dragonfly | 15 Dec 15:44 2011

About the Dazuko project maintenance

Hi there,
    I like linux kernel hacking, and I am a member of Linux Virtual  
Server Project (www.linux-vs.org), recently I am interested in file  
system development, especially stackable file system. I am familiar  
with the VFS and Ecryptfs source code, with a glimpse, the Dazukofs  
code does not seem to be too difficult. However, frankly speaking,  
although I heard Dazukofs before, I have not really used it, I do  
interested in this area, and wanna do some further development on it.  
Prior to that, could I know how the status of this project is, say,  
how it compared to other antivirus project, such as clam, which based  
on a user space filesystem on top of fuse. Thanks in advance.

Li Wang