bicycle, no lock, free to use for DebConfers


I've brought my bike to DebConf for some reason.

If you wish to use it, please let me know.
It's old and not had a service in a while, and I don't know where my
lock is, but it's available.

John Sullivan | 28 Jun 14:40 2016

Anyone want any FSF/GNU shirts etc?

If anyone would like to save on shipping and get some FSF or GNU shirts
delivered in person, please let me know at johns <at> by Wednesday
29th 21:00 UTC.

Anything that is in stock at is an option.

For shirts, make sure to let me know the size. There's still some FSF30
shirts available in some sizes
(, plus the popular
favorites Run GCC (
and Happy Hacking

See you all in Cape Town soon!

Bernelle Verster | 28 Jun 11:31 2016

Hiking Wednesday


There's much talk of hiking going on, it's likely there's groups going
today, tomorrow, various times, routes, lengths... This email is about
only one of those groups...

If you're keen for a fairly relaxed (apart from the first half an hour
of straight uphill) walk with dogs tomorrow morning, departing Fuller
at 10:00, I'm going up to the blockhouse, and/or along the boardwalk
to come down in Newlands forest (it's mostly a plantation, but there
are bits of natural stuff). I'm flexible on start time, let me know
what works.

It's about 8km or so, and I hope to be back in time for lunch. I am
also happy to take it as slow as the group requires, and turning back
after an hour, regardless of where we get to.

I've put some details on the signup wiki for the hike (we'd be doing a
half route 2b sortof version), and I expect this hike to either
scratch an itch for people who want to do something else for the day
trip, or as a way to get an idea of how strenuous the day trip hike
would be.

This route is a part of what we'll do:

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Bernelle Verster | 27 Jun 16:05 2016

Discuss: where do you draw the line of "Open" in open hardware?

Hi all

If you are interested in open hardware, please indulge me.
The context:
On our trip to the Honingklip brewery, Andy and I got talking about
open hardware, a big mutual passion. The conversation continued all
through the trip.

I would like to write this up as a blogpost, and a draft is copied below.

This email is mainly for Andy, Marc, Mark and Graham to give input,
but why not build on the discussion with the whole of DebConf?

The purpose of the blogpost is not to be decisive on an opinion, but
to give an idea of the tensions at play.

If there are other posts out there about this topic, I'd appreciate
links to them too.

(There is also a panel discussion on Saturday 2 July where we can pick
up on this more formally)

best regards


DebConf16: Where do you draw the line of "Open" in open hardware?

pre-amble - great beer at Honingklip, a brewery that is a good example
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Chris Lamb | 27 Jun 14:31 2016

Sending postcards

Hi debconf-discuss,

I managed to send some postcards earlier. Here is the procedure that I worked out for anyone else with filial duties:

 a) Bought cards from the UCT shop. These are actually greetings cards, not postcards (ie. so they can stand
up like " /\ ")  so I had to cut them in half. They were probably 10 ZAR each.

 b) Went to the post office and ask for an "international postcard stamp". It cost 17 ZAR for 2.

 c) Posted it in the British-style red postbox immediately outside.

Hope that helps someone.



     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby <at> /
martin f krafft | 27 Jun 14:26 2016

Laptop to give away <at> dc16: HP 630


I have a HP 630 notebook to give away. If someone wants to put it to
good use to further Free Software, it's yours.

It's not a high-performance machine, nor is it light or very

  - Dual-core Intel Celeron  <at> 1.5GHz
  - 4Gb RAM
  - 300G harddrive
  - US-English keyboard

If you want it, drop me a line by Friday and I'll bring it along.


 .''`.   martin f. krafft <madduck <at>>  <at> martinkrafft
: :'  :  DebConf orga team
`. `'`
  `-  DebConf16: Cape Town:
      DebConf17: Montreal:

I have a HP 630 notebook to give away. If someone wants to put it to
good use to further Free Software, it's yours.
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Solveig | 26 Jun 14:23 2016

message from Pollito

Hi !

