Bob van der Poel | 30 Jun 05:41 2016

[LAU] Keeping an audio channel open

I'm running an older linux (I think it's ubuntu 14.? or something ... I could check if it makes a difference) on a laptop as a karaoke box. Really simple: Select a song and play it out though the built-in audio to an amp (well, a bit more complex since the file is a midi and it's played via timidity).

I find that the start of every song presents some distortion for about a second. I'm assuming that it has to do with the audio port being opened or initialized.

Any thoughts on this?

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Atte | 28 Jun 19:18 2016

[LAU] Only 6 channels with wineasio


I only see six outputs and six inputs in reaper, although there are 24
ins and 22 outs in jack. I tried changing environment variables
make any change take effect, neither setting to 2 or 16 channels.

Anyone use more than six channels with wineasio care to share how they
achieved that?

Thanks in advance!

Brendan | 28 Jun 15:45 2016

[LAU] Music made with Linux - Ordo

Hey there,

I recently wrapped up a short album I've been working on:

The music is instrumental & electronic, and sometimes it veers into more noisy territory.

These tracks were first created in Renoise, and then I used Ardour for mixing the final product. There are quite a few sounds from both Yoshimi and from my hardware synth, and I used a variety of plugins that come with Ubuntu Studio, including the Calf plugins.

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William Light | 27 Jun 03:21 2016

[LAU] Some raw Renoise sample-chopping and beatmaking footage

Hey all,
Been a while since I made one of these videos. Ran across a sample that
I caught some vibes off and decided to record the exercise of flipping
it into a beat. It's a long video (23 minutes), so you can skip to about
22:30 to hear the finished loop.

Let me know if you got anything out of it or would like me to elaborate
on anything in particular.


[LAU] [Music] jam15

This one has a slight jazzy feel to it.  An improvisation.

 Electric piano comp: Pianoteq w1 Comp
 Bass:                DiscoveryPro custom patch
 Main drums:          Mark Fletcher Jazz Drums
 Congas:              Wave Alchemy Afro Latin Percussion vol 02
 First solo:          ZebraHZ - CSBO 4th
 Second solo:         Zebra2 Colin Neff - Formant Horn
 Ambiance:            Bazille Valis - Yotei

Recorded using Bitwig clips, exported as individual tracks then mixed
in Mixbus 32c. Bass: AF210 EQ, Main drums: XT-DC, Formant Horn: XT-VC,
W1 piano: PTC-2A.  Reverb: Protoverb on separate bus.  Stereo bus:
Dyno-mite, XT-ME.  Exported sans normalization.  Made from scratch in a
bit less than 5 hours.

 Integrated Loudness: -17.1 LUFS
 Loudness range:        3.1 LU
 Peak                  -1.0 dBFS
 True Peak             -1.0 dbTP

Manu Kebab | 26 Jun 16:32 2016

[LAU] io GNU/Linux 2016.03 out

Hi all :)

A new release of io GNU/Linux is available for download (32 and 64-bits)


 * Fully configured system for live and/or install
 * Kernels 4.6.2 and 4.6.2-rt
 * Enlightenment e21-rc as window manager
 * All sounds through Jack2
 * Hundred of audio, graphics, video, internet, utilities and system programs.

Get it at

Feedbacks welcome, enjoy 

Maurizio Berti | 25 Jun 22:48 2016

[LAU] Focusrite Saffire Pro 10, firewire and freewheel

I'm going to buy an used Focusrite Saffire Pro 10, but I wanted to be sure about its usability on linux and ardour before.
According to the ffado page about it, the support is complete, but it looks like there's a bug while on freewheeling mode, as reported here:
What I need to understand is the bug still exists (sometimes bugs just disappear, or are resolved from another upgrade and are forgotten) or, eventually, if the related alsa/firewire stack (the Saffire seems to be compatible with the snd-bebob driver) has the same problem too.
Does anyone here have such a device and can report his/her experience?

Thank you for your help,

Sorry for double posting here and in other forum/ML. The vendor has kindly agreed to wait for an answer from me, but I don't want to take too much advantage of it.

È difficile avere una convinzione precisa quando si parla delle ragioni del cuore. - "Sostiene Pereira", Antonio Tabucchi
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Michael Jarosch | 24 Jun 10:51 2016

[LAU] speaker frequency response measurement and display

Hi there!

I want to display the frequency response (amplitude, impedance and
maybe phase) of my self-build speakers on my homepage. I like the clean
look of gnuplot and I wonder if anyone knows about a manual for linux-
users to make "clean" speaker measurements (with room influences
eliminated as far as possible) to get an output in a style like this:

(just 1 amplitude, of course, and with a dB range of 80 to 120, f.e.)

I have some experience in speaker measurement, but unfortunately I'm
not that smart to write my own octave-scripts. I'm just a linux-audio-
USER, you know.

Rui Nuno Capela | 23 Jun 18:46 2016

[LAU] [ANN] Qtractor 0.7.8 - The Snobby Graviton is out!

Qtractor 0.7.8 - The Snobby Graviton is out!

So it's first solstice'16...

The world sure is a harsh mistress... yeah, you read that right! <a 
Moon</a> have been just intentionally rephrased. Yeah, whatever.

Just about when the UK vs. EU is there under close scrutiny and sizzling 
winds of trumpeting (pun intended, again) coming from the other side of 
the pond, we all should mark the days we're living in.

No worries: we still have some feeble but comforting news:

   Qtractor 0.7.8 (snobby graviton) is out!

Nevertheless ;)

   Qtractor [1] is an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application 
written in C++ with the Qt framework [2]. Target platform is Linux, 
where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK [3]) for audio and the 
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA [4]) for MIDI are the main 
infrastructures to evolve as a fairly-featured Linux desktop audio 
workstation GUI, specially dedicated to the personal home-studio.

