anshu bansal | 8 Nov 04:41 2012

Info Needed

Dear Activist,

I need some information related to Income Tax Department. Just wondering if any of our fellow member is working in IT department.

Thanks for help.

M.K. Gupta | 3 Nov 09:06 2012

Lokpal Bill in Winter session

Lokpal Bill in Winter session

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The government has decided to drop the contentious clause relating to setting up Lokayuktas in the states from the Lokpal Bill, and try to get it passed in the winter session of Parliament starting later this month.
Dropping the clause would help the government secure the support of UPA allies such as the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party and constituents of the opposition NDA in the Rajya Sabha where the ruling coalition is in a minority, top government sources told The Indian Express.
They said the government is waiting for the report of the select committee of the Rajya Sabha, which is studying the bill, before it finalises the amendments to the version of the bill passed in the Lok Sabha in the last winter session. This would also include changing the nomenclature of the bill by dropping its reference to Lokayuktas.
“We will certainly try to get the bill passed in the winter session of Parliament. The select committee is likely to submit its report when the session starts on November 22. We are in touch with the opposition parties and hope to secure their support too,” said a senior minister. The month-long session is likely to conclude on December 20.
The select committee was formed during the budget session to suggest amendments, if any, after the opposition raised objections about the format of this legislation passed by the Lok Sabha. When the bill was introduced and debated in the Rajya Sabha, as many as 190 amendments were moved by MPs from across the political spectrum.
These amendments mainly related to the Lokpal’s investigation wing, the appointment and removal of the chairperson and members of the outfit, and whether Lokayuktas should be part of the central legislation.
The sources said the government is also prepared to finetune the process of appointing and removing the chairperson and members as demanded by many parties. It could also bring NGOs receiving funds from the government or from foreign donors under the ambit of the Lokpal if such a suggestion is made by the select committee.
About Lokayuktas in the states, the government is of the view that after the Lokpal Bill is passed, Parliament can pass another bill — if two or more state assemblies recommend — to provide a model Lokayukta legislation.
C K Jam | 3 Nov 07:58 2012

Lead "Ha**mi"

Mr Sarbajit now becomes the Lead "Ha.....mi" - He is now National Convener IAC (HQ) !

Picture of gang of "Ha**mis" (including Mr Sarbajit) available here:


(L-R) India’s 5 greatest corruption experts – Commodore Lokesh Batra (bringchange), Sarbajit Roy (National Convenor,IAC-HQ), Manish Sisodia (Convenor Kabir), Shekhar Singh (Convenor National Corrupt People’s Representation in India (NCPRI), Veeresh Malik (freelance photographer – not in pic) gherao (surround) Arvind Kejriwal’s illegal kiosk ( outside CIC HQ which he had bribed the cops Rs.2,000 not to remove. The kiosk was illegally set up in violation of policy guidelines issued by the Central Vigilance Commission (India’s main anti-corruption agency). 

Since the picture appears in the "assets" section of the IAC webpage, I presume that
all the persons in the picture are (or were) "assets" at some point of time.

Now we demand to know whether they are (were) CIA, KGB, MOSSAD, BOSS, IB or simply just Digvijay assets  ?

Sarbajit Roy | 3 Nov 07:57 2012

CBI back in RTI net.

One of India's most prominent anti-corruption fighters Mr. C.J. Karira
of Secunderabad (A.P.) has struck another blow for India's Anti
Corruption movement. And, the CBI is again within the RTI Act (or
until CBI gets a stay).

For this sterling act, India Against Corruption has appointed Mr
Karira ("rtiwanted") as General Secretary and Ambassador-at-large for
the movement. The bio-data of Mr Karira will shortly be published on
IAC's website.


rajesh bhatt | 2 Nov 20:27 2012


Please find below the Press Release detailing what transpired in the CIC hearing:

Press Note

The full bench, comprising Chief Information Commissioner Satyanand Mishra and Commissioners M L Sharma and Annapurna Dikshit, of Central Information Commission (CIC) conducted the second hearing (first hearing was on 26th August, 2012) on Thursday 1st November, 2012 on the matter whether “political parties should be declared as public authorities and brought under the purview of RTI”. Except Indian National Congress (INC), all recognized national political parties i.e. CPI(M), NCP, BSP and BJP sent their representatives to argue their respective cases. CPI’s view had already been presented in the first hearing by Mr. D. Raja, the Rajya Sabha member.

