Sandro Hawke | 21 Jul 02:11 2009

please review "text/rif+xml" media type registration

The following media type registration has been recently published as
part of a W3C Last Call Working Draft [1], and will soon be submitted to
the IESG for review, approval, and registration with IANA (as per [2]).
An earlier version of this registration was posted here for review about
a year ago [3].  The changes made since then reflect changes in the
organization of the RIF family of dialects; there were no changes
suggested by reviewers of that posting.

At this point, we would appreciate comments on this registration
information.  If you see any problems, please let us know; I'll act as
a liason between these IETF lists and the W3C Working Group
responsible for these specifications.

      -- Sandro



   Type name: application

   Subtype name: rif+xml

   Required parameters: none

   Optional parameters: charset, as per RFC 3023 (XML Media Types)

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