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Signoff report for [community-testing]

=== Signoff report for [community-testing] ===

There are currently:
* 3 new packages in last 24 hours
* 0 known bad packages
* 0 packages not accepting signoffs
* 0 fully signed off packages
* 16 packages missing signoffs
* 1 package older than 14 days

(Note: the word 'package' as used here refers to packages as grouped by
pkgbase, architecture, and repository; e.g., one PKGBUILD produces one
package per architecture, even if it is a split package.)

== New packages in [community-testing] in last 24 hours (3 total) ==

* android-udev-r89-1 (any)
* android-tools-4.4.2_r2-1 (i686)
* android-tools-4.4.2_r2-1 (x86_64)

== Incomplete signoffs for [community] (13 total) ==

* waf-1.7.15-2 (any)
    1/2 signoffs
* agg-1:2.4r93-1 (i686)
    0/1 signoffs
* cinnamon-control-center-2.2.3-3 (i686)
    0/1 signoffs
* cinnamon-settings-daemon-2.2.1-3 (i686)
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xantares 09 | 24 Apr 09:55 2014

delete psp-linkusb


My package psp-linkusb turns out to be useless:

Could it be deleted ?

Jerome Leclanche | 24 Apr 06:54 2014

Delete requests: django-dajax*

django-dajax is no longer maintained by its original author. Although
it is still supported for a few more months, none of these libs are
required by anything. Makes no sense to keep them

J. Leclanche

Jerome Leclanche | 24 Apr 06:19 2014

Merge requests: Various python2 packages into into into into *


* Not a library but more of a command-line tool. No need for python- prefix.
** Some of those packages are required by mediacrush-server-git, but
upstream is working on native python3 support, so that won't be a
problem for long (and currently the package can't be installed

J. Leclanche

Jerome Leclanche | 24 Apr 05:30 2014

Merge request: phpredis/php-redis

One needs to be merged into the other. I don't know which into which
as I don't deal with php packages.

J. Leclanche

Jerome Leclanche | 24 Apr 03:21 2014

Disown request: alsamixer-qt4

Out of date for years.

J. Leclanche

Nowaker | 24 Apr 02:36 2014

Delete request: gns3-unofficial

Please remove gns3-unofficial. It was beta/rc channel for gns3. There is 
no beta/rc now, and won't be for a long time.


Kind regards,
Damian Nowak

Allen Li | 24 Apr 02:27 2014

Merge Request

Please merge python-pytagcloud into python2-pytagcloud.

dmbuce | 24 Apr 02:24 2014

Deletion request

Please delete

I created it while considering a name change for one of my projects, but 
opted to keep it under the name "pacrepo".

Rafael Ferreira | 23 Apr 18:46 2014

'java-runtime' dependency not working as expected

Hi there.

Sudokuki has 'java-runtime' [1] as dependency and I have 'jre7' [2] (from
AUR) installed (which 'provides' java-runtime=7)...  When I try to compile
sudokuki, makepkg warns me:

:: jre7-openjdk and jre7 are in conflict (java-runtime). Remove jre7? [y/N]

I don't want to install jre7-openjdk [3], as I need jre7.  Why
"java-runtime" is not working as expected? How can I make jre7 be
recognized as java-runtime ?

Thanks in advance,
Rafael Ferreira


James Bulmer | 23 Apr 16:09 2014

Delete package

Hi all,

could be
removed as I have moved all of its dependants to