Alessio Degani | 4 May 15:27 2016

[LAU] Tilt EQ

Hi list,
I need a simple tilt equalizer but I can't find one in ladspa/lv2 
Form my needs I think that a tilt eq with simple "tilt" parameter should 
be enough. A "tilt frequency" would be a plus.

Do you know any ladspa/lv2 plugin that is able to do that?

Thank you,


Michael Jarosch | 4 May 12:23 2016

[LAU] MIDI controllable video player

Hi there!

For my work as an event technician, the use of an MIDI-controllable
video player would ease my life. I don't mean xjadeo, which can sync to
mtc - wich is cool, but doesn't fit to my setup. I mean something like
playing a note on a keyboard signals the player to play, pause or stop
the video, another note to switch to the next video in the playlist,
and so on...

Maybe, there's already a plugin for mplayer or xine that can do this?
My experiments with vlc didn't succeed...

Dave Phillips | 4 May 12:12 2016

[LAU] [Music] Stefan Wolpe's Form for piano


Atonal piano music by a 20th century master.

The original sequence was made probably close to 20 years ago, but I 
recently rehabilitated it via the Pianoteq software, thought I'd post it 
for fun.


Fero Kiraly | 4 May 10:42 2016

[LAU] setBfree - not saving vibratoupper option

It is alwas saved as:

Linux-audio-user mailing list

[LAU] Recorded with Linux: c20xx-c12c (old stuff)

In contrast to the previous recent pieces, this one is 'from the
archives', made quite a long time ago using only Open Source
instruments.  It's an electronic ballad of sorts made of several
parts, with pseudo oboe, trumpet and cello leads.  Was quickly
'masterized' today using the original stereo tracks of that time.

It was made perhaps some 8 years ago, if not more, using only QSynth,
Zynaddsubfx, and Hydrogen, all arranged using Seq24.  The Ardour
session is lost.

Soundfonts were pretty much the ones given out with the Linux distro at
that time.  Stock Zyn sounds. Since I totally forgot how Seq24 works,
and it would be rather out of the question to spend time in recreating
this (might as well redo it from scratch), I took the stereo output
that was made then and added some EQ, reverb, etc...  

So this is a totally synthesized piece which has still perhaps a bit
of charm.  We have in there an oboe at the beginning then going into a
trumpet solo, making place to a cello that segues to a Zyn thin Rhodes
piano sound.  No acoustic guitar in sight.  100% synthesized.

Exported 'sans norm' :)

Integrated Loudness : -19.6 LUFS
     Loudness Range :   8.2 LU
               Peak : -3.6 dBFS
          True Peak : -3.6 dBTP
         Twin Peaks : not even a sequel
Yassin Philip | 3 May 20:07 2016

[LAU] No more Keyboard in Qtractor :(

Hi everyone!

My KB suddenly stopped working in Qtractor :(

I'm using 0.7.6 (From lovely KX) under (up to date) Ubuntu 14.04 ; I 
tried using the KB in other Qt apps I have installed like SMPlayer, it 
works, but I still somehow suspect Qt5 :)
That, and me triggering (I'm recording acoustic guitars, it always 
becomes a hectic mess real quick) some sort of weird behaviour...

Does this KB problem sound familiar to any of you?



Yassin "xaccrocheur" Philip /
Michael Jarosch | 3 May 16:12 2016

[LAU] vlc and jack


Sorry for my dumpness, but I need vlc to connect to the output-ports 9
and 10 of my RME HDSP via jack. I tried:

vlc --jack-connect-regex system:playback_9 track01.mp3

which works perfectly, but mono. (Both outputs of the mp3-file are
routed to playback_9.)
But I need a stereo connection to playback_9 and playback_10 and I just
don't know how to express that with regex... :(

Will Godfrey | 3 May 01:34 2016

[LAU] Out There

At a bit of a lose end this evening, but too wide-awake to go to bed, I had a
look through some of my older music. This one I originally composed for a
Kara-Moon quarterly review but for some reason I don't think I ever posted it
here. Still, better late than never :)

It uses only Rosegarden and Yoshimi.


Will J Godfrey
Say you have a poem and I have a tune.
Exchange them and we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.
Tim E. Real | 2 May 06:28 2016

[LAU] RFV: LV2 Gtk2 UIs crashing Qt5 QTractor and MusE at same place

Hi list. Requesting verification of a bug:

After upgrading from *buntu 14.04 LTS to 16.x, the LV2 Gtk2 UIs 
 such as Calf and others crash upon opening them in both 
 Qt5 QTractor and Qt5 MusE-3, at these similar calls:

QTractor: In qtractorLv2Plugin.cpp
QWidget *pQtContainer = QWidget::createWindowContainer(pQtWindow, pQtWidget);

MusE: In lv2host.cpp:
ewWin = QWidget::createWindowContainer(x11QtWindow);

The crash ultimately happens deep inside the Qt5 libraries at the 
 same place in both apps :


I tried building Calf from source release, and tried different
 video cards. NG.

But... If I bypass createWindowContainer() in MusE the UIs open and work fine! 
(Just that now of course they are outside of the container window.)

It's Qt 5.5.1
I read about a bug fix and revert where they assumed always a valid screen 
 but then had to revert, but that's supposed to be fixed now.
I'm confused.

Is it just me getting these crashes?


[LAU] Recorded with Linux: c2016-15

This is also a laid back piece, this time mostly using synthesis, with
a bit of acoustic guitar.  It's also one of those pieces that simply
happened, this one in a matter of perhaps an hour.

Comments welcomed.


[LAU] Recorded with Linux: c2016-14

Hello !

This one basically 'happened'.  Relaxed, acoustic light feeling.

The chords were found the evening before. The next evening a drum loop
was set, the chords were played, and from there the solo line and bass
just came to be.  This is very close to a 'one shot', although not
one.  I think I fiddled the solo line in parts 2 times.  The bass
also.  Keyboard is very close to an electric piano and has a
supportive role.  Couldn't resist to add a bit of syntesized sound, so
there's a tiny bit, during the chorus.

Ah, and a backdrop of smooth rain from Freesound was laid across.

Mostly acoustic then.  Two guitars, one acoustic bass guitar.  Drums
are congas and bass drum, tiny bit of cymbal.  

Not reworked, apart from mixing adjustments.  Sometimes I fear to
reworked that kind of music.  Not inclined to rework because of the
calculations that it would introduce to what basically has happened.

But then, the art is also about balancing gracefully inspiration and
technique, with the former always, hopefully, driving.

Comments welcomed.

Curiously I got a comment last week that it was too busy to be
relaxing.  I was much surpised since for me it is smooth and nicely

Robin's VU meter calibrated at -14dbFS hovers mostly between -3 and
+1.  Exported 'sans norm' :) Export stats shows :

Integrated loudness: -17.1 LUFS
     Loudness range:  2.7 LU
               Peak: -1.6 dBFS
          True Peak: -1.5 dBFS