Pollito not happy because lights stay on in every staircase all day
long. Pollito say "light switches are not only for chickens".

Have a nice day :)

 Solveig for Pollito
Luca Filipozzi | 25 Jun 20:28 2016

travel coordination

Fellow DC16 Attendees,

I encourage you to add your arrival / departure details to the DC16 travel
coordionation pages (links below) so that we can coordinate our ground travel.

I suspect that there are more than four Attendees arriving by air on Thursday
(2016-JUN-30), for example.  I'll wear my DC15 t-shirt in an attempt to rally
other Attendees that happen to be on my inbound flight but it'd be so much
easier to coordinate in advance.




Luca Filipozzi
shirish शिरीष | 24 Jun 20:49 2016

trying to figure out vodacom prepaid plans and woolworth's at CPT airport .

Hi all,

I tried to figure out vodacom prepaid plans ( I didn't register) just
to have an overview of what sort of charges could I expect to pay.

I went to

and from details of the voice-only plans it seems the per minute
billing is between R1.50 to R2.00 but couldn't find any deals for

People who are coming through CPT Airport and going to Woolsworth's
could you share your experiences ? What prepaid deals (voice  or/and
data) were being offered by the shopkeeper there ?

Also perhaps people living in SA could also help out by sharing what
basic plans they know or would recommend .

Looking forward to know more.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
EB80 462B 08E1 A0DE A73A  2C2F 9F3D C7A4 E1C4 D2D8
Debconf-discuss mailing list
Debconf-discuss <at>
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Bernelle Verster | 24 Jun 09:44 2016

5km parkrun: Saturday morning 8:00am


Graham (ginggs) and myself (indiebio) and my two dogs are avid
parkrunners. We are going to the Greenpoint parkrun tomorrow, and will
have space for about 4 more people to join by car (we're both taking
cars, for this purpose). We will leave Fuller at around 7:35am.

We are very slow (about 42 minutes for 5km!), so don't let any
perceptions of fitness or speed put you off. (Conversely, you don't
need to stay with us the whole way either ;) )

There are several parkrun routes in Cape Town and surrounds:

It is always 5km, and it always starts at 8:00 am, and it's always on Saturdays.

We like Greenpoint as it's one of the prettiest, with views of the sea
in places and Lion's head in the backdrop, and most of the route is in
a public park. You can also get there by train and walking the Fanwalk
(about another 2.6km one way), but then I would suggest leaving much
earlier to get there in time (07:00 or earlier).

If there is a monstrously positive response I can try organise a shuttle.


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Bernelle Verster | 22 Jun 18:38 2016

Food places in CT [Was: Re: [Debconf-team] volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.]


On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 6:55 PM, Gunnar Wolf <sistop <at>> wrote:
> shirish शिरीष dijo [Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 06:30:36PM +0000]:
>> (...)
>> There is another way I would like to help in case I'm part of the
>> debconf (this time purely selfish
>> reasons). I do remember reading that some teams also do some sort of
>> small cooking. As I have
>> just discovered mexican cuisine few years back (nachos with different
>> sauces mainly, and couple of other dishes I don't remember atm) I
>> would like to offer my services to cut veggies and stuff
>> and learn if there are any vegetarian mexican cooks and lovers while
>> helping conversations happening in those team/s, I would strictly be
>> in the cutting phase as have no idea of the different taste buds where
>> multiple nationalities are concerned (so would be safe). Having some
>> experience and some recipes for me back-home would be good to cook for
>> self :)
> I am Mexican, and was vegetarian for ~20 years. I will be delighted to
> talk with you regarding how we eat. I also love Indian food.

We went to Curry Quest for lunch today, was delicious -
The irony is that it is in Durban road, but Durban is also the city in
South Africa with the greatest Indian population globally, outside of

It is walking distance from UCT, but I would recommend sharing an
uber/taxi, especially at night, I'm sure you could rustle up a bunch.
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