Yassin Philip | 29 May 01:38 2016

[LAU] Apply plugin effects to a sound file using the CLI

Hi list!

I'm recording screencasts with ffmpeg, and I'd like to add compression 
and a bit of reverb to the voice track afterwards, is there a cool, 
scriptable way to do that?



Yassin "xaccrocheur" Philip
http://bitbucket.org/xaccrocheur / https://github.com/xaccrocheur
Patrick Shirkey | 26 May 22:28 2016

[LAU] #musicmadewitlinux - Arctic Auscultate


Some of you might enjoy this downtempo track which has a selection of
samples taken from archival material recorded in the Arctic ocean over 30
years ago.


Seems to provide something to ponder given the current temperature at the
Arctic and other recent meteorological data like the sustained 400ppm that
we are now seeing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Be warned! We are entering new territory here so this might not be to
everyones taste...

Patrick Shirkey
Boost Hardware Ltd
bricolodu | 26 May 16:04 2016

[LAU] Jconvolver on Raspberry Pi B / PI Zero

I'm tryng to make jconvolver to work on Pi B (for a Pi Zero setup when it
will be available to me)

I had a setup working fine with Pi 2 and Pi 3

I did a fresh MINIMAL install on Pi B 
Jackd is running but each time I try to start jconvolver I get an error : 
Illegal instruction

Here is my asound.conf
# Send both CHANNELS alsa API to jconvolver
pcm.rawjack {
    type jack
    playback_ports {
        0 jconvolver:in.L
        1 jconvolver:in.R
    capture_ports {
        0 system:out_L
        1 system:out_R
# jackplug
pcm.jack {
    type plug
    slave { pcm "rawjack" }
    hint {
  description "JACK Audio Connection Kit"
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Francesco Ceruti | 25 May 16:29 2016

[LAU] Linux Show Player 0.4

Linux Show Player 0.4 - Cue player designed for stage productions

Version changes:

  * Added pre/post-wait and next-action to cues;
  * Added cue description;
  * Added volume-control for media-cues in CartLayout;
  * Added new cues:
    * CommandCue, execute shell commands;
    * MIDICue, send midi messages;
    * CollectionCue, replace GroupAction and group property;
  * Added stop-time for media-cues;
  * Improved (a lot) ListLayout;
  * Improved MIDI/Keyboard cue control/shortcut;
  * Improved media-loop, now works as a seek (no more delay between loops);
  * Included part of numix as standalone icons-theme to provided more 
consistent styling;
  * Various improvements and fixes.


  * Older version saves doesn't works anymore (we still in a pre 1.0 
  * A wiki (in progress) can be found at 


  * Website: http://linux-show-player.sourceforge.net/
  * Downloads: https://github.com/FrancescoCeruti/linux-show-player/releases
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grh | 25 May 12:46 2016

[LAU] Android related audio group / mailing list somewhere?

Hallo linux-audio list!

Sorry for being off topic (and crosspost), but does someone know an
active discussion group / mailing list about android audio?
(There is quite a lot of progress lately, see for example [1])
5 years ago a list was announced [2], which does not seem to be
active anymore ...

We just created a simple android audio editor [3] and would be very much
interested into a discussion of common infrastructure like audio
plugins/effects (like SAPA from Samsung) or copy/paste between audio apps.
I think that would be important for the audio ecosystem on Android.

Thanks for any hints,

[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2ZDp-eNrh4


auphonic - audio post production software and web service

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[LAU] realtime priority - FIFO vs Round Robin and scheduling

hi Linux audio community!

i've been strugling with XRUNS and glitches on a machine using Renoise,
SuperCollider and Processing. i wrote a question also on Renoise forum,
but everything boils down to this:

Renoise seems to be running some threads with FIFO scheduler with a
priority that is _below_ that of JACK and firewire driver (correct
right?), but ALSO some threads using Round Robin scheduler with VERY
HIGH RT priority of 95. my question is if this is a possible cause for
glitches and XRUNS? the priority of 95 is above realtime clock (RTC)
and firewire irq! i wonder if Round Robin scheduler isn't somewhat less
stressful for the system and FIFO threads would still have priority?

