John Ogness | 9 Jun 23:55 2006

2.2.1 released


Version 2.2.1 of Dazuko is now the official stable version. This release
focusses primarily on making it more convenient to build and install
Dazuko with Linux 2.6. (Most changes were in the "configure" script.) Of
course, the new version also includes support for the most recent Linux
2.6 LSM API.

John Ogness


Dazuko Maintainer
John Ogness | 30 Jun 18:29 2006

2.2.2-pre1 + 2.3.0 posted


Today I have posted 2 new versions of Dazuko.

This is a continuation of the stable 2.2.x branch. It fixes compile errors
on FreeBSD and some problems with identifying the Linux kernel version. Both
of these fixes are actually pretty important (for getting Dazuko compiled
and installed), so I plan to release 2.2.2 very soon.

This is an official release that adds an option to support system call table
hooking for Linux 2.6. By default, Dazuko will still use LSM by default on
Linux 2.6. But you may configure it to use syscalls with something like:

$ ./configure --enable-syscalls --mapfile=/boot/`uname -r`

Of course, it is very important that you specify the correct mapfile. If
Dazuko is configured to use syscalls, it will not use LSM at all. This
avoids all the AppArmor and Capability problems that continually reoccur.

I decided to allow syscall hooking for Linux 2.6 because the LSM API
continually becomes more difficult to access (because other modules such as
AppArmor or Capabilities won't share). LSM is also possibly scheduled for
removal from the Linux kernel because it has caused way more problems then
it has solved (and SElinux actually provides all you need, anyway).

The future of Dazuko is DazukoFS, which will be available for Dazuko 3.0.
However, it is still in early internal testing stages and is not ready for
production use. Allowing syscall hooking gives the Dazuko project more time
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