david | 30 May 09:28 2015

[LAU] How to get RT permissions back?

On Debian Sid, something seems to have installed systemd-logind (or 
something else?) and now when I start JACKD, it reports "Cannot use 
real-time scheduling (RR/10)(1: Operation not permitted)".

I am a member of the audio group. ISTRC folk on the list mentioning what 
to do to get RT permission back?


David W. Jones
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Will Godfrey | 29 May 18:33 2015

[LAU] User Documentation

Come on now, don't all run away :)

What do people think would be the best format (from a user's point of view), yet
reasonably easy both to transfer and to keep up-to-date?


Will J Godfrey
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Peter P. | 28 May 06:13 2015

[LAU] Fireface UFX in class compliant mode

Hi list,

not sure if this has been reported already, but today I was able to
connect an RME Fireface UFX in class compliant mode via USB to my Debian
box and got 22 Channels (the limit in RME's class compliant mode) of
output working (was not able to verify inputs due to a lack of
real-world input sources) with Pure Data and ALSA's OSS emulation, as
well as with jack.

Most likely it does not make sense to purchase such an exquisite audio
interface for use with linux, as the mixing application will not be
accessible from software, and with it most DSP processing power in RME's
on-board mixer. But in case your institution/department
chair/infrastructure management decided to buy such a thing, and you see
it sitting unused on a shelf in someone's office, i thought it might be
nice to know you can get at least 22 I/O with it on a standard Debian
testing box via USB 2.0

best, Peter
Rui Nuno Capela | 27 May 17:34 2015

[LAU] [ANN] Qtractor 0.6.7 - The Lepton Acid beta release!

It's alive!

   Qtractor 0.6.7 (lepton acid beta) is out!

Release highlights:

* MIDI instrument rendering on audio export (NEW)
* MIDI clip editor view/event criteria persistence (NEW)
* MIDI clip editor resilience on record/overdub (FIX)
* Generic plugin form position persistence (NEW)
* JACK Transport/Timebase master option (NEW)

and yet more tiny lurking critters swatted ;)

Well, the major highlight to this release is in fact this brand new and 
way long overdue feature, seamlessly integrated to the faithful and 
regular audio track export function: MIDI track instrument plug-in 
rendering and mix-down (aka. freeze) is now real, as long their audio 
output goes onto selected buses, aka. stems, mix-groups, whatever a 
mix/mastering head would name it! nb. on the (very esquisite) Qtractor 
arch-model parlance, those are just called "audio output buses" and that 
ain't gonna change, any time soon, so stop it! A word of caution must be 
told by now: dedicated (JACK) audio output ports are off-the-grid, so sorry.

Maybe this silently makes a notch towards the DAW epitome, though 
Qtractor still claims to be just a plain and honest sequencer--with yet 
another DAW-like feature addition--the same as it ever was.

Nuff said.

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Martin Cracauer | 25 May 23:23 2015

[LAU] New hardware setup for recording (not same as existing threads)

I am also looking to have a conversation about recording hardware, but
not quite the same as the PCI one.

Short story:

If I wanted to have a combination of two separate devices,
analog->ADAT unit and ADAT->Linux <at> computer, what would I buy?

Long story:

The way that I did quality recordings so far:
- use a quality preamp from mic to S/PDIF optical
- use a USB soundcard with (under Linux) working S/PDIF in
- jackd of course
- depending on hardware there might be a separate piece in front that
  converts symmetric microphone level to line out, but right now my
  first thing does both mic level and line level well

I really like how this is separating out the [analog part, A/D
converter] and the [thing that needs a Linux driver].  Now I can
change one or the other and don't get utter breakdown on software
changes.  I have hardware pieces for which this works great... ish
except for some USB unreliability.

Now, the careful observer will notice that this is limited to 2
channels due to S/PDIF.  While I could have more USB soundcards that
does not satisfy synchonization since the stupid things with S/PDIF
don't take world clocks.  My attempts to link multiple jackds have
been, well I think everybody here knows that this exactly working
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Jostein Chr. Andersen | 24 May 11:04 2015

[LAU] PCI1 and new motherboards - a tip


I'm in the process of upgrading my computer HW, but still want to use 
my old trusted M-Audio delta 1010 cards. Two times, I have had to buy a 
motherboard with old PCI ports, or that is what I have believed for some 
years. Today I found this on the 'Net:


..and will probably find more if I dig further. After overlooking this 
kind of solutions for years, and also seeing this topic coming up at 
this list for years, I feel a little stupid. :-)

I know that many of you still have PCI1 state of the art cards of 
different kinds and I hope that this solution will work for yo if you 
consider to upgrade your computer HW.

