Arto Bendiken | 19 Mar 09:04 2014

Re: (boring licensing thread) Re: WebID sketch

On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 4:36 AM, hellekin <hellekin <at>> wrote:
> On 03/18/2014 11:18 PM, Gregg Kellogg wrote:
>> How, exactly, dos UNLICENCE not favor the commons?

Gregg's question is a good one, as the public domain is the very
definition of the commons.

> *** The Public Domain allows defector developers to build proprietary
> code from public code, and share it without sharing the sources.  They
> could pick UNLICENSED code and modify it, and sell it back to you with
> some nasty feature builtin. That's how.

You are free not to purchase it. Indeed, you'd be a fool to purchase it.

We hereby heartily welcome any and all nefarious efforts by little
greedy evil corporate industrialists to fork RDF.rb and attempt to
sell it back to us in shiny wrapping. It will make for a good laugh.

> In contrast, the GPL still allows defectors to keep their own
> modifications for themselves, but forces them to share what they
> distribute.  That is to ensure that distributed code remains favorable
> to the user's freedom.
> Once the code is in the public domain, it's difficult to keep it for
> oneself, but it's possible.  The UNLICENSE fosters the commons, and GPL
> enforces the commons.

Slapping the GPL on a piece of software isn't enforcement. Taking
someone to court for a GPL violation, i.e. sending men with guns after
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Arto Bendiken | 17 Jul 17:52 2013

GitHub embraces the Unlicense


Thanks to the efforts of githubbers Ben Lavender ( <at> bhuga) and Phil
Haack ( <at> haacked), GitHub users creating new repositories are now
offered "Public Domain (Unlicense)" as a licensing option in a
user-friendly license drop-down menu. Choosing this option will
automatically create an initial commit with a LICENSE file containing
the text of the Unlicense.

See the screenshot at [1], or, see the feature in action at [2]. (And
yes, the Unlicense is still the very last option in the drop-down
menu, but with alphabetical ordering that's a given, whether sorted by
'P' or 'U').

Also, the Unlicense is similarly featured on the new companion website launched by GitHub a couple of days ago [3,

This is a significant milestone, and I predict this move will
significantly increase our adoption rate; which, incidentally, isn't
doing too shoddily in any case, with 1,000+ unlicensed projects
already on GitHub [5].

Still, the power of defaults can be witnessed using GitHub's real-time
code search, which shows that already 21 brand spanking new unlicensed
repositories have been created using this feature since it went live
on GitHub last night [6].

According to recent research, the majority of repositories on GitHub
contain no licensing information at all [7]. It seems that it is this
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Arto Bendiken | 25 Jun 16:42 2013

The Unlicense now has a presence on social media


Due to popular request, I've gone ahead and created presences for the
Unlicense initiative on the most significant contemporary social media
outlets, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Reddit:

Also, to aid in the viral dissemination of information,
now has the relevant social media "+1" buttons prominently displayed
above the fold:

Going forward, I will aim to post most updates, including featured
project list updates, at least at Twitter and Facebook.

Arto Bendiken |  <at> bendiken |


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Onur BARLIK | 26 Apr 00:33 2013

Codechu Macroscope

I've posted a new Project on my page under unlicense,
please add to your list.
Definition: Codechu Macroscope, keyboard & mouse macro recorder for Windows, features repositioning & scaling of mouse movement and altering playback speed, developed by Onur Barlık, is in the public domain.

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xiangfu | 17 Dec 13:21 2012

New nlicensed project: fpgatools

 fpgatools is a toolchain to program field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). The only supported chip at this time is the xc6slx9, a 7 USD 45nm-generation fpga with 5720 6-input LUTs, block ram and multiply-accumulate devices.

More info:

 Anyone want help me on upload fpgatools to Debian:

Andy Elvey | 5 Sep 11:18 2012

ANNOUNCE: pd_readline

Just a quick message to announce pd_readline - a public-domain readline and command-history implementation (using the Unlicense).
It can be obtained from here -
It is still a bit alpha-ish (I've had the occasional problem with a stack-smash) but it "generally behaves as expected" (for most values of "generally"...... ;)  )
Give it a go. Compile it, put the "test.txt" file in the same directory (that's just a dummy "command-history" file for now), and play around with it.  "Share and enjoy......"  ;)  

Jean-Marc Lienher | 6 Aug 21:51 2012

Update on my public domain list


I moved my list and archive of public domain software to .
I added some new entries, but it's always mainly C source code.

I'm not anymore the owner of, so could you update the page ?

Thanks in advance.


Gioele Barabucci | 6 Mar 21:53 2012

Unlicense not to be reviewed by the OSI

It looks like the thread from the license-review <at> ml 
somehow did not get to this mailing list.

Unlicense will not be reviewed by the OSI because it is a "crayon" 
licence (i.e. drafted by non legal professionals). Such licences have 
been problematic in the past.

Although Unlicense will not be reviewed, some (supposed) flaws have been 

To summarise: Unlicense has little chance of being reviewed by the OSI, 
let alone approved.

In the same news, CC0 has been withdrawn from the OSI process.

All this is sad, it is 2012 and yet there are no easy ways (backed by 
major organisations) to dedicate software to the public domain .

Gioele Barabucci <gioele <at>>

Kyle | 4 Sep 20:48 2011

question about contributor copyright waivers

Is it safe to state clearly, either by modifying the text of the Unlicense to include contributors, or by
making a note in a separate location, that anyone who contributes code or documentation to my project
understands that they have agreed to waive their copyrights when they agree to submit their
contribution, or is it still better to collect a waiver of copyright from each individual contributor? I
suppose the waivers could be collected along with individual names in a CONTRIBUTORS file, but is it
really necessary in the days of implied agreement, e.g. "by using this, you agree to the terms and
conditions..." this may seem like a rather silly question, but I really don't have the ability to pay
lawyers in case something goes wrong, so I guess I just need to be sure all my bases are covered in the
simplest way possible. Thanks for any advice.
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Kyle | 3 Sep 22:00 2011

Unlicensed project: PicoSpeaker

I am proud to announce the availability of PicoSpeaker
as unlicensed code. Furthermore, the website itself has been dedicated
to the public domain and includes a link in the footer to download the
complete website source code.

PicoSpeaker is a control interface to the SVox Pico speech synthesis
engine written in Python. SVox Pico is the voice of Android phones,
but the code has been ported to Linux and Windows. PicoSpeaker is
designed to run on Linux or any other Unix-like OS that has access to
Sox and the pico2wave utility available with the SVox Pico
distribution. It provides volume, rate and pitch controls that are not
available in the sample command-line pico2wave utility and can speak
directly through the computer's sound device or save to a file. I
currently use this along with a Speech-dispatcher configuration file
to allow my computer to speak to me using this very nice voice and the
Orca screen reader.

As I am a firm believer in freedom of expression, and as I feel that
the best way to allow anyone the true freedom to use my work for any
purpose without restriction is to release it into the public domain, I
would very much appreciate a listing for PicoSpeaker on the website in the Unlicensed Free Software section. Thanks
very much for the hard work and great contribution to the public
domain, and I hope that many more people learn of its benefits, both
for software and for many other works.

Jeff | 3 Jul 11:22 2011

Please include Kopyleft

(K) ALL RIGHTS REVERSED - Reprint what you like