rosea.grammostola | 22 Jul 10:41 2014

[LAU] sd card / firewire


I need a new laptop, not specific for audio but would be nice to be able 
to run an pro-audio card. I'm doubting between a lenovo t400 and a x220. 
Would it be possible to use firewire on the x220 (via an sd card -> 
firewire converter)?

Bob van der Poel | 22 Jul 04:05 2014

[LAU] Phone to computer adaptor

I currently have a "skype" phone connected to USB which works just fine to make calls. Only problem is that the cord is short :) and the quality is not the greatest.

So, can I connect a regular POTS phone via a USB thing? What are they called and do they work with Linux? I assume that the skype phone just acts like a soundcard ... same with what I want?


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James Morris | 19 Jul 01:20 2014

[LAU] drum synth


Are there any floss synths for linux dedicated to drum synthesis?

Carlos sanchiavedraz | 18 Jul 12:54 2014

[LAU] VJ / VeeJing software alternatives

Hello dear all.

Not long ago here there was a thread about video software and how it
sucks or not. I wonder if any of you know a decent alternative for VJ
software. It seems that LiVES should be some choice, but it's a little
tricky and I don't see it has same workflow as others in the sense of
launching video clips and such.
There is also Freej, and Veejay but you have to compile it and it has
client and server side. Here is an article about:

Any suggestions or experiences?
Thanks as always.



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Oon-Ee Ng | 18 Jul 03:17 2014

[LAU] General Audio question - soft recording and bad SNR?

Hi, I'm running Arch Linux 64-bit with jack2. I have a USB UA-25EX to
which I connect a Shure SM75. I don't do much recording, and at a very
amateur level for various volunteer projects.

The maximum volume I get from my Shure SM75 seems very low. The result
of this is when I normalize I get fairly significant background hum.
Increasing the UA-25EX's gain just causes peaking at louder volumes,
so no solution there. This happens with both Audacity and Ardour, so
should not be software-related.

Any suggestions as to what I should investigate? A bad mic (I did
check, its not a knock-off)? Electrical noise from my laptop (used to
use a different laptop but from the same manufacturer, same results
from both). Jack settings?
Grekim Jennings | 17 Jul 17:36 2014

[LAU] OT Microphone recommendation

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014 11:41:23 -0700 Ivan K <ivan_521521 at>
> Well, I ordered my microphone preamp, now I need a microphone. 
> Based on the archives of this list and my budget, I identified 
> three.  What I mostly will be doing is: 
> (1) Recording voice, either speaking or singing 
> (2) Recording acoustic instruments (classical guitar, clarinet) 
> (3) Recording chamber music. 
> So the three microphones are: 
> (a)  Shure SM57 (Is there a difference between the SM57 and SM57-LC?) 
> (b)  Shure SM58 (Though which one: the SM58-LC, SM58-CN or SM58S ?) 
> (c)  CAD gxl 2200 large diaphragm condenser   $60 
> Just from my naive understanding, the SM57 seems like it might be the 
> best  "general purpose" microphone for my needs. 
> Do people have advice or other recommendations?  Thanks. 
> Eventually I will buy a second microphone for stereo recording. 

Skip the dynamic mics for now and buy a matched stereo pair of
condensors. I have a pair of small studio projects condensors and while
I can't read the labels on them anymore, they still sound like on the
first day. And this pair came with a stero mount;-)

If you insist on going dynamic (only when you record directly on the
mic, not for chamber and/o ambiance), decide between the SM57 and SM58
if you will. The SM57 seems better suited for instruments, the SM58 is
the de-facto (backup) standard on many stages for good reasons.
If you can't decide between the two, get a Beta58 or maybe an AKG in
the same price-range. Worth it, the beta58 sounds better then the

But for what you want, a stereo-pair of small condensors, maybe
additionally a large condensor for voice.
Or stereo pair of large condensors from AKG or comparable...

- Arnold

Was is the Studio Project C4's?  I have a pair I use for remote
recording...drum overheads mostly.  Good value and they are pretty
versatile with 3 capsule/patterns.  They are around $350 for the pair.
There are also some Audio-Technica 2020 condensers for $100 each.  They
might be okay too. 

Ivan K | 16 Jul 20:41 2014

[LAU] OT Microphone recommendation

Well, I ordered my microphone preamp, now I need a microphone. 
Based on the archives of this list and my budget, I identified 
three.  What I mostly will be doing is: 
(1) Recording voice, either speaking or singing 
(2) Recording acoustic instruments (classical guitar, clarinet) 
(3) Recording chamber music. 
So the three microphones are: 
(a)  Shure SM57 (Is there a difference between the SM57 and SM57-LC?) 
(b)  Shure SM58 (Though which one: the SM58-LC, SM58-CN or SM58S ?) 
(c)  CAD gxl 2200 large diaphragm condenser   $60 
Just from my naive understanding, the SM57 seems like it might be the 
best  "general purpose" microphone for my needs. 
Do people have advice or other recommendations?  Thanks. 

