John Ogness | 14 Jun 12:13 2003

1.2.1-pre2, version 1.3, and LinuxTag


I have released another pre-release 1.2.1-pre2. I had noticed that the 
-DON_CLOSE_SUPPORT, etc. defines were not really in their proper places. 
Now they will work correctly (for example, if someone only wants to 
detect ON_EXEC events). It could still be optimized to produce a 
"minimal" kernel module, but for now it is ok.

I have also been hard at work on the 1.3 branch! The new abstraction 
layer has been completed (functionally) and I have created the linux 
extension. This new 1.3 branch is only available via CVS, however I will 
be releasing it soon as a pre-release. I am running the 1.3 version on 
my machine at work and have not yet had any problems. It is quite exciting!

My next task will be to implement a freebsd extension utilizing the 
abstraction layer in 1.3.

I will continue developing the 1.2 and 1.3 branches in parallel for a 
while. Although it is a little more effort, it is safer for the users. 
(I don't want to push the 1.3 version too soon.)

I would like to see 1.2 get one more new feature and a few optimizations 
before coming to a close. Namely:
   - each application group has it's own include/exclude list
   - general list locks are replaced with locks for each list

These features will, of course, also be incorporated in the 1.3 branch 
in parallel.

On a side, I will be giving a presentation about Dazuko at LinuxTag on 
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