mrnuke | 21 Apr 05:45 2014

Life hack #37: how to make a great touchpad

To manufacturers of Chromebooks,

Sorry guys, I have a chromebook myself, and its touchpad is appalling. I've 
also tried the chromebooks in stores and they aren't much better.

But have no fear, Alex is here, and has the perfect recipe on how to squash 
such hardware bugs early on. Following these steps, you are guaranteed to 
never make this mistake again:
1. Go to your favorite bidding site
2. Enter the following search terms: "HP Pavilion M6 1035dx"
3. Find a matching listing
4. Purchase full laptop
5. When you get it, observe its touchpad
6. Notice the big, easy to hit buttons
7. Notice the surface area
8. Notice the smoothness of the surface
9. Notice the ease of moving the pointer
10. Notice the tactile feedback from the buttons
11. Notice the evenness of the force needed to engage the button
12. Notice the fatigue of repeatedly pressing the buttons (hint:there is none)
13. Play with its touchpad
14. Play some more with its touchpad
15. Now play with the Unreleased(TM) Chromebook's touchpad
16. If it seems inferior, it probably is

You'll be making perfect touchpads now, won't you?



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Paul Menzel | 20 Apr 23:00 2014

[RFC] New patch to review for coreboot: a61a8fe util/board_status: Use capture and not commit time

Dear coreboot folks,

just a heads-up that I sent the following patch set touch board status’
directory structure for review.

Am Samstag, den 19.04.2014, 22:27 +0200 schrieb Paul Menzel:
> Paul Menzel (paulepanter <at> just uploaded a new patch set to gerrit, which you can
find at
> -gerrit
> commit a61a8fedadf418fc380743844572c0d9ea0f6eed
> Author: Paul Menzel <paulepanter <at>>
> Date:   Sat Apr 19 21:31:27 2014 +0200
>     util/board_status: Use capture and not commit time
>     Currently the directory structure is
>     	<vendor>/<board>/<revision>/<timestamp>
>     where the time stamp is the commit date. This does not allow to upload
>     results for the same commit and same board with different configuration.
>     The hardware could differ, for example the used processor, or the
>     configuration of coreboot or the used payload or its configuration.
>     Also it is theoretically possible, though not very easy to achieve with
>     the current Gerrit workflow, that two commits have the same commit date.
>     So instead of using the date of the commit simply use the date of
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Anthony Martin | 20 Apr 02:51 2014

pcengines/apu status

Does anyone on this list know if there are plans
to upstream the work that SAGE did for the new
APU mainboard from PCEngines?



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ron minnich | 18 Apr 16:49 2014

Re: Bug in your code

Can somebody give me a sanity check? I can't see the error with the macro.
I won't say too much here -- just take a look. I'm not convinced the
code is wrong.



On Fri, Apr 18, 2014 at 7:39 AM, WANG FEI <wangfei.jimei <at>> wrote:
> Ronald,
> I just noticed a bug in your code, I've added the comment to coreboot review
> syste, but I'm not farmilar with this system, not sure if it will send you a
> notice mail automatically, so I just send you a mail to inform you this.
> Here is the link of comment,
> -Fei


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Paul Menzel | 17 Apr 21:27 2014

Blog post by Scott D.: Small Integers: Big Penalty

Dear coreboot folks,

in the IRC channel #coreboot, Patrick linked to an interesting blog post
from Scott from 2012 with the title *Small Integers: Big Penalty* [1].

At least to me the results were unexpected.




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mrnuke | 17 Apr 02:43 2014

S3 Resume on AMD Trinity APU

For those of you with Trinity CPUs, coreboot, and working S3 resume, is it 
necessary to run the VGA option ROM on S3 resume to get video back? Which 
output are you using (VGA, DP, etc) ?



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Vitor Augusto | 12 Apr 03:04 2014

Fans and BIOS


I'm searching for any information about where (memory, IO port, etc.)
the status (on or off) of the fans of a laptop are stored. Anything is
very welcome! This is to improve the compatibility of i8kutils package
at Linux. The site of the development is

Thanks in advance.

Vitor Augusto


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HacKurx | 14 Apr 15:44 2014

ASRock E350M1 start automatically after a electric cut


My E350M1 start automatically after a electric cut. I tested this in
the hope but I get the same result:

I do not have this problem with the manufacturer bios. Does watchdog
is used by default? Do you have an idea or solution?

Thanks, best regards


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mad | 12 Apr 21:49 2014

Thinkpad X61


Does some have the X61 running with coreboot and can provide help to a
beginner (config, images, ...)?

I read the X60 wiki articles and there is a X61 mentioned as a
reference. But the actual chips seem to differ very much.



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mrnuke | 12 Apr 21:14 2014

So, you want to try coreboot? Here are a few hints

Installing coreboot can be an either enthralling or appalling experience. If 
you're new to coreboot and want to give it a try, following a few simple steps 
can save you a ton of time and frustration.

Ask around first

Let the "coreboot people" know you want to try coreboot on board 'xyz'. You 
may find someone with the same board, who may be able to give you hints on 
flashing. This is especially useful on laptops, where a brick will most likely 
result in the need for disassembly to access the flash chip, and external 

Prebuilt images

If you're lucky enough to find someone with the same board as you, they may be 
able to provide a pre-built coreboot image. This eliminates issues where 
flashing is done correctly, but a mysterious bug prevents the system for 

Binary coreboot distributions

Sometimes people get together and create tested binaries binaries for a subset 
of boards. They can give you help on flashing, and making sure your board 
works as expected. This is by far the best way to try coreboot.

If you have a Lenovo X60, give the libreboot[1] guys a holler. That's libre-
boot, not lib-reboot.
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Paul Menzel | 10 Apr 09:45 2014

Re: Questions about EC and keyboard layout in Google Parrot

Dear David,

thank you for your reply.

Am Mittwoch, den 09.04.2014, 21:07 -0700 schrieb David Hendricks:
> On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 1:52 PM, Paul Menzel wrote:

> > Google Parrot (Acer C7 Chromebook) has the following in
> > `src/mainboard/google/parrot/ec.c` [1].
> >
> >     52          /* US Keyboard */
> >     53          ec_kbc_write_cmd(0x59);
> >     54          ec_kbc_write_ib(0xE5);
> >
> > If the comment is correct, this is surprising to me in two ways:
> >
> > 1. Normally such things are the payload’s or operating system’s job.
> In this case, it's telling the EC how to interpret keystrokes it sees on
> the physical key matrix. For example, pressing a key which asserts a
> particular column and shorts a particular row will generate a particular
> keycode, which the EC translates into a byte that is sent to the host as a
> raw scancode.
> From there, the payload or OS can define what the scancode actually means
> (e.g. which language encoding to use).
> This depends on the particular keyboard matrix which is used with the
> system. We assume that the keyboard is non-replaceable on a laptop, so it
> makes sense to set this in firmware.
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