Eventually I will buy a second microphone for stereo recording. 
Carlo Ascani | 16 Jul 20:10 2014

[LAU] A short story: from zero to recording the drums in a budget

Hi guys,
I own an acoustic drum, and I wanted to record it.
My set looks like this [1], and I wanted 8 mics to record it.
So, starting from *just* the drums, I bought everything I needed:

1. The Mixer
I got a second hand Soundtracs Topaz Micro (I used its Inserts as Direct Outs)
for 220 euros

2. The PC
I got an IBM Thinkcentre 8215 for 50 euros

3. The converters
I got an Echo Layla 20 for 50 euros, it has 8 analog ins and it is
really well supported by alsa.

4. The Monitors
I got a pair of second hand KRK Rockit 5 for 150 euros

5. Cables and mic stands
Got them for around 250 euros

6. The mics
I got an Audix D6 and a Sennheiser e609 for kick,
a Revox m3500 and a Beyer m610 for the snare,
two Sennheiser e609 for the floor toms
and a pair of Sennheiser e614 as overheads.
The total cost of those mics (second hand) is 600 euros.

So, the total price of the whole thing was around 1320 euros!
Here are some audio clip of the result, dry recording [2] and processed
with some eq, compressor and reverb [3]

So guys, what do you think?
If I would improve the quality of my recordings, where should I spend
more money?

PS: I suck at playing



Carlo Ascani |
skype: carloratm
irc: carloratm <at> freenode
jim | 15 Jul 06:58 2014

[LAU] Ardour complains disk system can't keep up

     I've got a Zareason media box
with 8 GB RAM running AVlinux (a debian flavor);
I use Ardour pretty much exclusively, that and
the vi editor.

     The system can record a single track with no
problem. It occasionally fails if I try to record
two simultaneous tracks. If regularly fails if I try
to record four or more tracks.
     The complaint is always that the disk system
cannot keep up.

Question: would just blindly replacing the spinning
disk with SSD be a likely fix and an overall good

Question: what info should I capture and email to
get appropriate help?

Question: what commands will yield useful info
for this diagnosis? (I like the command line but
forget which commands do what other than the
usual suspects for basic use.)

Hopefully, with thanks,
jim in SF
Will Godfrey | 15 Jul 00:21 2014

[LAU] Desktop whole-screen audio/video recording

I've just been taking a look at the user guide for RecordMyDesktop, which looks
very simple and easy to use (has jack support).

Does anyone have any experience of using this?

Is there an equally easy way to add captions later?

How about making a copy suitable for youtube?

Should I be using something completely different?

Am I asking too many questions? :)


Will J Godfrey
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Aiyumi Moriya | 13 Jul 21:37 2014

Re: [LAU] Embertone Friedlander Violin on Linux - was Re: Recommended near-realistic strings section generator?


I compiled JACK2 (64-bit, and also a 32-bit version because Dssi-VST
Git needs it) and Dssi-VST Git. I put "$HOME/vst" in my "$VST_PATH"
and made a symlink to "Kontakt 5.dll" as "$HOME/vst/kontakt5.dll"
because Jack-dssi-host doesn't seem to like spaces in plugin filenames
(quoting or escaping didn't work). I started JACK, then loaded the VST
through Jack-dssi-host.

    $ jack-dssi-host

Kontakt's VST loaded fine. A lot of JACK ports appeared (64 ports!
O_O), automatically connected to "system:playback_*". I connected the
Kontakt's JACK MIDI port to my keyboard's, and chose a freeware
instrument (just for testing) from Kontakt's "Files" tab. It loaded as
it should, and playing my keyboard produced the sounds just fine! Yes!
I could even record the output by using Ecasound!

... However, I didn't have the same luck with the Friedlander
Violin... Choosing an instrument from the "Files" tab doesn't work
because it's encrypted and needs to be activated. It's a "Powered by
Kontakt Player" instrument, and the option to activate it doesn't
appear unless it's loaded through the "Add Library" button first. The
problem is that when I try to "Add Library", Kontakt prompts me to
choose the location where the library is installed, and when I select
the directory, it gives me a "No library found" error. I'm sure I'm
pointing to the right place (the directory containing the
"Instruments" and "Samples" sub directories, the ".nkr" and the
".nicnt" files). Just to make sure, I followed exactly the same steps
on Windows and the library loaded with no problems (but I didn't
activate it because I want to do it on Linux!), though it was the
standalone version instead of the VST. I hope this doesn't mean that
adding libraries only work on the standalone interface, because on
Wine I still can't get past the initial audio setup screen... Any
ideas? I feel so close...