Vehement Opposition from all political parties

·         Disclosure of donors’ information dangerous for them: NCP said that the information regarding the donors to the political parties might be used to threaten the donors. The donor would be intimidated by the rival political parties.

·         RTI will add burden to the political party: NCP also feared that huge machinery involving lots of manpower would be needed to cater the responses of RTIs, if political parties are made public authorities.

·         No funding whatsoever: BSP deposed that no amount of funding direct or indirect in provided to the party from the government. The party’s representative said the facilities such as income tax exemptions, plots of land, properties and buildings at concessional rents, free air time and other facilities don’t constitute funding.

·         No substantial funding: NCP expressed in front of the commission that the value of financing provided by the government to the political party is just a minute percentage of the overall income of the party.

·         Inner party discussions can’t be revealed: CPI(M) expressed its worry over making public the information pertaining to the inner party discussions. The party said that this type of information if goes outside the party will be detrimental to the party’s interests.

·         Government’s notification needed: BSP contended that for a body or an organization to be brought under RTI that body or organization has to be created by a government’s notification.

·         Political parties were never supposed to be under RTI: BJP and CPI(M) came up with a curious argument that intent of legislature while legislating the RTI ACT was never to bring political parties under the jurisdiction of the act.


ADR’s arguments

·         Democracy and opaqueness can’t go hand in hand: Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said that the political parties are supposed to be the democratic institutions and there is should be no information with the parties that can’t be revealed to public at large. He also said that democracy and transparency are synonymous. He also said that political parties have a lot to hide and that’s why they are dodging from coming under RTI.

·         No notification required: ADR stated that even those bodies can be brought under RTI which have been created without any government’s notification. He gave the specific example of NGOs that are created without any notification but have been brought under RTI in cases where they receive substantial government funding.

·         RTI burden on political parties? : ADR also said that if political parties are opposing from coming under RTI because they would need to put in place a machinery to respond to the RTIs then by that logic this RTI Act would not have been applied to any organization or body.

·         Substantial financing is just ‘non-trivial’: ADR said that there are several judgments by various Courts and Information Commissions that have made this tenet that substantial financing is not judged by a quantum or percentage, but is seen in a barometer whether its pittance or not.

·         Political parties receive huge funds: ADR also revealed that political parties get enormous financing from the government in the form of tax-exemptions, plots of land, properties and buildings etc. Even all the possible kinds of government financing of political parties are unknown.

·         Political parties get foreign funding: ADR also stated that in the RTI’s responses from the Income Tax Department it has been observed that political parties have also been getting foreign funding. Recently, Election Commission of India took observation of such cases.


Judgment Reserved

The hearing in the matter has ended and judgment has been reserved by the full bench of Central Information Commission.

Sarbajit Roy | 2 Nov 06:42 2012


Dear HJ members


Over the past 2 years and the take-off from HJ-YG, this group has
achieved considerable cohesion and camaraderie.

For most of the past 2 years your list moderators could not allow much
non-RTI discussions on this list. We were more focused on keeping the
group afloat, ensuring Google did not shut us down and emails were
delivered to your inbox.

The Government, however, does not like our group (and has thrice used
unheard of illegal methods to shut us down). It seems the time has now
come for a more coordinated and action-oriented approach by the

There are only 2 institutions left in today which can still save India
from descending into chaos and a State of Emergency. However, both are
under tremendous pressure from corrupt people inside them and are
likely to collapse at any time. Patriotic citizens must do everything
in their power to shine the spotlight on dirty cockroaches so that the
system itself can HIT them.

Also, the "anti-corruption" drama being staged in media is fully
scripted by political parties and acted out by teams of mercenary NGO
bandits and rogue ex-babus. The REAL CULPRITS are all going scot free
because the handpicked haramis are misleading and distracting the
citizens. As always only a few small fish will get caught while the
big fish keep getting bigger.

