Joël Krähemann | 7 Jul 02:43 2015

[LAU] Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer v0.5.0

Hi all

GSequencer has a new minor release v0.5.0. Some highlights are:

* concurrent audio tree processing
* Multi-Output
* Improved notation & pattern editor
* Add custom LADSPA widgets to control ports
* ...

Please visit:

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Felix Homann | 6 Jul 09:41 2015

Re: [LAU] Job - Germany - Multimedia Hardware Technician


I write this not for dissecting your offer or with any bad intentions
at all. You had complained that no one seems to be interested in your
job offer. All I want is to help you understand the possible
shortcomings of your offer. That's all.

2015-07-06 8:08 GMT+02:00 Patrick Shirkey <pshirkey@...>:
> Once again this seems to be a major disparity between Germans and the rest
> of Europe. In the rest of Europe any job with a salary and a high
> recommendation would be considered a no brainer.

Yes, sure Germany's job market is quite better than in most (all?)
other European countries. That'S pretty obvious, isn't it?
Therefore, "a salary" alone is not enough if you want qualified
people. A *good* salary is what people want and qualified people
usually get.

And you should have grasped already that your job offer does not
comply with the standards we have here for job offers. It is obscure,
dubious an the complete opposite of a "high recommendation". That's
the issue!

> However if you had your own car and you liked driving it why would you
> want to use a company car?

Costs, their calculability and your liquidity! If you get a company
car *everything* is covered. Every repair, the fuel, insurance etc.
You just have to pay income taxes on 1% of the car's resell list price
each year. So the cost of using a company car is absolutely
predictable. Compare this to the situation in which you use your own
car for your job even if you get a bit more money:

* You have to pay each repair, new tires etc.
* You can't even set those costs off against tax liability if your
using your private car
* What if the car breaks completely? Will you have to pay for a new
one just for keeping your job?
* You bind a lot of cash in an object that loses value
=> you take all the risk that your employer should take if you need a
car for doing the job. The actual price of using the car is not

> FYI, previous persons who had similar roles in other parts of Europe had
> very nice sports cars which they drove from place to place. They were not
> company cars and they were definitely not complaining about their
> salaries.

The fiscal handling of company cars is very different in other
European countries as far as I know.

> The simple truth is that giving away too much information on this list is
> just not viable. You have already seen the "uber" negative response with a
> choice selection of information.

You got this responses not beacuse of the "choice selection of
information" you gave but mainly because of the large selection of
information that's missing. Information you would usually expect to
see before your applying on a job offer. Moreover, as I was trying to
tell you for a while, the information you gave just didn't seem
attractive for a couple of reasons to qualified people here in

> No imagine how bad it will be if I
> actually give away all the details.

Sorry for the pun, but how bad can that job be if you think you would
get negative responses if we knew what it is? I don't understand this.

> People round here find it enjoyable to
> spend their time dissecting and criticizing every single Plank Length of
> anything they perceive as not meeting their agenda.

On the contrary, it's not enjoyable at all. As I mentioned above, all
I try to do is help you understand why your job offer might not be as
attractive as you think so that you might rephrase it in a proper way.

Kind regards,
Chris Caudle | 6 Jul 05:48 2015

[LAU] open-source delay effects suggestions

I am looking for a delay effect to help create a sense of space around
electronic instruments and close mic'ed acoustic instruments.  In other
words, something natural sounding, not an artificial sounding effect. 
Looking for recommendations for something in case I have overlooked

The Harrison 3D triple delay looks like it might be what I had in mind,
but I would prefer something open source.

The Invada delay plugin seems like it might be OK, but I was hoping for a
plugin with a wet/dry mix control so I could use different delay settings
per instrument, rather than having a delay bus like you would for a
reverb, and the Invada seems like it can only be used with a send/bus
approach.  Not unworkable, I would just have to set up multiple busses
with different delay settings, have something like a far away, mid
distance, close instruments kind of approach and just assign tracks to the
different busses as appropriate.

TAP stereo echo also looks like it might be OK for that, I have that
inserted to check out.

And Calf Vintage Delay, although I think I might end up having to use two
of those plugins to get an early reflection effect, unless I am just not
understanding correctly how the feedback parameter works.

Anything I missed that I should check out?

This Reaper plugin looks like what I think I want, but it is Windows only
(although Wine is supported; not sure how that would play in Linux,
The particular plugin is Readelay


Chris Caudle

[LAU] email not showing up


  I have sent an email to the list, with an attachement.  It did not
show up.  Is it because attachements are not allowed ?
Robin Gareus | 5 Jul 01:34 2015

[LAU] [LAA] [ANN] x42-plugins-20150702

x42-plugins is a collection of cross platform LV2 audio/midi plugins,
currently featuring over 80 plugins from 11 repositories.
(sha1sum d37977c1a07f6d1a46e673614a2be47881cc7bce)

Changes since the last release (20150530)

* All plugins
 - now have LV2 required version numbers
 - feature built-in documentation/description

Plugin descriptions are now 100% spec conform and survived
pedantic inspection by the LV2 high inquisitor (falkTX ['s script]).

