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Re: Experience with ATA Raid

Two WD400BBs on various Fasttrak cards in various systems, under many OSes,
for about a year and a half to two years. Previous to that, I ran 4 WD205BAs
for about two years. All disks involved are still running perfectly, in
various systems.

Are those IBMs DeskStars? That brand has had tremendous failure rates.

- Rich 'Forge' Mingin

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Subject: Experience with ATA Raid

> Hellos,
>   "Who's got a broken Raid disk?"
>   For about 6 months now, i been having a Promise PDC20267 (FastTrack 100)
with 2 IBM-DTLA-305040 in Mirror running in a 2.4.17 kernel in a "Data
Center" with temperature control, UPS's, ...
>   About 2 weeks ago "disk 1" (second disk) started giving hardware errors.
The Raid worked as wonders, cause, by the time I took the disk out, the
system was working a-ok, while the broken disk was scratching a lot.
>   This afternoon, the first disk started with the same problem. So I
decided, what I should had decided before... replace the mirror with brand
new high performance disks.
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