Gerald | 22 May 22:46 2015

[LAU] New Music

Hi Guys,
We've got a new Song, Sailing Sister. Check it out: www.jimson-drift.de
under Songs. If your in the Rhein-Neckar area in June, we've got an
upcomming gig on June the 18th at the Kulturfenster in Heidelberg

this was announced previously under the subject Jimson Drifts double
attack. I guess no one looked at it since the subject says nothing.
Sorry for that.
F. Silvain | 20 May 21:02 2015

[LAU] Experience with rpi, wolfson audio card and JACK

Hey hey everyone,
has anyone tried the Wolfson audio card with JACK yet? It's a little difficult 
to find, since google doesn't distinguish between jack and JACK. :)

A link to a relevant post somewhere will suffice. Thank you!

* Homepage: https://freeshell.de/~silvain
* Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ffanci_silvain
* GitHub:   https://github.com/fsilvain
Dave Phillips | 20 May 13:00 2015

[LAU] Cold Drop at Club Tux




Robert Edge | 18 May 15:52 2015

[LAU] issues with Pure Data and JACK

I'm having problems with Pure Data and JACK and I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior.

I can have any number of JACK applications happily running and routing audio back and forth, when I start PD I often (but not always) get a crackly distortion.  This distortion is present is on any JACK client, before PD has even loaded a patch or is actually processing audio.  Closing PD does not solve the problem,. I need to close every JACK client, close jackd, and restart the server.

I see a bunch of these messages from jackd when PD is started: 

JackPosixSemaphore::TimedWait err = Connection timed out

JackFreewheelDriver::ProcessSync SuspendRefNum error

JackAudioDriver::ProcessGraphSync: ProcessWriteSlaves error, engine may now behave abnormally!!

jackd is started(by way of qjackctl) with the incantation:

/usr/bin/jackd -S -dalsa -r44100 -p64 -n2 -D -Chw:M1010LT -Phw:M1010LT -I30 -O30

this is jackdmp(JACK2) on Fedora 20 with the PlanetCCRMA kernel.

the sound card is an M Audio 1010LT that has been rock solid on several distributions and kernels for about a decade now.

not sure if it matters, but a2jmidid is always running, it is started by qjackctl running the command:

a2jmidid -e &

I am running pd-extended from the planetccrma repo, version 0.43.4-1.fc20.ccrma

any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Linux-audio-user mailing list
Neil C Smith | 18 May 14:58 2015

Re: [LAU] ShowQ - "a QLAB for Linux"


Apologies for tardy response - handling aftermath of a hard drive failure. :-\

On 14 May 2015 at 21:37, Michael Jarosch <riotsound@...> wrote:
> Looks great! I haven't done much video in my projects, yet, and -
> speaking about (jack-)audio - I don't know if Praxis LIVE would fill the
> gap,

Praxis LIVE's audio pipeline has JACK support through JNAJack (which
was originally written for it).  There are a couple of things to bear
in mind though -

1. Praxis LIVE is Java-based which *may* have an impact on latency (see 2)
2. It's not currently possible to play the audio from a video track.
This is somewhat complicated by Praxis LIVE's distributed
architecture, and the fact that audio and video may be in different
processes or even running on different machines.  Incidentally, one
use for running audio in a separate process is reducing
garbage-collection effects and improving latency.

> By the way: Does Praxis LIVE feature projection mapping? It's just
> because you mentioned Isadora...

Not like Isadora v2 does.  However, the recently released Praxis LIVE
v2 does have full access to the 3D capabilities of the underlying
Processing renderer.  Coupled with the new custom code infrastructure
and the ability to (re)write components on-the-fly this gives lots of
possibilities for projection mapping and 3D transforms.

There's a simple 3D quad transform component in the custom component
repository already - https://github.com/praxis-live/pxg  Expect to see
more in the near future.

There's a blog post on turning a Processing sketch into a Praxis LIVE
component (here rendering a video onto a cylinder) -

Also coming soon is wrapping Processing's OBJ file loader.

Bringing this vaguely back on-topic for this list - one of the reasons
I haven't announced Praxis LIVE v2 here yet is I'm still finalising
live code rewriting for audio components.

Best wishes,



Neil C Smith
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