135     95  RR  2255   - renoise
135     95  RR  2255   - renoise
130     90  FF   114   - [irq/8-rtc0]
125     85  FF   200   - [irq/20-firewire]
106     66  FF  2583   - jackd -R -P 60 -d firewire -r 44100 -p 128 -n 3

so i'm asking Renoise guys if they know anything about it.

to test, is there a way to start a process and force to use different
scheduler AND/OR change priority?

chrt reports Renoise is using SCHED_OTHER.

any ideas greatly appreciated.
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Glen MacArthur | 24 May 03:41 2016

[LAU] Music (and Video) Made with Linux - Rated Blue Live


This past March my band 'Rated Blue' had a CD Release party for our EP
'Three Walls Down' we set up 3 cameras and filmed it and I hadn't looked
at the footage until recently when I decided to take a stab at editing it
with Cinelerra-CVA (the custom version found in AV Linux). In addition I
post-processed the camera Audio in Ardour 4.7 from the 3 camera audio

The videos range from clips to full songs and feature some original songs
from Three Walls Down, some songs to be on our next full length album to
be recorded this summer and some of our favorite covers.

I've kind of lost all objectivity about the actual songs and performances,
but we had a great turnout of over 100 people for the show and I got to
share the stage with both family and friend so to me the footage is worth
preserving for that reason alone.

Despite all the bitching out there about Cinelerra Video Editor I found
working with it and managing and aligning 3 separate streams of
audio/video + titles to be very easy, straightforward and so far with
about 20+ hours of editing time invested I've only had one crash. Post
production of the Audio in Ardour was also effortless as expected. Lastly
the overlay titling was done in GIMP. The OS used was AV Linux 2016 64bit.

For anyone interested in having a look check out our Youtube Channel:


Thanks, Glen
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Robert Wolf | 24 May 02:01 2016

[LAU] Question on Active Sensing message.

Dear All,

Does anybody use M-Audio Keystation 88?
Does it transmit MIDI "Active Sensing" message?
I have one and it does not seem to transmit "Active Sensing" at all.
Do you think it is a design feature, or a technical fault of the unit?

Kind regards,
-- Dr Robert Wolf Haese Mathematics Email: robert-jH7UqkUP9UEUMAUg61tMSTSf8X3wrgjD@public.gmane.org Web: www.haesemathematics.com.au Phone: +61 8 8210 4600 Fax: +61 8 8354 1238
Linux-audio-user mailing list
S D | 21 May 18:39 2016

Re: [LAU] [Music] 3 Contrafacta

On May 21, 2016 8:09 AM, "Dave Phillips" <dlphillips-NPCD8PY5hLjQT0dZR+AlfA@public.gmane.org> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Took a break from a scoring project. Music for a gray rainy morning in NW Ohio.
>     https://soundcloud.com/davephillips69/3-contrafacta
> Reworking three preludes by Alexander Scriabin.

Very nice, Dave! Quite a few nice musical ideas in those three studies. Thanks for sharing and posting the links to them. :-)

Best wishes,

Linux-audio-user mailing list
Dave Phillips | 21 May 16:09 2016

[LAU] [Music] 3 Contrafacta


Took a break from a scoring project. Music for a gray rainy morning in 
NW Ohio.


Reworking three preludes by Alexander Scriabin.


Ffanci Silvain | 21 May 14:20 2016

[LAU] SooperLooper questions - Sync and quantize

Hey hey everyone,
I'm just starting with SooperLooper, using it only through MIDI. I can't use 
the GUI and OSC would be very awkward.

So I have problems with sync'ing and quantizing. I'd like to sync all loops 
(or loopers) to loop 1. So I can record a main riff and then get all other 
instruments/patterns sync'ed to that. Below you'll find my current 
SooperLooper preset, using only some MIDI notes for record/overdub, mute, 
trigger, reverse, undo, redo and some basic setup. Though I think I've got the 
correct commands, the loops drift apart.

Another issue is that I don't get passthrough audio or audio during record. 
Any ideas on that?

I'm using SooperLooper 1.7.0. Any help is appreciated.

*** basic.slb ***
0  n  36 note	record_or_overdub	0	0		1
0  n  37 note	record_or_overdub	1
0  n  38 note	record_or_overdub	2
0  n  39 note	record_or_overdub	3
0  n  40 note	record_or_overdub	4
0  n  41 note	record_or_overdub	5
0  n  42 note	record_or_overdub	6
0  n  43 note	record_or_overdub	7
0  n  48 note	mute		0	0		1
0  n  49 note	mute		1
0  n  50 note	mute		2
0  n  51 note	mute		3
0  n  52 note	mute		4
0  n  53 note	mute		5
0  n  54 note	mute		6
0  n  55 note	mute		7
0  n  56 note	trigger	-1	0		1
0  n  57 note	reverse	-1	0		1
0  n  58 note	redo		0
0  n  59 note	undo		0
0  n  60 set	dry		-1 1		1
0  n  60 set	wet		-1	1		1
0  n  60	set	feedback	-1	1		1
0  n  60 set	quantize	-1	1		1
0  n  60 set	sync_source	1
*** basic.slb ***
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* Twitter:  http://twitter.com/ffanci_silvain
* GitHub:   https://github.com/fsilvain