We need NEW BOTTLES for our old (and young) Wines to blend, mature and
A place we can do (and say) things we could not on a Google group.

Accordingly, your list moderators, and in collaboration with many
original IAC workers who are long term members of our HJ lists, have
decided to form a new mailing list called "Hum" (or simple "we").
"India Against Corruption"'s mailing list and database will be a part
of "Hum".

"Hum" is a more radical mailing list than HumJanenge and will go well
beyond HumJanenge and RTI but will always be firmly rooted to
HumJanenge's core principles. It will also require a deeper level of
participation from our members which may not be to everyone's taste.

All HJ list members will be added to the new "Hum" list. Anyone who
doesn't want to stay there can "opt out" or if that fails can email
the moderators and get unsubscribed. After that this list "HJ-GG" will
be almost entirely for RTI discussions (and a backup if Govt shuts us
down again).



Sarbajit Roy | 1 Nov 17:25 2012
Sarbajit Roy | 1 Nov 14:50 2012

3 news stories in 1 email

"Sonia firm on RTI, Centre to drop dilution plans"

Swamy’s dig at Kejriwal: Unlike you will move court

Full text: Sonia, Rahul accused of grabbing Rs 1,600 cr property

NB: How 600 crores 2 days ago becomes 1,600 crores today.
(Just like Narendra Modi's Rs. 1,880 crores spent on Sonia's foreign trips)

RTI Movement | 1 Nov 11:05 2012

Clarification sought



I sent a petition under RTI seeking certain information from the PIO of the DPAR, Govt of Tamil Nadu.

I have attached a copy of my RTI petition addressed to the PIO of the DPAR, Govt of Tamil Nadu.

Instead of sending me a reply, the PIO send me a note stating that:

1.   As per sections 2(f), 2(i) of RTI act the Public Authority cannot be questioned in the guise of information and the information seeker has no right to seek on the opinion explanation an clarifications etc.

[Appeal No 151/ICPB/2006 F No PBA/06/232 dated 6.11.2006. Shri Rajiv Gupta vs Directorate  General of Foreign Trade (M/Commerce].

2.   The Commission is of the view that establishment matters does not come under the ourview with him that the appeal under consideration was not about supply of information but a request for redressal of the grievances which is purely an establishment matter.

[Appeal No. CIC/OK/C/2006/00069 dated 19.6.2006 Shri Ashok Mathur vs North Western Railway Headquarter office, Ajmer]

Kindly elucidate me if this statement of the PIO can be accepted. If there is reason to reject this reply of the PIO, please let me know.



John Lopez
President & Chief Executive
Right to Information Movement,
16, Kubera Munusamy Street, Chennai 600 061
Phone: +91 94444 84 517 || +91 90 4242 7390

Attachment (Steno DPAR.pdf): application/pdf, 57 KiB
IAC INFO | 31 Oct 17:57 2012

Sonia, Rahul convert public trust into private property

Sonia, Rahul convert public trust into private property

By Sandhya Jain on October 29, 2012

A private company managed by Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Moti Lal Vora, Oscar Fernandes, Suman Dubey and Satyan G Pitroda, has quietly acquired the over Rs 600 crore estate and properties belonging to the Jawaharlal Nehru-founded The Associated Journals Ltd for the paltry sum of Rs 50 lakh. The acquisition, which was finalised as recently as April 26, 2012, covers an ‘extinguished’ loan of over Rs 90 crore from the All-India Congress Committee.

The Associated Journals Ltd is the owner and publisher of National Herald (English daily), Qaumi Awaz (Urdu daily) and National Herald International Weekly.

Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi is a Director in the said firm, Young Indian (Registration No 55-210686), which is a private company registered under section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. Its principal aim is to inculcate “in the mind of India’s youth, commitment to the ideal of a democratic and secular society for its entire populace without any distinction as to religion, caste or creed and to awaken India’s youth to participate in activities that promote the foregoing objective”.