There have been various small build-system and packaging tweaks reported
by distros in the wake of the previous release last month.
Many thanks to Jaromir Mikes (debian), Edgar Aichinger (openSuSe) and
Filipe Coelho (KXstudio).

Likewise portability has been further improved. While developed an
targeted at GNU/Linux, all plugins now on run reliably on all major OS
and support over 20 CPU architectures.
Thanks to Jean-Luc Nest, Chris Goddart and Harrisonconsoles for QA on
OSX and Windows.

* sisco.lv2 (Simple Scope)
 - allow to vertically align individual channels

* meters.lv2 (Audio Signal Meters)
 - EBUr128 GUI: improved drawing performance (partial exposure)
 - new Bit Meter (inspired by bitmeter the jack app)
 - scalable GUI for the 30band 1/3 oct spectrum analyzer
 - drawing improvements for the Goniometer "dot" mode.

* midifilter.lv2
  - fix some invalid ranges min <= default <= max.
  - remove units from port-names, use lv2:unit

* OSC controllable standalone jack applications (simple LV2 host)
  are now compiled and deployed by default for the following:
   + x42-eq (mono + stereo variant)
   + x42-tuna
   + x42-meter (collection of all meter.lv2)
   + x42-mixtri (mixer/trigger pre-processor)
  (x42-scope was previously available as standalone jack app)

 - incl man-pages and --osc-doc built-it doc
 - possibility to set initial port-values
 - featuring port latency compensation

For a complete list of changes, please see the individual repositories:

Kudos to Fons Adriaensen, some of the DSP code goes back to him and he
provided very valuable feedback and advise throughout the development of
what became x42-plugins over the years.
Also to David Robillard who laid the LV2 groundwork and made portable
free audio-plugins a possibility in the first place.

Last but not least, many thanks to and for continued support and publicity.

have fun,

Re: [LAU] Renoise Redux

On Thu, 2 Jul 2015 17:46:05 -0400
Paul Davis <paul@...> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 2, 2015 at 5:02 PM, jonetsu@...
> <jonetsu@...> wrote:
> >alf, or any other, plugins, for instance.
> >
> > It would be 'perhaps' nice if Ardour would have space to write text
> > session notes.  It's fine with emacs, though.
> there's a button at the bottom of every mixer strip that opens a
> simple text editing window for you to write per-track notes.

Yes, although I mentioned 'session notes'.  I guess the strip for
master could be considered as such...
Hermann Meyer | 2 Jul 17:51 2015

[LAU] Fuzz (GxVoxTonebender.lv2)

If you are one of those Fuzz lovers, you may try the last version of the 
GxVoxTonebender.lv2 plug.
Don't hesitate to give feedback.
Patrick Shirkey | 2 Jul 12:29 2015

[LAU] Job - Germany - Hardware Technician


I have a long term salary opportunity for someone based in Germany working
with audio and multimedia hardware technology. No specific programming
skills required, but should have a strong understanding of Linux and a
passion for dealing with a range of multimedia hardware technology at
various interesting locations.

Will need to travel around the country on a regular basis so must have
valid driver license and enjoy driving on the autobahn. Own vehicle is
also useful.

Also should be comfortable using phone and email and prepared to work hard
to meet deadlines.

Starting in August/September depending on availability.

Contact me offlist for more details or just send me your CV.

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd
Jeff Sandys | 2 Jul 08:38 2015

[LAU] Focusrite Scarlett no output with 4. kernel

I can't get an output with the 4.x kernels from my Focuserite Scarlett 18i8 (USB), the device works fine with 3.x kernels. I don't see any difference with alsamixer, pulseaudio and jack settings, and input works with both.  lsmod for kernel 4.0.5-200.fc21.x86_64 inculdes snd_seq_midi_event, snd_seq_midi, and x86_pkg_temp_thermal not listed in 3.18.9-201.rt5.1.fc21.ccrma.x86_64+rt.  Is this a kernel bug or is there something I need to do?
-- Jeff
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Atte | 1 Jul 19:09 2015

[LAU] Music Made with Linux: Election


I just finished a new track for my a773 project, called Election. Hope
you enjoy!


Andrés Pérez López | 1 Jul 04:33 2015

[LAU] Myo for Linux


You might know the Myo armband, that amazing gesture controller whose 
SDK is not supported for GNU/Linux...

You also might be aware that, thanks to the great work of David Zhu, it 
is possible to access to the raw EMG (electromyography) data, as well as 
to the IMU (orientation/acceleration) data, with no SDK, running a 
python script.

Upon that, I have just prepared a small ready-to-go python script, which 
sends EMG and (now more accurate) IMU data through OSC. With it, it's 
now possible to easily integrate Myo in your Linux audio workflow, with 
no need for extra coding or for using a non-linux myo-dedicated extra 
I hope you might find it useful.

Here it is -->



Andrés Pérez López
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