John Ogness | 18 Jun 10:32 2007

Re: about dazukofs

张伟 wrote:
> I am trying to use dazuko-3.0.0-birthday, and run example c program,
> but when I access a file named "jssj1.c", dazukofs give me the following results:
> OPEN   uid:0 pid:3234 mode:33188 file_uid:0 file_gid:0 file_mode:33188 file_device:0 file_size:384 file:/usr/src/swcrypt/=dazukofs.c687a8c8.0
> why not "jssj1.c" in "file:/usr/src/swcrypt/=dazukofs.c687a8c8.0", but "dazukofs.c687a8c8.0", if
I want to get "jssj1.c", what can I do?


This is mentioned in the README (under the section LIMITATIONS):

2. Currently Dazuko does not report a real file name associated with the
file access event.

With this early preview release it is not possible to get the real file
name for the files being accessed. We plan to introduce a new function
that will allow this.

John Ogness


Dazuko Maintainer