As this has nothing to do with journalism, it is unclear why Young Indian is acquiring the huge assets of a newspaper company for its activities.

As per the Notes to Accounts for the period ended March 31, 2012, a public limited company started by Jawaharlal Nehru with 5,000-odd shareholders has effectively become a private firm managed by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, using funds from the AICC. The legality of a political party giving a loan to a private person to set up a private firm remains questionable.

In fact, many aspects of the deal are problematic. The Notes to Accounts (II.1) states that in pursuit of its objects, “the Company acquired loan owed of Rs 90,21,68,980 by The Associated Journals Ltd (‘the said Company’), presently engaged in achieving a recast of its activities so as to have its main object congruent to the main object of the company, for a consideration of Rs 50 lakh”.

It continues, “As a part of restructuring exercise of the said company, the said loan was converted into 9,02,16,898 ordinary shares of Rs 10 each fully paid. Since said acquisition is treated as application on the objects of the company (and accordingly, treated in the financial statements of the company), the same has not been reflected as an investment in shares. Besides, even if the shares were to be treated as an asset (‘investment’), having regard to the fact that the net worth of the said company is negative, recognising the entire cost as “diminution in value” would result in an equivalent charge to the Income & Expenditure Account.”

This statement has been signed for and on behalf of the Managing Committee by Pradeep S Shah, Partner, Chandrakant & Sevantilal Chartered Accountants, Suman Dubey, director, and Moti Lal Vora, director.

It is pertinent that the official address of Young Indian is 5A, Herald House, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Delhi, 110002, which is also the official address of publications owned by The Associated Journals Ltd, the registered office of which is Nehru Bhawan, 1 Bisheshwar Nath Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Prima facie there seems to have been no general body meeting of shareholders to discuss and approve this huge disbursal of public property to a private firm. The records show that Moti Lal Vora, chairman, The Associated Journals Ltd, informed the Board of Directors in their meeting held on February 26, 2011, that 9,02,16,898 equity shares of Rs 10 each be allotted to Young Indian in consideration of the extinguishment of the amount of Rs 90,21,68,980 due to Young Indian under loan facility availed by the Company from All India Congress Committee.

Resolution No. 3 continues that this loan facility and all the benefits thereunder was approved by the board in the board meeting held on 21.12.2010 and by the shareholders by a Special Resolution in the Extraordinary General Meeting of the members held on 21.01.2011.

Vora requested the board to approve the allotment of 9,02,16,898  equity shares of Rs 10 each to Young Indian.

This is simply unprecedented and by far surpasses the generous loans extended by DLF, a private sector corporate house, to facilitate the staggering acquisitions of Robert Vadra (now reputedly holed up in Dubai).

The AICC loaned and wrote off the amount of Rs 90 crore plus to Young Indian, but Young Indian paid only Rs 50 lakhs for the entire transaction and became owner of the immense properties and estates of The Associated Journals Ltd.

Then, the objectives of Young Indian have nothing to do with journalism, which is the sole reason why the then Government allotted prime land to the publishing house. It stands to reason that if the publications are defunct and cannot be made viable, then the trust managing the same must be dissolved and the land returned to the Government.

If Rahul Gandhi has no intention of starting a new newspaper or magazine, or re-launching the National Herald and allied publications – which his staff reputedly asserted when asked by journalists who learnt that something was afoot in the trust – why has he acquired The Associated Journals Ltd and all its assets?

It may be pertinent to note that in The Associated Journals Ltd’s List of Shareholders and Debenture Holders 2008, the name of Rahul Gandhi has been inserted by hand at Page 49, with no shares or debentures allotted, and no other particulars given. In the List for 2011, Young Indian figures as the last entry, with the address N-125 Panchsheel Park, New Delhi-17, and the shares allotted are 9,02,16,898. Moti Lal Vora has signed this document in his capacity as managing director.

The whole thing reeks of crony capitalism and seems prima facie illegal. A public trust cannot be made private in this surreptitious manner.

Col Thakur Singh | 31 Oct 13:41 2012

Re: A new political set up for India.

