Tim Dunphy | 28 Aug 21:53 2015

camgirl spam on the list

Hey guys,

 I just noticed this recently in my latest posts to the list. But I've
noticed that every time I mail the list for some advice, I get hit with
spam from a camgirl site like every other message. Kinda funny actually.
But also annoying!! Anyone else experience this?

Maybe this is something the admins/moderators can take care of!



GPG me!!

gpg --keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net --recv-keys F186197B
Mike - st257 | 28 Aug 16:15 2015

[OT] GNU bc base conversion

Hello CentOS List Members,

Thoughts as to why my BC functions aren't properly converting between bases?

Decimal to binary or hex works fine, but not binary or hex to decimal and
so forth.
No doubt the syntax is in some way wrong, but when I test from the CLI and
the right values are returned, I have to wonder.

Other than a few other define statements, the only other option I have set
is scale=5 in my bcrc.

In reference to the order of (o|i)base parameters, I have specified obase
before ibase [0].
[0] http://docstore.mik.ua/orelly/unix/upt/ch49_03.htm

See below for my examples.

]$ echo "bin_to_dec(1001)" | bc
# should be decimal 9

]$ echo "obase=10; ibase=2; 1001" | bc

]$ grep bin_to_dec ~/.bcrc
define bin_to_dec(b) { obase=10; ibase=2; return b; }

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Robert Moskowitz | 28 Aug 14:56 2015

regenerating /var/lib/logrotate.status

I had a system date problem when logrotate ran for the first time such 
that /var/lib/logrotate.status has:

logrotate state -- version 2
"/var/log/yum.log" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/wtmp" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/chrony/*.log" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/spooler" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/btmp" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/maillog" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/wpa_supplicant.log" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/secure" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/ppp/connect-errors" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/messages" 1970-1-1-0:0:0
"/var/log/cron" 1970-1-1-0:0:0

MOST of these files now have good dates (btmp still old date).

I assume I can use:  'touch file' to make the date current (as in the 
case of /var/log/btmp).

But how do I regenerate this file so that logrotate will run?


How can I regen
centos | 28 Aug 14:00 2015

CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 126, Issue 12

Send CentOS-announce mailing list submissions to

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than "Re: Contents of CentOS-announce digest..."

Today's Topics:

   1. CESA-2015:1682 Important CentOS 7 thunderbird	Security Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
   2. CESA-2015:1682 Important CentOS 6 thunderbird	Security Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
   3. CESA-2015:1682 Important CentOS 5 thunderbird	Security Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
   4. CEBA-2015:1690 CentOS 7 kross-interpreters	FASTTRACK BugFix
      Update (Johnny Hughes)
   5. CESA-2015:1693 Critical CentOS 7 firefox Security	Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
   6. CESA-2015:1693 Critical CentOS 6 firefox Security	Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
   7. CESA-2015:1693 Critical CentOS 5 firefox Security	Update
      (Johnny Hughes)
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Saravanan Arumugam | 28 Aug 06:02 2015

Cisco UCS HBA Firmware -


Any idea when Cisco UCS Firmware Package will be included in centos Patching ?

I had planned for Ontab storage upgarde, hence needed this level firmware version on CentOS

Any help and leads will help me to plan the upgrade.

Tim Dunphy | 28 Aug 00:18 2015

apache mysterious 404 error

Hey guys,

 Just have a question about apache. Hoping to get an opinion on this.

 I've just setup a site under apache 2.4.

 And made sure that the document root setup in the vhost for the site I'm
serving has permissions for the apache user. Yet some of the files are
throwing a 404 error in a browser even tho they are clearly present and
accounted for on the file system.

For example, I'm getting this error:

(index):1 GET http://stage.theshopatmycomany.com/mycomanyStore/images*/altImg.png
404 (*Not Found)

(index):1 GET http://stage.theshopatmycomany.com/mycomanyStore/images*/Jimmy_485x1215_R2.jpg
404* (Not Found)

(index):1 GET http://stage.theshopatmycomany.com/mycomanyStore/images*/Jimmy_792x802_R2.jpg
404* (Not Found)

(index):1 GET http://stage.theshopatmycomany.com/mycomanyStore/images*/Jimmy_792x413_R2.jpg
404* (Not Found)
And yet as I mentioned all those files are definitely there on the file

[root <at> aozwsls00019la apache2]# ls -l
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Jerry Geis | 27 Aug 22:43 2015

virt-manager with dhcpd running on same machine

If I have dhcpd running on my machine,
and I wish to run virt-manager on the same machine....
How do I do that - its telling me an error for starting the network
and the error is that DHCPD is already running - port in use.


Patrick Bervoets | 27 Aug 22:32 2015

C6 HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module

Anyone got an HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module working in C6?
Care to give me some pointers about how/where to begin?


CentOS mailing list
Robert Moskowitz | 27 Aug 22:00 2015

C7 bind-sdb

This seems to be just a stub with 3 READMEs?

# locate bind-sdb

Unless it is putting files elsewhere.

These readmes are dated long ago.  What is really needed and where is 
any good documentation for using this?

George | 27 Aug 21:36 2015

centos 6 - changing resolv.conf by hand gets overwritten by rebooting

given machine with C6 x86_64 (seen on C 6.6 but also before and probably 
still present on C6.7) only 1 interface, there is dhcp on this network 
(for kickstarting) but the machines have static ip's, and NO 
networkmanager installed

contents of resolv.conf
search some.domain.here
nameserver x.x.x.x #dns1
nameserver y.y.y.y #dns2

change resolv.conf to:
search some.newdomain.here
nameserver z.z.z.z #dns3
nameserver a.a.a.a #dns4

reboot machine and the contents of resolv.conf is again:
search some.domain.here
nameserver x.x.x.x #dns1
nameserver y.y.y.y #dns2

change it again to:
search some.newdomain.here
nameserver z.z.z.z #dns3
nameserver a.a.a.a #dns4
reboot again
now it stick to the last update.

Already tried to set /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 
with no result
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m.roth | 27 Aug 20:10 2015

C7, nfs issue on restart

Hi, folks,

   We're having an issue on a server reboot after update; nfs doesn't come
up. systemctl tells us it's enabled, dead. We restart the service with
systemctl, and there's no problem at all.

   I was just looking in the logfiles from the reboot (grep -i nfs
/var/log/messages), and the *only* odd thing I see is this:
Aug 25 08:05:09 <servername> systemd: Cannot add dependency job for unit
nfs.target, ignoring: Unit nfs.target failed to load: No such file or

   Also, and I think I may have posted this a month or so ago, is that
ll /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/nfs.target
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 34 Sep 25  2014
/etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/nfs.target ->

is a bad link - there *is* no /usr/lib/systemd/system/nfs.target.

   Any clues? I suspect some kind of timing issue/race condition, but....