Marc Zyngier | 13 Oct 13:51 2015

[PATCH v2 00/17] Divorcing irqdomain and device_node

[This patch series used to be called "Making the generic ACPI GSI
layer irqdomain aware", but as I've radically changed my approach to
this problem, I've decided to reset the counters...]

The irqdomain code is not entierely ACPI friendly, as it has some
built-in knowledge of the device-tree. Nothing too harmful, but enough
to scare the ARM ACPI developpers which end up with their own version
of the square wheel. And some of the ramifications actually run deeper
than initially expected.

This series adapts the irqdomain code to use 'struct fwnode_handle'
instead of 'struct device_node' as the identifier for a domain
(compatibility interfaces are of course added). It also introduces a
generic IRQ specifier that firmware interfaces (DT or ACPI) can
directly use to configure interrupts, and allow the ACPI GSI code to
be plugged into this.

As examples, we convert the ARM GIC ACPI support to use irqdomains as
originally intended, and rework the MSI code to also move away from
using device nodes when using irqdomains.

Overall, this gives us a way to use irqdomains on both DT and ACPI
enabled platforms, having very little changes made to the actual
drivers (other than the probing infrastructure). Because we keep the
flow of information between the various layers identical between ACPI
and DT, we immediately benefit from the existing infrastructure.

This has been test-booted on Juno, is based on 4.3-rc5 + tip/irq/core
(in order to avoid potential conflicts), and available at:

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Woody Wu | 13 Oct 03:00 2015

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Javier Martinez Canillas | 13 Oct 01:36 2015

[RFC PATCH] ACPI: Fix build errors due objects compiled unconditionally

If the CONFIG_ACPI Kconfig symbol is not enabled and a partial build is
attempted (make M=drivers/acpi), compile errors will happen due missing
types and identifiers.

This is because objects are tried to be built unconditionally even when
CONFIG_ACPI is not enabled. This is usually not a problem since arches'
Kconfig sources drivers/acpi/Kconfig directly and also selects ACPI but
the Makefile should conditionally build the objects as well.

Signed-off-by: Javier Martinez Canillas <javier <at>>


I found this issue while doing other stuff and since I'm not that
familiar with ACPI and was surprised that the obj-y comes from a
very old commit, I marked this patch as RFC.

$SUBJECT fixes the build issue for me though on ARM32 and I build
tested on x86. Build error log:

Patch is on top of next-20151012.

Best regards,

 drivers/acpi/Makefile | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/acpi/Makefile b/drivers/acpi/Makefile
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Christine McCarthy | 11 Oct 23:02 2015

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System | 12 Oct 17:42 2015

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ANDREW BAILEY | 10 Oct 10:43 2015



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Vishal Verma | 7 Oct 23:49 2015

[PATCH 0/3] Hotplug support for libnvdimm

This series adds support for hotplug of NVDIMMs. Upon hotplug, the ACPI
core calls the .notify callback we register. From this, we evaluate the
_FIT method which returns an updated NFIT. This is scanned for any new
tables, and any new regions found from it are registered and made
available for use.

The series is tested with nfit_test (tools/testing/nvdimm) only, which
means the parts of getting a notification from the acpi core, and calling
_FIT are untested.

Dan/Rafael, I have a couple of 'TODO' comments in patch 3, where I wasn't
sure of what we should do - if you have any suggestions, let me know.

Vishal Verma (3):
  nfit: in acpi_nfit_init, break on a 0-length table
  acpi: add a utility function for evaluating _FIT
  acpi: nfit: Add support for hotplug

 drivers/acpi/nfit.c              | 139 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 drivers/acpi/nfit.h              |   2 +
 drivers/acpi/utils.c             |  23 +++++++
 include/acpi/acpi_bus.h          |   1 +
 tools/testing/nvdimm/test/nfit.c | 144 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 5 files changed, 294 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)



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ST. FRANCIS OLD AGE HOME | 4 Oct 06:50 2015


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Niccolò Belli | 2 Oct 11:59 2015

[Dell XPS 13 9343] Random kernel Oops at boot with "acpi=ht", disappearing with "acpi=off"

This laptop suffers of random kernel hangs at boot: I tested kernel 4.1.8, 
4.2.1 and 4.3-rc3 and they are all affected.
Every time I turn on my laptop I have to boot several times to be able to 
reach the sddm login because often I get hangs which prevent the system to 
boot. Once booted I don't have any problem anymore, until the next boot.

With "acpi=off" the system boots flawlessly, while with "acpi=ht" I still 
get random hangs, so I guess the problem is in the ACPI table parsing code 
itself, or perhaps the SMP code.

I recompiled kernel 4.3-rc3 with CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG=y and I attached full 
log from a serial console, booting with "debug acpi.debug_level=0x2003" 
(warn, error and tables debug enabled):

Distro is Arch Linux. Please let me know if you need further logs.


Niccolò Belli
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Tomeu Vizoso | 2 Oct 09:14 2015

[PATCH v8 0/4] Allow USB devices to remain runtime-suspended when sleeping


this is v8 of an attempt to make it easier for devices to remain in
runtime PM when the system goes to sleep, mainly to reduce the time
spent resuming devices.

For this, we interpret the absence of all PM callback implementations as
it being safe to do direct_complete, so their ancestors aren't prevented
from remaining runtime-suspended.

Additionally, the prepare() callback of USB devices will return 1 if
runtime PM is enabled and the current wakeup settings are correct.

With these changes, a uvcvideo device (for example) stays in runtime
suspend when the system goes to sleep and is left in that state when the
system resumes, not delaying it unnecessarily.



Changes in v8:
- Add device_is_bound()
- Add dev_pm_domain_set() and update code to use it
- Move no_pm_callbacks field into CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
- Call device_check_pm_callbacks only after a device is bound or unbound

Changes in v7:
- Reduce indentation by adding a label in device_prepare()

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Prarit Bhargava | 1 Oct 19:28 2015

[PATCH] ACPICA: AcpiGetSleepTypeData: Failure to find \_Sx should not result in a loud warning

48ffb94 ("ACPICA: AcpiGetSleepTypeData: Allow \_Sx to return either 1 or 2
integers") changed the error handling in AcpiGetSleepTypeData such that

ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S1_] (20130517/hwxface-571)

is displayed on systems not implementing individual ACPI \_Sx sleep states.
Since these states are optional the loud warning is incorrect.  This patch
changes the kernel to the older behaviour of not warning on a missing \_Sx.

Before patch:

[root <at> dell-pem520-03 ~]# dmesg | grep "While evaluating Sleep State"
 ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S1_] (20130517/hwxface-571)
 ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S2_] (20130517/hwxface-571)
 ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, While evaluating Sleep State [\_S3_] (20130517/hwxface-571)
[root <at> dell-pem520-03 ~]#

After patch:

[root <at> dell-pem520-03 ~]# dmesg | grep "While evaluating Sleep State"
[root <at> dell-pem520-03 ~]#

Fixes: 48ffb94 ("ACPICA: AcpiGetSleepTypeData: Allow \_Sx to return either 1 or 2 integers")
Cc: Robert Moore <robert.moore <at>>
Cc: Lv Zheng <lv.zheng <at>>
Cc: "Rafael J. Wysocki" <rafael.j.wysocki <at>>
Cc: Len Brown <lenb <at>>
Cc: linux-acpi <at>

Signed-off-by: Prarit Bhargava <prarit <at>>
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