david | 17 Dec 19:58 2014

[LAU] Just got Android tablet for Christmas

Any ideas for good music composition, synthesis and/or recording apps 
for Android?


David W. Jones
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F. Silvain | 17 Dec 01:02 2014

[LAU] Driving two similar soundcards with ALSA question

Hey hey,
I have two M-Audio Delta 1010 soundcards. Currently my driver is built into 
the kernel. Can I rely on the two cards not being swapped after reboots or can 
I fix it, even though the driver is built into the kernel?

A pointer to meaningful documentation on that point will suffice. Thank you!

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Ralf Mardorf | 16 Dec 18:09 2014

[LAU] Headphones


I wonder what headphone has a better sound quality than the
AKG K 240 DF and at the same time is that robust as this headphone.

I got my AKG around 30 years ago, when it was the most used and IMO best
studio headphone used in Germany. Within those decades there were
several better sounding headphones used in professional studios here
(but not in my home studio). All of them had a weak point. While you
can play soccer with the AKG K 240 DF without damaging it, those
headphones with a better sound quality, that still is relatively
neutral, so that they can be used for recording in addition to monitors
(not as a replacement for monitors ;), cause broken noise, once they
fall down from face value.

Is anybody aware about a modern headphone, that doesn't suffer from
fragileness and anyway sounds better than a 30 years old studio

IIRC I asked this a few years ago on this list or somewhere else.

It's not Linux related, but at least related to audio production, so I
guess it's a valid request for this list ;).

I'm aware that the AKG K 240 DF and AKG K 240 still are used as
headphones in studios for the folks that make the music, but usually
it's not used by audio engineers any more. I can't pay for one of
those modern headphones that are often used, but get broken by soft
physical accidents.

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Ben Bell | 15 Dec 17:25 2014

[LAU] Prog-rock album

Hi all,

This month I released my first solo album. It's been five years in the making
and recorded entirely with Ardour on Linux. Much like every other artist I
don't really like labelling myself but reviews so far usually refer to it as
Symphonic Prog like early Genesis, Yes and Camel.

Preview sampler: http://music.benjamesbell.com/patchwork.html

Now, I doubt this is going to raise much money, but as a thank you to the
Linux and Ardour communities and developers I've generated to discount codes
on Bandcamp. They're for a measly 5% off which is neither here nor there,
*BUT* more to the point, I'll track the sales which used it and donate $2
for each one to the Ardour project at the start of January.

The codes are "lad2014" for the digital version and "lad2014cd" for a
physical CD, and can be entered during the bandcamp purchase process.

The whole thing is also currently available for streaming if you're
interested but don't want to pay: http://patchworkcacophony.bandcamp.com/

Best of wishes,
Mac | 14 Dec 21:50 2014

[LAU] Signal generation with Jaaa

Never mind, I just hadn't expanded the window size.

Mac hides in shame. :(

Linux-audio-user mailing list
Mac | 14 Dec 21:48 2014

[LAU] Signal generation with Jaaa?

I loaded Jaaa 0.8.4.

It appears to only have a analyze mde.

Is there a switch to get it to be a signal generator as well.

And the user interface doesn't have the output section as shown on the kokkinizita web site.

Linux-audio-user mailing list
Hermann Meyer | 14 Dec 20:42 2014

[LAU] Pulseaudio and Qjackctl

Finaly I figured out, for me, how I could handle this task, after l've avoid pulse up to a new Mobo, with a fresh cinnamon install. How, you could read here.


Linux-audio-user mailing list

[LAU] Korg microStation editor and Wine


  I am trying the KORG microStation editor (Windows app with Wine on
Linux Mint 17) and it has a connection with the synth and can change
some params, so that looks not too bad.  I have a question regarding
those kinds of apps:  it comes in one fix screen size.  Is it possible
somehow with Wine to have it full screen or larger at least ?

oli_kester | 13 Dec 00:38 2014

Re: [LAU] MIDI sysex over Firewire - not supported by Jack MIDI?

>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 14:02:40 +0100 
>From: Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf@...> 

>PS: Please 1. don't post above quotes, 2. learn how proper quoting has 
>to be done and 3. don't send multipart, HTML formatted mails to mailing 
>lists at least read 
>http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/support/mailinglists/ , there 
>are other writings about how to use a mailing list, but this one is 
>short and easy to understand. 

Thanks for that Ralf, I have wondered in the past if there's a proper way to use these things - how's this?

>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:39:38 +0100 
>From: Clemens Ladisch <clemens@...> 
>Ralf Mardorf wrote: 
>> On Thu, 11 Dec 2014 12:04:09 +0000, oli_kester wrote: 
>>> On Wed, 10 Dec 2014 20:10:40 +0000 Clemens Ladisch 
>>>> In kernel 3.16 or later, the snd-bebob kernel driver should work. 
>>> I'm not sure what you mean by this 
>>> do you mean switch to a different kernel entirely? 
>Yes; you would have to upgrade your kernel 
>(with whatever mechanism your distribution uses for this). 
>> Kernel's >= 3.16 provide this kernel module, you likely need to load 
>> it, before you can use it. 
>It would be loaded automatically. 

...and I now have a new shiny kernel - and a result: The FA101 has MIDI I/O showing in JACK MIDI, which is superb!

Thanks to both of you - I'd never have thought of touching the kernel to solve these problems. 

I went to do my sysex recording just now, and unfortunately I can't get these new "EDIROL FA-101 MIDI 1" ports
to connect to anything. This isn't something I've experienced before - you can Alt-C to connect like
anything else, but no connection line appears no matter how many times I try. I've restarted Jack to no

Any more suggestions?

cheers, Oliver
Ralf Mardorf | 12 Dec 11:21 2014

[LAU] How to use hdspmixer - Was: RME HDSPe AIO, hdsploader compulsory ?

On Fri, 12 Dec 2014 10:47:38 +0100, francois juigner wrote:
> What I don't understand with my hdspmixer is that it soesn't respond
> to the clicks on thelabel lists... with you preset file, AN 1+2 and
> phones checkboxes are selected when I click on the 2 left playback
> panel channels but I can't change these settings ! the label changes,
> but the checkboxes remain unchanged. I had this problem already
> yesterday without preset loaded. So I wonder how I am going to do
> without being able to write a preset file outside hdspmixer...

Correct, it's impossible to change this. In my demo file the submix
view is disabled. Check the submix view and after that you can select
the "label" and then use the faders for the submix. It should work for
analog, phones and ADAT 1+2, IIRC for S/PDIF too. I never tested
AES/EBU. It doesn't work for ADAT 3 to 8 on my machine.

Please, a few mails off-list are ok, but when sending a request to a
mailing list, it's better to provide the way to solve the issue to the
list too.


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Will Godfrey | 12 Dec 00:53 2014

[LAU] Recorded this a few days ago.

This is an unedited improv where I was trying out a couple of my latest voice
patches. I used two keyboards one set to transmit on MIDI channel 1
and the other on channel 2. The pads (LH) are 'Ghost Ensemble' and the lead
(RH) is 'Angel Harp'.

Some of the pauses are intentional others are "Heck! Where do I go now." :)



Will J Godfrey
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