Dear Col jayakaran and All,

Brig Chhikara has given a realistic suggestion although yours ia an innovative idea but it would take lot of efforts to form committees and unite the ESM who are already associated  with other  Pol Parties (corrupt) .

I attended  a pgm conducted by Sw. Ram Dev at Haridwar, where he is forming the village /District committees which I found a very difficult task.

Therefore I also feel , that Infact we need to tie up with the suggested honest leaders so that the ESM particularly participate in the forthcoming Gen Elections by showing our solidarity . 

while forming village committees , I tried to persuade people to support and  file nominations in HP  for VS / MLA Elections on behalf of, " Jansangh Party"** but for paucity of time as also the people having been aligned with BJP / CONGRESS , most of them declined support to a new org, hence I had no choice but to  drop the idea.

But need NOW - to strengthen ESM and others for GEN  ELECTIONS.

Kindly give your comments and authorise some one on behalf of the ESM ASSOCIATIONS  to liaison with Sw. Ram dev, Anna &Gen VK Singh / Kejariwal.

** Pol Party already Registered  with election commission of india, in 2009 by Wing Cdr Jai Sing,   is called "Jansangh Party" it has its branches in Gujrat & Andhra AND IN HP I am  creating it 

Wing Cdr JaI Singh's contact No:  Mob No is --919161754456

Warm Regards

Col Thakur Singh

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 8:53 PM, Mahesh Khera <mkkhera-/> wrote:
Brig Chhikara has given an excellent suggestion. We need to try out this new political and democratic set up under a new leader. Like the rest of the country, the ESM community can strengthen the hands of the established, capable, proven, very strong and selfless leader.

Jai Hind

Col Mahesh Khera

From: rs chhikara <chhikarars1940-/>
To: "HumJanenge-/" <HumJanenge-/>
Sent: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 7:23 PM
Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Re A new political set up for India.

Dear Jayakaran and friends

Our nation has lacked a strong and nationalistic leader . A leader who can inspire the nation and fix he crooks.
I feel that Narendra Modi is the only such leader in India today. Tried and tested.  Negative publicity spear headed by the Congress not withstanding. There are people within the BJP and part of RSS who also oppose his leadership because of their personal bloated  interests. Kejriwal, Anna or Ramdev will find it difficult to control the newly elected parliamentarians in the absence pf political experience .

There will be other communal interests which will try to work on the Muslim vote bank to corner their votes. 

Yet if he takes up he leadership challenge and is fully supported by Anna, Kejriwal, VK Singh, Ramdev and all of us he can save India from  our own band of  4000 thieves. I believe Anna and VK etc will agree. Providing him with candidates from among ESM and others is a good idea. There are others in the present lot of parliamentarians also who can join him regardless of their present affiliations. P A Sangma and Rajiv Chandra Shekhar are only two examples.

Will Modi rise to the Challenge ? It may be worth trying. Personally , I think he will. He can even purge the BJP just as Indira Gandhi did to the Congress in 1969. 

 Kindly consider this for what ever you think it is worth.


Brig R S Chhikara

From: Israel Jayakaran <>
To: HumJanenge-/
Sent: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 8:44 AM
Subject: [HumJanenge] Re A new political set up for India.

        I have said so many times and I am repeating it here.  A. Hazare's mission of eradicating corruption through Lok Pal bill will not work at  all.  Our politicians are  experts at finding loopholes in any  law and make the law non-operational. If there are no loop holes,  they could also create a couple and completely kill the bill putting the country back in square one..
            I feel in ther  present scenario, the only way to clean up the dirty stables is to win the elections  with a thumping majority and run the land with a clean administration and  with clean people.  More Defence service oficers and others need to join politics.
        If Anna and Gen V.K.Singh and their team,  travel the length and breadth of the country promising the voters a selfless government,  a completely selfless one, people will believe them because Anna has a halo round his head. .  The current atmosphere is such that people are fed up both with the Congress and BJP.  They are looking for an altenative. But where is it? Anna, I believe, is that alternative.  He could be a father figure and need not enter politis himself.
      Will some 100 odd Defence people get together and persuade Anna to form a party - I have suggested the name HONEST PEOPLE'S PARTY and fight the 2013 elections.  My forecast is that HPP could easily win 500 odd seats.  Then Anna's party  could run the country according to its policies. Will you please think it over and take the initiative in this regard.  I am too old (86 yrs) to take any active part in this mission. However, I could provide the think tank.   
      Do respond to this mail.
                             Israel Jayakaran, Colonel (Retd), Signals, veteran, Chennai.  (1947 batch)
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Inida against corruption - a new approach

