Dirk Vornheder | 4 May 11:54 2008

Compile dazuko fails

Hi !

Compile dazuko cvs version fails under kernel

root <at> pclap /privat/kernel/dazuko > ./configure
checking host system type... Linux
checking for make utility... ok (make)
checking for C compiler... ok (cc)
kernel source in /lib/modules/ yes
kernel build source in /lib/modules/ yes
acquiring Linux kernel code configuration... ok
checking if Linux is RSBAC patched... no
checking if devfs is enabled... no
discovered host system... Linux (2.6.25)
checking if security module support is enabled... yes
verifying capabilities are not built-in... ok
locating LSM API header... ok
identifying LSM API (this can take a while)... ok
identifying device API... ok
inspecting class type... ok (class)
inspecting suspend function... ok (suspend2)
inspecting task_struct structure... ok (using parent)
disabling ON_CLOSE events (not available for Linux 2.6 LSM/RedirFS)
configure: creating Makefile
configure: creating library/Makefile
configure: creating example_c/Makefile

../configure successful

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John Ogness | 17 May 09:50 2008

nullfs 0.0.3 posted


I have posted 0.0.3 of nullfs. This version now locks the parent inode
when making changes to files. This change will certainly fix race
conditions when a file is modified simultaneously through nullfs and
directly from the layer below it. However, it is still a bad idea to
modify files directly under nullfs (without going through the nullfs
mount) since nullfs is not notified of these changes.

I have also done some significant rearranging of the code to get it
into a style that is apporpriate for Linux mainline. I hope to present
this version to LKML within the next couple weeks.

As I mentioned previously, I am running nullfs to cover most of the
directories on my personal machine. I have not experienced any
problems whatsoever.

John Ogness


Dazuko Maintainer