Nils Gey | 2 Sep 21:10 2015

[LAU] Linux Audio Social and Community Guide moved to la-wiki

Hello list,

I have moved the LA social and community guide from my personal website
to the linux audio wiki and merged it with the stub article there.

I have also added the two Germany-based LA meetings to the wiki.

If you know more places online and offline, especially offline, where
open source music people can meet please update the article accordingly.


Hart Larry | 1 Sep 13:03 2015

[LAU] Current Location of dae

OK, a continuing thank you for ideas in my quest to edit mp3s. I received this 
back from an author of dae:
I will put it up at for 
The mirror I used for it lately is down because of hardware problems.
It cannot edit mp3 yet, and probably never will.
The library used in dae is ecasound which do not allow editing of mp3.
Therefore, you need to first convert the mp3 to wav, edit it, and then convert 
it back to mp3.
Although that can be automated using sox or such, it is not a good idea, as the 
quality of the audio will degrade every time
you edit the file.
Back again live, as I said his program is a good example of the type of a 
concept. Thanks so much in advance
Dave Phillips | 31 Aug 12:01 2015

[LAU] Helmic


Starting the week at 140 bpm we have :

Matt Tytel's new Helm synth in "morning chill" mode, with friends.


Hart Larry | 31 Aug 06:35 2015

[LAU] NAMA, non-distructive?

Thank you MR Hawaii, I forgot I had installed that, but looking in its man-page, 
makes references to non-distructive editing. If I understand the concept, I 
would think editing out portions of sound would certainly be destroying an 
orriginal. Meanwhil, if I run nana -t and a file name, I get the following 
Found config file: /home/chime/.namarc
YAML::Tiny found bad indenting in line '  consumer:' at 
/usr/share/perl5/Audio/Nama/ line 283.
So please, how do I fix this-and-would NAMA be an interactive editor? Thanks in 
Karen Lewellen | 31 Aug 02:37 2015

Re: [LAU] An Easier mp3Editor?

Hi Larry,
i actually thought  most mp3 editors worked as you  described...but I do 
not  normally edit mp3 files or not this way.
does not audacity have a command line component to it?

On Sun, 30 Aug 2015, Hart Larry wrote:

> Hi All: While there is a chance this list is strictly for musicians, however, 
> if it is for other audio related questions, I have an inquiree, if you 
> please?
> Since I am totally blind, I am completely in a console. I really enjoy 
> recording News-Programming from streams. However, I really want to edit out 
> the many commercial breaks. Here in Debian Linux, all the mp3editors are 
> either complicated or graphical. Ideally in an ideal World, I really wish 
> some1 would please suggest or invent an mp3editor which would maybe opperate 
> in a concept of a word-processor, such as NANO, where instead of blocking 
> text, you would be setting up to block sound, while listening to it as you 
> would in mpv or mplayer. Other mp3 software you must know how many minutes to 
> chop off.but eliminating a middle section would seem impossible.
> Another blind gentleman created an editor which edits-and-records wav files, 
> "dae" "Digital Audio Editor" so I must convert mp3s back-and-forth while 
> useing dae. Thanks so much in advance if any of you have suggestions of 
> programs I can try in a non-graphical setting. Also, if you would rather I 
> not ask such things on this list, I will understand.
> Hart
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Karen Lewellen | 30 Aug 20:37 2015

[LAU] keyboard ideas anyone?

Hi All,
I am still appreciating all the sound card wisdom!  I think I shared I  am 
aiming for the m-audio audiofile 2496, which I am finding on ebay.
I visited our hackers lab here in Toronto hoping to find someone  with 
enough Linux debian smarts to help me here with the software part of my 
As there are apparently many ways I can ahem play the composing side of 
things with all the command line tools,  I am wondering if folks have 
keyboard or workstation suggestions?
I will likely need to be more specific, but do not want to stop the flow of 

[LAU] wine 1.6.2 and reaktor's 'service center' issue


Using wine 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4 I could install the Reaktor Player.  By
following this install procedure:

System is Linux Mint 17, 64-bit. dssi-vst is 0.9.2-1ubuntu5.

One thing to notice is that the 64-bit version of Reaktor is not
recognized at all by the system/wine.  I then did as the web page
instructs and copied the 32-bit version which works.

Reaktor is seen in qjackctl and it is possible to connect a MIDI
keyboard to it and hear stuff.  I understand that all instruments
provided with it are free.  I also installed the mikroprism
instrument.  Now, all these are running in 30 minutes max time slices.
So I chose to register the free mikroprism.  It then launched some app
called 'service center' and ended up with an error and a binary log

Has anyone got past this 'service center' problem ?


[LAU] Compiling dssi-vst-master: -lz missing


Seeing the description in Ardour's manual for mixed MIDI/Audio tracks
and how they relate to Reaktor, which I knew nothing about, I looked
into it and found an Ubuntu page on how to run Reaktor using
basically wine and dssi-vst.  So I got the sources for dssi-vst and try
to compile on a 64-bit machine.  Got the Steinberg SDK, the multilib
for g++ and gcc, made a symlink for zconf.h to be found and now the
compile halts at not finding '-lz'.  I tried installing libzip, then
lzip (lzma compression) but none are fulfilling the requirement. 

What is this -lz exactly ?  And, anyone running Reaktor in this way ?

Taner Tas | 27 Aug 00:36 2015

[LAU] Jack and sample rate conversion quality

Hi all,

I'm quite new on Jack. As I'm aware of that we have to choose a particular sampling rate for proper operation, I wonder that re-sampling must have done by client or Jack is taking this part on itself. I'm curious on this because I'm trying to figure out that resampling quality relies on client's own settings or some particular resampling method that used by Jack. If Jack does the resampling, have we any chance on tuning the resampling quality?

Thanks in advance.

Linux-audio-user mailing list
Fero Kiraly | 26 Aug 12:58 2015

[LAU] setBfree lv2

hi guys.

I have problem:

setBfree not displaying UI in ardour...
also not in jalv.gtk ...

when I run in from command line ./setBfreeUI everything is nice.

system updated.

what I missed or messed up ?
thanks. fero
Linux-audio-user mailing list
Thomas Janu | 25 Aug 09:23 2015

[LAU] Searching for audio interface with software-controlled mic gain

Hi List,

for a project at work (nothing to do with music, sadly, but at least audio) I'm looking for an audio interface that supports at least 16bit/48kHz (24bit/96kHz would be even better, we're potentially looking for rather high frequency signals...) for two mics that need phantom power and where the preamp gain can be controlled remotely by software, as this will be used as follows:

The whole setup will be mounted at a remote location inside a larger machinery for audio surveillance of said machinery (fault detection etc.). The larger machinery of course may not be running while opened to install our setup, thus setting the gain has to be done remotely.
The PC in this setup has an x86_64 CPU running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but the case is too small for PCI(e) solutions, doesn't have firewire, so the only option is USB.

For our current setup we have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 here, but there's no way to set the mic gain via software :-/

Researching so far led me to the RME Babyface that is said to be supported when in class compliant mode - but you seem to need to hold down buttons while turning it on, which is a problem as we can't open up the larger machinery every time the hardware needs to be restarted.

Is anyone here aware of something we could use here?

Thanks in advance,
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