the idea is laudable
let us create a team /representatives of like minded people , to start with, all those who have given their views , and make a determined effort to convince Anna and Arvind to forget the differences, bond and take the lead and extricate the nation from the muck we are in today 

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 12:31 PM, devinder chopra <> wrote:
It seems and appears that each one is a "pithoo" of some other, in the political field and out to protect his/her one flank or the other.

What and how much can we protect ourselves from the murky leadership all over corrupt or UN-corrupt?!
dev chopra

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 6:41 AM, Joyprakash Chhetry <take_off_team-/> wrote:
Dear Israel.,
This is a wonderful method. However, Anna has cocooned himself. I had written similarly many times to IAC for Anna to come out and field his candidates before its too late. People are looking for alternatives. Kejriwal will corner some seats but thats not enough. Further, he's silent about Sharad Pawar, which gives signal that perhaps he is being financed by him. We must find a very reliable person to go to his address and council him for a week. Then see what he says. Same with Baba Ramdev. he's a willing horse.

To: <at>
Sent: Sunday, 21 October 2012 4:53 PM
Subject: [HumJanenge] Inida against corruption - a new approach

Dear friends,
          Will the method adopted by Kejriwal work? How many corrupt politicians is he going to expose?  Won't it take him decades to deal with thousands of thieves.What would be the result anyway. Exposure inpublic will bring about nothing. Will they get punished?  Who will punish them?.  True, their image will be tarnished.  But they couldn't care less about it.  They need money and they have it.
          The present method followed by IAC will not put an end to corruption.Never.  IAC is only barking at a dry tree.  I feel the only method is for Anna Hazaare to enter politics, fight the next 2014 election with him as the chair person., capture power  all by himself and clean the stable.  He can deal with the corrupt according to his way then.
            I am sure he can corner around 500 Lok Sabha seats if he travels the length and breadth of the counry in the next two years or so promising the people a clean and corruption free  administration  and make the quality of life of every citizen to a top order.An Indian will enjoy his rights as a citizen.  No one could rob it from him. Thisis what he needs to promise in his political speech all over theland. There are more and will be revealed later. Every Indian will feel proud then.  Today, we as Indians are a nobody.  We cannot excercise any right; for that matter we don't even know what our rights are. This should be assured to the people.  People will believe him because he has a halo round his head.
           He is worried about the finance.  I had suggested that anyone wanting to join his party, which may be called HONEST PEOPLE's party(HPP) would have to become a member by paying Rs. 50 per year. He must start on a recruitment drive and it won't be difficult to muster around 10 lakh members to start with;  the servicemen and exservicemen would be the prime members and his backbone as well.  The service personnel will gladly join.  His first round of collection may go up to Rs. 10 crore which is enough for his team to travel round. Remember, this is how NT Ramarao overthrew the giant congress in AP and  came to  power with absolute  majority some 30 years back. Why can't such a revolutionary wave take place on an all India basis?  The voters are fed up both with ther  Congress and BJP.  They are looking around for an alternative.  Where is that alternative?  HPP would be that party.
         I had made this suggestion to Anna but I wonder if his team had  put up my mail to him.  Certainly not. Would you please try and persuade him to lend his name for a political upheaval. He needs to be the father of the party and not head it as a future prime minister.
        Let us goad Anna to come out of his shell and form the party.  This is a better tool to fight corruption ad eliminate it than the one being followed now. 
        If you agree with my suggestion, please go ahead and set the ball rolling. You are welcome to exchange notes with me.
                              Israel Jayakaran, Colonel (Retd), Signals,  Veteran, Chennai.