- MIDI file track names (and any other SMF META events) are now 
converted to and from the base ASCII/Latin-1 encoding, as much to 
prevent invalid SMF whenever non-Latin-1 UTF-8 encoded MIDI track names 
are given.
- MIDI file tempo-map and location markers import/export is now 
hopefully corrected, after almost a decade in mistake, regarding MIDI 
resolution conversion, when different than current session's setting 
(TPQN, ticks-per-quarter-note aka. ticks-per-beat, etc.)
- Introducing LV2 UI Show interface support for other types than Qt, 
Gtk, X11 and lv2_external_ui.
- Prevent any visual updates while exporting (freewheeling) audio tracks 
that have at least one plugin activate state automation enabled for 
playback (as much for not showing messages like "QObject::connect: 
Cannot queue arguments of type 'QVector<int>'"... anymore).
- The common buses management dialog (View/Buses...) sees the 
superfluous Refresh button finally removed, while two new button 
commands take its place: (move) Up and Down.
- LV2 plug-in Patch support has been added and LV2 plug-ins parameter 
properties manipulation is now accessible on the generic plug-in 
properties dialog.
- Fixed a recently introduced bug, that rendered all but one plug-in 
instance to silence, affecting only DSSI plug-ins which implement 
DSSI_Descriptor::run_multiple_synths() eg. fluidsynth-dssi, hexter, etc.


Project page:

- source tarball:
- source package:
- binary packages:

Git repos:

Wiki (on going, help wanted!):

   Qtractor [1] is free, open-source Linux Audio [5] software, 
distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL [6]) 
version 2 or later.


[1]  Qtractor - An audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer

[2]  Qt framework, C++ class library and tools for
      cross-platform application and UI development

[3]  JACK Audio Connection Kit

[4]  ALSA, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

[5]  Linux Audio consortium of libre software for audio-related work

[6]  GPL - GNU General Public License

See also:

Enjoy && Have (lots of) fun.
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
fred | 23 Jun 16:25 2016

[LAU] Fwd: Re: announcement lecjo

-------- Message transféré -------- Sujet : Date : De : Pour :
Re: [LAU] announcement lecjo
Thu, 23 Jun 2016 16:23:30 +0200
fred <>
pierre jocelyn andre <>

Salut Pierre si c'est bien ton prénom,
traduction et explication ci dessous, si ça peut t'aider, et les 2 messages traduits sont de l'humour, on aime rire (et certaines fois philosopher, voire troller) sur cette liste..

Le 23/06/2016 17:07, pierre jocelyn andre a écrit :
sorry I still do not understand what you say.
lecjo transforms a geometric figure in file audio file.
See the examples given.
that's all
source codes are given, I'm sorry, I do not speak the English language sufficiently to detail.

2016-06-23 15:32 GMT+02:00 Ralf Mardorf <>:
On Thu, 23 Jun 2016 08:00:13 -0400, jonetsu <at> wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:53:29 +0200
>pierre jocelyn andre <> wrote:
>> lecho is an application to draw shapes with a spreadsheet.
>> And turn those shapes into audio files.
>Can it also draw shapes from audio ?  'coz I always wondered how square
>redneck western songs can be :)))
Jonetsu dit : Ton appli peut elle aussi dessiner à partir d'audio ? Car j'ai toujours voulu savoir à quel point les chansons western des "redneck" (cou rouge = paysans) peuvent être "square" (littéralement "carrées", par rapport au dessin d'une onde sonore carrée, mais le mot veut dire aussi "naze, coincé, beauf" en anglais, et ce 2ème sens définit sans doute le gout pour la musique western de Jonetsu..)

Maybe not that square, but perhaps some 0 Hz shapes.
Peut être pas aussi "square" (dans le sens "carré", c'est chiant l'anglais certains mots ont un sens différent selon le contexte)))), mais probablement quelques formes d'amplitude zéro Hertz. (qui doit indiquer que Ralf apprécie également la musique western..)

.fin de la trad.

Une question pour résumer, si je l'ai bien comprise la teneur ~moqueuse~, des réponses précédentes : quel est le but de Lecjo *dans le contexte de cette liste destinée aux personnes "fabriquant" de la musique sous Linux ?* (ceci devant être lu sans agressivité, juste du langage brut de décoffrage et franc, et en incluant un truc important qui aurait pu loupé par les lecteurs de la liste. Si c'est le cas je veux bien traduire en anglais ce que tu as à nous annoncer, merci de ne pas te formaliser de premières réactions un peu abruptes et bienvenu à toi ici..)

Merci de consacrer du temps à la production sonore Libre sous Linux, et au cas où "l'équivalent" français de cette liste serait le forum du site
Bonne soirée dans tous les cas,
-- Fred,

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Rui Nuno Capela | 23 Jun 15:44 2016

Re: [LAU] qtractor behavior -- tempo map

On Thursday, June 23, 2016 6:00:42 AM WEST tom haddington wrote:
> Thank you for the response, Rui.  i've attached two photos, a before 
> and
> after.

so it seems that, on bar 2, it strangely converts 3/4 time-signature 
into a
plain 4/4 ?

can you do some other time-sig changes and please try to find a bug 

would really appreciate.

ps. just tried to reproduce the same tempo-map  the one depected on the 
screenshots and keep watch ing on waiting it suddenly gets to the 
vanishing glitch, to no avail must say. may i ask now when exactly does 
the misfortuned change occurs? iow. what steps are in betwwen 1st 
(before) and 2nd (after) screenshots?